PATRONS FROM 1882 - City of Collinsville

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AUWATER, Charles R. General Merchant Baltimore, Md. 1858
AMBROSIUS, C. A. Coal Operator Hesse Cassel, Germany 1849
BERKEY, J. J. Farmer Somerset County, Pa. 1819
BERRY, John Attorney at Law Huntingdon County, Pa. 1881
BECKER, John Proprietor Becker Mills and Mayor of City New York City 1864
BLAKE, G. W. Proprietor livery and feed stables Madison County, Ill. 1849
BERKA, Joseph Proprietor of Saloon Bohemia 1851
BEAVERS, Wesley Engineer Wayne County, Mo. 1866
BERRY, Mrs. William Proprietor Berry House Madison County, Ill. 1825
CLAYTON, James Proprietor of Saloon Cheshire County, England 1874
CHILTON, J. N. Merchant Durham, England 1866
DEGENHARDT, Henry B. Rector Sts. Peter and Paul's Church Madison County, Ill. 1855
DAVIS, J. W. Physician and Surgeon Fleming County, KY 1862
GANG, Gus Barber Germany 1854
GARDINER, W. D. Dealer in Hardware and Agriculteral Implements Madison County, NY 1869
FINKE, August Real Estate Dealer Hanover, Germany 1860
HEINTZ, J. L. Coal Operator St. Louis, Mo. 1852
HITE, B. R. Farmer and Township Supervisor Marion County, Ill. 1866
HAAS, William O. Carpenter and Builder Boonville, Mo. 1876
HEDDEN, William H. Agent St. Lawrence County, NY 1849
HUFFENDICK, Henry Proprietor of Hotel and Saloon Prussia 1877
JUDA, Joseph S. Contractor and builder Bohemia 1860
KUHLENBECK, John H. General Merchant Hanover, Germany 1853
KREIDER, Charles Blacksmith Hesse Darmstadt 1849
KILLINGER, John Engineer Abbey Mine No. 3 Lancaster, Pa. 1876
KALBFLEISCH, J. C. General Merchandising Perry County, Mo. 1851
KALBFLEISCH, George General Merchandising Perry County, Mo. 1851
KALINA, Joseph Jr. Proprietor Jos. Exchange Madison County, Ill. 1855
KROPF, John W. Seedman, florist and nursery Bavaria, Germany 1854
LUEDERS, Henry A. Physician and Surgeon Hanover, Germany 1881
LOYET, John L. General Merchant Madison County, Ill. 1843
LOYET, Valentine Proprietor of Meat Market Madison County, Ill. 1858
MARSHALL, H. J. Dry Goods Clerk St. Louis, Mo. 1861
MEIER, John H. Cigar Manufacturer Hanover, Germany 1864
MULLER, C. Barber and Hair Weaver Bavaria Germany 1874
McKEAG, W. H. Baker, confectioner and grocer Cape May, NJ 1868
NELSON, D. L. Postmaster Blair County, Pa. 1850
NEUSTADT, Anton Attorney at Law Bohemia 1856
OATMAN, Charles R. Physician and Surgeon St. Clair County, Ill. 1875
PEERS, James N. Publisher of the Weekly HERALD Madison County, Ill. 1853
POWELL, A. M. Physician and Surgeon Henderson County, KY 1863
PABST, C. H. General Merchant Madison County, Ill. 1847
ROBINSON, Luther J. P.; Dir. in boots and shoes; music teacher Madison County, Ill. 1850
STEELE, Daniel Proprietor of American House Staffordshire, England 1875
SNODGRASS, Austin R. General Merchant Bond County, Ill. 1859
SCHROEPPEL, M. G. Contractor, builder and undertaker Madison County, Ill. 1855
STRONG, H. L. Physician and Surgeon Pittsfield, Mass. 1845
THOMAS, P. J. Proprietor Post Office Saloon Wales 1864
TURNER, J. W. Proprietor North End Meat Market Sussex County, Del. 1852
VUJTECH, Bart Proprietor of Saloon Bohemia 1855
WILBERT, Philip Proprietor of Saloon Prussia 1864
WILKINS, C. W. Merchant Sussex County, Del. 1838
WILHELM, M. Furniture Dealer and Undertaker Saxony, Germany 1851
WICKLIFFE, J. H. Coal Operator Madison County, Ill. 1840
WENDLER, A. Blacksmith and Veterinary Surgeon Bavaria, Germany 1847
E. Caroline METZ Wife of A. Wendler Saxony, Germany 1852
ZUCKER, Max Cigar manufacturer and News Dealer Bremen, Germany 1869

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