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 Ella Theresa Daly


September 26, 1902

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At Rest

Miss Ella Theresa Daly was born in Richland Township, Marshall county, at the home place near LaRose, Ill., Oct. 19, 1871. She died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Wm. Peters, near Toluca, at midnight, September 22, 1902. She had been sick for a little over a year. All that medical skill and loving hearts and willing hands could do to prolong her life, was done, but of no avail. The death angel had called her and she answered the summons. Consumption was the cause of her death. Her funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Father Gudents, at Washburn, Ill., where requiem high mass was celebrated at 11 o'clock, Wednesday morning. .....After the services at the church, her remains were conveyed to the Catholic cemetery on her father's farm north of Washburn and laid to rest beside the remains of her mother and sister, who had preceded her.

Deceased lived all her life in the neighborhood of her birthplace, and when quite young she commenced teaching school. ......She leaves a father, two brothers and two sisters, and a host of friends to mourn her loss.

Charles H. Dana

March 9, 1876

At Boston, Mass., Feb. 22 of consumption, Charles H. Dana, Jr., aged 27 years.

Mrs. Magdalena Daniels

February 12, 1874

Died in this city, February 9, of liver complaint, Magdalena, aged 63, wife of John A. Daniels.

Grace Danley

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

July 12, 1866

Died in the city, July 11, of whooping cough, Grace, daughter of D.W. and Kate Danley, age 1 year and 3 months. Funeral at the house on Main street at 10 o'clock today. All are invited.

Bruce Darby

Taken From the Henry Republican, May 18, 1882


Our community has been made very sad over the death of one of its noblest young men, Bruce Darby, who died last Friday, 1:30 pm of that much dreaded disease consumption. The funeral took place Sunday afternoon at the M. E. church, of which he was an efficient member, also a faithful superintendent of the S.S. He will be sadly missed by us all. We shall ever cherish the memory of him who was such a devoted husband, a kind father, and a good son and brother. His wife will be lonely indeed; her head is bowed in grief, but the cheering thought come, his life is only changed to one of more beauty and grandeur, and who knows but that he will be the first one at the golden gate to welcome us into the beautiful city of light that "no mortal eye hath seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man the treasures that are in store for those that love God."

Mrs. Emily Darby

February 26, 1880

Died in Saratoga township, Feb. 16, of neuralgia of the stomach, Emily, 50, wife of Soloman Darby.

We are pained to record the death of Mrs. Solomon Darby, which took place in Saratoga township, Monday, Feb. 16th, following an illness of only five days duration, medical aid proving unsuccessful, and death claimed her as its victim. The deceased was about 50 years of age, leaving a husband and 10 children to mourn her sudden and unexpected death. She was one of Saratoga's finest ladies, was highly respected by all who knew her, both in this community and elsewhere. .. She was a member of the Brethren church, sometimes known as Dunkards; lived a true and consistent life and walked in a manner worthy of imitation.

Hiram (William?) Darter

March 21, 1878

Died in Whitefield, March 17, of heart disease, Hiram Darter, aged 77 years, 10 months, 13 days.

William Darter, who for several years has had a store at the Homer Thompson corners in Whitefield township, died suddenly on Sunday last. He ate his breakfast as usual that morning, and taking a seat at the stove, he uttered a sigh, and in a very few moments - 10 minutes - was a corpse; cause, heart disease. Mr. Darter was a native of Delaware, born at Wilmington, May 2, 1800, being almost 78 at the time of his death. He emigrated to Ohio in 1821, to Indiana in 1836, and in May, 1869, to Whitefield, Marshall C., Ill. In 1859, he professed religion, was an earnest Christian, and fully ripe for the garner. A daughter is the wife of Dr. H. Reader at Whitefield Corners. His funeral took place Tuesday forenoon.

Mrs. Otilla Dauber

June 2, 1881

At Rock Island, May 17 of typhoid fever, Otilla, 20 years 6 months 21 days, wife of Joseph Dauber, formerly of this city.

Mrs. Aurelia Davis

Taken From the Courier, Henry, IL

January 30, 1857


Departed this life, January 25, 1857, Mrs. AURELIA DAVIS, consort of Dr. CHARLES DAVIS of this city after a long a painful disease of the bowels and a nursing sore mouth, age 34 years.

Dr. George Davis

November 13, 1873

At Peoria, Nov. 9, of congestion of the brain, Dr. George Davis, aged 46 years, 6 months, 7 days, brother of Dr. Charles Davis of this city.

Death of Dr. George Davis

We are pained to chronicle the death of Dr. George Davis, which took place about half-past four on Sunday afternoon, a his residence, 308 Perry street, Peoria. He spent the Sabbath in Henry, with his wife, five weeks ago, and though not particularly unwell was complaining some, and we believe had had what he called chills and fever. From that time, he declined, and though having careful nursing and the best of medical attention, in three weeks from the time he took his bed he passed away, at the last congestion of the brain setting in. The funeral took place from the New Jerusalem church at Peoria, at which there were a large attendance of sympathizing friends, Rev. B. Edmiston of this city preaching the sermon.

Dr Davis lived with his brother in this city years ago, under whom he was a medical student, and for a time was a pupil at the Henry Seminary when that institution was in a flourishing condition. He commenced medical practice at Brimfield, Peoria county. He then moved to Ellisville, Fulton county, where he married Miss Emily Sheaff, by whom five children have made very interesting happy family, though only four are now living. After three years sojourn there they moved to Lacon, where they have resided about 15 years, securing a very good practice in homeopathy. Desiring a larger field, he went to Peoria 15 months ago, and had realized a very comfortable practice, which was steadily increasing. The doctor was a member of the New Church society in this city, and was a consistent, devoted Christian. He was highly esteemed a s a citizen, both for his culture, urbanity and upright life, and as a physician was careful, efficient and skillful. He leaves an estimable lady a widow, with four children, one only of whom is able to care for himself. The family will remain in Peoria, at least for the present.

