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The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, April 5, 1883
Born - Feb. 26, Feb 20, 1883, son to Wm. And Jeannette Laughlin, Evans Township, 1st. Dr. F. Potts.

August 17, 1882
Born In this city, Aug. 13, a daughter to W.P. Lea.[The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, ]

Thursday, November 16, 1882
Born, Oct. 18, daughter of Alvinah and Hannah J. Leigh, La Prairie, 5th. Dr. H. Tesmer. -- Henry Republican

Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 10, 1883
Born March 14, son to Chas. Lyman and Kate M. Loomis, Whitefield, 4th. Dr. H. Reader

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, July 14, 1883
Born in this city, June 8, a daughter to Joseph Lowe
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, July 19, 1883
Births - June 8, daughter to Joseph B. and Alice M. Lowe, Henry, 3d, Dr. W. H. Jones.

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