Marshall County Illinois Wedding Anniversaries from the Past

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Davison

Henry Republican, Henry, IL
February 18 1915

Camp Grove

Silver Wedding Anniversary

Mr. And Mrs. W. H. Davison of Camp Grove, were host and hostess to a delightful "At Home" last Friday evening, Feb. 12, the occasion being their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Their daughter, Miss Anna, thinking such an event as this too important to let pass without notice. The day dawned dull and threatening, even Dame Nature did not smile as kindly as she did 25 years ago; nevertheless over 400 relatives and friends braved the roads and weather and came to do honor to his worthy couple of this happy occasion. The spacious and commodious rooms were tastefully decorated in ferns, festooning of silver and white suspending from the chandeliers, and showed one one had an eye to the artistic. The dining room table had for its center-piece an enormous wedding cake with 25 candles which "the bride: cut later and each guest was given a piece "to dream on". A musical program was one of the numerous pleasant features of the evening, after which a dainty two-course luncheon was served. Miss Fischer of Peoria, seated at the piano, was giving the company a musical treat when all at once came to low, sweet strains of the Lohengrin march and all eyes were turned to behold the "bride and groom", attended by Dr. and Mrs. Charles Smith of LaPrairie, she wearing the same bridal gown and wreath of orange blossoms worn by the bride on her wedding day. Fred Ditewig then gave a toast to the couple and then assured the guest of the happiness this gathering had given him and of the extreme pleasure to all the family to think their mother, Mrs. Dexter, could be present and hoped all might be able to come and help celebrate their golden anniversary 25 years hence.

Although the invitations read "no gifts" they were the recipients of many costly and beautiful pieces of sterling silver showing the esteem in which they were held by the community and for which Mrs. Davidson heartily thanked the company.

John and Francis (Spencer)Dent

March 25, 1875
Taken From the Henry Republican

A Silver Wedding

The social event of the season at Wenona, was the brilliant commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the married life of Mr. and Mrs. John O. Dent, which took place on Saturday night last, at the elegant homestead, near and on which spot they have spent their married life. It was on the evening of March 13, 1850, that Rev. H. G. Pendleton, then of Henry seminary, solemnized the marriage of John O. Dent and Francis Spencer, at the home of Mr. Horace Spencer, her father, in Whitefield. Mr. Dent then lived on a farm near where he now resides, Wenona not then being in existence. Since then they have grown into material wealth; a large family has been given them, and they celebrate this pleasing anniversary with unusual pleasure. The preparations for this occasion was made on a grand scale. The invitations were out up in the hundreds, and friends were present from Detroit, Mich., and from Lincoln, Paxton, Chenoa, and other points, to the number of about 125. The house was handsomely decorated. Over where the ceremony was performed was an arch, decorated with evergreens, interspersed with white, red and yellow flowers. Above these was the years “1850 and 1875”, with two hearts suspended between these dates, thrust through by cupid’s darts. Rev. H. G. Pendleton, who officiated at their wedding 25 years ago, made an appropriate and touching address and ceremony; Rev. Mr. Bellville offered prayer, and Rev. Mr. Kneeling the presentation speech.

Here the  groom called upon an old schoolmate to respond, Judge Lynch, who recalled many incidents of ye olden times. The bride and groom were richly attired, the bride’s hair being tastily decked with flowers, while for groomsmen and bridesmaids were the younger children - Horace and Johnny beside their father, and Rosie and Judie on the other side. It is unnecessary to add that they had an elegant supper, which all shared and appreciated.  

The presents consisted of an elegant tea set composed of 7 pieces, a teapot, water pot, coffee pot, sugar bowl, creamer, spoon holder and slop bowl, tow handsome water pitchers, an exquisite bouquet holder and card receiver, a massive coffee urn, and a large fruit dish and spoon, w with many others both useful and ornamental articles. The children were all at home. The two married daughters, Mrs. Minerva, wife of Prof. A. Y. Morris of Lincoln university, and Mrs. Mary Taylor, living at Paxton, being present, added zest to one of the most delightful occasions of the kind ever held at Wenona.

