The 1870 Mortality Schedule of
Madison County, Illinois

Transcribed and Donated by
Angelia Pace

This Mortality Schedule lists only those persons who died within the one year prior to the beginning of the census enumeration.  In this case, the deaths included are those which occurred between June 1, 1869 and May 31, 1870.

The ten columns of information found in the schedule are headed as follows:

1.  Number of family as given in the 2 nd column of Schedule 1
2.  Name of every person who died during the year ending June 1, 1879
3.  Age - Last birthday (if under one year, given in months)
4.  Sex - Male (m) Female (f)
5.  Color - White (w), Black (b), Mulatto (m)
6.  Married (m) Widowed (w)
7.  Place of birth, naming State or the county if of foreign birth
8.  Month in which the person died
9.  Profession, occupation or trade
10. Disease or cause of death

Column 1 is significant in that, theoretically speaking, the family of which the deceased person can be found easily in the regular population schedule.

The usual caution should be remembered in transcribing records because of poor handwriting and one hundred percent accuracy is impossible to achieve.

                                                        1870 Madison Co. Mortality Schedule

             T 5 - R 6 P.O. Alhambra TOWN OF GREENCASTLE Enumerated by S.V. Crossman
                   4 FITCH, Jeff Davis                   wlm            7      IL        Nov                         scarlet fever
                 1 1 ELLIOT, Benj. F.                    w/m            30 m   IL        Feb                         lung fever
                 14 STEIB, Louis                         w/m            3      IL        Oct                         croup
                 16 MATTHEWS, Louisa                     W/f            18 m   IL        Nov                         child birth
                 20 SCHAFER, Gertrude                    W/f            8      IL        Dec                         croup
                 22 JUDKINS, Enoch S.                    w/m            3      IN        Oct                         dropsy
                 24 CHARLES, Sarah H.                    W/f            2      IN        Aug                         dysentery
                              TOWN OF ALHAMBRA
                 18 OX, Edward                           w/m            6      IL        Nov                         scarlet

             T 5 - R 5 P.O. Grant Fork                                             Enumerated by Wm. McThompson
                   1 KRAFFT, Magdalena                   W/f            1 9    Als       Jan      housekeeping       lung fever
                   8 HOWARD, Edward Madison              w/m            12     IL        Jul                         chronic diarrhoea
                   9 RUEDY, Daniel                       w/m            1      IL        Apr                         small pox
                 1 1 BELLM, Ludwig                       w/m            4      IL        Aug                         scarlet fever
                 1 1 BELLM, John                         w/m            2      IL        Aug                         scarlet fever
                 29 KRAFFT, Anton                        wlm            62 w   Pru       Mar      farmer             tubercular comsumption
                 38 GLADBACH, Mary                       W/f            8      1 L       Sep                         fever
                 47 KLAUS, Christiana                    W/f            39 m   Nas       Jul      housekeeping       tubercular comsumption
                 51 ZIMMERMAN, Mary                      W/f            20 m   IL        Dec      housekeeping       puerperal fever
                 57 AMBUHL, Andrew E.                    w/m            2      IL        Aug                         scarlet fever
                 74 MEAD, Mary Dugusta                   W/f            1      IL        Jul                         membranous croup
                 75 HIGHLANDER, Mary                     W/f            43 m   Pru       Jan      housekeeping       suicide-hanging
                 82 CUDDY, Wm Lee                        w/m            27     IL        Jun      farmer             accidental gunshot
                 84 HAMANN, Wilheimina                   w/f      7da          IL        Jul                         spasms

             T 6 - 6 P.O. Mounitonville                                            Enumerated by Wm McThompson
                   5 SCHUMACHER, Willie                  w/m            4      IL        Feb                         dropsy
                 1 1 SATTER, (no name)                   w/m       5da         IL        Oct                         injured at birth
                 15 HENKE, (no name)                     w/m                   IL        Feb                         still born
                 26 SUHRE, William                       w/m       3m          IL        Jan                         inflamation lungs
                 44 BEST, Alice                          W/f            15     IL        Oct                         typhoid fever
                 65 POWERS, Frances                      w/m       1 m         I         Dec                         spine disease
                 60 SPENGEL, Henry                       w/m            67 m   OH        Mar      farmer             chronic diabetes
                 70 ELKINS, William                      w/m            76 m   KY        Mar      farmer             typhoid fever
                 75 AHLFELD, Frederick                   w/m            41 m   Pru       Jul      farmer             dropsy
                 84OLIVE, Martha Jane                    W/f            18 m   IL        Dec      housekeeping       scarlet fever
                101 FUNDERBURK, (no name)                w/f       2wk         IL        Aug"70                      inflamstion brain
                104 JOHNSON, Henry                       w/m            21     Han       Aug '70  farmer             typhoid fever
                109 ARNDT, Dora                          W/f            2      IL        Oct                         billious fever
                121 KING, Cordelia A.                    W/f       9m          IL        Jan                         scalded accidently
                129 FLOYD, Elizabeth                     W/f       5m          IL        Mar                         lung fever
                135 LIVINGSTON, Sarah                    W/f            80     IL        Feb                         neuralgia
                138 PIPER,(no name)                      w/m     1 Oda         I L       Jan                         spasms caused
                                                                                                                     exposure and taking cold
             T 6 - 5 P.O. New Douglas                                              Enumerated by Wm McThompson
                   1 RE"ES, Sarah F                      W/f       lom         IL        Aug"70                      thrash
                   5 SMITH, Magdalene                    W/f            65 w   Als       Jul                         dropsy

