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Girard High School Class of 1926
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Girard High School Class of 1926

Carrie Bell Anspaugh –
Was born at Girard, Illinois. Married Roy R. Risk, M.D., who passed away in 1938. No children. Prepared to be a R.N. at Passavant Memorial Hospital, in Jacksonville. Did post graduate work at University of Chicago Lying-In-Hospital and Dispensary and at Max Epstein Clinic, all in Chicago. She completed her preparation to become a RMT at Griswohl School of Technology in St. Louis. She held a number of interested positions: (1) Private duty in Jacksonville and Chicago, 1930-1939. (2) In 1939, one year internship in Laboratory, St. Mary's Hospital, Quincy. )3) Office nurse and medical technologist with Dr. J.J. Link at Mattoon, 1940-1947. (4) Medical technologist at Lutheran Hospital, Moline, 1947-1950. (5) Medical technologist, Fleische Medical Group in Springfield, 1950-1965. (6) Office nurse and medical technologist in office of Dr. F.E. Anspaugh in Virden, 1965-1972. (7) Office nurse in office of Dr. Jose Areita in Virden, 1972-1974. (8) Office nurse in office of Dr. Alvard Pedraza in Virden, 1974-1975. Attended the Methodist Church. Her favorite teacher was Georgia Donaldson.

Robert Blaeuer –
Was born in Girard, Illinois. Spouse is named Faith E. (Jean). Has two children – Robert Gene and ?. One daughter, Janet Sue, died as the result of an accident at age 7 in 1954. Attended Brown's Business College in Springfield and graduated. From 1926 to 1943, worked for Jewel Tea Company as stock manager, later cashier and auditor in Springfield, Illinois – Johnson, Pennsylvania – Peoria, Illinois and then back to Springfield. Then in the army from Sept. 1943 to December 21, 1945. Spent twenty-two months over seas in the European Theatre. From January 1946 to June 1946 with Jewel Tea Company. From June 1946 to February 1956 was clerk in the Springfield Post Office, transferring as a Rural Mail Carrier in Rochester, Illinois. Retired from Rural Route December 31, 1971. Moved to Florida.

Steve Bosnjak – Deceased
Was an orphan boy who lived at the Brethren Home while he was going to High School. At that time Mr. H.O. Appleman was the superintendent of the Home. Steve came from Benld. While in school he learned to play the trombone in the Girard Community band. After graduation he moved to the south part of the county. He continued his music-playing with a dance band. After an evening engagement he was killed in an accident in the south part of Macoupin County as the group was on its way back to Benld.

Lois Brown –
Was born in North Otter Township west of Girard and southwest of Virden. Married C. Francis Hamilton. They have two sons and two daughters. Lois wants to claim the largest number of grandchildren – a total of fourteen with eleven grandsons and 3 granddaughters. She also can be coaxed to brag about her one and only great grandson, Charles Heath Hamilton who is about 2 years old. One grandson is studying for the ministry and will be graduated before our Reunion. One granddaughter is studying to be a lawyer. During the first 30 years of married life Lois stayed home and raised children and did just ordinary work. Then along with the house work on the farm she worked for 12 ½ years as a saleslady at “The Lillian Shop”. Then she worked at Carolie's in Auburn, then for Donna's Dress and Beauty Shop as cashier. This was followed by work in two restaurants. Now she babysits and works two days a week for Marianne Dress and Beauty Shop. She was president of the W.S.C.S. two years before moving to Chatham. At Chatham she helped when her church decided to build an Education Building. The church had a lunch stand at the Illinois State Fair. For the first four years she was one of the four managers – then it grew so fast the facility had to be doubled, so she helped at the church with the preparation of the food.

Elizabeth Coombs

Ila Corey - Deceased
Attended Blackburn College, graduating about 1930. Then she became a teacher in the school system at Granite City. During the summers she attended the University of Colorado. Ila passed away following an illness of four years. She died December 1943.

