8th Grade Graduates - 1926-27 Sparland, Ill.

Kathy McLaughlin wirites:  " I have a photo you might like to post on your website. It's obviously in front of the same building as the other photo on the site, and it looks as if the teacher is the same. Willard McLaughlin (6/23/1911 - 8/20/1992) was my father; Alice is my aunt.    The writing says, "8th Grade Graduates - 1926-27 Sparland, Ill."

On the back is a list of the students: Left to right, Mahlon Hunt, Gerald Meyer, Walter Meyer, Milton Frank, Eugene McLaughlin, Chas. Osborne, Willard McLaughlin, Ellen Campbell, Jenny Erwin, Cleone Swartz, Alice McLaughlin. Teacher, Sara Christman.

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