Formed July 1923
Walked and Transcribed by ©Cletus R. Garde

Located between Ill Rte 159 and Adams St., Collinsville Illinois.
The cemetery consists of about 55 acres of brush and weeds. It looks like the burials are in two main spots with one grave isolated. I'm giving the locations by the main tombstones in their area, (Falletti & Bouse). The best way in is from Oran Street behind the Old Lanham School off Route 159. Park at the deadend and proceed directly East about 75 yards to the Falletti stone. The Bouse area is East from Faletti stone to an old roadway, then North about 100 yards to a path up a small rise about 20 yards farther East. The Kirksey stone is isolated near the North end of the woods. Several bodies have been moved to other cemeteries, but I don't know all the details.

(Bouse area)
Barker, Billy Jan 1, 1924- Oct. 1, 1924
Blake, Robert H. Son 1888-1926
Lecoq, Vital 1856-1924
Lecoq, Louise 1862-1931
(other side of same stone)
Vironda, Jennis 1876-1945
Vironda, Louise 1881-1944
Neathery, Charles 1887-1923
Neathery, Edna 1895-1923
Pflugbiel, Elma nee Jackson b.Nov 18, 1908 d.Feb 22, 1931
Teter, Fred C. Illinois Pvt 147 INF 37 DIV November 25, 1933
Wells, Sarah C. 1843-1924
(Falletti area)
McLanahan, James Edward b. Nov 5, 1896 d. Mar 30, 1918
Origliasso, Barney Husband Aug 3, 1901 Oct 20. 1923
Smith, Alex Oct 29, 1926 age 53 yrs
Tucker, Vernon
Ward, Edward 1847- 1919
Ward, Virginia 1853-1914
(North end of property)
Kirksey, Gus Kansas Wagoner 44 INf 13 DIV January 31, 1934

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