1952 Midcounty Varsity Football Squad

Contributed by Teri Taylor

Taken from the Lacon Home Journal  November 20 1952

Co-captains Jake Durst and Roger "Cookie" Gauwitz of the Mid-County Squad are among the 11 seniors who played their last game of high school football last Tuesday night. Durst played with the team during its three years as an organization, and Gauwitz has two years experience. Other seniors on the team are  Blackburn, Suttser, Carson, Harvey, Johnson, Wunder, Boswell, Baggs and Buck.

The 1952 Varsity Football squad at Mid-County High School: left to right

Bottom row: 27, Roger Gauwitz, 33 Duane Holmstrom, 24 Terry Sutsser
Second row: 37 James Wenk, 34 Kenny McKee, 48 Walter Blackburn, 43 Ralph McCaskey, 47 George Smith, 38 Vernon Wunder, 41 Jack Johnson
Third row: 39 Louis Lenz, 44 Bob Stein, 49 Wayne Buck, 20 Tom Carson, 42 Bos Boswell, 45 Jerry Baggs, 46 Jake Durst, 32 Alden Rinehart, 30 Charles Harvey
Top row: 28 Richard Harvey, 36 Gene Gudeman, 36 Ted Rinehart, 21 Buzz Tyson, 25 Hank Gauwitz, 26 Don Kelly, 23 Charles Austin, 29 Roger Winkler, 22 Richard Blackwell

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