Marshall County Illinois Wedding Anniversaries from the Past

Franc and Barbara Lippert

May 18, 1871

A Golden Wedding

On Monday, May 15th, Mr. and Mrs. Franc Lippert, celebrated their 50th anniversary of wedded life with their children relatives and friends. The ceremony of marriage was re-performed with imposing grandeur at the Catholic church at 9 a.m., where a large number of its congregation, and our citizens gathered to witness it. Rev. Father A. M. Reck, and the Sisters were enlisted to make the occasion one of joy and satisfaction and their separate efforts contributed materially in the solemnization and the impressiveness of the hour and the occasion of coming together.

The ceremony was celebrated in the usual rite of the church; a gold ring placed upon the finger of the veteran bride by her aged betrothed, the “golden” pair being assisted at the alter by three attendants of each sex, Fred. Troenley and Mrs. M. Kleinhenz, Valentine Wies and Mrs. Wm. York, and John G. Kreper and Mrs. Anton Failing. Following this came a gift to the aged bride of a golden crown, to be worn through the day, but through some mistake the ceremony of placing it upon her head while kneeling at the alter was omitted .............. Following the ceremony, the holy mass was celebrated, when the party returned to the house. The children met the wedding party at the door of the church as they wended their way out, and gave them hearty congratulations in a spirited song, with clapping of hands. At the house dinner was served to a very large number of friends, who shared in the honors of the occasion and who spent the evening till a late hour.

Mr. Franc Lippert and his wife Barbara were born in Bavaria, Germany, in the year 1800, and were married at the age of 21, on the 13th day of May, 1821, it being the bride’s birthday, which makes them at the present writing 71 years of age, their birthdays being only 10 days apart. Their union resulted in the birth of 11 children, only 4 now living, and these all in Illinois. Mr. L. came to this country 18 years ago and has resided here 17 years. They have been first rate citizens, and very generally respected, though father Lippert has done no active business for a number of years.

The gifts of this occasion were: A golden crown from the Sisters and children; two gift prayer books from Rev. A.M. Reck; a box of wine with gold dollar on the top of each, elegant slippers, dresses, and a large number of minor presents. A very rich boquet of flowers was the gift of Mrs. George Wilson.

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