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September 14, 1882

Born Aug. 28, daughter to Leverette and Josephine Wallace, Belle Plain, 2d. Dr. Jas. Tweddale.

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, April 5, 1883
Born in Whitefield, April 1, 1883, a son to William Wallace, Jr.
Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 10, 1883
Born April 1, son to Wm. H. and Mary A. Wallace, Whitefield, 1st. Dr. E. H. Gale.


November 23, 1882


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walsh of Joliet, November 14, a son, and grandson to Patrick Hennessy.

Henry Republican, January 18, 1883
Born in Hopewell, Jan. 10, a son to John Wamer.

The Henry Republican, January 25, 1883
Born, Married, Died
Jan 10, son to John and Eve Wasmer, Hopewell, 1st. Dr. J. C. Kalb


October 26 1882

Sept. 25, son to Cary and Caroline E. Watt, Evans, 1st, Dr. W. A. Smith

The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, July 26, 1883
Born in this city, July 25, a daughter to Mr. Julius Watercott, the merchant.

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, May 3, 1883
Born in this city, April 29, a son to Newton J. Webber and grandson to Smith P. Hill.
Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 31, 1883
Born April 29, son to Newton and Vina Webber, Henry, ed, Dr. J. C. Kalb.

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, April 5, 1883
Born at Sparland, March 29, 1883, a son to Henry Wetzel, the boot and shoe dealer.

Henry Wetzel, our new boot and shoe deal in the Hopka building, who recently moved his family, of wife and seven girls here from Henry, is now the happy possessor of a bright eyed baby boy.

The Henry Republican, Henry IL, August 2, 1883
Born March 29, son to Thomas and Wilhelmira White, Lacon, 2d. Dr. I. H. Reeder.

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, April 5, 1883
Born - March 7, 1883, son to Reuben M. and Anna Wilson, Evans Township, 1st child. Dr. F. Potts.


August 31, 1882

Born, August 15, daughter to James B. and Nellie G. Williamson, Evans, 1st, Dr. K. E. Rich


November 2, 1882

Born, October 21, a son to Harry A. and Florence W. Winter, Evans, 1st, Dr. Franklin Potts


December 7, 1882

Born in Whitefield, December 2, a daughter to Dewitt Woodrum and granddaughter to Mrs. T. P. Coan of this city.


August 17, 1882

Born in this city, Aug. 7, a daughter to Elias W. Wright. [The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois,]


November 9, 1882

Born in this city, November 7, a daughter to Peter W. Wykoff.

Born, Nov 7, daughter to Peter W and Annie V Wikoff, Henry, 1st Dr F A Hamilton -- Henry Republican Thursday, December 21, 1882


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