            9 LONG, Mary Roselia               W/f          11     IL       Aug                        constitutional weakness
                 19 BINNEY, Catherine               W/f          37     Aco      Jan     housekeeping       pneumonia
                 24 RINNE, Engel Mary               w/m          37 m   HesD     Feb     housekeeping       consumption
                 35 JACKSON, Allen                  w/m          85 m   VA       Feb     retired farmer     old age sick 2 days
                 37 CAULK, (no Name)                W/f          lda w  IL       May                        injured at birth
                 42 VOYLES, Sarah                   W/f          82 w   GA       Aug     superannuated      typhoid fever
                 63 ROBB, Dora A.                   w/m          3m     IL       Sep                        cholera infamtum
                 80 VOLENTINE, Benj.       J.       W/f          40 m   IL       May     farmer             catarrhal consumption
                 81 McKINSEY, Lucy Ella             w/m          9m     IL       Aug                        cholera infantum
                 83 WILBUR, John J.                 w/m          37 m   NY       Dec     druggust/farmei lung fever
                 96 SCAGGS, Wm T.                   W/f          4m     IL       Dec                        lung fever
                 102 JOHNSON, Frinke                w/m          21 m   Han      Oct     housekeeping       typhoid fever
                 117 DOERGE, Daniel                 w/m          85 w   Pru      Aug"7o  retired farmer     congestive chill
                 134 OWENS, James P.                w/m          2      IL       Sep                        inflamation brain
                 136 FIELD, Robt. N.                             3m     IL       Sep                        congestive chill

             T 4 - 6 P.O. Marine                                            Enumerated by H. R. Sackett
                 49 SPERRY, Sina                    W/f          69 w   KY       Apr                        lung fever
                 61 BUCKLER, Bertie                 w/m          12     IL       Sep                        cholera infantum
                 62 SAUNDERS, Earl                  w/m          llm    IL       Jul                        cholera infantum
                 62 JOHNSON, Alexander              w/m          76 w   PA       Apr                        old age
                 77 STUCKWEIST, William             W/M    1 1/2m       IL       Mar                        dyptheria
                 114 McMULLON, John                 w/m          10     TX       Jun                        measles
                 120 THIEMEYER, William             w/m          1      MO       Jun                        flux
                 121 FITCH, Christine               W/f          76 w   VA       Sep                        typhoid fever
                 127 GIGER, Daniel                  w/m          4m     IL       Mar                        bronchitis
                 130 LONG, George D.                wlm          llm    IL       Dec                        cholera infantum
                 139 REDFORD, Louisa                W/f          1      IL       Sep                        cholera infantum
                 152 BRUNNER, Gustoph               w/m          10     IL       Apr                        kicked by horse
                 183 METTS, Thomas A.               w/m          18     IL       Apr                        congestion bowel

            T 4 - 7 P.O. Marine                  (PIN OAK TWP.)             Enumerated by James Lane
                 9 PETERS, Bernard                  w/m          83 w   Pru      Sep     farmer             old age
                 10 KLINGERMAN, Louisa              W/f                 IL       Jul                        still born
                 22 VANDERBURG, Ursilla             b/f          42 m   TN       Sep     housekeeping       heart disease
                 60 McDOUGALL, Harrison             b/m          1 8    TN       Oct                        condumption
                 61 ADAMS, John                     w/m          44 m   PA       Oct     farmer             abscess liver
                 90 BROWN, Sina                     b/f          75 w   VA       Dec     housekeeping       pneumonia
                 108 MILFS, Frank                   w/m                 IL       Apr                        still born
                 109 VANDERBURG, Frank              b/m          49 m   IL       Jan     farmer             pneumonia
                 115 DETMER, Frederick              w/m          35     Ger      Mar     farm laborer       consumption
                 120 CLARKE, John                   blm                 IL       Jan                        still born
                 153 BOLEMAN, Minnie                W/f          2      IL       May                        dropsy of heart
                 162 RAKER, Minnie                  W/f          1      IL       Nov                        summer complaint
                 160 BARBER, Norah                  W/f          1 m    IL       Jun                        hives
                 180 KILLIAN, David                 w/m          6m     IL       Jan                        spasms
                 213 DECK, Nicholas                 w/m          59 w   VA       Feb     farmer             dropsy

            T3-R8,7&6 Collinsville,Troy&St.Jacob                             Enumerated by A. Neustadt
                 2 DEVAL, Mary                      W/f          33 m   MO       Mar     housekeeping congestion lungs
                 17 FONBERG, Heinrich               w/m          70 w   Sax      Apr     farmer             inflamtion liver

            33 MOORE, William                       w/m             1      IL        Aug                         billious fever
                 44 HOWARD, Jane                         W/f         1 m        IL        Jan                         disaibility
                 55 JOHNSON, Minerva                     W/f         52 m       VA        Apr      housekeeping       pneumonia
                 71 BIRKEY, Nettie                       W/f             4      IL        Oct                         scarlet fever
                157 BECKER, Heinrich                     w/m             1      IL        Apr                         lung fever
                242 WILLHELM, Gottfried                  w/m         57 w       Sax       May      laborer            lung fever
                266 DELEUNE, Tracy                       W/f         lm         IL        Sep                         plurrescy
                268 WURST, William                       w/m         37 m       Old       Jun      shoe maker         nervous fever
                269 FECKER, Christian                    wlm         1 8        KY        Sep      farmer             irresipelas
                280 FIELD, Alfred                        w/m         3m         IL        Jul                         cholera
                405 LANGDON, Elizabeth                   W/f         32 m       Eng       Sep      housekeeping       consumption
                440 LELMACH, Louise                      W/f         3m         IL        Jul                         congstion brain
                443 RASCHI, Frederick                    w/m         70 m       Han       Dec                         disaibility
                450 BULLAN, John                         w/m         78 m       Boh       Sep      farmer             disaibility
                457 KINGSBURY, William                   w/m         64 m       Eng       Jun      farmer             cancer
                458 JOHAN, Charles                       w/m         59 m       Pru       Sep      farmer             billious fever
                460 BOUN, Gottfried                      w/m         60 m       HesC      Apr      farmer             irresipelas