Margaret Corey

Alberta Crawford
Was born at Waverly, Illinois. Married Harley E. Whitlock, now deceased. Has six children, 3 girls and 3 boys. She claims 24 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. One grandson died a year ago after an illness of three years with leukemia. Alberta took a special six weeks training course to become a teacher. She taught school one term then married a farmer. He passed away in 1951. Then she was employed by the Brown Shoe Company at Pittsfield as pay roll clerk for the packing room. Retired five years ago and moved from the farm in 1968. Was the village clerk for 16 years. Wrote local news accounts for the Pike Press. In community activities she lists her 16 years as village clerk. She has also been on the Methodist Church Board. Was U.M.W., president for two years. Has been Worthy Matron of Eastern Star six times – one year in the New Salem Chapter and five years in the Griggsville Chapter. Served as P.T.A. president twice.

Ina Dalby
Was born in Girard. Married Joseph F. Yucus in 1933. Joe passed away in 1973. Attended Brown's Business College in Springfield, Illinois. Worked as a secretary in the Banking Department of the State of Illinois. Member of the FIrst Chrisitan Church.

Wayne Dufner
John Wayne Dufner was born near Nilwood, Illinois. Married Margaret Southwick. When asked about children reported “none”. They have only a dog and a cat. He attended more colleges and universities then any of the other classmates. Attended Blackburn University, Illinois State Normal University, Harvard University and University of California at Berkeley. Also went to 35 government schools, many of which were conducted by large universities. Taught school at Hazel Green one year – at Hickory Point eight years. This was followed by a year and half in Girard grade schools. Taught from 1931 to 1941. He also farmed with his father. Resigned as teacher at Girard to go to South America to work with Walsh-Driscoll Construction Company in Trinidad. Transferred to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and worked with them in Trinidad and French Guiana. Was in South America from 1942 to 1944. In 1944, joined the Navy as enlisted man. Was commissioned a Lt. before he got out of boot camp. Retired in 1968 as Commander with 12 years Active duty and 14 years in the Active Reserve. Worked for VA as a Training Officer in San Francisco, 1946-1947. Returned to Illinois due to fathers illness and farmed for one year while working at Allis-Chalmers at night, 1947-1948. In 1948, returned to Active Duty. Had numerous jobs with the Navy: Communication and Gunnery Officer at sea. Officer in charge of sales in contract termination in San Francisco. Assistant Electronic Program Officer at Great Lakes. Commanding Officer U.S. Naval Reserve at Joliet, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa. Also worked for U.S. Civil Service – Department of Defense in Joliet for 13 years from 1955 to 1968 as Supervisory Contract Specialist and Contracting Officer for procurement of all Ammunition for Army and Air Force. He also found time to manage a farm in Iowa for his brother and was part-owner of two restaurants – one in Pittsfield and one in San Mateo, California. Participated in many community activities. Had P.T.A. during his years as a teacher. When in Navy did all kinds of Public Relations work. Worked for Community Chest, Service Organizations, helped in the observance of all festive days pertaining to the Military by organizing parades and similar activities.

Cecil Edwards - Deceased
Cecil attended Girard High School only one year. The first three years had been taken at Pearl, Illinois. Spent much of his life working for the General Motors Corporation in St. Louis. The only information available is that he passed away about a year ago

Howard Finney
Howard Albert Finney was born in Girard. Married his classmate, Marie Park . The only other couple in the Class of 1926 are Harold and Ameda Gibson. The Finney's have one son, Phillip G. Finney, D.V.M. He is connected with the Lemem Veterinary Clinic in Decatur – specializing with small animals only. Attended the University of Illinois at Champaign for undergraduate work. Then attended and graduated with M.D. degree from University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago. Practiced as a general practitioner of medicine in Girard since August 1933. Attempted to support community activities, school and church activities both physically and financially. Helped to promote Boy Scout activities. Worked with blood banks in the area. Also active in Nursing Homes giving advice and opinions when asked to do so.

