1915 Marshall County IL Marriages

Parker-Sample Wedding

Henry Republican, Henry Illinois

January 18 1915

L. L. Sample and Miss Mayme V. Parker were married at 9 o'clock Jan. 21, at the residence of Mrs. M. R. Peters, 1046 Sixth avenue, the Rev. Frank C. McKoan officiating.

Miss Parker is the daughter of John F. M. Parker, niece of Samuel Parker of Glendale, Cal., and James M. Wherry of Putnam. Lived in that community until 1898, since then at Galesburg, Ill., and the past five years in Des Moines, Ia. Mr. Sample is a native of Iowa, formerly living at Woodbine and Council Bluffs, but at the present is connected with the firm of Wilcox-Howell-Hopkins Co. of Des Moines, Ia., the largest fire insurance agency west of Chicago.

Clara May Potter and Caleb V. H. Martin

Henry Republican, Henry Illinois
March 4, 1915

Wedding Bells

At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Potter on Western avenue a pretty home wedding was celebrated at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon. The parties in question being Miss Clara May Potter, a sister of Mr. Potter's and Caleb V. H. Martin of Varna. Standing under a canopy of white and green the bride wearing a traveling suit of Belgin blue with hat to match, and the groom wearing the conventional wedding suit, the ceremony was conducted by Rev. Rea W. Martin, pastor of the Presbyterian church. After the tie that binds had been duly celebrated a superb supper was served, in the preparation of which and in its serving Mrs. Potter was ably assisted by her neighbors, the Misses Klein. The happy couple left on the 6 o'clock evening train for their future home at Emmettsburg, Ia., but before leaving for the depot it was agreed between the newly-weds that no one should imagine from their actions or appearance that they were a recently married couple. But in this they reckoned not on the wit and deftness of their young lady friends. First, the bride was induced to carry a bouquet of roses similar one being pinned to the lapel of the groom's coat. A placard was pinned to the groom's back which read, "We are Just married," and when getting on the train they were showered with rice. And to cap the climax some Putnam friends were notified over the phone of the marriage ceremony, and they came down to this city on the 5 o'clock train so as to return to their Putnam home with bride and groom on the 6 o'clock. But with all the fun and merriment the friends left for their home in the Hawkeye state with the best wishes and congratulations of hosts of friend with whom The Republican ever hopes to be numbered. -- Transcribed by Nancy Piper

Henry Republican, Henry Illinois
March 25 1915


The wedding of Elmer Hunt and Miss Leam Hannum at the home of the bride's parents in Peoria on Thursday, March 18, is thus spoken of by a recent Peoria paper.

"A very pretty wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Hannum, 602 Knoxville avenue, when their daughter, Leam Margetta was united in marriage to Elmer Lee Hunt of Henry, Ill, at 2:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon.

A large number of friends from surrounding towns gathered to witness this culmination of a happy courtship. Miss Helene Hannum was maid of honor to her sister and the groom was attended by Albert Mead of Henry. Dr. William E. Shaw, pastor of the First M. E. church, using the impressive ring ceremony, united them in marriage.

The bride was attired in a lovely gown of white crepe de chine and carried a shower bouquet of bride's roses and Lilies of the Valley. The bridesmaid wore a colonial dress of pink silk, and carried pink roses. After a dainty two-course luncheon Mr. and Mrs. Hunt left for an extended trip through the west, expecting to attend the Pan-American exposition and after their return will be at home to their friends after May 1 at "Oakdale Farm" near Henry. -- Transcribed by Nancy Piper


April 22, 1915


On Wednesday evening, April 21, at the Episcopal parsonage in this city, was performed the ceremony which united the hearts and lives of a couple of our respected young people, when Rev. F. W. Haist pronounced the words which made Fred Merrill and Miss Eva Haddon husband and wife. They were accompanied by Miss Haddon's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Perdew. After the ceremony the party returned to the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Haddon, where with music and refreshments they were entertained during the evening. Miss Arleene Hunter, her niece Mildred Dana were the only guests present aside from immediate relatives of the families. Both bride and groom are well known here and are most estimable young people in every way. Their hosts of friends will join with The Republican in hoping they may enjoy that long life of happiness and prosperity which they richly deserve. After a few days of visiting with relatives the young people will remove to Iowa where they expect to make their home.

