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Hi, my name is Nancy Piper and I am the host for Putnam, Bureau, LaSalle and Marshall Counties. My ancestors came to Illinois over 150 years ago and settled in the tiny village of Florid, which is no longer even a name on a map.  I've always been a "history buff" and these pages let me help share the world my "findings".  On these pages you will find the information pertaining to the history of  Marshall County.  Our goal is to have available free of charge as much information as possible and will be adding continuously to these pages, so check back often.  

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July 2014 Updates


Robert S. Erwin, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones Evans, A. G. Everley,
William W. Feazle, Wm. L. Fisher, J. G. Forney, Aaron C. Fosdick and Electa (Allen) Chapman Fosdick, Henry Foster, Joseph R. Foster, A. H. Fowler, Daniel Fowler, E. S. Fowler, Richard B. Frary and Catherine J. (Lowman) Frary, Loton Frisby

May 2014 : Henry - 1910 Henry High School Senior Class - Contributed by Thomas Mead
March 2014 : Bios: Adam Davidson Richard Davidson James B. Davis C. M. Dawson William C. Decker Peter G. Defenbaugh Alered J. Deihl Abraham Delong . John O. Dent William Dillman Michael Dodd C. W. Dodge Delia (Drake) Doran (F.B. Drake - Putnam) Patrick Doran George Dorff Michael Dougherty Rufus Douglas Jesse Drake John J. Duncan William J. Duncan Deacon M. Dunlap and John Dunlap: Henry: 1906 Henry High School Class Photo - Contributed by Thomas Mead
February 2014 : Death Notice: Daniel Thomas - Contributed by FOFG

December 2013: 1883 Pensioners - transcribed by Linda Miller; Bios: Mrs. R. M. Cahoon . James Cain . Mrs. Ann C. Calder . Joseph J. Calder . Nancy (Messick) Camery and Christopher Camery . John Carver . Peter Cary .... James Charles .... August Coleson .... John A. Coleson .... Patrick Collins .... Warner Combs .... William Cowen and Mrs. Gilley Cowen .... Adam Crawford .... Euphemia (Beckwith) Croft .... Hutchison Croft .... H. V. Crossland .... John Currie .... Charles Cusac
September 2013: Bios: Cyrus Brown .... N. F. Brown .... Adam Brunner .... Jahu Buckingham .... Joseph St. Clair Bullman .... Joshua D. Bullman .... Lott Bullman .... James Bussell (Record of Olden Times)
June 2013: Bio: Ephraim H. Baker - Transcribed by: Helen Coughlin; Bio: Joseph Baker, Chauncey W. Barnes, Henry B. Barnes, Henry T. Barnes and Annis (Little) Barnes, A. J. Baughman, Putnam Beckwith, E. S. Bell, Chester Bidwell, H. D. Bonham, Warford Bonham, William Boys, Charles Taylor Brandenburg, Christopher Broaddus, Mrs. Minerva (Hall) Broaddus, Reuben Broaddus
May 2013 Updates:Bio: FORT Greenbury L - Transcribed by Anna Parks; Bio:  H. J. Adams, David Aitchison,  Harmon Andrews, James Antrim, Thomas Antrim, Henry Applen, George Atchison (Record of Olden Times)Deaths: 1882 Vital Records: Susan Will, Mary Carver, Bertha Tribbey (Reported 1883 paper); Births: 1883 Vital Records: Seichter, Newhalven, Balleweg, Bonham, Lanning, Johnson; Marriages: 1883 Marriage License: Scholes-Carson, Dombart-Roth, Kapraun-Hilb, Moore-Kelly, Taylor-Ford, Bogner-Seichter, Clein-Neuhalfen, Aljoe-Barr , Jarman-Hoskins, Maxwell-Richmond, Day-Ryan, Southwell-White
April 2013: Obituary: Charle Uschold - Contributed by Jane Foster; FAMILY HISTORY: Marshall County, Illinois and the Lannings - Contributed by Dean Thomson; Schools: Marshall County  IL School Photos - Contributed by Joann Armstrong (Class photos of Fairview, LaRose, Varna and Sulphur Springs Grade Schools)

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Family History


  • Smoky Mountain Ancestral Quest (Website by David Beckwith - has information on the Alfred Mateer family of Marshall/Lasalle county)

  • The Frain Family Genealogy (Website by Joseph Frain devoted to research on families of Luke Frain and Elizabeth Bird)

  • The Shoof/Coen Family Tree
    Great website by Dawn Coen.  Dawn states on her website "Most of the family members contained in this subset lived and died in Illinois (Marshall County area), Wisconsin (Portage County area) or Pennsylvania (Beaver County). This main surnames contained here are Coen, Schoof, Schaefer, Cain, Bercich, Rice, Shellman, Buchanan, Cisewski, Damask, Simonis, Ewing, Hutchison, Johnson, Koziczkowski, Quiram, Sluder, Suydam, Wehling, Coombs and Schoppe."

  • The Hollenback Family Website   {LouAnn Cameron writes " We have created a Hollenback family website which includes families in Marshall county.")

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