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 Mary A. Jackson

January 22, 1874

At Wenona, Jan. 12, Mary A., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Jackson.

Stewart A. Jacobs


May 25, 1871

Died in Saratoga township, May 18 of consumption, Stewart A., son of George Jacobs, aged 16 years.

William Henry Jacobs

June 5, 1879

Died in this city, June 4 of liver complaint, William Henry, aged 19 years, son of Thomas and Sara Belle Jacobs

Mrs. Louvice Cartnel Jameson


January 24, 1867

In Saratoga township, Marshall county, Ill., December 5, 1866, after an illness of nine months, LOUVICE CARTNEL JAMESON, wife of T. F. JAMESON, in the 60th year of her age.

George Jason

November 28, 1878

Our Correspondents - Lacon

We have had another sorrowful example of the criminal folly of the carrying of fire arms by those whose business does not require the use of such weapons. On Wednesday night of last week young William Pyle was at the residence of Mrs. John Jason, three or four miles northeast of Lacon. He and several members of the Jason family were engaged in a sham Indian fight, in which they made passes at each other with knives, revolvers, etc. In the sport, young Pyle pointed his revolver at George Jason and pulled the trigger, when the cartridge exploded; the ball glazing the jaw of young Jason and entering and lodging in his breast from which his right arm immediately became paralyzed, and from which he died on Thursday evening. Young Jason was about 22 years of age, and a sober, industrious young man, and was possessed of an uncommonly kind and generous heart. His untimely death is deeply regretted by the whole community. Although the tragedy was unquestionably the result of an accident, yet young Pyle is justly censured in unmeasured terms by the whole community, as it is said that the revolver had other charges in it at the time of the accident, which although perhaps unknown to young Pyle, the fact that he used it without knowing that it was not loaded, was to use the mildest term the grossest piece of criminal carelessness. Our personal safety is of too vital importance to us to admit of our being constantly kept in jeopardy by having loaded revolvers flourished in our faces upon every corner. . In this case the father of young Pyle, who is a very worthy man, and deeply feels the sorrow of this accident, has the sympathy of the whole community, but the boy has not and does not deserve it.

George S. Jenkins

January 24, 1878

In New York City, Jan. 11, George S. Jenkins, aged 63 years, brother of the late John Z. Jenkins of this city, and uncle of the Misses Jenkins, milliners.

John Z. Jenkins

Taken From the Courier, Henry, IL

March 6, 1857

Died in this city on the 3rd, inst. of pneumonia, Mr. John Z. Jenkins, aged 47 years, 11 months

Death of John Z. Jenkins

It is with no ordinary sorrow that we announce to our readers the death of Mr. John Z. Jenkins of this city, who died on Tuesday morning last of pneumonia after a short illness. The deceased was a business partner in the Merchantile firm of A. H. Powell & Co.. Was a good citizen, a worthy and respected businessman, a kind father and husband. His death is a sad bereavement to his family and his many friends and a loss to the community in which he lived.

Mrs. Sarah Jenks

March 2, 1876

At Fountain Green, Utah, Feb. 13, Mrs. Sarah Jenks, aged 76 years, mother of Mrs. Edward Wood of this city.

Alfred Joel

March 16, 1876

Died at Wenona, March 5, Alfred, infant son of Fred Joel, taken to Chicago for internment.

Phebe Johns


October 5, 1871

Died in this city, Oct. 3, of spasma, Phebe, daughter of Thomas H. and Elizabeth Johns, aged 3 monthes

Alex Johnson's Infant son

June 28, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died at Lacon, June 19, Freddie, aged 3 months, infant son of Alex and Sophia Johnson.

Mrs. Bell (Morse) Johnson

April 14, 1881 - Wenona

Mrs. Bell Johnson, daughter of Rev. Morse, died at her home in Elmwood on the 6th of April. She leaves a husband and two children and a large circle of friends to mourn her loss. It is a great affliction to her parents who have the sympathy of their many friends.

Mrs. Eliza Johnson

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

December 13, 1866

We learn with painful sadness of the death by typhoid fever, of Mrs. Eliza Johnson, wife of Julius Johnson at Brownsville, Kansas, in September last. For many years, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were residents of Whitefield, and were highly esteemed by all who were acquainted with them. Mrs. Johnson was an affectionate wife and mother, a kind neighbor, and warm and strong in her friendship toward others. There old friends and neighbors in this section will sympathize deeply with the family in this separation. Earthly ties must be severed, this we all know, but oh how unwilling are we to give up those we love when the time comes. True it is that we must pass away, and the links of affection that cling even to the world beyond, are the chords and influx that would incite us to pure dives and to a religion that will carry us to the good and pure in the spiritual world.