Robert Davis

November 13, 1879

Died at San Antonia, Texas, Oct. 11, of consumption, Robert Davis of this city, 64.

Sarah Maude (Fette) Davis

The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, December 7, 1882

Died in this city, December 4, after a long and protracted sickness, Sarah Maude, 51 years, 6 months, consort of the late Robert Davis.

Mrs. Robert Davis

The subject of this short sketch passed over the floods to the other shore on Monday morning at two o'clock, at the aged of 51 years and six months. She was a native of Pennsylvania, but most of her life was spent in Illinois. Her maiden name was Sarah Maude Fetter, the family consisting of four sisters, and three brothers, she being the first to break the family circle by death. Her marriage with Robert Davis occurred at Lacon in 1850, by whom were four children, three girls and one boy, only two of whom survive their parents - Mrs. W. T. Law, wife of the president of the First national Bank of this city and Mrs. G. G. Guyer, wife of the junior member of the Boston Clothing Store. About 15 years ago symptoms of paralysis became manifest, and for some years Mrs. Davis has been an invalid, being a confirmed one after her husband's death three years ago and confinement to her room, had finally yielded another victim to the monster Death.

The life of Mrs. Davis has been a reserved one for many years, yet shw was not insensible that there was a use in life. Some 20 years ago she was baptized by Rev. John Winn, and cast in her lot with the first Presbyterian church of Henry, of which he was their pastor. She was an earnest member attending church when in her power and always feeling a warm interest in the cause of her Redeemer.

The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon at two o'lock at the Prebyterain church, Rev. W. J. Minium officiating. Notwithstanding the inclement weater, at an hour when a fierce driving snow storm was prevailing, the curch was well filled with mourning and sympathetic friends. A lage procession followed to Henry cemetery, where the remains were interred in the family lot, soon to receive the bodies of Mr. Davis and the son, which will be removed from Lacon.

Thomas Lloyd Davis

February 3, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died January 31 of infection of the kidneys, Thomas Lloyd Davis, age 57 years, formerly president of the First National Bank of this city.

James Davison

July 1, 1880

In LaPrairie township, June 20, of old age, James Davison, 83, one of the pioneer settlers of the town.

LaPrairie - James Davidson, father of Richard Davison of our town, died on Sunday afternoon, June 20, at the advanced age of 83 years. Funeral services at the M. E. church, Monday service by the pastor, Rev. H. H. Houston. He was a most estimable citizen, respected and honored by all who knew him.

Sparland - John Davidson of La Prairie, aged 83 years, died at his home on last Saturday; was buried Monday.

Eldridge G. Dawson

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

May 5, 1866


In Leavenworth City, Kansas, April 26th, Eldridge G. Dawson, late of Henry, aged 25 years. He died suddenly after an illness of but two or three days, an illness his physician had no name for, but which his relatives here know was the work of his old army attendant which he was never rid of - the camp diarrhea. He was a member of the 7th Kansas cavalry, and served faithfully through the war. The writer of this never knew him intimately until this last winter when he learned to regard him as a true soldier, and to honor him as one who meant to fight for the right on all the battlefields of life. We never heard anyone recount so well as he the raids on which he rode and the battles in which he fought. He kept and more than kept, the faith of his fathers. The manly virtues were his in good measure. He came out of the war as pure and simple-hearted as he went in. Brave, good and true, far from home, and all but a few soldier friends, the tried comrades of a hundred fights, he died last week of disease contracted in the service of his country, its flag and Heaven. He died for you and me. He did not live, he has not died in vain. We love and honor him, and such as he - good soldiers of the good old flag. We owe him, and such as he, a debt of gratitude we ne'er can pay. From western plain to ocean tide stretch their graves, and we feel God cares for all His heroes. He was waiting at Leavenworth when spring opened to cross the plains. He waits no longer. He has crossed them - the shining plains. Spring has opened to him, spring and summer both in one; unending spring, eternal summer.

James Dawson's Infant daughter

January 25, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Lawn Ridge, Jan. 14, infant daughter of James and Angeline Dawson, aged 9 months.

Robert Dawson

March 24, 1881

At Effingham, March 19, of bilious pneumonia, Robert Dawson, 76, a former merchant of Henry.

Robert Dawson

The subject of this sketch was born in Allegheny county, Penn., Mary 15, 1805, Served an apprenticeship as carpenter, but abandoned it and entered mercantile pursuits in Canton, Ohio, and afterward in Massilon, where he went down in the financial crash of 1837. In 1829 he married Miss Nancy Baker, which marriage brought seven children. In 1839 he removed to Mount Sterling, Brown county, Illinois, where he again engaged in merchandizing, and buying and milling wheat, and buying and packing pork and beef. In 1844, he was sent to the legislature from that county, an honor he never again claimed. He was, as he said, too honest to ba a legislator.

In 1852 he removed to Henry, where he done a large business for a few years, but circumstances compelled him to close up, and he became very much reduced in circumstances. Here his wife died in 1852, and in 1855 he again married Mrs. Mary R. Mitchell of Albany, N. Y., who survives him. He left Henry in 1863 or 4, and found a home in Polo, Ills.

