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 Mrs. Flora Kain

February 13, 1873

In Whitefield, Feb. 5, of old age, Mrs. Flora Kain, aged 86 years, mother of Harmon Andrews, Esq.

Local Items

The mother of Harmon Andrews, Esq., Mrs. Flora Kain, who has resided in his family died last week at an advanced age. She has been married twice surviving two husbands.

George Washington Kalb

Taken From the Henry Republican

March 16, 1882

At Columbus, Ohio, March 10, of old age and gastric complaint, George Washington Kalb, 80, father of Dr. J. C. Kalb of this city.

Dr. Kalb received a telegram on Saturday informing him of the death of his venerable father. He had been seriously ill for some time. He settled on the farm near Columbus, Ohio, in 1830, on which he died, and which he had owned during that time. Of his sons, one is our talented eclectic physician and surgeon, and another a clergyman, favorably known to many of our citizens.

Emma Katlin


April 14, 1870

Also April 5 of typhoid fever, Emma, aged 4 years, daughter of A. R. Katlin

Christian Kauf

August 3, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Chillicothe, July 26, of consumption, Christian Kauf, aged about 56 years.

Daughter of Thomas Keegan


Toluca, Marshall Co. IL, September 27, 1901

The little 1-year old daughter of Thomas Keegan, who has been sick for some time, died on Wednesday night of last week. The funeral services were conducted at St. Ann's church Friday and the little one was laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery. Among those from abroad who attended the funeral were John and Wm. Keegan of Chicago.

Son of Thomas Keegan


Toluca, Marshall Co., Illinois, Friday, October 11, 1901

Death of a Second Child

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keegan are having their full share of the troubles of the world. They lost one of their children about two weeks ago, and the other child, a bright little boy, died Friday night. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Father O'Brien at St. Ann's church afternoon, and the little one was laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery. The funeral was largely attended.

Thomas Keegan

August 18, 1927

Toluca Man Fatally Stricken on Porch

Thomas Keegan of Toluca died suddenly Friday. While sitting on the front porch of his home, he was seized with a hemhorage and was dead before physicians arrived. Although in poor health for the past year, Mr. Keigan was still able to be around and made several trips to town the day of his death. During the winter he was a janitor in the Toluca Grade School.

Mrs. Malinda Keeler

November 9, 1876

At Bethlehem PA, Nov. 6, of fever, Malinda, aged about 34, wife of William Keeler, and step mother of Henry Keeler and Mrs. A. C. Christern of this city.

William Keeler

The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, December 14, 1882

Died at Bethlehem PA., December 11 of paralysis, William Keeler, 63 years, 10 months, 12 days, father of Mrs. A. C. Christern of this city, and Henry Keeler of Eureka.

A telegram was received on Monday by Mrs. A. C. Christern, from Bethlehem Pa., conveying to that lady, the sad intelligence of the death of her father. For the past two or three years he has been an almost helpless invalid, caused by a paralytic stroke. He was a carriage maker, doing a large business and was in good circumstances. A third wife survives him, and a number of grown up children. He was highly respected.

Monroe W. Keeley


March 18, 1869

Died in Lacon, March 2, Monroe W. son of Daniel and Mary H. Keeley, aged 2 years and 5 months

Rev. W. B. Keeling

May 9, 1878

Died at Wenona, April 29, Rev. W. B. Keeling, aged 50 years.

Rev. W. B. Keeling, whose illness was spoken of in our last issue, died on Monday at Wenona. His disease was nervous fever, caused by overwork of the body and brain. He was an incessant student and worker, and his system gave way under the strain. He was an able man, a useful citizen, comprehensive and logical as a speaker, genial and affable in home life, and beloved by all. His funeral was largely attended, and he will be greatly missed by the communities in which he was laboring.

Edward K. Kelick

September 12, 1878

Near Wenona, Aug. 29, at Dr. Perry's Edward K., aged 10 months, son of B. K. and Fannie Kelick.

