Marshall County Illinois Wedding Anniversaries from the Past

Jesse and Nancy (Sharp) Kilgore

Henry Republican
August 15, 1878

A Golden Epoch

The sociable of the Congregational church was held at the residence of Mr. Jesse Kilgore on Tuesday evening, and it being the 50th anniversary of Mr. K's marriage, the commemoration of the event was held in connection with the sociable. The evening was charming, and as the occasion was something unusual, a large company of our citizens assembled to pay their respects in person to the aged couple, in this important epoch in their life's history. The evening was very pleasantly spent. There was no formal ceremony, no presents, no ostentatious display, but as the evening wore away the company were called together in the parlor, and remarks pertinent to the occasion were made, first by Rev. E. C. Wayman, pastor of the M. E. church, followed by Rev. J. S. Glendenning. Both gentleman's remarks was a resume of the history in the life of nearly all who take upon themselves the obligations of the marriage state, and who round out the half century in a union of constancy, love and devotion to each other and their hymenial allegiance. Mr. Glendenning then offered an appropriate invocation, when congratulations were offered, refreshments served, and the company departed to their homes.

Mr. and Mrs. Kilgore were both born, raised and married in Cumberland county, PA. Their union took place at the home of the bride's mother, and Rev. Joshua Williams of the Presbyterian church, married Jesse Kilgore and Nancy Maria Sharp, at 10 a.m., on August 13, 1828. Mr. Kilgore was brought up to the vocation of a tanner. In 1830 he moved to Ohio, where he had the superintendence of a tannery of the Shakers near Dayton for six years. Subsequently he attempted farming near Logansport, Ind.; two years after moved into the city and resumed the old business of tanning. He afterwards sold the tannery and embarked in the grain business, in which eventful and uncertain calling he fared like many of his competitors, at first making much, but finally losing all, turning out all assets to his creditors, paying every cent of indebtedness. In 1860 he moved to Peoria in quest of employment, and in 1861 commenced farming near Mossville, where he remained about sic years, and finally moving to Henry, where he purchased him a home, and a small piece of ground, devoting his latter years to the raising of fruit, of which a large quantity was sold this year. The recent death of a relative made him an heir to a considerable estate, which provides for our friends for the lease of life granted them in their declining days.

Mr. Kilgore is now 72 years of age, and is vigorous and strong for one of his age. Mrs. Kilgore is 69, but while able to do much of her own work, shows that the infirmities of age are upon her. A half century in the marriage state is realized but by few. Mr. and Mrs. Kilgore have passed it on towards the diamond goal, and that they may reach it is the wish of all their numerous friends.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Krenz

Contributed by Roger Stephen Shurts

1926 Newspaper Article (Henry Republican?)

Henry Couple Wed 64 Years

Henry IL (Special)

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Krenz have been wed 64 years & have lived in Henry all that time. Mr. Krenz will be 89 31 Aug., & Mrs. Krenz 88 Oct. 3, next. They were both born in Germany, but came to this country at an early age. Eleven children were born to them, nine of whom are still living. One son, Leo Krenz, is a Jesuit father& now master of novices at St. Stamiclaus Seminary, Florissant, Mo. Joseph Krenz worked as a harness maker in Henry until last March. He has been elected mayor of Henry, and has served as an alderman, member of the school board & member of the bridge board. The first permanent sidewalks & electricity were put in Henry during his administration. He has always been active in civic affairs.

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