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These gravestones of Jacob and Margaretha Bohnenstiehl were discovered just before we went to press by Vollie G. Bohnenstiehl of Collinsville after a call from Homer Howell of Collinsville, owner of the property on which they are located. A change printing of a personal letter to the editor of the Collinsville Herald, a former employer, in which we mentioned publishing this family history, prompted the call. The gravestone of Jacob is remarkably well preserved after 109 years, but the other has deteriorated very badly.

Two interesting items were discovered. First, Jacob’s birth date is listed as 9 Feb. 1801, while the German archives listed it as 8 Nov. 1801. He died 16 February 1870, the same date which we had listed. Secondly, on examining the other stone of Margaretha with a magnifying glass, the birth date is not clear, 8 March 18__, but the death date appears to be 1 Dec. 1857 or 67. We know Margaretha, wife of Jacob, was still living in the 1870 census and her death was listed as “summer of 1879” by Gusta Bohnenstiehl when she wrote the early family history for the reunion. Further close examination reveals the name Johannes N________, so this is probably the grave of Margarite Bohnenstiehl Neece (Neese), daughter of Jacob and Margaretha. The only information known about her was that she married a Neece (Neese) and had a daughter also named Margarite. The notation could mean she was the wife of Johannes Neese because under that appears to say “geboren Bohnenstiehl”, which means born Bohnenstiehl (or her maiden name). If it is the gravestone of Margarite, the death date would have to be 1867, meaning she died at 19.

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