Mina Fox
Was born near Girard. Married Edgar Sutton. Family consists of one son, Donald, and two daughters, Virginia and Norma. There are also five grandchildren – one girl and four boys. Attended several summer sessions and took extension courses from the Illinois State Normal University at Normal. After graduation taught in rural grade schools in North Macoupin County for 7 years. At marriage, became a full time partner in farming with husband. Retired from farming after 40 years. Then Edgar became the “Uncle George” at Nilwood School, grades 1 and 2.

Gertrude Garst - Deceased
Married Clyde Trimble. For a time she conducted a café in Girard. She also worked at Hopson Grocery before her marriage. She had a sister, Mrs. Ethel Brubaker, and two brothers, Aubrey and Oakel. She died during child birth at the Springfield Hospital on December 14, 1943.

Harold Gibson
Was born in Girard. Married Ameda Gibson. Graduated from Illinois College, Jacksonville, in 1930 with A.B. degree. Attended Western Illinois University. Received the A.M. degree in 1938 and the Ed. D. degree in 1946. Both from the University of Missouri. Was a teacher in Jacksonville, Illinois High School from 1930-1937. Was Director of Public Relations at MacMurray College in Jacksonville from 1937 to 1950. Worked at the Illinois State University at Normal from 1950-1972.

Irene Gibson
Was born at Auburn, Illinois. She attended high school the first three years at Springer, New Mexico, near her home. She attended and graduated from McPherson College in McPherson, Kansas. There she met and married Wray Whiteneck. She has two children. The Whitenecks have spent their entire life as farmers. They lived in North Eastern Kansas where they had the first Grade A dairy in the neighborhood.

Thelma Gibson
(Mrs. Thelma Post)
Attended Girard High School during the last two years. She married Mr. Paul Post of Girard. AT age 45, she died in a diabetic coma. For some years she was the telephone switchboard operator at Girard. Was a member of the Methodist Church, Girard Woman's Club and the American Legion Auxiliary. She died March 13, 1954.

Walter Johnston
Was born in Girard. Married Thelma Stratton, who passed away a few years ago. This couple had two children. Graduated from Illinois College, in Jacksonville, in 1931, with a B.S. degree. Majored in Biology and his minor was in Chemistry and Education. Taught at West Frankfort in 1931. Was a teacher at Valier, Illinois 1932-1934. Taught at Argo, Illinois at the Summit High School in 1936. Worked as City Engineer for Girard in 1937. Started farming in 1938. His nickname was “Baldy”.

Louise Kinney
Was born near Nilwood. Married Ray Ruyle. Has two sons and six grandchildren. Attended Illinois College in Jacksonville for one year. Attended Illinois State Normal University at Normal for two years.

Thurl Knox
Was one of our number who worked for years away from Girard. He married Elizabeth Banks and they had four children. After graduation went to California where he worked on a dairy farm. He then went to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he held a job with the State of Colorado. Returning to California he followed the carpenter trade until his death by heart attack June 21, 1972.

John Kolb
Born in Essen, Germany. Before he entered the first grade his family moved to Girard. His wife's name is Dorothy. They have two children. Attended Illinois College in Jacksonville for one year. Then attended Loyola University in Chicago for 2 quarters. Worked in the Peabody Coal Mine from 1928-1940 and the Department of the Army at Joliet Arsenal from 1941 to 1972. Member of the Masonic Order since 1933.

Anna Korfanta
Was born in Girard. Married Anthony Gureski. Has one daughter and one granddaughter and one grandson. Attended Brown's Business College in Springfield. Worked for the International Shoe Company for 10 years. Retired from the Internal Revenue Department in 1969.

Helen Matter
Was born in Girard. Married Garnette H. “Dick” Pool, who died in 1973. Has one daughter. Attended Illinois Business College in Springfield. Worked at the Univeristy of Illinois and the Pennsylvania State University.

Ameda Metcalf
Was born at Peoria, Illinois. Married Harold E. Gibson. They have two children. Graduated from the University of Chicago with Ph.B. degree in 1930. They created the Mid-West Debate Bureau, which operated for 40 years.