              T 3 - R 7 P.O. Troy                    (JARVIS TWP.)                   Enumerated by A.        Neustadt
                464 BRUGGMAN, Auguste                    W/f         6m         IL        Oct                         croup
                608 BELLHAUER,             Elizabeth     Wif         lm         IL        May                         cholera
                630 WORKMAN, Johean                      w/m             6      IL        Feb                         scarlet fever
                646 STRUCKOF, Henry                      w/m             1      IL        Mar                         lung fever
                647 STROUT, J. H.                        w/m         36         TN        Feb      farmer             dispepsia
                723 BECK, Michael                        w/m             1      IL        Jun                         scarlet fever
                787 DENNING, Ida                         W/f         7m         MO        Aug                         summer complaint
                818 COOK, Wesley                         w/m         56 w       IL        Dec      farmer             consumption
                879 GERSTNEKER,            J. H.         w/m         51         IL        Jan      farmer             lung fever

              T 3 R 6      P.O. St. Jacob                                            Enumerated by A. Neustadt
                979 GRAF, Magdalene                      w/m         26         Bav       Jan      housekeeping       consumption
                984 AMESEGGER, Gottlieb                  w/m         8m         IL        May                         scarlet fever
               1014 RANNELS, Rachel                      W/f         31  m      IN        Dec      housekeeping       consumption
               1032 GATHERT, Elise                       W/f         35 m       Eng       Feb      housekeeping       lung fever
               1064 RIDDLE, George W.                    w/m             3      IL        Mar                         croup
               1034 DUGGER, Edward                       w/m         46 m       IL        Aug      farmer             bronchetis
               1087 REIZMECKER, fred                     w/m             4      IL        Apr                         mumps
               1108 BRANGER, Christian                   w/m         39 m       Swi       Apr                         scarlet fever
               1108 BRANGER, Caroline                    W/f         16 m?      IL        Apr                         scarlet fever
               1108 BRANGER, John ch.                    w/m             2      IL        Apr                         scarlet fever
               1128 MEYER, Henry                         w/m         1 m        IL        Aug                         disaibility
               1173 RUBI, Christian                      w/m         44 m       Swi       Apr      farmer             consumption

              T 3 - R 5 P.O. Highland                                                Enumerated by A. Neustadt
               1349 SCHWARTZ, Charles                    w/m             5      IL        Jun                         scarlet fever
               1175 CLEMENS, Andreas                     wlm         1 m        IL        Feb                         f its
               1177 WENDLE, Jacob                        w/m             7      1 L       Aug                         scarlet fever
               1196 GANTNERER, Catherine                 W/f         48 m       Swi       Jun      housekeeping       lung fever
               1392 SCHWARTZ, Emma                       W/f             2      IL        Jun                         scarlet fever
               1355 BECK, Fortes                         w/m             8      IL        Jun                         scarlet fever
               1362 FELLHAUER, Elizabeth                 W/f         22         swi       Oct                         child bed

            1355 BECK, Aramis                            W/f             6       SVfi       May                           scarlet fever
                 1284 EDELMAN, Charles                        w/m             3       IL         May                           scarlet fever
                 1284 EDELMAN, Elizabeth                      W/f         I m         IL         Apr                           fits
                 1369 BECK, Pauline                           W/f          32         Pru        Oct      housekeeping         dropsy
                 1514 MARGOTH, Andreas                        w/m          34 m       Swi        Apr      merchant             small pox
                 1278 MILLER, Querim                          w/m          64 w       Bad        Mar      cooper               inflamtion ling
                 1462 VOEGELE, George                         w/m             5       IL         May                           scarlet fever
                 1462 VOEGELE, Regina                         W/f             2       IL         May                           scarlet fever
                 1463 FRANK, Linnus                           w/m             3       IL         Jun                           scarlet fever

                T 4 - R 5 P. 0. Saline                                                     Enumerated by A. Neustadt
                 1683 KNOEBLE, Joseph                         w/m          62 m       Bad        Apr      farmer               lung fever
                 1753 BLOCKART, Louis                         w/m         lm          IL         Feb                           no cause known
                 1753 BLOCKART, Charles                       w/m          37         IL         Jun                           congestive fifts
                 1800 FREY, John                              w/m          20 W       Native     Aug      farmer               lung fever

                T 5 - R 7 P. 0. Hamel                                                      Enumerated by S. V. Crossman
                   121 BRUMWORT, Fred'k                       w/m             3       IL         Dec                           diptheria
                   126 HULETT, Mary E.                        W/f             3       IL         Aug                           brain fever
                   134 ISENBURG, Henry                        w/m             1       IL         Oct                           brain fever
                   140 SCHULZE, Fred'k                        w/m         8m          IL         Oct                           dysentery
                   144 FLECK, Jennie                          Wif          36 m       Sco        Mar                           consumption
                   144 FLECK, Alexander                       w/m         3m          IL         Jun                           consumption
                   151 TURNER, Ferdinand                      w/m          32 m       HesC       Feb      farmer               consumption
                   153 DOERGE, Bertha                         W/f         6m          IL         Sep                           dyentery
                   162 SPANHORST, Heinrich                    w/m             3       IL         May                           pneumonia
                   162 SPANHORST, William                     w/m             1       IL         May                           accidently killed
                                                                                                                               fell from table
                T 6 - R 6 P. 0. Alhambra                                                   Enumerated by Wm McThompson
                      1 ESPENSCHEID, Philipena                w/f          73 w       Bav        Mar                           old age
                     5 WEST, Eddie                            w/m         9m          IL         Dec                           pneumonia
                    I 1 MARTIN (not named)                    W/f         lm          IL         May                           still born
                    33 OBERLINE (not named)                   W/f                     IL         Aug                           still born
                    34 WILLIAMSON, Phoebe                     W/f             1       IL         Jul                           croup
                    38 GREENFELDER, Henry                     w/m             7       IL         May                           scarlet fever
                    49 GEIBER, Philipena                      W/f          78 w       HesD       Sep                           old age
                    55 SCHNEIDER, (no name)                   w/m                     IL         Oct                           still born
                    59 PETERS, Fred'k Wm                      w/m          41 m       Pru        Dec      farmer               chronic diarheah
                    61 BUCKLEY, Ada May                       W/f             1       IL         Aug                           summer complaint
                    76 KING, Cordelia A.                      W/f             2       IL         Jun                           scalede to death
                    82 STEPHENSON, Seibert                    w/m          57 m       KY         Sep      farmer               intermittent fever
                    86 BIERHORST, Fred'k                      w/m         1 m         IL         Oct                           dysentery
                    93 SANDERS, Charlotte                     W/f          29         Pru        Jan                           scarlet fever
                    95 JONES, Orrin                           w/m         1 m         IL         Apr                           head injured at birth
                   100 EISENBURG, Caroline                    W/f             6       IL         Mar                           scarlet fever

