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Oscar A. Heacock


October 8, 1868 - Local Department

Oscar A. Heacock, nephew of R. E. Heacock, died on Sunday at the latter's residence in Henry after an illness of several months. He has been clerking in Lacon for some time and many acquaintances there were up to the funeral which took place at the Christian church on Monday afternoon. His age was about 22.

October 15, 1868

At Henry, Oct. 4 at the residence of his uncle, R. E. Heacock, Oscar II., son of Philo and Isabelle Heacock, in the 23rd year of his age.

Barbara Heider

February 13, 1873

Died in this city, Feb. 10, of cerebro spinal meningitis, Barbara, aged 8 years, 11 months, daughter of Jacob and Magdalena Heider.

Mrs. Mary Magdalena (Mangler) Heider

January 27, 1881

Henry Republican

The wife of Mr. Jacob Heider, who had been ill but a few days, "passed over to the other side" on Thursday of last week. She had been a resident of Henry for a long time, upwards of 32 years. Mr. Heider lost his first wife by cholera, leaving three young girls motherless. Miss Mary Magdalena Mangler he engaged to take charge of his family as housekeeper, whom he married the year following upwards of 30 years ago. She was the mother of five children, two girls and three boys, George, now 23 years of age, only surviving. She was a faithful mother to her husband's daughters as well as her own children, a good neighbor and friend. The funeral was held at the German church on Saturday morning at 10 a.m., mass being solemnized for the soul of the dear departed. . A long procession followed the remains to the graveyard, attesting the regard the deceased was held by the community.

Jonathan Heim

December 4, 1873

Died in this city, Dec. 3, of dropsy, Jonathan Heim, aged 54 years. Funeral services at the M. E. church this (Thursday) afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Father Jonathan Heim died yesterday morning at five o'clock of drosey, with which he has been a suffere for some time. He was born in Northumberland county, Pa., in July 1819 and hence was 54 years old, and was an old fashioned, clever Pennsylvania Dutchman, liked by everybody, a wholesouled, warm harted man and a consistent member of the M. E. society. He was the father of 11 children, 8 of whom are living - 7 girls and 1 boy, 6 of whom are married, and who have added 23 grandchildren. The funeral will be held at the M. E. church this afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Charles Peter Heininger

Henry Republican, Henry, IL July 15, 1915


Charles Peter Heininger, oldest son of Peter and Margaret Heininger, was born in Partridge township, Woodford county, March 20, 1867. In early life he was united in marriage with Emma J. Rotanzy at Chillicothe, Ill. She died, leaving him with several children and on Jan. 1, 1912, he was again married, his wife being Mary Helgoth of this city. About 21 years ago Mr. Heininger became a resident of this city, where his genial smile and affability soon won him a large circle of friends. A couple of years ago it became evident to his family and most intimate friends that a serious malady had fastened itself upon him, and early last winter he went to Peoria where he underwent a serious surgical operation and his life was despaired of for a number of days. Eventually he began to recuperate, returned home and after a while got able to walk about town some, where he was warmly greeted and welcomed. But his malady was not to be thus appeased. The incision made in the surgical operation did not fully heal and a few weeks ago broke out with greater virulence. But it became apparent to all that the days of his life were numbered. Death came to him as sooner or later it must come to us all, Monday afternoon, July 12.

His children, Mrs. F. E. Murphy of Putnam, Mrs. Charles Gabel of Peoria, the Misses Vivian and Freida, his sons Charles Raymond and Lyle, his wife, Mrs. Mary Helgoth Heininger, mourn the death of a kind, loving parent and husband and four brothers and four sisters, one, who was ever a brother in word and deed.

The deceased was a member of the Knights of Pythias, Knights of Korassians and Illinois Benefit association. The funeral serves were conducted from the residence at 9 o'clock a.m., Wednesday, July 14, Rev. F. W. Haist officiating. Interment in Chillicothe cemetery, with A. B. Smith of this city, mortician.

Charles Louis Heinrich

January 6, 1881

Died in Henry township, Jan. 2, of consumption, Charles Louis Heinrich, 45 years 6 mos. 24 days.