Lawrence Myers
Johnnie Lawrence Myers – born in Girard. Married Nora Rae Hammonds. They have one son and daughter. Attended Meat Training School provided by the Kroger Company. Received his apprenticeship, journeymanship, head meat cutter and market managment training in preparation for his work. Community work includes: City Council, P.T.A. member, member of the School Board.

Evelyn Nunes
Born about 5 miles east of Girard. Married Earl E. Sutton. Had four children. Was the town's chief wall paper hanger for 23 years. Community service includes: Church of the Brethren, P.T.A. officer, Election Board.

Marie Park
Born in Girard. Married Dr. Howard A. Finney in 1932. Had one son. Attended nursing courses at Presbyterian Hospital in Chicago. After graduation worked at J.N. McElvain's Dry Goods Store in Girard. Community service includes: Sunday School teacher, Den mother for scouts, Methodist Church member, Matron of Girard Eastern Star.

Clarice Peppard
Born in Girard. Married Virbel F. Molen. They have two children. Worked as a housewife and mother. Before marriage worked as a clerk at the Girard Post Office. Community service includes: Taught Sunday School, Women's Organizations of the Church, P.T.A. meetings, Election Boards, Collected for the Heart Fund, Cancer Fund, M.D, and M.S and other charitable drives.

Bill Robertson
William G. Robertson was born in Girard. Nickname was "Bully". He married Milli (unknown). They have 2 daughters. Worked at General Motors at Pontiac, Michigan. Two years with J.P. Devine Manufacturing Co. at Mt. Vernon. Worked at the Stock Yards with a Commission Company. Was President of the St. Louis Live Stock Exchange at National Stockyards, Illinois. Chairman of the Rivers Market Group of St. Louis. Community service includes: Past President of the St. Louis Live Stock Exchange, Past Chairman of the River Markets Group, Past President of the Stock Yards Market Foundation, served in the Navy in WWII for 2 1/2 years.

Neva Ronk
Was born in Girard. Married James F. Barnes. Has two sons. Lived and operated a farm for nine years. Then operated a Dairy Creme. Worked as Supervisor of the lunch room at school.

Dale Shroyer
Edward Dale Shroyer was born at Grandridge (state unknown). Married A. Louise Scott. They had four children. Worked as a Railway Mail Clerk which ran between Chicago and St. Louis. Worked for a rancher in South Dakota. Community service includes: President of the Oak Leaf Country Club, Church choir, Chairman of the Church Board of Trustees, Church Treasurer, Member of Finance Committee of the Church and Secretary of Church Board of Trustees.

Ralph Shull
Ralph Lowell Shull was born in Virden. Married Bertha Elizabeth Miller. They have two sons and one daughter. Operated a farm near North Manchester, Indiana for about 10 years, automobile mechanic, carpenter and building contractors foreman, building maintenance. He built special machinery out of old automobiles. He invented a game called "Spirals", which the Mathematics Department of Manchester College used.

Margaret Simonson
Attended high school at Tuxora, Arkansas her first three years. Was born in Montgomery County, Illinois. Attended Illinois Wesleyan University where she graduated in 1930. Went on to the University of Chicago where she was awarded the Masters Degree. Worked for the Standard Oil Company until 1936 in Chicago. The next two years were with the same company at Elizabeth, New Jersey. She then moved to Columbia (in South America), where she did the translation work required to convert chemical formulas from German to Spanish. She also exported orchids and had a Pan Am Agency. While in Columbia she married a Canadian, Alan Martin. When World War II started Alan went into the Canadian Army. Their home in Canada was at Allenburg, Ontario. They had three children. Margaret died of cancer in May 1956. Alan died in 1973.

Glenna Walter
Was born in Nilwood. Married Leo A. Mars. They have no children. Attended Univerity of Minnesota. Was a Professor of Sociology at University of Pittsburgh. Was a consultant for the American Dental Association. Was a Consultant for the Federal Government during WWII.

Elizabeth Coombs
Married unknown Ross.

Margaret Corey
Married unknown Spiner

Taken from the “After Fifty Years – The Class of 1926 of Girard High School"
By: Ameda Metcalf Gibson and Harold Gibson
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