                             Town of Moro
                    16 WITTE, Lydia L.                        Wf              1       IL         Sep                           dysentery
                    19 BAINBRIDGE, Jas. E.                    w/m         9m          IL         Nov                           dysentery
                    21 RICHARDSON, Helen                      W/f          10         Eng        Feb                           inflamtion lungs

                   P.O. Edwardsville
                397 STALLMAN, Fred'k                   w/m        32 m      PA        Apr     farmer             accidently killed
                404 FRIDAY, George                     w/m           1      IL        Mar                        water on brain
                410 WHEELER, Elizabeth                 W/f        34 m      IL        Nov                        consumption
                427 KLOCK, Fred'k                      w/m        2m        IL        Oct                        debility
                428 McNEILLY, Anne                     W/f        25 m      LA        Aug                        cholera morbus
                428 McNEILLY, Edward                   w/m        lm        IL        Aug                        debility

             T 4 - R 8 P. 0. Edwardsville                                        Enumerated by S. V. Crossman
                 22 GRIFFIN, Rebecca A.                W/f           5      IL        Aug                        typhoid fever
                 31 JOHNSON, (not named)               w/m           1      IL        Oct                        not known
                 43 STUNKEL, Mary                      W/f        27 m      MO        Aug                        consumption
                 53 JOHNSON, Lucinda                   b/f        25 m      MO        Aug                        consumption
                 52 MILLS, Alexander D.                w/m        35 m      NJ        Aug     school teacher     milk sickness
                 69 KRIEGE, Ernest                     w/m        60 m      Pru       Mar     farmer             disease of heart
                 73 PLETTENBERG, Wm                    W/f           3      IL        Sep                        cholera morbus
                 81 FRICKENSTEIN,          Wm          w/m        41   m    Pru       Feb     farmer             lung fever
                 83 McKEE, Robt.                       w/m        28        IL        Nov     farmer             consumption
                 85 HOLLIDAY, Susan Ann                W/f        28        IL        Jun                        dropsy
                 91 ROBERT, Josephine                  W/f        lm        IL        Dec                        cholera morbus
                 95 SEDLICH, Thos.                     w/m        5m        IL        Apr                        cholera morbus
                 96 BALLARD, Washington C.             w/m        88 m      VA        Apr     farmer             old age
                138 WHITE, Josephine                   b/f           1      IL        Nov                        croup
                205 SMITH, Sophie                      W/f        32 m      Han       Nov                        lung fever
                206 LONG, Fred'k                       w/m           1      IL        Sep                        teething
                224 MONK, Louisa                       W/f        62 w      Pru       Mar                        debility
                241 BARNSBACK,         Geo. J. F.      w/m        87 m      Pru       May                        old age
                242 KINDER, Belle                      W/f        82 w      KY        Mar                        old age

             T 5 - R 7 P. 0. Edwardsville (HAMEL TWP.)                           Enumerated by S. V. Crossman
                 16 FAKE, John                         w/m        49 m      Bav       Sep     farm hand          consumption
                 24 ENGLEMAN, Amanda                   W/f           4      MO        Aug                        scarlet fever
                 28 BRASE, Louis                       w/m           2      IL        Jan                        small pox
                 29 REAK, (not namedo                  W/f        lm        IL        Jun                        debility
                 49 BLUME, Rudolph                     w/m           1      IL        Feb                        cholera infantum
                 54 BOBB, no name                      w/m                  IL        Mar                        still born
                 75 BRASE, Emma                        W/f           4      IL        Dec                        small pox
                 75 FINKE, Mary                        W/f        73 w      Pru       Jul                        dropsy
                 96 LAMAS, Mary                        W/f        75 w      Han       Nov                        old age
                109 DEFREESE, Samuel                   w/m        23        TN        Jun     farmer             consumption

             T 5 - R 8 P. 0. Edwardsville (FT. RUSSELL TWP)                       Enumerated by S. V. Crossman
                  5 OWENS, Gaines                      w/m        llm       IL        Jan                        croup
                 14 STALLHUT, Henry C.                 w/m        2m        IL        Nov                        cholera infantum
                 16 PAPA, Henry                        w/m        2m        IL        Nov                        cholera infantum
                 19 CHILDERS, Jane                     W/f        45        TN        Dec                        disease not known
                 50 DAUGHERTY, Caroline V.             w/f           8      IL        Sep                        congestive chill
                 51 BUCKLEY, Eunice                    W/f        1 m       IL        Jul                        disease not known
                 62 GAST, Charles                      w/m        3m        IL        Mar                        whooping cough
                 83 GUESEWELLE, Mary                   W/f        21        IL        Nov                        consumption
                 90 SHILPMEIER, Henry                  w/m        2m        IL        Sep                        disease not known

