The Wehling Family Photos

donated by Dawn Coen

Albert Gustav Wehling and Bertha Emelie Quiram
January 20, 1902
(Unknown, Albert Wehling, Bertha Quiram, Laura Quiram)

Albert Gustav Carl Wehling (b. Sep 25, 1876 in Varna, d. Aug 02, 1928 in Varna) married Bertha Emelie Quiram (b. Feb 26, 1872 in Varna, d. Jan 01, 1962 in Washburn) on Jan 20, 1902 in Davenport, IA. These were Dawn Coen's great-grandparents.

The Farmily of Carl and Augusta (Quiram) Wehling

Photo of Albert's parents, Carl Heinrich Wehling (b. May 13, 1844 in Reinebuld, Heuerssen, Germany, d. Jul 30, 1926 in Nebraska) married Augusta C. Quiram (b. Mar 10, 1850 in Schnidemuel, Schonlanke, Kreis Czarnikau, Posen, Prussia, d. Nov 03, 1926 in Nebraska) on Sep 17, 1870 in Varna.

Carl immigrated to Varna from Germany in 1861 on a sailing ship. Augusta came in 1860 on the steam ship Bremen.

The little girl is Emma Wehling (b 1889). The tall boy in the back row is Friedrich (b 1872). The boy with the hand on Carl's shoulder is Albert (b 1876). Exactly order of boys in picture are unknown but they are John (b. 1882), William (B. 1885) and Heinrich (b. 1886)

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