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Native American Tribes of Macoupin County
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Indians lived along the Macoupin Creek and its tributaries and many Indian Burial Mounds are found bordering Macoupin Creek bottom. The artifacts that are found here tells us there were possibly Woodland, Middle Woodland, and Hopewell tribes living in Macoupin County. Many of the artifacts found here are arrowheads and pottery sherds. In one excavation a copper-wrapped bone whistle was found. By the time settlers arrived most of the Indians had left the area. The only large tribe left camped by Bunker Hill until 1826.

The current Indian Burial Grounds consist of:

Located on the crest of the northern bluffs of Macoupin Valley, 1/2 mile north of the creek which is four miles west of Chesterfield, Illinois.

Gracey Mound Group
This group of mounds consist of four mounds located on the crest of the bluffs defining the northern edge of Macoupin Valley.

Spanish Needle
Covers much of an isolated, oval-shaped rise in the Macoupin flood plain, located about 100 yards from the southern margin of the valley and lies 100 yards south of Macoupin Creek and is five miles southwest of Carlinville, Illinois.

Located 110 yards and 50 yards west of Macoupin Creek in the southernmost end of the flood plain.

A burial ground that has not been excavated. It is in the Macoupin Creek Valley in Carlinville, Illinois and is 1 1/2 miles west of the Coop Mound.

Coop Mound
Located near Coop's Creek.


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