John Johnson
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, April 5, 1883
Died near Chillicothe, April 2, 1883, of dropsy and old age, Mr. John Johnson, 86, father of Mrs. Eli Albertson of this city.

The Henry Republican, April 12, 1883
Mr. John Johnson, Sr., died at the residence of his son near Chillicothe, April 3d, 1883, at the age of 85 years, 5 months, after an illness of 3 months of dropsy and Bright's disease. Was born in Kentucky, Nov. 5, 1797. His parents moved to Switzerland Co., Ind., in 1799, where he grew to manhood. In 1823 he was united in marriage to Miss Sinah Mounts, and in 1831 they moved to Illinois, arriving in Peoria, Oct. 7th same year. While in Indiana he served four years as lieut. Colonel of the 44th regiment Indiana state militia; also served 8 years as deputy sheriff of same county. Since living in Illinois he has filled almost every office in township government, was justice of the peace 29 years in the township of Kickapoo, where he resided over 40 years. He was a Baptist in faith and a democrat in politics. He is the father of 10 children, four of whom survive him, three sons and one daughter; William living in St. Joseph, Mo., Marion living in Nebraska, John living near Chillicothe and Mrs. Eli Albertson of Henry, Ill. His life companion died Oct. 7th, 1873. He was a man honored and respected by all who knew him.

Mrs. Joseph Johnson

January 13, 1881, Vicinity News, Lacon

Mrs. Joseph Johnson, an old resident of Lacon was laid away in her last resting place on Sunday last. Her daughter, Mrs. Hattie Taylor of Streator came home for her farewell visit before moving to Kansas and found her mother sick unto death.

Mrs. Sina Johnson

October 23, 1873

At Kickapoo, Peoria county, Oct. 7, of pneumonia, Sina, aged 68 years, wife of John Johnson, Esq., and mother of Mrs. Eli Albertson of Whitefield. She was one of the oldest settlers of Peoria county.

Father Zalman Johnson

August 7, 1879

At Sparland, August 1, Father Zalman Johnson, aged about 74 years.


Father Zalman Johnson died last Friday night a little past twelve m. He was near 74 years old. The funeral sermon was preached at the M. E. church on Sunday at 10:00 am by Rev. Seaman. The house was full to overflowing, many unable to get in. The text of the discourse of First Corinth. XV 55-56. Father Johnson was an old resident here and had many friends.

Edwin Johnsots


April 7, 1870

Also Marsh 28, Edwin, aged 1 year, son of John A. and Hulda Johnsots

Isaac Joles

The Henry Republican

February 25 1915

Isaac Joles was born in Galena, Kas., in October, 1890. Three years ago he came to this vicinity where his half brother, Richard Joles, resides and has worked as a farm hand in the neighborhood of Lacon ever since. He died of dropsical effusion Feb. 18, and the funeral conducted by Rev. Rae W. Martin, was held on Saturday, Feb. 20, interment in the Henry cemetery in charge of C. C. Doran, mortician. The young man (he was but 24 years old) had the reputation of being a good, honest, industrious fellow, who had he lived might have had years of pleasure and usefulness to have lived and enjoyed. But death hath not respect for age, talent or condition in life and selects his victims whomsoever and wheresoever he wills.

Mrs. Absolom Jones

August 25, 1881

In Lacon, Aug. 4, of paralysis, Mary A., 45, wife of Absolom Jones.

Benjamin Jones

February 1, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Evans township, Jan. 31, Benjamin Jones, aged 86 years, 11 months

Franklin Jones


June 15, 1871

Died at Lacon, June 1, Franklin, aged 11 months, son of Joel and Eliza Jones

Twin daughter of J. L. Jones


October 10, 1867

City and County

Two infant cherubs, side by side in one tiny coffin, were consigned to the cold clods of the cemetery last week. They have gone to be with the angels. They were twin daughters of J. L. Jones of this city.

Joel Jones


October 27, 1870

In this city, October 21 of cancer and drospy, Joel Jones, in the 75th year of his age.

Julius Charles Jones

Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 17, 1883

Died in Hopewell Township, of pneumonia, May 11, 1883, at 10 p.m, Julius Charles, son of Albert W. and Emily H. Jones, in his 18th year.

Charley, as he was familiarly called, was the eldest of two bright and loving boys and his sudden taking away of the most estimable young man and dutiful son, has fell like a thunderbolt upon this grief stricken family. So unexpected, so sudden. The particulars of this death are about as follows: He had been in his usual health up to the day of his death. Though not to say a very robust boy, he seldom complained. The day before his death he was in Varna and on returning in the evening got quite well and somewhat chilled. On arriving home he changed his clothes, and at the usual hour retired to rest; rose in the morning saying that he did not feel very well and later in the day complained of pain under his shoulder and felt otherwise distressed. His father after dinner thought best to see their family physician, so prepared to go to Varna and while his father was preparing to go, Charley said; "Ma, I think that the doctor had better come and see me." "Well," she said, "Charley, I will tell your father; "no I will walk out and tell him," so he went out and told his father what he wanted.