During the war political feeling ran high and indiscreet language made it unpleasant to remain there longer, and he again found a home in Effingham county, Ills. Here he commenced a business career seldom, if ever, equalled by men at his age. With a capital of only $1100, he engaged in the lumber business, and in 16 years, commencing when he was 60 years old, a fortune that most men do not accumulate in a life time. It is estimated that he made $35,000 to $40,000 during that time. His life was as untiring as the sun, and no sort of weather preventing his attending to his duties. He died as he lived an uncompromising democrat, and during his last illness could not resist his life-long habit of giving "the enemy" a poke in the ribs.

He was a kind and patient husband, and his love for his children never faltered or wavered. He lived and toiled for them, dening himself many or all comforts for their sakes. He wanted them always near him, and struggled and located them in business so as to be within reach. He lived long enough to bury four of his seven children.

The body arrived at Henry on Monday morning, in charge of his son and daughter, Mr. Arthur Dawson and Mrs. Charles Hess. It came almost unheralded, for the telegram of Saturday sent to F. S. Potter, Esq., the son-in-law, did not arrive until after the cortege, and one sent from Chillicothe, while the train lay at the depot, reached him but a few moments before the train appeared. At four o'clock the body was taken from the depot by seveal carriages containing friends and citizens, which repaired to the new cemetery, where, after brief religious exercises conducted by Rev. J. S. Glendenning, the body was lowered into its final resting place beside the ashes of the wife, buried in 1852, and a daughter (Mrs. Potter) and grandchildren.

Daniel Deihl

Taken From the Marshall County Republican

March 28, 1867

Died in Whitefield, March 18, of paralysis, Daniel Deihl, age 59 years and 8 months.

Daniel Deihl, one of oldest residents of Whitefield township died on Monday of last week at the age of 59 years. For some years he has been an invalid and has used all kinds of human agencies to affect a cure. But his disease made progress and he slowly declined till death released him of his suffering. He was a man much beloved, had lived in the township some 15 years, raised a family of 12 children and his remains were followed to the cemetery by a large concourse of people. He has been a member of the M.E. Church for some 5 years and the society are more indebted to him than any other member for their house of worship in Whitefield. His loss will be felt deeply by all who knew him.

John Delany


January 21, 1869

Died in this city, Jan. 16, of fever, John Delany, age 22 years.

John Delany

October 8, 1874

Died in this city, October 4, John Delany, aged about 65 years.

Son of Henry DeLong

October 15, 1874

At Varna, October 1, son of Henry and Frances DeLong, aged 18 months.

Rev. J. W. Deming's Child

June 14, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Phelps Chapel, Varna, Sunday, June 10, an only child of Rev. J. W. Deming

Victor Aubrey Dennean

January 2, 1879

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Clifton, Washington county, Kan., Dec. 26, of inflammation of the lungs, Victor Aubrey, aged 4 years 13 days, son of Jacob and Ella Dennean, and grandson of Mr. George W. Kline of this city.

Charles James Dennis

December 8, 1881

At Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 4, of consumption, Charles James Dennis, 53 years, 10 months, step son of Mary C. Dennis of this city, and half brother to Alfred J. Dennis.

Mrs. Martha Vernalis (Stowe) Dennis

May 13, 1880

Taken From the Henry Republican


Mrs. Martha Vernalis Dennis, the wife of the writer, departed this life the 8th day of May A.D. 1880, at the age of 26 years and 8 days at our residence in the city of Henry, Ill. Her illness was childbed fever, which lasted but a few days, thus rapidly terminating a short life, which however, had become dear to many as the last few days of her sickness proved. She also leaves a babe 10 days old.

The deceased was born in Saratoga township, Marshall county, of Elder W. R. Stowe and wife, shortly after their removal from the state of Massachusetts in the year 1854. Her parents removing to Henry in the year 1867, the remainder of her life was spent here, with the exception of one winter spent in Normal, McLean county, Ill., in company with her husband. Her marriage to myself took place July 3, 1877, in this city, Rev. E. C. Wayman officiating. .......... A. J. Dennis

Enoch Dent

November 28, 1872

At Wenona, Nov. 18, of consumption of the bowels, Enoch Dent, aged 76.

Another Old Settler Gone - The Index announces the death of another old settler, Father Enoch Dent of Wenona, who died on Monday of last week, aged 76. He was first taken sick about the time of the Wenona fair, supposed at that time to be lung fever, but from which he has not recovered, a complication of diseases setting in, finally resulting in his death. Father Dent was born In Monongalia county, W. Va., May 21, 1796. He married in April 1817, Miss Judith Gapen of Pennsylvania, who has been his companion upwards of 55 years. By this union 12 children were born to them, five only of whom survive the father. In 1820 he moved into the wilds of Indiana, and in October 1832, into Marshall county, during the Black Hawk war, in which he took active part. He has lived about 40 years near where he died. Few persons were better known in this community. In person, he was commanding and dignified. His constitution was powerful. His manners were peculiarly kind and genial. His sense of honor was fine. He was a kind husband and an affectionate father. The funeral was large. His wife, three years his junior, will soon follow him.

Mrs. Francis M. Dent

Taken From the Henry Republican

March 23, 1882

Died at San Jose, Cal., Feb. 28, of consumption, Francis M., wife of R. E. Dent, formerly of Wenona. Three small children are left motherless.

James Dent

March 12, 1874

At Varna, Feb. 28, James Dent, aged 78 years, father of Mrs. William Douglas.

Mr. James Dent, whose death was announced, was one of the earliest settlers in Magnolia, coming there in 1834. His remains were deposited in the Magnolia cemetery.

Mrs. Judith Dent

April 20, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Arkansas City, Kansas, March 27, Mrs. Judith Dent, aged 72 years, mother of John O. Dent of Wenona. The remains were brought to Wenona and interred there last week Tuesday.