Death of C. L. Heinrich

All that was mortal of the late Charles L. Heinrich was consigned to its last resting place on Tuesday afternoon. The funeral was held at the M. E. church, the house being well filled by old neighbors and sympathizing friends, Rev. W. J. Minium preaching from Psalms viii. 4. Mr. Heinrich was a native of Baden, Germany, but has lived in this country for many years. He was a baker by profession, and for a number of years, conducted a bakery next door to B. Yaeger's saloon. For some 10 years he has devoted his energies to farming, and has been a hard working industrious man, acquiring considerable property, which he leaves to the wife and seven children surviving him. This property consisted of the family residence embracing 80 acres, the farm of 80 acres lying south of the Jos. Blood farm and the Heinrich bakers (two buildings) in this city. His death adds another victim to that fell destroyer - consumption. Over a year ago he took a violent cold, which laid the foundation, and perhaps overwork, with it, brought on this untimely removal at the age of only 45. Mr. Heinrich was an excellent citizen, an honest man, and had few if any enemies. Large numbers have shown their kindness and good will in visiting him during his long sickness, while all who knew him speak of him in the highest terms as a man, citizen, neighbor and friend, now that he is called hence. His end was peace.

Mrs. Catherine Helgoth

April 1, 1915

Another of Our Old Settlers called to Her Heavenly Home

Mrs. Catherine Helgoth, widowed wife of the late Frederick Helgoth, was born in Bavaria, Germany, June 9, 1838. Nearly 50 years ago they came to Henry and have resided here until both parted here by death were by the same means reunited in the spirit world. Death came to her through an attack of pneumonia on Saturday, March 17. Eight children were born to the marriage, seven of whom, four sons and three daughters, live to mourn a loving mother's death. One child, a daughter, died in infancy, all the living children being present at their mother's funeral.

Nellie Helm
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, March 29 1883
The shadow of death has again clouded our community, the grim visitor entering the home of Mrs. H. Olin, taking away her sister, Miss Nellie Helm, only a few short weeks after she was stricken with what seemed a trouble of the throat, was suffered to linger and last Sunday morning breathed her last. She was respected by all who knew her. Funeral services were held at the M. E. church on Monday at 2 o'clock p.m. The relatives have the sympathy of all in this sad affliction.

Lawrence Helm

September 16, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Dayton, Ohio, August 26, of paralysis, Lawrence helm, aged 72, father of Andrew Helm of this city.

Mrs. Athiliath Henderson

September 9, 1880

Died at Emporia, Kansas, Aug. 27, of rheumatism, Athiliath, 71 years, 11 months, wife of James Henderson, late of this city.

Hortie Henderson

July 20, 1876

At Emporia, Kan., July 8, Hortie, aged 4 months, infant son of Martin and Sarah Jane Henderson.

James Henderson's son

June 20, 1878

A son of James Henderson, at Emporia, Kansas, fell from the top platform of a flight of stairs, to the landing below, oen day last month, from the injuries of which fall the child died May 25th. The age of the child was about three years. The family had reached that place from Henry only about three weeks before. The friends here sympathize with Mr. and Mrs. H. in their loss.

Mrs. Mary Henderson

April 9, 1874 - Local Items

Mrs. Mary Henderson, mother of Mr. James Henderson of this city, died recently at Grant, Indiana county, Pa, at the residence of a daughter at the great age of 101 years. She retained the use of her mental facilities until the time of her death and had been helpless only about 2 years. She was born in 1772, and was 4 years old when the independence of this country was declared and might be set down as almost a revolutionary heroin.

Miss Elizabeth Henn


March 21, 1902 - Obituary

Miss Elizabeth Henn died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Joe Wink, on Tuesday evening, last at 7 p.m. Her funeral services were conducted by Rev. Biederman at the Lutheran church Thursday afternoon at 2, o'clock. Her funeral was very largely attended. We will publish an obituary notice next week.

March 28, 1902

Miss Elizabeth Henn who died last Tuesday was born the 3rd of May, 1847 in Buergei Marburg, Germany. In 1868 she emigrated to this country. She also made her home with her sister, Mrs. Joe Wink. All that kind and loving care could do was tendered her during her sickness, which the doctors pronounced as cancer. She died at 7 o'clock on the 18th of March. The funeral was held at the Lutheran church, Rev. A. Beiderman officiating. The attendance was very large.

