Family Photos of the Quiram Family

Donated by Dawn Coen

1908 Wedding Photo of Freida and William Quiram
Taken at Parrets Studio, Wenona, IL

William M. Quiram (b. Nov 29, 1882 in Varna, d. Jul 03, 1958) married Frieda B. Fitschen (b. May 06, 1888, d. May 1976 in Washburn) on Mar 18, 1908 in Varna. William's parents were August C. and Pauline Wilhelmine Meitzner Quiram from Schonlanke, Kreis Czarnikau, Posen, Prussia.

Laura and Bertha Quiram
Taken at Parrets Studio, Wenona, IL

Laura Marie Quiram (b. Oct 03, 1880 in Varna, d. Dec 12, 1926 in Varna) and her sister, Bertha Emelie Quiram (b. Feb 26, 1872 in Varna, d. Jan 01, 1962 in Washburn). Laura married Ed Adams, Bertha married Albert Wehling. Bertha and Laura's parents were Martin and Julianna Quiram from Germany

Quiram Family Photo

Group photo of Martin Quiram and his daughters, Laura, Emma and Bertha with Laura's husband, Ed Arndt.

Heinrich and Wilhelmine Oelke
Taken at J. Doane Portrait Studio

Heinrich S. Oelke (b. Oct 28, 1842 in Germany, d. Aug 21, 1913 in Marshall County, Illinois) married Wilhelmine R. Quiram (b. Jan 26, 1838 in Schonlanke, Kreis Czarnikau, Posen, Prussia, d. Jul 13, 1911 in Marshall County) about 1873

Martin and Juliana Quiram

Martin Quiram (b. Aug 10, 1841 in Schonlanke, Kreis Czarnikau, Posen, Prussia, d. Jun 21, 1921 in Varna) married Julianna A. Quiram (b. May 24, 1839 in Germany, d. Oct 11, 1911 in Marshall County) Abt. 1891. They had 6 children, but only 3 survived to adulthood: Laura, Emma and Bertha.

The Three Neighbor Boys musical trio
Vernon, Louis and Lawrence Quiram

Vernon Quiram (b. Oct 16, 1910 in Varna, d. Jul 11, 1956), Louis Quiram (b. Jul 11, 1915 in Varna, d. Apr 16, 2001 in Arizona) and Lawrence Quiram (b. Mar 04, 1911 in Varna, d. Jan 07, 2003 in Streator).

In the 1930s they formed "The Three Neighbor Boys" musical trio and performed on the WLS Radio National Barn Dance. Vernon and Louis were sons of Theodore and Anna Arndt Quiram while Lawrence was a son of Albert Friedrich and Emma Quiram. (Theodore and Albert were brothers, making the sons cousins).

Quiram Family Photo

Group photo with identification from Nora Wehling Schoof

Back Row Left to Right: Mrs. H. Schwanke, Mrs. Laura Kemnitz, Mrs. Otto Nase, Mrs. Ida Schwanke, Mrs. Fred Schoepke, Mrs. Tresa Kietzman, (Mrs?) Marie Kemnitz, Aunt Emm Arndt, Mrs. Anna Quiram, Mom Wehling Quiram, Unknown, Laura Quiram

Seated Left to Right: Ruth Swartz Dora (these were crossed out), Mrs. F. Arndt, Mrs. Aug. Arndt, Ella Guderjan, Mrs. Ed Quiram, Mrs. Kemnitz, Ruth Swartz

Children: Art Schwanke, Walter Schwanke, Lydia Schulte, Fred Petrich, Walter Nase, Fred Kemnitz, Antonia Kemnitz, Nora Schoof, (child standing - Erwin Wehling) (Child missing in list)

X = Grandma Wehling, Erwin Wehling, Nora Wehling

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