April 13, 1876

Mrs. Enoch Dent went to Kansas with Combs folks, last month. She was taken sick soon after, and died on Monday night, March 27. Hon. John O. Dent telegraphed through W. C. Decker, for a metallic casket, and left via. C. & A. for Wichita, on Monday last. From that point he will go across the country 50 miles. He will probably not reach Wenona before Tuesday next. She will be buried in the Wenona cemetery. - Index.

Mary Dent

March 2, 1882

At Milan, Italy, Feb. 26, Mary, only daughter of Thomas and Susan S. Dent of Chicago.

Weston Edmond Derr

January 30, 1879

Died in this city, January 27 of congestion of the lungs, Weston Edmond, aged 6 months, 14 days, infant son of James N. and Julia A. Derr

Charles W. Dersey

May 6, 1926

C.W. Dersey Dies At Home In Toluca

After an illness of long duration, C.W. Dersey, passes peacefully away at his home in Toluca at 2 p.m. Sunday. The deceased had been a patient sufferer for over two years with heart and kidney trouble, and for the past two months was confined to bed. Funeral services were conducted form his late home at two o'clock last Tuesday afternoon, by Wenona Lodge No. 283, I.O.O.F., and his remains were interred in the Antioch cemetery, the funeral being very largely attended. Charles W. Dersey was born in the town of Ashippun, Dodge county, Wis., November 16, 1850, being at the time of his death aged 75 years, 5 months and 9 days. He had been a resident of Toluca for the past nineteen years, being engaged in the hotel business for a number of years.

John DeVault


January 16, 1903

John DeVault, one of the oldest settlers of this county, died at his home near LaRose Monday morning.

Francis DeWitt

September 16, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died a Wenona, Sept. 6, Francis DeWitt, aged 1 year, son of D. B. Snow

Dr. C. S. Dey

May 7, 1874

At Newton, N.J., April 30, of apoplexy, Dr. C. S. Dey, formerly of this city, illness of eight months.

Carrie Mattie Deyoe

October 2, 1879

Died in this city, Sept. 28, of dropsy of the heart, Carrie Mattie, aged 6 years, 11 months, 11 days, youngest child of Garrardus P. and Mattie J. Deyoe of this city.

Jonathan R. Deyoe

December 19, 1878

In Northumberland, N. Y., Nov. 20, of typhoid fever, Jonathan R. Deyoe, aged 48, a former resident of Whitefield township.

Albert N. Dickinson


September 23, 1869

At Council Buffs, Iowa, Sept. 17, of typhoid fever, Albert Newell Dickerson, formerly of Henry, aged 36.

The telegraph brought the news of Friday of the death of Albert N. Dickinson by typhoid fever at Council Bluffs, Iowa. He had been sick for several days, but had recovered sufficiently to ride out to the store the early part of the week. This induced a relapse and on Tuesday of last week word was received by the friends in this city of his being dangerously ill. Thursday his brother Chauncy where was summoned, and who arrived at the bedside of the sick man to find him still alive, but past recovery. The remains were taken to Cincinnatus, Courtland county, N.Y. for interment, his birthplace, and deposited in the family cemetery.

Mr. Dickinson had lived in Henry since 1857, commencing here in the boot and shoe trade, occupying one-half of John Barnard's store. From this small beginning, coupled with getting a considerable knowledge of the dry goods business while with Mr. Barnard, he entered the mercantile business for himself, in 1861, and was very successful, amassing a considerable competence. At one time he owned the store now occupied by J. L. Jones, also several residences, and his business courtesy and accommodation to his customers, not only made his store a favorite resort, but have him and large and extended acquaintance, and an extensive trade.

Two years ago he disposed of his store here and in the winter of 1868 moved to Chicago. Spent some time there, and recently moved to Council Bluffs, where he returned to the dry goods trade, a business for which he had affection and talent. He had a partner named Smith, and had opened a store under favorable auspices. He was boarding with his family when the scourge overtook him, and bore him, in the prime of manhood, beyond earth and its cars.

With the wife bereft of a devoted husband, and the two fatherless children, the community here drop the tears of condolence, and the stroke will be keenly felt by all who peruse these lines. He was a man of good impulses, of moral and religious standing, and was a worthy member of the M. E. church. He was highly esteemed here for his excellencies of character, and fair dealings, and always took a lively interest in all that concerned us as a community and people.

Geraldine Dickinson

August 20, 1874

At Mitchells Creek, Frage county, Pa., March 8, of consumption, Miss Geraldine Dickinson, formerly teacher in our public school.

Frederick Dillman

May 3, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in Evans township, April 20, at the residence of his son-in-law, Thomas Judd, Esq., Frederick Dillman, aged 85 years. -- Frederick Dillman, another pioneer of the region, has gone to his reward, at the venerable 85th round of the ladder of life. He was born in Westmoreland county, Pa., in February 1792, and lived in Kentucky, Ohio and thence Illinois, moving to the latter state in 1825. In 1844 he entered land near Magnolia, and lived on the farm until 1858, when his family having grown up and married, he moved into Wenona. In 1862 his life companion died, and since that time has lived among his children. He served in the war of 1812, and was honorably discharged. A very excellent man and citizen has ended life's mission. He was the father of Mrs. Thomas Judd of Evans township, where he died, and at whose residence the funeral was held.

James Dillman

June 1, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in Evans township, May 28, James Dillman, aged about 20.

Johnnie Dilley

August 15, 1878

Died in this city, Aug. 12, a cholera infantum Johnnie, aged 18 months, 8 days, son of M. P. and Ary K. Dilley.

Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Dilley buried their darling baby boy yesterday. It is a trial to part with these buds of hopeful promise. We sympathize with this stricken family in their bereavement.

Mathias Dilley

July 29, 1880

At New Lebanon, Pa., July 16, of dropsy of the heart, Mathias Dilly, 83, father of M. P. Dilley of this city.

Daniel Dillon

September 2, 1880

Near Wenona, Aug. 24, Mrs. Daniel Dillon, 37.

Mrs. Betitia O. Disosway


December 21, 1871

Died in Robert township of old age, Tuesday, December 19, Betitia O. Disosway, aged 80 years. Mother of E. T. Disosway of this city. Funeral from the residence today at 10 a.m.

Israel Doty Disosway

June 6, 1878

At Sheldon, June 2, of old age, Israel Disosway, aged 89 years, father of E. T. Disosway of this city.

Israel Doty Disosway, who was buried on Tuesday, in the cemetery at Magnolia, died on Sunday last, June 2d, at the residence of his son, William, near Sheldon, Iroquois county. Father Disosway was born in 1789, on Staten Island, N. Y.; was a successful dry goods merchant in the city of New York for 30 or 40 years, being largely engaged in the southern trade. The disastrous financial crisis of 1837 embarrassed him with thousands of others. He was a graduate of Columbia college New York city, and a man of uncommon energy and remarkably social.

He was the eldest of four brothers - G. P. Disosway (deceased), a member of New York legislature, and writer of considerable note; Cornelius R. Disosway, attorney at law, in the city of New York. C. F. Deems, D. D., editor of Leslies Sunday Magazine, and pastor of the Church of the Stranger, New York, married his eldest daughter.

Having moved to Virginia, previous to the late rebellion, his family with the exception of William, who was in Missouri, and E. T. Disosway of Henry, who left Virginia before the war, suffered the loss of their fine estate there, and moved to Illinois some years since, and settled on R. Broaddus's farm on Sandy. They left there some three years since and purchased land in Iroquois county. Father D. suffered much in his declining years from loss of sight, memory and extreme nervousness. He was of old Methodist stock, being a member of old John street church, New York, upwards of 50 years. The Haper Brothers, the great book publishers, were members of his class. So silently pass away the old landmarks.

Mrs. Jennie (Broadus) Disosway

December 2, 1880

In Roberts township, Dec. 1, of consumption, at the residence of her mother, Mrs. Jennie, 23, wife of Charles Disosway of Sheldon, and daughter of Mrs. C. C. Broadus. Funeral tomorrow (Friday) at 10 a.m., at the residence of Mrs. Broaddus in Roberts township.

December 9, 1880 - Mrs. Charles D. Disosway

So we try to accept with resignation the summons which called the young and beautiful bride of our esteemed nephew, Charles D. Disosway. We look back only a few short months since we greeted the departed as a lovely bride, the nuptials occurring on New Year's eve last, and now we return from the sad funeral services. Truly death loves a shining mark and swiftly has sped the feathery arrow.

Mrs. Jennie Disosway was born on the old Broaddus homestead, on Sandy creek, near Henry; was the fourth daughter of some five daughters, and first to depart. Not naturally of robust constitution, while waiting and watching at the bedside of her companion, dangerously ill with typhoid fever, when he recovered, she was stricken down with the same disease, returning from near Sheldon, her new home, she lingered under the tender care of mother and sisters; but a complication of consumption and heart disease hastened her departure, and no wonder those strong men, unused to tears, gave vent to the finer emotions of their nature, when they saw the calm, pallid, dead bride enshrouded in her bridal costume, so sweet and restful. Farewell Jennie; while we sympathize with the young husband, fond mother, dear sisters and brother, yet we hope to meet in the purer light of everlasting day on the ever green shore.

Some 15 carriages left the house of Mrs. Broaddus, about 10 o'clock, Friday, Dec. 3, proceeded to the family grounds for interment, being about two miles east of Lacon, where quite a concourse of friends had assembled. Rev. L. Springer, M. E. pastor of Lacon, read the impressive funeral services, when all the mortal of our loved friend was consigned to earth.

Mrs. Rebecca W. (Davis) Disosway

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

February 10, 1866

Died in this city, February 3rd, of consumption, Rebecca W., wife of E. T. Disosway, age 44 years. The funeral sermon will be preached tomorrow, Sunday at 11 o'clock by the Rev. A. C. Higgins at the Methodist church.

February 17, 1866

In this city, February 3, 1866 of consumption, Rebecca W., consort of E. T. Disosway, age 44 years and 5 days. The deceased was born in Warren County, New Jersey. Her maiden name was Davis. She was united in marriage to her now bereaved husband in October 1848. Removed in Peterson, Virginia in April 1849 and to Henry, Illinois in June 1858. Mrs. D. experienced a change of heart and united with the Methodist Episcopal church in 1851. She was modest in her profession, pure and unblamable in her life. A devoted wife, a kind faithful and affectionate mother, and a consistent Christian, exemplifying the principals of our holy religion in her daily walk. Such was the sweetness and amiability of her spirit and life that none knew her but to love her. She was ill about 2 months during a portion of the time suffering much. But with the patience and meekness of a saint of God, when brought low by sickness she was calm. Her mind was unclouded and though desirous to live if it were God's will, she was ready to depart and be with Christ. She bade her husband, her six children, her sister and her friends an affectionate adieu and fell triumphantly and sweetly asleep in Jesus. Nearly her last words were "Meet me in heaven where there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be anymore pain." Thus died our sister, the name of Jesus like music of heaven charming all the passions of her breast. Her fears hushed to silence, faith sustaining and love inspiring her soul. While hope their sister, dipped her bow in the rainbow hews of heaven and pointed her enrapture vision those joys immortal which in their tiring in their full perfection I hath not seen nor err heard, nor this heart of man conceived. Bereaved one, your companion, mother, sister lies shrouded in a grave. It is neat that you should weep, yet sorrow not as others which have no hope.

