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 Letter From Varna

Taken From the Henry Republican
March 28, 1872

Varna is a railroad town and one of the liveliest in the county. It is a shipping port of no means pretentions, and corn is brought here in large quantities.

A town caucus was held here Saturday, irrespective of party, the following being named for town officers: Supervisor, John Norton; clerk, Thomas Gannts; assessor, Alex Wright; collector, Jesse S. Roberts; commissioner of highways, Thomas Harris; constable, Squire Riggs; school trustee, I. N. Taylor. Joshua J. Myers received one complimentary vote for supervisor. Hiram Myers resided, the caucus being held at the post office, of which Grant's relative, (Father Molone) is the custodian.

Frank Bobbitt's store is undergoing improvements. Several car loads of cattle were shipped from here on Monday. One car load, raised by Hiram Myers and shipped by H. Croft, averaged 1900 pounds each, which as they ordinarily run, we call "immense".  Hiram is also feeding many more, and has some of the choicest breeds and purest stock in the county.

The M. E. sabbath school is first rate, and is very interesting. This is our second trip to Varna, where our friends gave us a warm greeting all round. We spent one day and part of another there, and dot down what "our eyes have seen and our ears have heard."

G. P. E.

--Transcribed by Nancy Piper

Short Sketch of Varna

Taken From the Henry Republican August 27, 1874

The republican legislative convention called us to Varna Tuesday, where the 20th representative district was represented by some of the best men of the party from all the counties, and with full delegations. Varna is centrally located in the district, and is accepted as the place of holding nominating conventions by all parties. The democratic and farmers each hold conventions there this fall.

Varna is a town of four years growth, and has about 400 population. It has risen almost in a night in the centre of a prairie, where it can be seen for miles in all directions. It has three church edifices, a good school house, two hotels, one of which is kept by Mrs. Ong, formally of the Paskell house in this city, two drug stores, a grain elevator, and the usual variety of business houses, including that institution of civilization, a saloon. Mr. Hartley Malone, the postmaster, is very feeble from cancer in the face, and confined to his room, his assistant, Capt. Warren, havin charge of Uncle Sam’s postal affairs, with the expectancy of being the successor of Mr. Malone, who has resigned.

Mrs. Helm (Josephine Rochester that was) is located here, both as to business and marriage. The latter matter was consummated a week ago, Miss R. uniting her destiny with that of Mr. Frank Helm, a liverman of the town. She, however, will continue her dressmaking business as before, having very pleasant rooms, and full of work. The circle of acquaintance to which Miss R. was much attached here, will share in the joy of this good fortune of hers, trusting the bride and groom will both stick to the “Helm” and never give up the ship.

James King of Oxbow is located here, and is carrying on a general repair and carpenter shop. He has about all he can do, and is centrally located. His house and lot at Caledonia he would like to sell. Harmon Shier is also another Henry residenter livng there, and doing well.

The corn crop about Varna is better than in any other section about us. Some of the fields will give their usual yield, and the farmers are hopeful of good prices. More rain has visted this section, than has that of a few miles to the westward. On Sandy bottom, it is terribly scorched, and along the timber in Hopewell it is not so good.

Miscellaneous News Items

Taken From the Henry Republican October 1, 1874
Varna News
Our three town wells are about dry, not giving water enough to supply the wants of our town.

Taken From the Henry Republican
January 21, 1875
Neighborhood News - Varna
Varna has concluded to have a well dug or started this week - dimensions 6 feet across and dig until plenty water is found.

Taken From the Henry Republican April 8, 1875
James Wesner, formerly of the firm of H. K. and E. Wesner, has entered into partnership with R. L. Kimbro. Messrs. Wesner and Kimbo are old salesmen, and understand the business thoroughly in dry goods and groceries. They are good men to trade with and will carry class stock.

Varna News
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, March 29 1883

Tis not that we found nothing to write about that we have failed to appear for several numbers, but only owning to our limited time. Never was our village more newsy and we shall endeavor in future to report more regularly.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Smith returned home from New Jersey last week.
Miss Laura Myers of Peoria is visiting with relatives in town.
The Miller house on the south side of town is now completed and ready for its occupants, who we learn are recently from Germany.
Geo. Miller has purchased lots here from A. Bane and expects to build a residence upon them next fall.
The trustees of the Swede church have decided to build a parsonage in the northeast part of town, much nearer the church than the one they formerly owned.
Tis said that Wm. McCoy has bought the Traver property, just across the street from his residence.
Fred Swanson's new home will soon be completed.