Barney Kelley

October 20, 1881 - Lacon

Last Saturday Barney Kelley died after suffering some time with that lingering disease consumption. The funeral took place at the Catholic church on Monday, 10 a.m.

John T. Kelley

March 25, 1880

Died in Saratoga township, March 11, John T. 19 years, 11 mos 11 days, eldest son of Mrs. Thomas Kelley.

In the death of this estimable young man, we are again made to feel that here is not our abiding home and that God in his infinite wisdom has transplanted the tender plant that bloomed for so short a time into his paradise to bloom evermore. Death has for the fourth time during the past four years entered the home of Mrs. Kelley. First, the husband was taken, after which two others, and again another, which is a bitter trial to the family, he being the stay and comfort of his mother, brothers and sisters. Consumption fastened itself upon him some two years ago, and although all that medical skill and loving friends could devise was done to combat, he gradually grew weaker and weaker, and calmly and peacefully passed to that land where there is not sickness and where partings never come. The funeral services took place on Saturday at the M. E. church, Rev. Jones officiating, where he was laid to rest beside the loved ones who preceded him to the spirit land, and will there remain awaiting the resurrection of the just.

Ralph Kelly

April 28, 1881

Died in this city, April 22 by a fall in a cistern, Ralph, 17 months, 4th son of James and Mary Kelly and grandson of Mr. Hiram Earl

One of the saddest accidents that it has been our duty to chronicle for a long time occurred about five o'clock on Friday last in this city. The family of James Kelley had moved that day from the farm of D. N. Blood into town, occupying the premises of Mrs. J. P. Boice in the southern part of the city. Mrs. Kelley had been with her children, four little boys, stopping all day with Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Earl, Mrs. Kelly's father, and went down to their new quarters about four o'clock. The children were out taking in the sights and to make themselves familiar with the objects and things about the new place, and among them the youngest boy, 17 months old. A cistern was within a few feet of the house, and it seems this little toddler made for that, and though covered, the hinges were broken off, and while unnoticed, had got the cover off and been precipitated into the vault below, a distance of eight feet. From appearances the little fellow had struck on his head, as his bonnet or hat was covered with gravel, and was probably stunned by the fall, as he was found dead in 17 inches of water. The funeral was held on Saturday afternoon at Grandfather Earl's, Rev. J. S. Glendenning having charge of the religious exercises.

Edward Clarence Kellogg

May 29, 1873

Died In this city, May 26, of cerebro-spinal-meningitis, after an illness of 90 days, Edward Clarence, aged 8 years, 1 month and 16 days, oldest child of Charles H. and Nancy E. Kellogg.

Anna Jane Kelly

October 12, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in Saratoga township, Sept. 29, of pneumonia, Anna Jane, aged 18 years, 8 months, 9 days, daughter of the late Thomas Kelly

Local Items

The family of the late Thomas Kelly have met with another bereavement with the death of one of the daughters, Anna Jane which occurred September 29. Her sickness is traceable to the shock she received at the time of the accident to her father who was hurt by a runaway which afterwards occasioned his death. She was a beautiful girl just budding into womanhood and was one of the cherished ones of the household. The bereavement is sorely felt by the family and all the friends.

Emilie Kemp

January 27, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died at Wenona, Jan. 1, Emilie, aged 6 weeks, infant daughter of Jacob and Sarah Kemp.

J.A. Kemp


May 23, 1902, Front Page - Obituary

J.A. Kemp, who had been sick for a long time, died Monday afternoon. His funeral services were conducted at this late home by Rev. Dedman, and his remains laid to rest in the Ball cemetery. The funeral was one of the largest held for a long time. The deceased leaves a wife and four children to mourn his loss, besides a large circle of friends. He was a good, honest, hardworking man, and was held in high regard by all who knew him. His family have the sympathy of the entire community in this their hour of bereavement.

