Articles from the Edwardsville Intelligencer Newspaper
Edwardsville, Madison, Illinois
Friday, 16 January 1953, Page 5

Fifty Years Ago
From Files of the Intelligencer....

Jan. 16, 1903: Thomas W. Crossman and Miss Louise Berg of Alhambra were married... Peter Handshy, a former resident of Madison county, died at Bunker Hill... Rev. J. D. Metzler returned home from a several months' tour of Europe... F. W. Spitze brought into town a prize porker which weighed 785 pounds... Mrs. Emelia Goerke died at Marine... Albert Knebel and Miss Brosa of Grantfork were married... A dormitory at Western Military academy, Alton, was destroyed by fire... Henry Haries was badly burned in an explosion of a gas-making machine at his soda factory... J. G. Barton, 74 years old, had his left leg amputated by Dr. A. B. McKee. Gangrene resulted from having his foot frozen... Mrs. Dorothy Gizby slipped on a frost-covered board in her yard and fell, fracturing her wrist... A card party was given at the home of Mrs. Piety Wheeler for the benefit of the public library... Sheriff Frank Crowe took a number of prisoners to Chester. He was accompanied by Charles Anderson and William Kearney.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
From Files of the Intelligencer....

Jan. 16, 1928: Fred H. Blackmore, manager of the local plant of the U. S. Radiator Corp. for 15 years and his family, left Edwardsville to move to Detroit, where he was to become manager of the operating department and have control of the six plants operated by the corporation... The Service Oil company, which established a gasoline station on Vandalia street took possession of the two other stations near Edwardsville, which it purchased from the Sinclair Oil company... Sam Sloan and family spent the day visiting at Brooks with relatives... Mr. and Mrs. Harley Olive of Staunton spent the day here visiting relatives... Miss Eva Mueller of Wood River spent the weekend here with Miss Marian Mead... Mrs. Phil Walter visited Miss Julia Rosenthal at New Douglas... Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Metzgar spent the week in Alton visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Metzgar... Miss Bessie Ellis and Mrs. Clara Uttley of St. Louis were guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Lauterman... Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Halsenberg of Alton spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Langwisch.

Ten Years Ago
From Files of the Intelligencer....

Jan. 16, 1943: A farewell party was given for Kenneth Macdonald at the home of his parents by the members of the BTU of the First Baptist church... Mrs. Paul Gerling, Sr., an Mrs. Willard Smith entertained with a miscellaneous shower in honor of Mrs. Clifford Gerling... Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Burns entertained a number of guests at their home... Miss Ruth Long returned to her home in Miami, Fla., after a month's visit with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Jones... Mrs. O. E. Dunn left to visit her daughter and family, Capt. and Mrs. Gail Stubbs and baby daughter... Mrs. James R. McGowan spent the day in Springfield on business... Harley Dale Fultz spent the weekend in St. Louis with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Fultz... Miss Geraldine Giese arrived from Springfield to spend the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert S. Giese... Mr. and Mrs. William Shindel, Mrs. Willis Schroeder and Mrs. Walter Clark spent the day in St. Louis... Mrs. R. W. Sullivan and daughter Elva Lee visited in Worden... Mrs. Thomas Stover and children of Granite City spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Augsberger... Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gehrig of Alhambra spent the evening with Mr. and Mrs. Ehrhardt Gehrig.

Transcribed by Susan M. Goerke Ball

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