Henry Republican, Henry Illinois
June 3, 1915

Married at the Presbyterian parsonage, Rev. Rea W. Martin officiating at 8 o'clock p.m., Wednesday, June 2, 1915, William Murrel and Mrs. Goldie Crause, daughter of George Hall, both of Henry. The happy couple were accompanied by Mrs. Ella Peters and Mrs. Seraphina Ryan. Both parties most interested are well known and universally respected here and every reader will join with us and the best wishes for their happiness and prosperity.


Henry Republican, Henry, IL June 24, 1915

A marriage license was issued in Peoria on Tuesday to Jospeh P. Kelly of Peoria, an Carrie Mae Stroup, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stroup of Varna. We understand they will live in Peoria.


Henry Republican, Henry, IL June 24, 1915


We received the announcement of the marriage in Chicago on Tuesday, June16, of Miss Nancy Brumsey to George Elmer Fenwick. Both parties to this interesting announcement are well known and highly respected here. Miss Brumsey the bride, who has become Mrs. Fenwick, has spent her entire life in this vicinity. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Brumsey, her father departing this life in this city a couple of years ago. Mr. Fenwick came here some three or four years ago and has been here more or less of his time since. He has been careful in his friendships and associations and has won much regard and esteem. We wish the happy couple joy of each other, a long, happy prosperous and useful life. Our announcement reads they will be at home to their friends after Sept. 1


Henry Republican, Henry, IL June 24, 1915

A Wedding in Steuben Township

On June 16, at 6 p.m. at the home of the bride, was celebrated the wedding ceremony of Elting Ratcliff of Wyoming and Miss Harriet I. Sheets of Steuben township, Rev. E. S. Busby reading the words which made the fair young couple husband ad wife. A happy company of relatives and friends witnessed the marriage. Adults and children alike entered into the spirit of joyous greetings. Appropriate gifts expressed the thoughtful goodness of loving well wishers. The beauty of the bride was matched by the rarely lovely robe of white embroidered silk. The guests were served to a delicious repast. The large white wedding cake was decked with white roses in relief. After refreshments Mr. and Mrs. Ratcliff hastened away upon their wedding tour.


Henry Republican, Henry, IL July 1, 1915

On Wednesday, June 30, at 4 o'clock p.m., Rev. J. E. Mercer performed the ceremony which united in marriage Mrs. Alice Williams of this city, and James T. Ash of Sigourney, Ia. The daughters of the bride, Mrs. C. E. Allen and Miss Alice Williams witnessed the marriage of their mother, with a few personal friends. The honorable struggle Mrs. Williams has made to retain a home for and educate her children, has won the admiration of her friends and now that she goes to a new home at Sigourney, Ia., she will have the best wishes and felicitations of hosts of friends. The husband, Mr. Ash, is employed in electrical work at his home town, is a member of the M. E. church and stands very high in the esteem and confidence of his neighbors, those who know him best.


Henry Republican, Henry, IL July 1, 1915

Miss Esther Judith Chesney, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Chesney of Wheatland township, was married to Edmund Wilson Jardine, second son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Jardine, formerly of Kewanee, but not of Wheatland, Ill. The wedding took place Saturday, June 19, and was witnessed by 85 guest, relatives and friends of the contracting parties.


Henry Republican, Henry, IL July 1, 1915

We learn that the Misses Fanny and Edna, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moody, have each recently entered the bonds of matrimony. The first named was married in Princeton on Monday, Jun 21 to William Long, whose home is south and west of Bureau Junction. The latter, Miss Edna, was married in Peoria, on Monday, June 28, to Wesley Ray, whose boyhood home was in Sparland or vicinity. The brides are both the very best of girls, industrious, neat, able neat efficient, of pleasant nature, good appearance and well trained in all housewifely duties. Mr. Long, the husband of Fanny, is a farmer of the first class reputation and habits. Mr. Ray has proven himself a good worker, where he has been employed in this neighborhood as a farm hand. The Republican wishes all joy, comfort and prosperity to each of the brides and the men they have accepted as life companions.


Henry Republican, Henry, IL July 1, 1915

Last Monday Venus Culver and Alfred Luvisi were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by Rev. Fr. Brennan. The bride was becomingly dressed in white and carried pink and white sweet pea. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Scott. …. The bride was born and raised in Henry and everyone known her to be capable of being a successful helpmate to him who has chosen her. The groom came to Henry a year ago and became a successful member of the Henry Greys. He has made many friends while here who vouch for his honesty and uprightness. Amid a shower of rice and good wishes, Mr. and Mrs. Luvisi started on their journey to Louisville, Ky., the home of the groom's parents. They will be at home to their friends after July 2.

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