Laura B. Kemp


January 18, 1872

At Wenona, Jan. 8, of consumption, Laura B., aged 14, daughter of Jacob Kemp.

Lizzie Kemple

September 22, 1881

Died in this city, Sept. 21, of diphtheria, Lizzie Kemple, 16.

William Kendric

April 12, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died at Lawn Ridge, March 30, of sore throat, William Kendric, aged 7 years.

Den Kenik


Toluca, Marshall Co. Illinois, Friday, November 1, 1901

Called Home

Den Kenik, the grocery merchant in north Main street, died at the hospital in LaSalle, Wednesday night. He was taken there a couple of weeks ago suffering with pneumonia. His funeral will be held in Toluca today, Friday.

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Forbes) Kennedy

October 20, 1881

In Hopewell, Oct. 15, Mary Elizabeth, 39, wife of John Kennedy and sister of the Forbes brothers.

Lacon : Mrs. John Kennedy, died last Saturday morning after a short illness. She was a daughter of Peter Forbes who died many years ago.



Front Page, Friday, July 26, 1901

The messenger of death visited the home of William Kennedy last Thursday evening and took from its midst his wife, Vida E. Kennedy. Deceased, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Foster, was born Dec. 27, 1876, at what was her late home. She moved with her father and mother, brothers and sisters, to Livingston county in March, 1896 where she resided three years. She was married Feb. 8, 1899 to William M. Kennedy. They at once moved to the home of her childhood, where they lived in the happy bonds of matrimony form two and a half years, until death separated them. Mrs. Kennedy united with the Christian church of Toluca in the fall of 1893. She who was always deeply interested in church work, one who had a kind word for everyone. A good wife, a pleasant companion. A loving husband, an infant son, father, mother, three brothers four sisters, and a large circle sorrowing relatives and friends are left to mourn her sad departure. Funeral services were conducted at the residence, Saturday afternoon, July 20, by Rev. A.R. Adams of this place officiating, after which the remains of this tender flower were borne to the Judd cemetery and there quietly laid to rest from all earthly cares. But not to rest alone, for her infant, which would require but a few days time, which could be plainly seen at the time of its mother's death, would soon follow. Death relieved it of its suffering Wednesday morning, July 24. Funeral services were conducted at the home that afternoon.

Thomas Kenyon
The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, May 14, 1874
Died in this city, May 11, of consumption, Thomas Kenyon, aged 42 years, 7 months, 11 days.

Rudolph Keonig (King)
The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, January 25, 1877
In Saratoga township, Jan. 22, of consumption, Rudolph Keonig (King), aged 56 years.

Mr. Rudolph King (in German, Koenig), of Saratoga township, an invalid for over two years, died on Monday. His disease had many shades, at first dropsy, and from that, from one form to another, it has culminated in consumption. Mr. King came to this section some 20 or more years ago, with only a brave heart and a willing hand bread to toil as his capital. He worked for a time for John T. Smith, at which time he wooed and wed a Miss McVicker, who together, with steady industry earned a fine farm, and erected as beautiful a home and conveniences as we know of on the prairie. Added to this number of pleasant children, they were just ready to make life pleasant and comfortable, when grim death came and robbed them of the husband and father. Mr. King struggled long with disease; was a great sufferer; took medicine in quantity to make the heart sick to think of it, but all to no effect. He had a strong nature, and this was tenacious of life; but cure there was none, and death came as to one wary - who had fought long and desperate, but hope failed, yielded to the enemy. Thus, in the midst of life we are in death. "one soweth and another reapeth." Mr. King was a thrifty farmer, a good citizen, a kind parent, and leaves a handsome competence to the bereaved family. Mr. Louis Weber of this city was sent for, but he tells us as he entered the house his old friend departed for the other shore.

Mrs. Kerns' son
The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, January 27, 1881, Saratoga
We were sorry to hear the death of Mrs. Kerns little boy. He was sick but a short time and died of diphtheria and croup. His remains were taken to Lacon for internment. His uncle returning from Sparland, not knowing of Frankie's death, created some disturbance.