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, May 3, 1883

Smith's Bell Ringers played at Wesner's Hall Thursday evening. Their reputation called out a crowded house, but the entertainment they gave was considered far below par.
Several of our citizens are making rapid strides by way of improvement in rebuilding, painting and newly fencing their homes.
Mr. Frank Bowers of Missouri is visiting relatives here.
Wm. Smith's have taken possession of their home, previously occupied by Mr. Connors. Mr. C. has secured a position in some town in Minnesota and will move there with his family soon.
Miss Della Kohl returned from Ohio, where she has been visiting during the past winter, on Saturday last.
The family of Mr. John McClusky, all of whom are stricken with sickness, are reported by Dr. Evans, their attending physician to be recovering.
Jeff Cowan, who recently bought the livery stable, has rented the King house and will move in town.
L. C. Rose of Lacon has contracted to paint the M. E. church at this place.
Miss Lisa King has engaged the Loyd School for the summer term.
At the recent school election, Dr. Evans and Wm. Shields were elected as trustees of the school board.
Miss Hattie Douglas, formerly one of our school girls, is now teaching near Iowa City, Iowa.
J. Wright, our assistant P. M. is visiting in Peoria this week.

Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 17, 1883

Ellis and Nettie Hill, who have so successfully conducted our school for the past year, have been employed to continue their work another year.
Norwood Linebarger has returned home. He will now remain an dplay the part of an assistant in the bank.
Fred Hannum and family moved to Lacon this week.
Ida Delong was visiting at home last Sabbath.
Mrs. Linebarger and Mrs. Campbell who have been visiting at Joliet are expected home this week.
A brother of F. Swanson died last Tuesday with consumption.
Gunther's new building will soon be completed. L. Fishey and Frank Uline are doing the work.

The Henry Republican, Henry IL, June 28, 1883
Molly Myers of Peoria is visiting relatives and friends here.
School closed on Thursday for the summer vacation. Will commence the 1st of September.
Hattie Taylor of Streator and little Edna Gray of Rutland have been guests of Mrs. Chas. Whitney.
Linnie Myers was at Galesburg attending commencement exercises of Lombard University.
Ella and Nettie Hill go to their home in Chillicothe to spend their vacation.
F. Kelsy of Chicago is visiting here with his brother.

March 25, 1915
Henry Republican, Henry IL


Mr. and Mrs. Nick Rachke were called to Toluca Sunday on account of the illness of his brother, Louis Rachke.

Mrs. H. A. Winter of Wenona, is visting with her friend, Mrs. Lily Hughes.

Roy Davis of Granville, spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. Emma Davis.

Friends of Mrs. Mike Dennehee of Chicago were saddened by the news of her death Thursday. Her funeral was Saturday and she was interred at Mt.Olivet. She was an old resident of Varna and had many friends here.

Guy Barber of Lostant, visited Thursday and Friday with friends and relatives in Varna.

Miss Ollie Spencer was met Sunday evening by her brother, Walter and cousin, Alvin, in Varna en route from Peoria to Magnolia.

Mrs. Charles Merritt and daughter Louise attended the Smith entertainment in Magnolia Sunday evening and remained over night with friends there.

Miss Alma Schumacher and Myrtle Bell and Mesdames Irma Saltzman and Gertrude Broadus have a St. Patrick's party at the home of the former Thursday evening. Progressive card games and guessing contests were enjoyed. Dr. Massey receiving a German stein for winning the greatest number of games. There were 24 guests present and the party was a merry one.

The baby girl of Mr. and Mrs. William Morrel has been very ill the past few days, but is improving.

Misses Maud and Myrtle Bell went to Milan Tuesday where they will visit with their uncle, Joseph Mudd and family.

Mrs. R. W. Spencer and Miss Anita Roberts of Magnolia, accompanied Mrs. Bert Ehringer of Washburn to the train Thursday evening and called at the Merritt home.

Miss Silence Justice, teacher at Wolcott school, gave a social last Friday night. It was called "School Days Renewed" and all present brought dinner buckets which were sold, netting $14. Louis Reuben Broaddus gave some music on his violin.

Mrs. M. B. Whitney is very sick at this writing.

The ladies of the M. E. church will give a supper at the hall Saturday, March 27. Everybody is invited.

F. F. Thierry of Wenona, was in town Monday.

Willis Justice returned to his school duties in Normal Sunday after a week's vacation.

D. C. Wright has returned from Florida, where he spent the winter.

Lyle Allen of Magnolia, was in Sunday.

Miss Carrie Lenz of Henry spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Ab Lenz.

--Transcribed by Nancy Piper


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