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Henry News Republican June 29 1882
Born in Whitefield, June 27, a son to T. Taylor.

Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 10, 1883
Born Sept 25, 1882, daughter to Mirabean L. and E. A. Thierry, Wenona, 1st. Dr. F. Potts in attendance.

The Henry Republican, April 19, 1883
Born, Married, Died
Born March 30, daughter to Wm. J. and Jane E. Townsend, Camp Grove, 4th, Dr. Jas. Fieldhouse.

The Henry Republican, August 31, 1882
Born, April 14, a son to John and Charlotte Thomas, Wenona, 3d, Dr. K. E. Rich in attendance.

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, June 14, 1883
Born May 2, son to Ora F. and Ida B. Thomas, La Prairie, La Prarie, 1st, Dr. O. F. Thomas in attendance.

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, June 14, 1883
Born May 27, daughter to Geo. T. and Margaret A. Thompson, Steuben, 7th, Dr. E. H. Gale.

The Henry Republican, October 12, 1882
Born at Palmer, Washington county, Kansas, Sept. 18, a son to John and Ella Tremain. [Henry Republican, Henry, IL ]

The Henry Republican, September 14, 1882
Born Aug. 15, daughter to S.A. and Amanda M. Tribbey, Richland, 9th. Dr. James Tweddale.

The Henry Republican, November 30, 1882
Born in Whitefield, November 10, a son to Absolom Turner.
Born, Nov. 10, son to Absalom and Eliza Turner, Saratoga, 1st. Dr. H. Reader. -- Henry Republican Thursday, November 30, 1882

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