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Whitefield Township News

Whitefield Township News
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, March 29 1883

John Carlyle and family and Dave Young go west, where they have lately purchased near Plum Creek, Neb.
Ed. R. Hannum goes to seek his fortune in Dakota. Wonder if he won't get a step off ticket in Iowa.
We learn that J. R. Brown and wife are gone to keeping house on his father's farm lately vacated by Austin Hannam. Mr. Hannum moved on to the Widow Grady farm.
Mrs. J. O. Hill is on the sick list.
Miss Lizzie Horr of Henry teaches the Red Town school.

 Whitefield Township
The Henry Republican, April 12, 1883

Miss Mary Selchter has been suffering with heart disease for some time and is still low.
Miss Ramsey has commenced her school in the Kline district.
Miss Ella Walker of Sparland is teaching in the Saylor school. This is her first term and she is bound to make a success.
Mrs. J. J. Sands commenced her school at the "Holmes" last Monday but owing to the prevalence of measles in that neighborhood the attendance is small.
There will be no school in the "Greenlea" this spring; cause, scarcity of children.
Edward Adams of Sparland is working for John Higgins.
Adna Hartley has been suffering with the measles.
The attendants at the Dunkard church last Sunday were without a preacher, Rev. Holsinger being across the river.
C. Huffman it is said will build a fine house this summer.
Supervisor Brown filed his official bond in the town clerk's office last Monday and took the oath of office.
Dave Holmes is talking of going to Dakota.
J. R. Newman, who has been suffering with erysipelas all winter, is now able to be around.

The Henry Republican, April 26, 1883

Ed. Harney returned from the land of the Dacotahs last Saturday and gives as reasonable and correct an account of that country as we have heard.
John Coutler is very low with the measles; being a sickly young man it is very trying on his constitution.
Newt Maxwell was suffering very badly last week; it was reported that he had lost his speech, but is now improving.
Mrs. John Higgins returned last Friday from a protracted visit in the west. It seems that we were rather premature in saying last week that there would be no school in the Greenlea district this spring, as one of the directors informs us that he calculates on sending his children there this spring if the court understands itself.
We understand that John O'Marrow of this town won the gold watch at the ball lately held in Henry.
J. R. Newman, who was reported much better last week is worse at this writing, but it is hoped by his many friends that he will soon be around again. Dr. Kalb is now in attendance.
C. H. Watt started for Chicago last Saturday to attend commercial college. E. N. Spellman is also there.
Miss Addie Stringer is quite sick with the measles, but lean she is on the mend.
Sugar Grove Sunday School is now progressing finely under J. C. Hill as superintendent.

Whitefield Township
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, May 3, 1883
Mr. E. Diehl of Whitefield has added the 40 acres adjoining his farm, which now gives him 160 acres in a body. On the place is a large brick house and a good barn. Some 26 signers were required to perfect the title.
Clarence E. Burt's family in Whitefield has been quite sick, for the past three weeks. The children have had a course of the measles, five of the six being down at one time, and some of them have been dangerously ill. All of them are improving and it is hoped out of danger.
Mr. John Herr, two daughters and a son from Perkasle, Bucks County PA., have been here visiting Ellas Herr of Whitefield. The former is a brother of Ellas Herr. The daughters, pretty young women have been here several weeks, the others not so long a time. They departed for home yesterday.
Mrs. Mary Spencer arrived home from California on Saturday last. She was just one week on the way, stopping over one train only at Emporia, Kansas. The journey was pleasant and she arrived safe home, in good health and without accident. She had been absent eight months. She brought home specimens of California fruits and has enjoyed her long stay very much.
Nelson J. McVicker and Ira McVicker, his nephew have located at Reehights, Hand County, (South) Dakota. They have purchased a furnished hotel, and are doing a rushing business. G. P. Deyoe and William Weeks have purchased land in the vicinity, as also G. D. McVicker of Fort Scott, who has located at Reehights, settling in the place. Mr. N. J. McVicker has buried two children since his arrival, both dying from diphtheria.
Mr. Frank Kleinhenz was in the city yesterday. Mr. K is in the grocery business located in the fine large brick store at 430 Main street, cor Madison, Peoria, where our citizens and those of adjoining townships will find a good place to rendezvous when in the city. Mr. Kleinhenz has a hearty welcome for all Marshall County people. The people of the southwestern part of the county who trade at Peoria, will find a full stock at Mr. Kleinhenz's, excellent goods at very low prices. He is centrally located and will be glad to see one and all.

