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October 26 1882

Born, Oct 2, daughter to john and Hannah C. Scoon, La Prairie, 6th. Dr. C. C. Allen


September 14, 1882


Aug. 20, daughter to Robert A. and Mattie A. Seaman, La Prairie Center, 2d. Dr. H. Tesmer.


July 27, 1882

Local News Saratoga

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Seelye are the happy possessors of the little girl born Friday morning.

Henry Republican, January 18, 1883
Born in Whitefield, Dec. 30, a son to Paul Seichter


October 5, 1882

Born to Milton and Huldah Shimmel, September 20, another son.


Thursday, November 16, 1882

Born, Sept. 29, a daughter to Wm. B. and Harriet Shields, Varna, 4th. Dr. J. W. Evans in attendance. -- Henry Republican


Thursday, November 23, 1882

Born, Oct. 31, son tot Samuel W. and Lizzie H. Skelton, Benningint, 2d. Dr. Wm. O. Ensign. -- Henry Republican


October 26 1882

Sept. 28, son to David F. and Harriet Skelton, Bennington, 4th, Dr. Wm. O. Ensign.


The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, October 19, 1882
Born in this city, October 17, a son to George Sleater
Born, Oct. 16, son to Geo F and Eveline R. Sleator, Henry, 2d. Dr. F. A. Hamilton -- Henry Republican Thursday, November 2, 1882

The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, July 26, 1883
Born May 25, son to Elijah and Ida M. Sluders, Richland, 2d, Dr. James Tweddale.


October 26 1882

Sept. 13, son to Elwood and Clara Ann Smith, Whitefield, 6th. Dr. H. Reader


October 26 1882

Born, Oct 6, son to John W. and Delia C. Smith, Whitefield, 7th, Dr. H. Reader


December 7, 1882

Born at Wood Lawn, Nebraska, November 24, a daughter to Barney and Katy Spade, and granddaughter to W. A. Smith, formerly of this city.

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, April 5, 1883
Born - March 4 Feb 20, 1883,son to Louis and Melvina Speck, Lacon, 4th child.


October 26 1882

Sept. 20, son to Sandford I. and Mary B. Sprague, Whitefield, 2d. Dr. H. Reader.


September 14, 1882


May 12, daughter to John and Philopena Stauder, Belle Plain, 6th. Dr. James Tweddale in attendance.


The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, July 18, 1882

Born in Henry township, July 12, a daughter to John Stauffer.


August 31, 1882

Born in Hopewell, Aug. 31, a daughter to Anton Stodel. [The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois]Scholes

The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, October 19, 1882

Born at Greenfild, Iowa, October 5, a son to Willaim Scholes and grandson to Mr. George Scholes of Saratoga township.


September 28, 1882

Born in this city, September 23, a daughter to Harry Stevenson, the carriage trimmer.

October 26 1882

Sept. 23, son to Harry and Annie Stevenson, Henry, Dr. J. C. Kalb.

Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 10, 1883
Born April 22, son to Gustave and Catherine Stinker, Evans, 1st. Dr. F. Potts.

Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 10, 1883
Born April 17, daughter to John W. and Kate L. Stubbs, Lacon, 1st. Dr. E. H. Gale


Henry News Republican June 29 1882

Born in this city, June 23, a daughter to James D. Stubbles and granddaughter to George Hulben.


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