Mrs. Banner Divilbiss
The Bradford Republican, Bradford IL, July 30, 1885
Camp Grove
Death has again visited us and taken away one of our neighbors. Mrs. Banner Divilbiss, who has been a victim of that flattering, though fatal disease, consumption, departed to that world beyond on July 23. Mrs. D. was an estimable lady, a kind mother and affectionate wife. She went to Kansas a few months ago hoping to get well, but disease had taken too firm a hold and her sufferings could only be relieved by death. We have no language to express our deep sympathy for the husband and children.

George Divilbiss

April 20, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Kickapoo township, Peoria county, April 14, of paralysis, George Divilbiss, aged 68 years 11 months, father of John M. Divilbiss and brother of Jonas Divilbiss, both of Saratoga township.

Samuel Divilbiss

September 23, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Saratoga township, Sept. 18, by fracture of skull, Samuel Divilbiss, aged 61 years.

Jackson Dixon

October 12, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Saratoga township, Oct. 8, after a long illness, Jackson Dixon

Mrs. Maggie E. Dixon (nee McVicker)


April 8, 1869

Died at Lawn Ridge, March 20, Mrs. Maggie E. Dixon and daughter of Hugh and Nancy McVicker of that place.

M. Dodd's son

September 19, 1878

Local correspondents

A son of M. Dodds, of LaPrairie died last Saturday of Inflamation of the bowels. There is but little sickness in town at present. Some few cases of augue.

Mrs. J. L. Dodge
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, July 19, 1883
On Friday Mrs. J. L. Dodge departed this life after an illness of three weeks. The funeral took place from her late home on Saturday afternoon.

Alexander Doelzer

September 25, 1873

Died in this city, Sept. 20, Alexander Doelzer, aged 4(?) years.

Alexander Doelzer, for many years a meat market man of Henry, died on Sunday, after a painful illness, having been confined to his bed over two months. With an affection of the liver and kidneys, he was afflicted with paralysis of the lower extremities, of a nature that medical skill could not conquer. He leaves a wife and five children destitute. He has lived aobut 18 years in Henry. He was a native of Bavaria.

Mrs. Anna M. Dofler

April 22, 1880

At Avon (Aurora), April 18, Anna M. Dofler, aged 77. Mrs. Dofler lived several years in this city in the family of Samuel Parker, his first wife was her daughter. Of late years she had lived with Mr. Wilson, another son-in-law at Avon, and since Mr. Wilson's death with his children, brother and two sisters who did all they could to smooth and sooth her declining years. All her children and several grandchildren had gone before her to the spirit land. Thus greatly bereaved and greatly afflicted with asthma for over 30 years, she has found rest at last.

April 29, 1880 --The death of Mrs. A. M. Doppler, published in our death column last week, was given as at Avon - should have been Aurora, where she died and where the funeral took place. Mr. Samuel Parker attended the obsequies.

Mrs. Carrie C. Dominac

November 27, 1873

At Mason City, Oct. 29, of paralysis, Carrie C., aged 28 years, wife of G. W. Dominac, formerly of Wenona.

Mrs. Ellen Donahue


May 12, 1870

Died at Lacon, April 20, Mrs. Ellen Donahue, aged 75 years.

Daniel O. Donavan's family

January 16, 1879

Our Correspondence - LaPrairie

There have been 5 deaths at Lawn Ridge with diphtheria within about 3 weeks. The deceased so far has been confined to two families, Daniel O. Donavan and a German by the name of Bruner.

Daniel Donovan's child

February 24, 1881 - Lawn Ridge

On Wednesday last, Daniel Donovan laid another of his children away in the narrow house which awaits us all. Two days later, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Stone succumed to the same fatal malady, lung fever.

Jacob Dorff, Sr.


August 7, 1903

Died in the Poor House.

Jacob Dorff, Sr., died Monday very suddenly at the county farm. He was nearly eighty years old. The remains were buried at Henry Tuesday. Mr. Dorff was at one time a well to do farmer of Roberts township and it seems strange to say the least that he should die in the poor house. He leaves a wife and ten children - Lacon Journal

Arthur Freddie Doty

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

August 2, 1866

Died in this city July 31, of diarrea, Arthur Freddie, son of J. W. and S. A. Doty, age 1 year, 6 months.

Ellen Louisa Doty (nee Herder)

May 13, 1915

Taken From the Henry News Republican

Mrs. H. S. Doty

Ellen Louisa Herder was born in Somerville, N. J., May 29, 1828. She was married in 1852 to H. S. Doty at Boskin Ridge, N. J. They came to Illinois about 1858 and settled in Henry, Ill., where she has resided for 60 years. Three children were born to this union, Sarah A., the eldest daughter, wife of S. B. Fitzer, died in 1881; harry A., resides at home, and Samuel L., in Evanston, Ill. The husband and father, Henry S. Doty, died June 17, 1899. Mrs. Doty continued to reside in the old home tenderly cared for in her later years by her sons Harry and Samuel till her death, which occurred May 10, 1915. The ancestors of Mrs. Doty were among the Holland Dutch, who early settled New York and New Jersey. She was brought up in a Presbyterian home and early became a professing Christian, but after coming west connected herself with the M. E. church, of which she remained a faithful and consistent member till death.