Rev. J. A. Riason, M. E. Pastor of the Whitefield circuit, preached a funeral sermon on Sunday last, at the Whitefield M. E. Church, as the last rite of respect for Mrs. Nancy Camery, for many years a faithful member of his church and a lady highly respected in the community where she lived. Her death came in the eve of life, when the grain was fully ripe, and ready to be garnered home. A large family survive the mother, all married but one, most of whom were present at the services. The sacred edifice was also filled with a large congregation of friends of the deceased and her family.

Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 10, 1883
The sick are improving. Those who were afflicted with measles are out of danger.
J. R. Newman is improving slowly, although he is not able to be out yet.
There seems to be some trouble between Mike Daugherty and Joseph Ziegler of Saratoga, in regard to a division fence, with Zeigler claims, according to the original survey and one made by the county surveyor some time this spring is placed some few feet over on his land.
Henry Lanning and George Herridge of Sparland are working at Brasfield's tile factory.
Charley Homes talks of accompanying Dan Keach to Dakota before long.
Maggie Hartey of Bradford was visiting her sister Mrs. Dan. Hickey last week.
Alf. Diehl's little boys have a yoke of calves which they hitch to a cart and drive for amusement.
Mrs. Lydia Blackburn, in the employ of Mrs. Sands, found a package of railroad tickets last week, worth about $60, which was returned to the owner, A. W. Jones, Sandwich, Ill., the next day.

Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 17, 1883
J. R. Newman is now able to be around, after a long confinement and will soon be ready to assess the town.
There was a May party at the residence of Mr. Shurts in Saratoga last Saturday and the young folks to the number of about 80 enjoyed themselves as innocent youth only know how.
School election will be held in the Holmes district next Saturday.
The mechanics have been engaged at Rufus Bassett's for some time past, and before long the palatial residence or the stately mansion will arise.
C. Huffman will soon begin building and "from the cottage to the mansion: will soon be the reward of a life of honest toil.
Walter Scott of Henry is painting the residence of Royal Olmsted, and right royally is it being done.
Hon. J. H. Jones will address the Whitefield red ribbon club on Sunday evening next at the M. E. church. All invited.
A handsome present was made Will Birch, formerly of this place, but now of Neoga not long ago of a handsome young son. The newcomer has the well wishes of all the old acquaintances of his parental sire at this place.

Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 31, 1883
John A. Spencer, a farmer of Whitefield tells us he has examined carefully his corn that has been planted for the past 10 days, and that it is all sprouting. The wet places where he thought it would be likely to rot, he found sprouting all right. His seed corn was some he saved himself.

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, June 14, 1883

Mr. Dangherty of Benson, formerly a Saratoga teacher, is visiting in this locality at present.
There will be preaching at the brick church next Sunday morning; Rev. Holsinger will preside. Turn out and give him a rousing house.
The Brasfield tile works are turning out superior article of tile; they sell like hot cakes and are pronounced by connoisseurs as the very best that have ever been used on the prairie.
The suit of Zeigler vs. Daugherty was on motion of defendants attorney continued until the next term of the circuit court. It has been since remored that the difficulty has been adjusted and that there will be no further trouble. For the certainty of this we cannot vouch.
N. J. Stringer has been talking of selling his store. This is a good chance for some energetic man with a small capital.
John Cahill is visiting relatives in this vicinity. We believe the gentleman is from Streator.
Dan Hickey took a fine lot of hogs to Sparland last week.
James Harrington was digging a well last week.

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, July 19, 1883
Whitefield was well represented at the Beecher lecture and we think all were amply repaid.
John Harney is building a house.
The dance at Dan Hickey's last Saturday evening was well attended.
We visited Bradford last Saturday and was well pleased with it.
There was a binder trial at Joe Pointer's last week, the Plano and Deering being the contesting machines.
Mrs. Wes. Doyle has been suffering some time with inflammatory rheumatism, but is now improving.
Mary Hartey of Bradford is visiting at her sister, Mrs. Con. Hickey's.
Lizzie Ramsay has been engaged to teach the fall and winter terms of the Kline school.
The noblest vehicle to ride in that we have tried is the road cart manufactured by Duke Bros. Henry.
John Livingston started for Iowa last Tuesday on a visit.
R. E. Porter

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