The doctor came down in the evening and prescribed. Charley did not seem to improve, but gradually grew worse, though his parents did not feel alarmed. About half past 9 o'clock his mother was watching over him, so Charley putting out one of his hands said, there seems to be a tree before me. His mother spoke to him saying, "Charley, you had better turn over on your side." He replied, "I will, ma," and turned over. His mother then awakened his father and told him that she thought Charley was very sick, and that he had better go for some one. So he went for a near neighbor, and their son Halley said that he would go for the doctor, and during their absence, and when none was near but that loving mother, the Angel came and whispered, "Charley come up higher." So sweet and low was the whisper, so tender and loving the touch, that his dear mother did not know that he had gone, his mother thinking only that he was resting. In a few moments the father and neighbor came, only to receive the painful intelligence, for the grief stricken mother had already felt that it was so. Yet they could not realize it, they would not believe that their dear boy had gone. Restoratives were applied but to no effect. He had indeed fell asleep in the arms of the blessed Savior.

So this bud of that family just blooming, had been plucked by the hand of the Angel. So passed away one of the most promising young men of Hopewell Township. He delighted in books and was a thorough student. He was last fall and winter a pupil of the Varna high school, and the teacher said that Charley was her model scholar. He was far advanced for one of his age. He was well versed in history, especially natural history, one of his favorite studies, in which he took great delight. In fact his mind for one so young was well stored with useful knowledge. He was beloved by all who knew him, amiable in his disposition, gentlemanly and obliging in his deportment and an obedient and dutiful son. The services were held last Sabbath at the residence, conducted by Rev. James Haney of Streator. They were very solemn and impressive.

Charles Julius Jones
The Henry Republican, Henry IL, June 28, 1883
Died May 12, in Hopewell Township, Charles Julius Jones, 17, reported by Dr. J. W. Evans.

Julius E. Jones


March 14, 1872

In LaPrairie, Feb. 27, of consumption, Julius E. Jones, aged 23, son of Edwin S. Jones, formerly of this city.

Levi Jones

The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, November 9, 1882


Levi Jones, who lived 1 ½ miles west of Sparland, of John Cornell's farm died very suddenly on last Monday morning. It is said he ate a hearty breakfast and was going to work when the death angel called him. He was an old man and has been in poor health for sometime past.

November 16, 1882

Died at Sparland, Nov. 6th, Levi Jones, aged 60. Mr. Jones was born in Coshocton county, Ohio in 1822 and moved to Princeton about 25 years ago and resided there for a number of years. He afterwards moved to this county. His remains were taken to Princeton last week and on Wednesday the funeral services occurred at the residence of Thomas Crossley, service conducted by Rev. M. Lamb.

MaClellan Jones

Taken From the Henry Republican

April 13, 1882

At Pontiac, April 1, of pneumonia, MaClellan, 1 years, 7 months, 7 days, only son of Walter Pool and Grace Edith Jones and grandson of Jared W. Jones.

Mrs. Mary J. Jones

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

November 22, 1866


Departed this life on the morning of the 11th, at her residence, after a lingering and long protracted illness, in the triumph of a Christian faith, Mary J., the wife of J. W. Jones, Esq., age 41 years. The deceased was sister of A. M. Pool, Esq. of this city.

Mrs. Mercy Jones

July 9, 1874

Died in this city, July 7, Mrs. Mercy Jones, aged 71 years.

Robbie Jones

November 27, 1879

In Saratoga township, Nov. 12, of spinal fever Robbie, 1 year 8 months 7 days, youngest child of James T. and Ella Jones.

Mrs. Sarah Jones

April 29, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in this city, April 23, of old age and dropsical tendency, Mrs. Sarah, aged 78 years 7 months and 4 days, consort of the late Joel Jones.

Mrs. Sarah Jones, consort of Father Joel Jones, who died about four years ago, was buried from the old homestead on Deacon Hill on Friday afternoon of last week. She was 78 years old and had been feeble for some time. Since the death of Mr. Jones, she had kept house for her son Adna, the only unmarried one of her children. She was born in Massachusetts, but had been a resident of Illinois since 1846, and of Henry since 1857. She had eight children, six of whom are living, the oldest, Vasa, living in Ohio, an M. E. minister; Sarah, wife of Morris Huffman, next, residing at Chatsworth; Mrs. Lucetta Durham, living in Hardin county, Iowa; Luther, at Lake City, Minn.; Adna, in this city, and Asael at Fort Dodge, Iowa. The remains were interred in the new cemetery, besides that of Father Jones, Rev. P. A. Crist conducted the services at the house.