There remains to mourn the loss her two sons, Harry and Samuel, her grandsons, Bennett and Dayton Fitzer and granddaughter, Margaret Doty; her brother Augustus Herder of Henry; her sister, Mrs. Katie Wilmarth of Providence, R. I., and a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

The funeral was held at her late residence on Tuesday, May 11, 1915, at 2 o'clock p.m., conducted by her pastor Rev. J. E. Mercer. The interment was in the Henry cemetery.

Mrs. Kate M. Downey

January 16, 1873

At Wenona, Dec. 30, of consumption, Kate M., age 31 years, wife of Dr. W. L. Downey

Ralph Downey
The Henry Republican, April 12, 1883
Died in this city, April 6, from an injury by a fall, Ralph, 11 months, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Downey (colored).

Henry News
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Downey buried their youngest child on Saturday afternoon, the religious services being conducted by Rev. Mr. Glendenning at the house. The child had a severe fall about two weeks ago injuring its head, the result of which led to its decease on Friday morning last. The family feel their loss keenly as he was a bright child and the pet of the household. The community sympathize with Mr. and Mrs. Downey in their loss.

Sarah (Mackkenley) Downey
The Henry Republican, April 26, 1883
Died in this city, April 21, of consumption, Sarah, 55, wife of Michael Downey.
Sarah, wife of Michael Downey, living on School street, died on Saturday last, after a lingering illness from consumption. She was born in county of Louth, Ireland, her maiden name being Sarah Mackkenley. One sister (deceased) was the wife of E. W. Roberts, the shoemaker, and another lives in the lower part of town, the wife of a brother of Mr. Downey. The deceased married Mr. Downey as his second wife in this city, and has been a resident of Henry upwards of 25 years. She was a faithful member of the Catholic church and was buried from St. Joseph's sanctuary on Sunday afternoon last, Rev. Father Quigley officiating. The aged husband and two children survive her.

Thomas Doyle

August 23, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Saratoga township, August 20, Thomas Doyle, aged about 70 years.

Mrs. Louis Dozzi


Friday, December 6, 1901

Mrs. Louis Dozzi, who was taken to the Chicago Hospital to undergo an operation for the removal of a Cystic tumor, died there last Sunday morning. The tumor was removed but Mrs. Dozzi was too weak to rally from the effects of the operation. She lives on North Olive street and leaves a husband and one child to mourn her loss.

Lizzie Drain


Friday, November 15, 1901


Miss Lizzie Drain, who suffered two weeks with typhoid pneumonia died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Drain, Sunday night. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Father O'Brien at St. Ann's church, Wednesday morning in the presence of a very large congregation. Her remains, followed by a large number of relatives and friends, were laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery. The pall bearers were Misses Tresa Gooley, Mamie O'Dea, Maggie Daugherty and Josie Ryan. Her school, Miss McJuistian's room, was dismissed during the funeral and her teacher, and all her classmates attended the funeral. The floral offerings by her young classmates were very pretty. Deceased was 14 years of age, and was a very good girl. The parents have the sympathy of the entire community.

Mrs. George Drake

Taken From the Henry Republican

April 27 1882


Mrs. George Drake, formerly of Whitefield died at her home in Eiler, Illinois on the 25th of last month after a very short illness. She leaves a husband and two children.

Jennie Drake


June 8, 1871

In Whitefield, June 1, Jennie, aged 3 months, daughter of George and Eliza Drake

Harrold Dresser

February 22, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in Evans township, Feb. 12, Harrold, aged 4 months, son of E. D. and R. A. Dresser.

E. H. Driver


November 19, 1868

Died in Henry, Nov. 15, of typhoid fever, E. H. Driver, age 47 years

E. H. Driver passed from earth on Sunday evening. He has lived in this vicinity about 4 years and was esteemed by all who knew him. Chronic troubles with the settling of a fever of a typhoid type got the mastery in spite of faithful medical treatment and he passed away at the age of 47 years. His funeral took place at the house, three miles below town. He was buried with the funeral rites of Odd Fellowship.

Mrs. A. Dryden

September 24, 1874

Died in LaPrairie, Sept. 19, Mrs. A. Dryden, aged 27 years.

Harrietta Duchesne


April 21, 1870

Also Harrietta, daughter of Joseph Duchesne

Joseph Duke Jr.


February 24, 1870

In this city, February 31 of measles, Joseph Jr., son of Joseph and Barbara Duke, aged 3 years and 3 months.

Walter Duke


May 9, 1872

Died in this city, May 4, of spinal complaint, Walter, aged 14, son of Joseph and Barbara Duke.

Charles Edward Dunbar

November 16, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

At San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 12, of diptheria, Charles Edward, aged 7 years, son of Mrs. E. (Mitchell) Dunbar, and grandson of John Green of this city.

Charles T. Dunbar

August 20, 1874

At Belchertown, Mass., August 12th, Charles T. Dunbar, aged 60 years. He was brother-in-law of D. N. Blood of this city, also father of Henry M. Dunbar formerly of Henry.

John A. Duncan's infant son

February 13, 1879

Died in this city, February 8, of lung fever, infant son of John A. and Rhoda Duncan, aged 7 weeks.