Thomas Edward Hennessey


July 29,1959

EXERPTS - Courtesy Kandi Anderson McLaney

Thomas Edward (Ed) Hennessey, one of 9 children of Patrick and Anna Kelly Hennessey and last surviving born at Camp Grove July 28, 1878. He was married at St. Patrick's in Havana October 20 1909 toCecelia Kearney. They had three sons, Harold of Washington and Paul and Thomas of Peoria. There are 8 grandchildren. He has lived in Henry since 1907. Mrs. Hennessey died April 29, 1953.

Frederick E. Hennicke

November 23, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in this city, November 17, of consumption, Frederick E. Hennicke, aged 40 years, son-in-law of John Ford.

Mrs. Isabelle Henry

September 23, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Whitefield township, Sept. 16, of goiter, Isabelle, aged 59 years, 9 months and 16 days, wife of the late James T. Henry.

Isabelle Eleanor Henry

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

July 26, 1866

Died in Whitefield, July 15, very suddenly, Isabelle Eleanor Henry, youngest daughter of James and Isabelle Henry, age 10 years, 23 days.

Robert Henry

May 20, 1880

Magnolia - Robert Henry of Evans township died quite suddenly last week. We have known Mr. Henry for about 20 years. He was one of the early settlers of his township and a man much respected.

Nelson J. Henthorn

December 4, 1873

In Evans township, Nov. 20, after a protracted illness Nelson J. Henthorn, Jr., aged 29 years.

Mrs. Penelope Henthorn

Taken From the Henry Republican

September 21, 1876

Local Correspondence - Lacon

Mrs. Samuel Henthorn of this city died on Saturday morning last, after having been confined to her home as an invalid for several years. Am unable to state the cause of her death. She was a lady very highly esteemed by her acquaintances and leaves a large family and circle of friends to mourn her death.

September 28, 1876

Died at Lacon, Sept. 16, Mrs. Penelope, aged 69 years, wife of Samuel Henthorne, oen of the old settlers of Marshall county. Three years ago she fell and broke her ankle and never recovered from the accident. She was a woman of many estimable qualities, beloved by all who knew her.

Samuel P. Henthorn

March 6, 1879

At Lacon, Feb. 21, of typhoid pneumonia, Samuel Parker Henthorn, aged 73.

Local items

Samuel P. Henthorn passed away at Lacon on Friday, 21, at the ripe old age of 73. He has lived in various parts of Marshall county for the past 42 years and was a prominent man in his time. He had been married about 50 years and his children number 8. He was a strong Republican, a shouting Methodist, a brave advocate and supporter of the Union cause, dying respected by all as an honest man. Peace to his memory.

Mrs. Mary Kathrina Herr

October 15, 1874

In Henry township, October 13, at the residence of her son-in-law, Frederick Troenley, Mrs. Mary Kathrina Herr, aged 81 years.

Charles R. Herrick


May 19, 1870

At St. Joseph, Mo., May 13, of congestion of the brain, Charles R. Herrick, aged 42 years, formerly of this city.

Jennie Herry

September 15, 1881

Died in this city, Sept. 10, inanition, Jennie, infant daughter of Joseph J. and Anna E. Herry, aged 25 days.

Martha Hetherington

October 22, 1874

At Lacon, October 11, of consumption, Miss Martha Hetherington, aged 24, formerly of Peoria.

Samuel Hetick


June 27, 1872

At Wenona, June 14, Samuel Hetick, aged about 52.

Mrs. Jamie Heuston


March 14, 1872

In Roberts town, Feb. 27, of old age, Mrs. Jamie Heuston, aged 82 years

George Washington Hewes


October 27, 1870

Died in this city, October 25, of strangulated hernia, George Washington Hewes, aged 43 years. The funeral will take place at the Christian church, tomorrow (Friday) at 10 1/2 a.m. Rev. R. H. Pullman of Peoria will officiate. All friends are invited to attend.

At the hour of four o'clock yesterday afternoon the sad news was announced of the death of Prof. George W. Hewes. An accident at the dam last week is the cause of the general mourning this morning. He has been a resident of Henry for several years, and a teacher of vocal music, by which he has made a wide acquaintance in this vicinity, leading during that time several of our city choirs acceptably, and lending his services on all occasions where they were needed. Mr. Hewes was of strong frame, from constitution and good health, and we mourn with those that mourn over this early removal of one who it was supposed had the hold upon a long life. A wife and three children remain behind.


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