Mrs. Sarah (Gregory) Jones

April 3, 1879

At Winthrop, Mo., March 7, Sarah, age 46 years, 11 months, wife of John W. Jones formerly of Henry and sister of John and Harrison Gregory of this vicinity.

Mrs. Susan E. (Wineteer) Jones

February 26, 1880

Died in Bennington township, Susan E., wife of C. B. Jones, and daughter of John Wineteer of Minonk, formerly of Bell Plain township.

Walter P. Jones' infant son

Taken From the Henry Republican

March 23, 1882

Died at Pontiac, March 19th, of congestion of the lungs, infant son of Walter P., and Grace E. Jones, aged 15 days and grandson of Jared W. Jones.

March 30, 1882

Walter P. Jones is having a serious time with his family. His youngest child died a few days ago after an illness of only 24 hours and the remaining child, about two years old is dangerously ill with brain fever. Mr. and Mrs. Jones have the full sympathy of their friends here is their dire distress. Mr. Jones is doing business in Flannigan, but the family are now at Pontiac.

William Jones

March 5, 1874

Died at Sparland, Feb. 23 of consumption, William Jones, aged 59 years.

Father William Jones, living on the hill at Sparland, died last week at that place of consumption. He was a Pennsylvanian by birth, a native of Washington county, where he was raised and married. He has been in Illinois about 20 years, owning at the time of death a farm in Saratoga township, on which his son, James Jones resides. His three children live in Saratoga town, his two daughters being the wives of David and Robert McDonough. By a personal acquaintance of several years, we can speak of Father Jones as one of our best of veterans, cheerful in disposition, kindly, generous and a good citizen. He was a member of the M. E. church and a very exemplary one. Through a long illnesss he was resolute and hopefull, and like a shief fully ripe, was ready for the gardener, and he has gone home to heaven.

Zenanna (Ranney) Jones

October 7, 1880

Died in this city, Oct. 4, after a protracted illness, Zenanna A., 44, wife of Hon. Joseph H. Jones


The subject of this sketch, Zenanna Amelia Ranney, was born in Canton, Ill., March 25, 1836. She came to Henry in 1851, residing with her sisters, Mrs. J. L. Jones and Mrs. A. M. Pool, until her marriage with J. H. Jones, which occurred, November 9th, 1853. She and her husband untied with the Christian church in this place, December, 1853, and were both baptized by immersion in the Illinois river, January 1, 1854. Her connection with that society continued until 1876, at which time she changed her relations, by uniting with the Presbyterian church. . She was ever an active worker in church and Sabbath school, which, with her social duties, drew largely on her time and strength; but never to the neglect of her home and her family, where she reigned supreme by love; a model helpmeet. The disease, which has finally robbed this community of one whose memory will ever be fragrant, began its incipient approaches about seven years ago, and human skill, nor loving hands could stay its ravages. .. The funeral services at the residence, conducted by Rev. J. J. Bunnell, was largely attended, every condition in life being represented, while the procession to the cemetery was exceedingly imposing, testifying the sympathy and sorrow of the community.

Clara Joyce

December 1, 1881

Died in this city, Nov. 30 of diphtheria, Clara, 9 years, 25 days, daughter of John and Ellen Joyce.

Mrs. Elizabeth (Darnell) Judd

April 17, 1879

The following brief notice of Mrs. Elizabeth Judd, who died recently, we copy from the Wenona Index. She was one of the pioneer settlers of this county.

Mrs. Elizabeth Judd, died at the old homestead, on Tuesday, the 1st inst. She had been ill for some time and her death was not unexpected. She was born Aug. 6, 1803, on Reddie's river, Wilks county, North Carolina. Her maiden name was Darnell, and she married Thomas Judd, March 8th, 1821. The members of the Judd family were among the first to locate in this township. They settled on the old homestead, where she died, in 1831. The Blackhawk war broke out the next year, and the family went to the fort until the Indians had left the country. Her family consisted of 10 children, six of whom survive her, - Alfred Judd, Thomas Judd, Benj. Judd, Mrs. N. F. Brown, Mrs. Nancy Gants, John Judd; all of them among our oldest and most highly respected citizens. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. S. R. Belville, at the old homestead, on Wednesday. The remains were followed to their last resting place in the Cumberland cemetery, by a large number of old friends and neighbors

Son of Thomas Judd


August 1, 1872

In Evans township, July 12, a son of Thomas Judd, Esq., aged 7 years.

Mrs. Emily (Strawn) Judson

August 15, 1878

Near Lacon, Aug. 5, Mrs. Emily Judson, a daughter of the late Col. Strawn.

W. H. Judson

November 13, 1873

In Wenona, Oct. 30, of typhoid fever, W. H. Judson, aged 37 years.


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