           106 LAWRENCE. Jesse                     w/m        76         NC       Oct      retired farmer     piles
                116 BAUER, John N.                      w/m        84         HesD     Aug      gunsmith           old age
                118 LESEMAN, Anna                       W/f        22         IL       Jul                         typhoid fever
                148 SIMPSON, Anna                       w/m        88         Ire      Apr      merchant           old age
                181 ABBOTT, Eliza                       W/f        73         Eng      Jan                         consumption
                187 O'ROURKE, Charles                   wlm        1 m        IL       Jan                         cholera infantum
                202 WADDELL, Lucy                       W/f        25 m       IL       Apr                         catarrh on stomach
                221 BADER, Elizabeth                    W/f        37         IL       Oct                         bronchitis
                221 DICK, Melissa Ann                   W/f        14         IL       Oct                         brain fever
                233 HUDSON, William                     w/m        75 m       Eng      Feb      collier            apoplexy
                261 PURCELL, Edward                     w/m        22         LA       Mar      farmer             consumption
                262 MURRAY, Michael                     w/m        Im         IL       Dec                         disease not known
                271 LANTERMAN, Elizabeth A.             w/f        17         IL       Mar                         pneumonia
                           CITY OF EDWARDSVILLE
                 57 ATWATER, Joshua                     w/m        93 w       MA       Feb      retired farmer     old age
                 85 SNYDER, Kate R.                     W/f           1       IL       Jun                         inflamtion bowels
                 90 HOEHN, not named                    W/f           1       IL       Jul                         cholera infantum
                 90 HOEHN, not named (twins)            w/m           1       IL       Jul                         cholera infantum
                 89 KINDER, Charles A.                  w/m           1       IL       Jul                         no known
                 99 HOFFMAN, Maria T.                   W/f        32   m     MO       Jun                         obstruction of bowels
                104 VanCLEVE, John                      w/m           1       IL       Aug                         inflamtion brain
                1 1 0 FRIDAY, Clara L.                  W/f        3m         IL       Oct                         summer complaint
                162 APPLE, George                       w/m        21         IL       Jun                         consumption
                177 SEATING, Alexander                  w/m        53         TN       Jan                         lung fever

                                              COUNTY POOR          FARM
                180 BRISH, John                         w/m        35         Pru      Jan                         dropsy
                     WHITE, Lucy                        wb/f       23         KY       Feb                         consumption
                     ZOUBER, Louis                      w/m        40         Pru      Jan                         insane
                     CLARK, Charles                     w/m        41         Ire      Jan                         lung fever
                     VENMEYER, Henry                    wlm        69         Pru      Feb                         lung fever
                     PORTER, William                    w/m        38         VA       May                         palsey
                     CRABB, Wm A.                       w/m        16         IL       Jun                         dropsy
                     BUDD, John                         b/m        38         UK       Jun                         lung fever
                     (unknown), Charles                 w/m        35         Pru      May                         typhoid pneumonia
                     WATSON, Wm                         w/m        16         IL       Sep                         consumption
                     Name not known                     w/m        25         Pru      Sep                         brain fever
                     MATLOCK, Anderson                  w/m        45         IL       Dec                         insane
                     BELL, William                      w/m        38         TN       Nov                         hung for murder
                191 HASS, Nicholas                      w/m           1       IL       Nov                         cramps
                198 LUSK, Alfred J.                     w/m        55 m       IL       Oct      retired clerk      softening of brain
                232 CONSTINAR, Fred'k                   w/m           1       IL       Jul                         brain fever
                246 HOHEN, Catharine                    W/f        73 w       Pru      Dec                         lung fever
                254 PETER, (not named)                  w/m        Im         IL       Feb                         whooping cough
                291 KEENAN, Thomas                      w/m        I 1        IL       Jul                         run over by wagon
                312 RUMP, Gerhard                       w/m        1 m        IL       Feb                         cholera infamtum
                321 BRADLEY, Michael                    w/m        10         I        May                         drowned
                340 COOK, John A.                       w/m        59 w       VA       Jul      farmer             kilw by runaway team
                344 CROCKER, Clarinda                   W/f        59 m       NC       Oct                         appolectic fit
                347 KIRKPATRICK, Edward                 w/m           2       IL       Apr                         congestion lungs
                348 MORRISON, Charity                   W/f           1       IL       Mar                         congestion lungs

           350 McKINNEY, Anne                     W/f           4      IL        Apr                         congestion lungs
                353 HELLRUNG, Lorenz R.                wlm           2      IL        Jan                         congestionlungs
                353 HELLRUNG, Bernard R.               w/m           lm     IL        Feb                         congestion lungs
                355 HESS, Sophie                       W/f           13     IL        Nov                         inflamtion bowels
                357 WOLFF, Gustav A.                   w/m           47 m   Bav       Jul      music teacher      appolectic fit
                373 DONALDSON, James                   w/m           67 m   NC        Dee      painter            consumption
                373 DONALDSON, John                    w/m           3      IL        Nov                         teething
                376 WHITMAN, Jennie                    W/f           lm     IL        Sep                         debility
                379 SCOTT, Jane M.                     W/f           40 w   IL        Mar                         milk sickness
                382 STICE, Fanny                       W/f           21     IL        Jul      school teacher     consumption

            T 6 - R 8 P.O. Moro                                                 Enumerated by J. M. Denton
                 10 EMDA, Louise                       W/f           6      Pru       Mar                         scarlet fever
                 10 EMDA, Henry                        w/m           2      IL        Mar                         scarlet fever
                 17 HENDRIX, Matilda                   W/f           30 m   Pru       Mar      housekeeping       child birth
                 51 BOTE, Martha                       W/f           9      IL        Jan                         typhoid fever
                 57 BAUCH, Frederick                   w/m           58 w   Pru       Jan      farmer             lung fever
                 57 KUTHE, Frederick                   w/m           2      IL        Mar                         scarlet fever
                 65 RHUDOLPH, Louise                   W/f           2      IL        Apr                         scarlet fever
                 71 EDEN, Johannah                     W/f           1      IL        Mar                         lung fever
                107 BOHLEN, Emma                       W/f           4      IL        May                         billious fever
                1 1 1 DORSEY, Mary                     W/f           32 m   IL        Nov                         nevarian turner
                105 EMMEGAR, Frances                   W/f           36 m   Pru       Jan      housekeeping       child birth
                127 PRUITT, Clarinda                   W/f           53 m   IL        Jan      housekeeping       consumtion
                130 SIMPSON, Elestrail                 w/m           8      IL        Sep                         billious fever
                152 KAISER, Hiram                      w/m           76 m   Pru       Sep      farmer             typhoid fever
                157 RICHARDSON, Mary                   W/f           7      Eng       Jan                         lung fever
                172 MAHEW, Mary                        Wif           15     IL        Aug                         typhoid fever
                174 HUESTIS, Joshua                    wlm           13     IL        Sep                         typhoid fever
                174 HUESTIS, Morrison        N.        w/m           7      IL        Sep                         typhoid fever
                194 BEST, Catharine                    W/f           1      IL        Mar                         scarlet fever

