Toluca Illinois From Mine Shaft #1 - Early 1900's

Donated by Patty O'Beirne

Unsure of the year for this photo because of the location of the water tower.  This is now where the local doctor's office sits.  The large three story building is the Fay hotel (Main street). From what I can tell, this photo had to have been taken from the top of Mine shaft #1.

Robert Cassidy writes, "The water tower is in the alley, not where the doctors office is today. Its 1/2 block to the right or east. If you look left of the water tower you see a building with 2 windows on either side and a very small window in the middle about the door this is the same building and in photo of Santa Fe Avenue 1917. Its the building with the green overhand at the door. It was the telephone office until we got dial phones in the late 1950s or early 1960s. You can see the square sign on the right hand side of the door. Also the railroad depot in the Mine shaft photo is a different one from "Santa Fe Train Getting Water", there is only 1 chimniny on the depot of the Mine Photo and there are 2 on the train photo. Notice the big long building in the Mine Shaft Photo to the right of the Water Tower. The Doctors office would be just across the street to the right of that building today. In the early days I believe that was a dance hall but when I was a very young boy in the early 1950s it was a roller skating rink and I just remember it being there and for some reason came crashing down in the early 1950s. There was even a man named McKittrick killed when it fell in."

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