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Wedding Anniversaries

 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Forbes

Taken From the Henry Republican
September 16, 1875

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Forbes of Hopewell township, celebrated the fifth anniversary of their wedded life on Friday last, September 10th. A large number of invitations were issued, and a very large number of their friends and acquaintances came out to make merry over the event with “Ike” and his faithful spouse. The greetings were cordial. A bountiful repast was served, the tables fairly groaning under the lad imposed upon them by their generous owners. The company also took cognizance of this event, in making Mr. and mrs. Forbes ever remember their fifth anniversary of married life, by presenting them a chamber set worth about $100, with brackets, pails, and other wooden ware in startling profusion. Dancing was one of the delightful features the latter part of the night. It was a very pleasant party and all enjoyed it that were present.

Nettie (Lamb) and John Fuller
The Henry Republican, Henry IL, January 3, 1884
Another Wooden Wedding
This Christmas day being the 5th anniversary of the marriage of John Fuller and Miss Nettie Lamb, in Milo, Bureau County, their friends thought it proper not only to call in and renew their congratulations, but present them a few necessary articles of wooden ware for house use - we could not well say necessaries of life, for John's build would give us away. Neither did we offer these gifts because John is needy, but just because we wanted to. I will here name the gifts and givers: Rocking chair, father and mother Lamb; arm chair, father and mother Fuller of Bradford; adjustable chair, Mr. Whitton and wife; Oil painting, Mr. Marsh and wife of Bradford; work box, Willard and Charley Lamb; bracket, Nellie Lamb; Chinese bracket, Wm. Lamb Jr. and wife; clothes basket, John and last and I must say least, comes the baby. I can't say who furnishes the babies, perhaps the editor can tell. (Not old bachelors, - Ed.) In dimensions it was a very limited little customer. Some one remarked to John that it was worse than this year's corn crop.

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