             T 6 - R 7 P. 0. Prairie Town                                           Enumerated by J. M. Denton
                   1 FREDRICKING, Paul                 w/m           9      MO        Mar                         scarlet fever
                   1 FREDRICKING, Lena                 W/f           1      MO        Apr                         scarlet fever
                   1 FREDRICKING, Theadore             w/m           4      OH        Apr                         scarlet fever
                 22 BUHTE, Fredrica                    W/f           2      IL        Sep                         scarlet fever
                 32 KNOWLMAN, Mary                     W/f           3      IL        Apr                         scarlet fever
                 44 MILLER, Fredrica                   W/f           19 m   Pru       Jan      housekeeping       scarlet fever
                 48 WEEKS, L. R.                       w/m           50 m   NC        Feb      farmer             nemonia
                 89 FISHER, Dora                       W/f           5      IL        Jun                         nemonia
                 93 NESSEL, John                       wlm           5m     IL        Mar                         croup
                105 BRINKMAN, Wm                       w/m           40 m   Pru       Aug      farmer             typhoid fever
                105 BRINKMAN, Ann                      W/f           38 m   Pru       Aug      housekeeping       typhoid fever
                119 LUBERT, Henry                      w/m           7m     IL        Oct                         croup
                132 TOUCH, Adam                        w/m           45 w   HesD      Nov      farm hand          lung fever
                133 MOORE, Susan                       W/f           40     TN        Jan      housekeeping       nemonia
                137 NOBBE, Henry                       w/m           2      IL        Oct                         croup
                141 NEARMAN, Mary                      W/f           62     Pru       Sep      housekeeping       consumtion
                144 CHAPMAN, Sarah                     W/f           8m     IL        Sep                         brain fever
                145 BOWLES, Lewis                      w/m           19     IL        Sep      farm hand          congestive chill

          149 KEOINIG, Henry                    w/m        63 w     Pru       Aug     farm hand         billious fever
               171 HEDRICK, William                  w/m        1 m      IL        May                       scarlet fever
               185 BEST, Henry                       w/m          6      IL        May                       scarlet fever
               187 ALACE, Gayhart                    w/m          7      Pru       May                       scarlet fever
               190 HESS, Ann                         W/f          8      IL        Apr                       scarlet fever
               190 HESS, Melia                       W/f        7m       IL        Apr                       scarlet fever

            T 6 - R 9 P. 0. Fosterburg                                        Enumerated by John D. Heisel
                 2 HEINES, Anna                      W/f        44 m     Han       Dec     housekeeping      typhoid fever
                33 WARTMAN, Agens                    W/f        32 m     Sco       Aug     housekeeping      consumption
                42 ASHLOCK, William        R.        w/m        8m       IL        Dec                       choked from meat
                63 SCHEIBE, Katharine                W/f        4m       IL        Aug                       spasms
                97 LYONS, Ellen                      W/f        42 m     Ire       Jun     housekeeping      difficult labor
               112 KUPPERS, Herman                   w/m        59 m     Pru       Jul     farmer            fracture of spine
               118 McCAULY, Mary                     W/f          1      IL        Jul                       brain fever
               119 HESS, Barbara                     W/f        37 m     Bav       May     housekeeping      inflamtry bowels
               121 HODGE, Alexander                  w/m        46 m     Sco       Dec     farmer            inflamtry rheumtm
               171 CALAME, Emmily                    W/f        63 w     Swi       Mar     housekeeping      dyspepsia
               178 KENNEDY, Jeremia                  w/m        72 m     Ire       Jan     farmer            inflamtry lungs
               178 KENNEDY, Sarah                    W/f        lm       IL        Mar                       inflamtry lungs
               214 BRECHT, Dorothea                  W/f        30       Han       Sep     housekeeping      typhoid fever
               217 OLDENETTEL, Gerhard               w/m          1      IL        Sep                       inflamtry stomach

            T 3 - R 9 P. 0. Collinsville         (Nameoki Twp)                 Enumerated by J. J. Berkey
                 2 MILLER, Henry                     w/m        51 m     Pru       Mar     farmer            penumonia
                16 CONN, Frederic                    w/m        33 m     Wir       Sep     farmer            consumption
                20 REED, John                        w/m        42       Ire       Aug     farmer            suicide shootinh
                24 REINICA, Mary                     W/f          2      IL        Sep                       cramps
                26 WELNER, Howard                    w/m        lm       IL        Jan                       cramps
                33 CURNER, Fred                      w/m        38       Pru       Mar     farmer            consumption
                40 ALBERTS, Elizabeth                W/f        34       Han       Jun     housekeeping      consumption
                92 KINIKERS, Dorella                 W/f        25 m     Han       Aug     housekeeping      child bed fever
               104,FRISTERMAN, John                  w/m        lm       IL        Jun                       inflamtry bowels
               115 KETTNER, Mollie                   W/f          1      IL        Jun                       congestive chill
               124,$QUIRE, Samuel                    w/m        25       IL        Dec     farmer            comsumption
               132 4ARSON, Charles                   w/m        60       Pru       Jan     laborer           pneumonia
               135 MILLER, Christ                    w/m          1      1 L       Aug                       lung fever
               14,2 TAARCOM, Alvina                  W/f        30 m     IL        Jun     housekeeping      cholera morbus
               14"NOWLES, Jeremiah                   w/m        69 m     ME        Feb     farmer            pneumonia
               151 BROWN, Julia                      W/f          1      IL        Oct                       intermiften fever
               163 STRACHELHAM, Ann                  W/f          1      IL        May                       spasms
               156 KINEGAR, August                   w/m        35 m     Han       Aug     farmer            consumption
               156 KINEGAR, August                   w/m        lm       IL        Mar                       eresypalas
               156 KINEGAR, Mena                     W/f        lm       IL        Mar                       eresypalas
               161 SYDEL, Henrietta                  W/f        33 m     Pru       Jul     housekeeping      insanity
               161 SYDEL, Ofthello                   w/f      llm        IL        Jul                       convulsions
               168 FOSTER, Infant                    w/m        lm       IL        Jul                       unknown
               187 TICE, Charles                     w/m        47       Pru       Jun     farmer            congestive chill
               187 SIMON, John                       w/m          7      IL        Apr                       congestive chill
               192 HELWICH, Philip                   W/M          1      IL        Aug                       cholera morbus
               193 MOSELY, Peter                     w/m          5      MO        Sep                       congestive chill