Richard and Elizabeth (Brower) Dikes

Taken From the Henry Republican

May 20, 1880

A Golden Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dikes received a large number of their old timed friends and neighbors on Saturday evening, May 15, to rejoice with them and commemorate the 50th anniversary of their wedlock. There were present, Hon. P. S. Perley, Hon. J. H. Jones, J. L. Jones and wife, A. Snethen and wife, H. W. Ruggles and wife, Elias Wright and wife, S. G. Worley and wife, Isaac A. Green and wife, Dr. C. Davis, Dea. A. M. Pool, Solomon Noll and wife, his honor E. H. Hutchins and wife, N. W. Orr and wife, J. A. Warren, John Barnard and Miss Robbie Barnard, John Kline and wife, W. W. Heath, wife and Miss Ella M. Snider and wife, Mrs. J. F. Baker, Mrs. John Locke, Mrs. John P. Boice and Mary L. Boice, J. S. Burt, J. L. Flynn and wife of Peoria and George Burt Jr. and wife.

Mr. Dikes was a native of Virginia, born in February, 1811. Elizabeth Brower was a native of North Carolina, born in January 1811. Their marriage was consummated in Ross county, Ohio, May 15, 1830. In 1849 they located in Henry, then a very small village, where Mr. Dikes opened the first tinshop and stove store, which business he has continued here at intervals, up to the present time. Nine children was born to the family, though but three now are living - Mrs. H. Culter of this city, Mrs. W. Miner of Chicago, and Miss Ella who resides with her parents.

The residence was decked with fresh flowers appropo of the season, the "snow ball" in its snowy crest overshadowing and outranking all the other plants in the various bouquets. A lovely season indeed to be married in. The presence of so many aged people were noted. Two of the couple would e'er long reach the golden era of married life, Mr. and Mrs. Worley in October next, and I. A. Green and wife the following January. A number present were over 70 years of age. Nearly all were residents of this parts of the state when Mr. Dikes arrived in 1849, or came here soon after, and have long been intimate and valued friends.

During the evening a purse of $50 was presented to Mr. and Mrs. Dikes, the tender being made in the parlor, where the company assembled. Mr. Perley, in a happy vein, making the presentation in behalf of the friends. Mr. Dikes responding, thanked the friends for their gift and donation, and apologized that he was not able to make a speech. It was intended that the purse should be of gold coin, but circumstances prevented this; however, Mr. and Mrs. Flynn and W. W. Heath presented them with gold coin of $5 each. Mrs. J. F. Baker a $2 1/2 gold coin and Mr. and Mrs. M. Snider tow $1 gold pieces. There were also a pair of gold lined napkins rings from Mrs. And Miss Boice, photographs of the aged pair from Mr. and Mrs. Wright, silk handkerchiefs from Mrs. E. H. Hutchins, linen table spreads from Mrs. H. F. Ketchum, toilet towels from Miss Bell Jones, and a handsome gift from Mr. John Barnard.

Supper was served at 11 o'clock of which nearly all partook. When the departing hour came, the company separated with many earnest good wishes for the venerable pair, that they may yet live many years together, and enjoy the fruition of affection, comfort and blissful wedlock.

Regrets were received from Mrs. Entz of Lacon, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Jones of LaPrairie, C. H. Shultz of St. Joseph, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs. Ken. McNeal of Henry.

Mr. and Mrs. Banner Divilbiss

Thursday, October 26, 1882

Wooden Wedding

The crowning event of the week was the reception at Mr. S. Darby's in honor of the 5th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Banner Divilbiss, the latter being his daughter on Wednesday evening, Oct. 18. A large concourse of friends assembled at an early hour to present their respects to the estimable couple, also to have a general good time. The supper was excellent, bountiful and hard to surpass. Then enjoyment of the guests was evident from the peals of laughter which made the old homestead re-echo from garret to basement. All went merry as a marriage bell. Music and festivities detained old and young till a late hour, when we congratulated the happy couple anew, thinking how lightly the cares of the first half decade of their journey had touched their lives, bade good night to mine host and his amiable family, then took our departure, well satisfied with wooden weddings and the world in general

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