The Old Settlers Meeting - Report of Henry Township

Taken From the Henry Republican
April 18, 1870

The following report of the number of old settlers of Henry township was prepared by C. S. Woodward, Esq., and read before the old settlers meeting of Marshall county, held in January last:

To the old Settlers of Marshall county:

Your committee to shom was referred or entrusted the matter of reporting the early events of our township, etc., would beg to report as follows:

In 1838, there lived on Crow Meadow, Col. H. Snyder, Dennis, Pool, Mallory, Frisbie, Culver and two sons, Apple, Keller, Bartley, Sidel, Halblibe, Thompson, Sampson Rowe, Wm. Rowe, Bonham, Tanquary, Hoskins, V. Wies, O. Klein, Plato, McGuinsey, G. f. Reinback, Esq., Bell, August Ashermen, Geo. Reeves, C. Mock

The town of Henry had been platted the year previous. There then were small shanties built and occupied. No merchandise on sale, and none of the professions represented.

In 1840 Burr Bradley opened the first store.

In 1838, Sampson Rowe was the owner of the only wagon in what is now Henry township.

Of the early settlers, Col. Snyder, Dennis, Pool, “Father Culver”, Rev. David Apple, Bartley Sidel, Halblibe, Wm. Rowe, Bonham, Tanquary, Klein, and Plato remained until gathered to their fathers.

Messrs. L. Frisbee, O. Culver, George Heller, and V. Weis, are all that remain of the old settlers of ‘38 or before. Our early days were indeed days of trial. No family was exempt from the ague and malarious fevers incident to a new and undeveloped country. Lacon was our market town for several years, whre we “exchanged” eggs at 3 cents per doz., butter 5 cents per pound, cord at 10 cents per bushel and pork at 1 to 1 1/4 cents per pound. A majority of the families lived year in and year out on corn bread, and the meat which was the product of the farm or the chase. Flour was beyond our means.

That there is material for a volumne full of thrilling interest of unwritten history which pertains to the few we have named we know. It must fade out and be lost forever unless soon gathered and recorded. Failing memory ineident to advanced years and a want of an opportunity to meet those that remain and recall the scenes of our earlier manhood is our excuse for the meagerness of our report. We delight with you to recall the relations of the early days and remain yours,

C. S. Woodward

Henry Township

Henry Township is the smallest township in Marshall county. It is bordered by the Illinois River throughout its length. The first permanent settler was the Elias Thompson and his son David in 1833. Among the first settlers were the Mollorys, Frisbees, Snyders and Pools.  South of Henry a settlement of Germans sprang up and was called the “Dutch Settlement”. The Appels, Reinbecks, Kleins and Meridians settled there.

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