Mrs. Rhoda Agnes Duncan
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, March 29 1883
Died in this city, March 26, Rhoda Agnes, 17 years, 7 months, 15 days, wife of Mr. John A. Duncan.
One of the sad events of this week is the death and burial of Mrs. Duncan, wife of Mr. John A. Duncan. She left an infant four days old. Thus is giving a young life, a valuable one was taken. A devoted husband and four little children mourn an irreparable loss in the death of this excellent wife and mother. The community also mourns with the family in his hour of deep sorrow. The funeral was held on Tuesday forenoon at the M. E. church, Rev. W. J. Minium preaching the sermon. The church was very full with sympathetic friends of the family. Mrs. Duncan has resided here some 10 or 12 years, and has endeared herself a large circle by her many womanly traits of character, her devotion to her family, her personal manners and winning ways. Her memory will be cherished by all who knew her.

Mrs. Martha (Park) Duncan

The Henry Republican

February 18 1915

Martha Park was born in Westmoreland county, Pa., July 22, 1825, and died at her home in Sparland, Feb. 10, 1915, aged 89 years, 6 months and 18 days. She was married to Wm. J. Duncan in Cambre County, Pa., Aug. 2, 1864. Soon afterwards they moved to Marshall county, and lived on a farm about five miles northwest of Sparland. Mr. Duncan died Sept. 20, 1883, and the next March, Mrs. Duncan moved to Sparland and resided in the same house until her death. She had one daughter, Maggie, who was born Aug. 8, 1865, in Steuben township and was married to Floyd E. VanPatten July 25, 1884. To them were born six children, three of whom are living. Mrs. Clyde Doran, Wm. And Earl Van Patten. Mrs. Duncan leaves these grandchildren and six great grandchildren. There are also three stepchildren who survive her, Mrs. Matilda Davidson, George and Watson Duncan. Another stepson, Estep, died a few years ago. Her step-sons, especially Estep and Watson, have been very attentive to all her needs since the death of their father exhibiting the greatest tenderness and care for her in her declining years.

Deceased united with the M. E. church at the age of 12. She was well known in the community, having lived in this vicinity for about 50 years, until about three weeks of her death; since then she has gradually failed until at last the heart that had beaten close to 90 years, stopped and Grandma Duncan passes away.

The funeral services were held from the M. E. church, Rev. D. McLeish officiating. The pall bearers were old friends of the family. Interment was in the Sparland cemetery.

Mrs. Duncan

August 11, 1881 - Sparland

Grandmother Duncan died on Tuesday night of last week at the home of her son John Duncan in this township. Funeral on Thursday.

August 11, 1881 - LaPrairie

The funeral of Mother Duncan at the U. P. church last Thursday was largely attended and many more of the LaPrairie people would have been present had they known about it. Rev. Houston preached the funeral sermon. Mrs. Duncan was the mother of John and William Duncan and died at the advanced age of 88 years.

Child of D. Dunlap


May 2, 1902, Front Page - Brief Locals

The little one year old child of D. Dunlap died Tuesday night.

Mrs. Margaret Ham Dunlap

February 7, 1878

In Woodsen county, Kansas, Dec. 6th, at the residence of her son, John N. Ham, of heart disease, Mrs. Margaret Dunlap, aged 77 years 4 months, formerly of Whitefield township.

Oscar Dunlap

July 6, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in Whitefield, June 29, by a fall, Oscar, aged 4 years, 6 months, 12 days, son of Deacon and Sabra Dunlap.

July 13, 1876 - In Whitefield, June 29, Oscar, aged 3 years 6 months 26 days, son of Deacon and Sabra Dunlap. -- We make a correction in the notice of the death of little Oscar Dunlap by a republication. Our correspondent was misinformed as to the age of the child, and the parents desire that it should be correctly stated.

John Dunlavy

April 14, 1881 - Sparland

John Dunlavy, a poor hard working man died at his home here of lung fever on last Thursday morning. His family are left in destitute circumstances.

Mrs. Dunn

August 17, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Local correspondence - Lacon

There is an unusual amount of sickness in Lacon at present. On last Saturday, Mrs. Ney, a German lady died in this city having been sick but a few days with what doctors pronounced as a severe case of cholera morbis and I have just heard reported that a Mrs. Dunn has just died in this same neighborhood with the same complaint.

John Durnin

August 21, 1879

In Snachwine Township, Aug. 20, John Durnin, 72.

Mrs. Ann Dwyer


August 1, 1872

Died in Henry, July 24, of congestive chill, Mrs. Ann Dwyer, aged 30.

Bridget McGrath Dwyer

Taken From the Henry News Republican (Courtesy Kandi Anderson McLaney)


BRIDGET MCGRATH DWYER Mrs. John Dwyer (late) was married December 25, 1853 in Henry. She had four sons and three daughters- William Dwyer of Momence, David and Thomas Dwyer of Henry, John, Mrs. Margaret Harney, Mrs. Mary Meister. She lived 2.5 miles west of Henry. She had three sisters, Mrs. William and Mrs Ed Harney and Mrs. Thos O'Brien. Obit was written by cousin Thomas Real.

Johanna Dwyer

February 10, 1881

Taken From the Henry Republican (Courtesy Kandi Anderson McLaney)

Died. In Whitefield township, February 6, of consumption, Johanna, 24, daughter of John Dwyer.

John Dwyer Sr.

FEBRUARY 4, 1892

Taken From the Henry Republican (Courtesy Kandi Anderson McLaney)

By the death of John Dwyer, another old settler is called from earth. He had lived in this vicinity about 40 years. He first located on a farm at Lone Tree. Afterwards he sold and purchased the Danley farm, three miles below Henry consisting of 320 acres where he lived, he and his boys conducting the farm operations. Five years ago he purchased a house in Henry where he and his wife have since resided, the sons remaining on the farm. Having been feeble for some time, when the grip came, it was so violent that it proved fatal. A large funeral at St. Joseph Church attested the esteem in which he was held. He leaves his wife, three sons and two daughters to mourn his loss.


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