Crow Meadow Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Contributed by Jane Foster

Located near LaRose, Bell Plain Twp, Marshall County, Illinois

Jane writes: "I found out that there must have been a real early church near the cemetery. They then built a frame country church . This church was torn down in 1961 and a new building was erected in town. The name came from a small settlement named Crow. Amazing what you don't know about your own area."

Cemetery Listing

James Sharp b. d. Dec 19, 1882 aged 86 years h/of Mary Ann Sharp

Mary A. Sharp b. d. Nov 30, 1869 aged 57 years w/of James Sharp

James Sharp b. 1852 d. 1913 h/o Mary L Sharp

Mary L Sharp b. 1850 d. 1928 w/o James Sharp

On the side of stone for James & Mary L Sharp:

Mary E Sharp 1876-1878

Charles Sharp 1873- 1876

James Roy Sharp b. 1880 d. 1968

John M Sharp b. Sept 9, 1829 d. Oct 17, 1910 h/o Eleanor J Sharp

Eleanor J Sharp b. June 22, 1830 d. Nov 17, 1891 w/o John M Sharp

On the side of stone for John M & Eleanor J Sharp:

Nancy J 1853-1861

Ida May 1859-1860

Willie 1861-1861

Sharp Infant dau age 2 days d. Nov 6, 1861 dau of B & M E Sharp

Lizzie M Sharp age 1 yr 5 mon 1 day d. Apr 25, 1867 dau of B & M E Sharp

Walter L O'Dell b. Nov 22, 1920 d. Dec 30, 1995 h/o Mary O'Dell

Walter O'Dell was a SP3 in the U.S. Navy during WWII

Mary O'Dell b. 1924 w/o Walter O'Dell

Frank W Ramsey b. Oct 15, 1898 d. July 8, 1985 h/o Mary M Ramsey

Mary M Ramsey b. May 5, 1897 d. Mar 23, 1937 w/o Frank W Ramsey

John Robert Ramsey b. Nov 21, 1861 d. Oct 25, 1904 h/o Clara Ellen Ramsey

Clara Ellen Ramsey b. Mar 4, 1865 d. April 1, 1929 w/o John Robert Ramsey

William John Ramsey b. d. June 22, 1900 aged 65 yrs 4 mon 28 days

h/o Mary A.Ramssey

Mary A. Ramsey b. d, June 17, 1902 aged 68 yrs 2 mon 2 days

w/o Williamm J Ramsey

on the side of the stone for Wm J & Mary A Ramsey:

John Ramsey b. 1799 d. 1864 h/o Hannah Ramsey

Hannah Ramsey b. 1796 d. 1855 w/o John Ramsey

William B. Ramsey b. Oct 1850 d. July 27, 1883

George A Ramsey d. April 16, 1881 aged 36 years

*Howard Ramsey d. Dec 28, 1877 aged 2 yrs 19 days - shared stone with Laura B. Ramsey

*Laura B. Ramsey b. March 8, 1867 d. Sept 5, 1879 - shared stone with Howard Ramsey

*Nora H Ramsey b. Dec 21, 1877 d. May 21, 1899

*Note: I believe that Laura, Howard, as well as Nora are all children of Andrew & Martha A Ramsey - Jane Foster

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