         208 RUBISH, Peter                   w/m       76 m     Han       Oct    farmer            diarrhea
              212 SANDERS, Sam                    w/m       lm       IL        Feb                      spasms
              224 RUCKER, Fanny                   W/f          3     Ms        Feb                      jaundice
              231 SHARP, Henry                    w/m      lom       IL        Aug                      mumps
              236 BAGGERMAN, Alice                W/f       lm       IL        Sep                      not known
              250 GAUSMAN, Sophia                 W/f          7     IL        Jun                      dropsy
              251 LOOKINGBILL, Look               w/m          3     IL        Sep                      congestive bowels
              258 DENT, Clark                     b/m       28 m     MS        May farmer               consumption

            T 4 - R 9 P. 0. Venice                                       Enumerated by J. J. Berkey
              261 ROAD, Powell                    W.M       45       Bad       May farmer               diarrhea

            T 4 - T 10 P.O. Venice        (Six Mile)
               12 WHITLNEY, Charles               w/m          3     IL        Aug    laborer           diarrhea
               41 SPAIN, John W.                  w/m          5     IL        Jun                      intermittent fever

            T 4 - R 9 P. 0. Venice                                       Enumerated by J. J. Berkey
               73 GILLHAM, Jno G.                 w/m       38 m     IL        May    farmer            congestive chill
               73 RISTIN, Sarah                   W/f       18       IL        Apr                      lung fever
               78 LOEFT, Eginis                   w/m       9m       IL        Jan                      croup
               83 AST, Antone                     w/m       33       Lux       Feb    farmer            congestive chill
               88 HACKATOR, George                w/m          1     IL        Nov                      inflamtry brain
               90 SOLOMAN, Joseph                 w/m       46 m     Pru       Jul    farmer            pneumonia
              116 FALMESTOCK, May                 W/f       lm       IL        Jun                      brain fever
              143 INGLEMAN, George                w/m       35 m     Pru       Aug    farmer            killed by wagon
              152 SPINNER, Helen                  W/f       43 m     Bad       Mar    housekeeping      confinement
              165 VANDINGBERG, B.                 w/m       12       Pru       Jan                      typhoid fever
              171 BROWN, Milton                   w/m       32       IN        Apr                      pneumonia
                9 JACKSON, Andrew                 w/m       23 m     MO        Jul    farmer            pneumonia
               13 JAMES, Wm                       w/m       57 m     Eng       May    coal miner        consumption

            T 5 - R 10 P. 0. Buck Inn           (City of Alton)           Enumerated by G. H. Weigier
                 1 BUCKMASTER, Robert             w/m          3     IL        Sep                      cerebro-spinal mengitis
               64 SEIBERT, Charles                w/m       9m       IL        Aug                      cholera infantum
               63 STARR, Thomas                   w/m       27 m     IL        Mar    merchant          consumption
              138 HAWLEY, Charles                 W/M    1 1/2m      IL        Aug                      cholera infantum
              161 BIRDSALL, Octavia               W/f          7     IL        Feb                      scarlet fever
              269 BOWAN, Martha                   W/f          2     IL        Aug                      cholera infantum
              300 ZEIGER, Louisa                  W/f          1     IL        Aug                      scarlet fever
              320 DEGENHARD, Henry                w/m       46 m     Pru       May    carpenter         inflamtry bowels
              331 LITTLE, Irene                   W/f       48 m     PA        Sep                      intermiften fever
              414 SPREEN, Sophia                  W/f       8m       IL        Sep                      cholera infantum
              453 ROPER, Marion                   W/f       25 m     Sco       Jun                      typhoid fever
              474 FERNOW, Henry                   w/m          4     IL        Nov                      lung fever
              537 HYAT, Gay                       w/m          4     IL        Sep                      scarlet fever
              545 McGROGH, Bridget                W/f       1 M      IL        May                      hooping cough
              560 NICHOLAY,       Louisa          W/f       6m       IL        Sep                      cholera infantum
              600 WINNEL, Ann M.                  W/f       25 m     OH        Jan                      consumption
              602 YOUNG, Ellen                    W/f       65 m     Ire       Jul                      old age
              626 HAY, Mary                       w/m          5     Sco       Oct                      brain fever

