Second Report of the Soldiers Orphan Home - Marshall and Putnam County Illinois Children

Taken From the Henry Republican, Henry, IL
April 2, 1874

The second report of the Soldiers Orphan Home is located at Normal, on land donated by Judge David Davis, of the U. S. supreme bench.  The number of soldiers children in the institution the past year was 642, of which 8 were from Marshall and 19 from Putnam county.  

The names of those from Marshall county are as follows:

  1. Norma, Addie and Lizzie Fenn, children of Wm. P. Fenn of Lacon, who was a member of Co. D, 77th Reg., who died at Mabile, Ala.; the mother is at Wyoming.

  2. Ida J. Foreman of Lacon

  3. Inez D. Hunt, son of Dewitt C. Hunt of Lacon, membe of Co. B, 11th cavalry, who died at Jackson, Miss., Oct. 13, 1862, mother still living.

  4. Joseph C. and James H. Hutchinson of Lawn Ridge, a member of Co. G., 86th Reg, who died at Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 1863; the mother, Anna Hutchinson, still lives.

  5. Noonie and Penelope P. Rodgers, children of Gardner Rodgers of Henry, member of Co. E, 93d Reg., died at Champiion Hills, May 16, 1862; mother, Elizabeth Rodgers, still lives.

Pupils from Putnam county:

  1.  James F., son of John Bagby of Granville, member of Co. B, 53d Reg., who died at Corinth, Oct. 6, 1862; the mother, Rebecca Weeks, still living.

  2. Chauncey, son of Emory Bacon of Snachwine, member od Co. C, 113th Reg., died at memphis, Nov. 23, 1862; mother also dead.

  3. John H., Augustus and Cora F., children of Samuel Henderson of Florid, member of Co. E, 11th Ill., who died at Natchez, Miss., Aug. 30, 1864.

  4. Rachel V. and Margaret B., daughters of Daniel Moore of Snachwine, member of Co. K, 148th, Reg., who died at Nashville, March 9, 1863; the mother, Jemima Moore, still living.

  5. Letitia, daughter of David Moore of Snachwine, member of Co. K, 148th Reg., who died at Nashville, April 1, 1865.

  6. Mary, Kate and John,, children of A. S. Poyer of Magnolia, of Co. B, 77th Ill., who died on hospital boat, Feb.19, 1863.

  7. Jessey, child of James M. Powers of Snachwine, member of Co. D, 77th Reg., who died at Vicksburg, Jan. 18, 1863.

  8. Emma L., Minnie E., George F. and Hiram, children of Geo. W. Rodgers of Caledonia, member of Co. B, 15th Ill., who died at Corinth, June 6, 1862.

  9. William E. and Mary F., children of William H. Rankin of Hennepin, member of Co. C, 44th Ill., who died at Chattanoga, Nov. 28, 1863.

  10. William W. and Isabella J., children of Geo. F. Thomas of Hennepin, member of 20th Iowa, who died at Springfield, Mo., Dec. 29, 1863.