         626 HAY, William C.                 W/f          3      Sco      Oct                      congestion brain
              630 WIDEMAN, Agens                  W/f        32 m     Sco      Aug                      nursing sore mouth
              687 DETMAN, James                   w/m       3m        IL       Aug                      typhus fever
              687 DETMAN, Anne                    W/f          2      IL       Jan                      cholera infantum
              714 TIMMERIN, Charlote              W/f        38 m     Eng      Jun                      child birth
              786 GRAY, Robert                    w/m       6m        IL       Aug                      congestive brain
              807 MAYDEN, Margereth               W/f        34 m     Bad      Aug                      child birth
              838 MARDIAN, Emily                  W/f        45 m     Bav      Aug                      inflamtry bowels
              841 PLATT, Lydia                    W/f        84 w     NH       Jul                      old age
              862 TOOHEY, Michal                  w/m        38 m     Ire      Dec     laborer          typhus fever
              889 JONES, Agnes                    W/f          2      IL       Sep                      congestion brain
              982 SOTIER, Oscar                   w/m       lm        IL       Feb                      diptheria
              982 SOTIER, Gustave                 w/m       8m        IL       Oct                      diptheria
              982 SOTIER, Charles                 w/m          3      IL       Oct                      diptheria
              995 OSWEGEN, Minni                  W/f          2      IL       Nov                      scarlet fever
              994 GOTZE, Ida                      W/f          8      IL       Jun                      scarlet fever
             1011 DIETSHAY, Catherine             W/f        74 w     Ger      Jul                      old age
             1012 HASSELBECK, Wm                  w/m       4m        IL       Jul                      summer complaint
             1013 RUNGE, Anton                    w/m       9m        IL       Aug                      cholera infantum
             1025 McLAUGHLAN,          Maggi      W/f          1      IL       Nov                      diptheria
             1068  FULS, Charles                  w/m          6      LA       Jul                      drowned (accidental)
             1091 ALDRICH, Sarah J.               W/f          2      IL       Sep                      inflamtry kung
             1134 RAGEN, James                    w/m        34 m     Ire      Jun     R. R. boss       run over by train
             1253 PORTER, Louisa                  W/f       1 M       IL       Apr                      nursing sore mouth
             1183 LILLY, Hugh                     w/m        35 m     Ire      Sep     laborer          dehility
             1192 BAUERS, Henry                   W/M     1 1/2m      IL       Jun                      diptheria
             1193 ELSEN, Frederick                w/m       3m        IL       Jun                      cholera infantum
             1201 GOSCEY, John                    w/m        32 m     Bad      Feb     laborer          consumption
             1204 BANNER, John                    w/m        47 m     Wur      Aug     ice dealer       consumption
             1242 NASH, H. M.                     w/m       lm        IL       Aug                      cholera infantum
             1257 REARDON, James                  w/m        60 m     Ire      May     laborer          inflamtry lungs
             1280 GOLMER, Henry                   w/m       lm        IL       Feb                      cholera infantum
             1323 HOFFMEYER, Ferdinand            w/m        55 m     Pru      Feb     laborer          inflamtry lungs
             1334 BISHOP, Catherin                W/f       7m        IL       Jun                      cholera infantum
             1340 HECHLER, Albert                 w/m          5      IL       May                      mealels
             1354 STEINHEIMER, Susan              W/f       5m        IL       Jun                      diptheria
             1361 McDONALD, D. F.                 w/m        31  m    MA       Apr                      consumption
             1400 UNGER, J. W.                    w/m          2      IL       Aug                      diptheria
             1405 GROSSHEIM, George               w/m          1      IL       Jun                      cholera infantum
             1410 HILL, Mary                      W/f        29       Ire      Aug                      consumption
             1452 BRENER, Adam                    W/M     3 1/2m      IL       Jul                      summer complaint
             1458 KEEN, Freeman        M.         w/m          8      IL       Sep                      diptheria
             1503 Van CLEVE, John                 w/m       9m        IL       Aug                      cholera infantum
             1555 CROSSMAN, C. C.                 w/m          2      IL       Aug                      congestion bowels
             1570 BAKER, David J.                 w/m        77 m     CT       Aug     attorney at law  old age
             1641 WILD, Adda                      W/f          2      IL       Sep                      scarlet fever
             1680 BOWMAN, Albert                  w/m          9      IL       Nov                      inflamtry lung
             1680 DUGGER, Bridget                 W/f        40 m     Ire      Jul                      consumption
             1681 LAWRENCE, W. D.                 w/m        50 m     TN       Apr                      erysipelas
             1681 LONERA, Pamelia                 W/f        34 m     NY       Jun                      consumption

          750 BAUMAN, Albert                    w/m           8      IL       Nov                        diptheria
               800 DITMAN, Anna                      W/f           I      IL       Jan                        epileptic fits
               970 EMMERSON, Mary J.                 W/f           45 m   KY       Oct                        consumption
              1020 SCHAUB, August                    w/m           29     Bad      Mar      butcher           inflamtry lungs
              1030 LINDEMAN, Mary                    W/f           70 w   Han      Feb                        old age
              1067 MERTSCH, Ofto                     w/m           38 m   Nas      Dec      brick mason       consumption
              1080 BRUMFILD, Mary                    W/f           1      IL       Nov                        diptheria
              1097 MICHAL, Philip                    w/m           25     Nas      Nov      moulder           consumption
              11 13 APPENZELLER, John                w/m           4      IL       Oct                        lung fever
              1256 BARTH, Frank                      w/m           3      IL       Oct                        diptheria
              1295 SCHOFLER, August                  w/m           1      IL       Dec                        intermittent fever
              1337 ARCHIBALD, G. W.                  w/m           47 m   NoSco    Oct      carpenter         consumption
              1345 THIEN, John                       W/M     1 1/2m       IL       Nov                        croup
              1352 KUHN, M. Emma                     W/f       2m         IL       Oct                        brain fever
              1421 LAGLER, Columbus                  w/m           50 m   Bad      Dec      stone mason       consumption
              1422 FEDERLE, Barbara                  W/f           39 m   Bad      Dec                        consumption
              1451 MEYER, Anna                       W/f           48 m   Han      Jan                        change of life
              1547 HARRISON, Samuel                  w/m           38 m   VA       Dec      clerk             inflamtry lungs
              1595 BEWLEY, Mary                      W/f           59 m   OH       Mar                        consumption
              1681 INGLIS, Frederick                 w/m           38 m   VT       Oct      merchant          consumption
              1681 SHLOUGHTER, Lorain                W/f        2m        IL       Feb                        cholera infantum

            T 5 - R 9 Upper Alton                                                         Enumerated by G. H. Weigier
               779 HOPE, Albert                      w/m           1      Eng      May                        cholera infantum
               842 GRUNEWALD, Amalia                 W/f           34 m   Bav      Apr                        child birth
               842 EVERTS, Augustin                  W/M     1 1/2m       IL       Apr                        lung fever
               922 HART, Florence                    W/f     1 1/2m       IL       Apr                        bronshal croup
               987 DAVIS, Mary A.                    W/f           16     NC       Apr                        consumption
              1570 BILLINGS, Henry W.                w/m           55 m   MA       Apr                        erisypelas
              1669 MAGUIRE, Jacob                    w/m        2m        IL       May                        cholera infantum
              1679 ASH, Anton                        w/m           32     Pru      May                        typhoid fever

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