Fred Ketzenberger
The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, July 26, 1883
(Visit to Poor Farm)
On Saturday Supervisor Fisher of Lacon brought Fred Ketzenberger to the farm, laboring under delirium tremens. He had been an excessive drinker for years and had had several attacks from the shakes. Only three months before he had been brought there with the same attack, but through the car and good treatment of Mr. Adams and his wife, he had recovered. This time was his last. He had been brought to the farm to die, and on Saturday night about 11 o'clock his life of reckless dissipation came to an end. Mr. Ketzenberger had been a resident of Lacon about 14 years. He was a shoemaker by trade, and was a superior workman. He had a prepossessing way with him, and stood well with those that knew him. When out of drink he was a gentleman in manners and conversation. His habits made him a wreck in pocket and character. He had two sons, one 19 and one younger, both living at Lacon. The body was properly laid out in a plain coffin, and, because of the demon drink, deserted by his family, homeless and friendless, with not even a son to attend his funeral, he ended what ought to have been a better life, in a pauper's grave. His age was 47.

Hue King

The Putnam Record

April 12, 1894

The body of Hue King, who was drowned with Sammy Baxendale, while skating on the Illinois a couple of months ago, was found on the east bank of the river, last Sunday about 4 miles south of Lacon. Two railroad men of Chillicothe were the first to discover the body and they at once started for that place to tell the news. While they were gone however, Ed Brereton and John Davis, who down the river on a boat found the corpse and returning to Lacon, sent word for the coroner, who took charge of the body that evening and had it taken to Chillicothe. The remains were badly decomposed and had evidently been out of the water for several days. In one of the pockets of the boy's vest, his father's gold watch was found and there was another small amount of change in another pocket. They boy's mother who is almost distracted with grief refused to believe that the body found is that of her son. But there is no doubt of his identity. - Marshall County Democrat.

Mrs. Jane E. King

May 20, 1880

Died in Henry township, May 13 of cancer, Jane E., 45 years 1 month 3 days, wife of James H. King.

Mrs. J. H. King, who submitted to the removal of a cancer from the breast a few week ago, gradually sank from the operation, and on Thursday forenoon of last week closed her eyes to all that was mortal. The funeral was held at the Congregational church on Friday afternoon, Rev. J. S. Glendenning conducting the religious services. The house was well filled with sympathizing friends. Mrs. King will be greatly missed from her family, leaving Mr. King and two children bereft of an excellent and devoted wife and mother. Mr. King desires us to return his sincere thanks for the many acts of kindness accorded his wife during her illness, and the public for their kind attention in his affliction.

May 27, 1880

Jane E., wife of J. H. King, was born in Vermont in 1835, about seven miles from Montpelier. In 1851 she came to Chicago with her parents and there located. In 1855 was married to me, making 24 1/2 years of wedded life, which has been a happy and glorious union, she being one of those happy and cheerful housekeepers and a king affectionate mother. Her house and home has always been cheerful and happy. About 16 years of her last past life has been spent in Henry township. She has three grand and glorious principles, faith, hope and charity, charity being strong. She could never turn a hungry, wayfaring wanderer from her door without giving something to eat.

As to her illness and affliction, she bore them without a murmur. Her sickness was a cancer of the right breast, which made its first appearance in January, 1879; continued to increase and debilitate her until April 2d, when she was confined to her bed. On consulting Dr. Jones and the Drs. Baker, she desired to have it taken off, and on Tuesday, April 13, she underwent the operation; there was taken from her breast a mass of about six lbs; the wound was closed up and dressed, and she was placed on her bed to all appearance feeling relieved and for the first ten days she felt hopeful and cheerful, and the attending doctor, myself and her friends all felt hopeful of her recovery. But at the expiration of that time the erysipelas set in, and she sank slowly, and on May 13, at one o'clock she passed away. She retained her full senses and was fully aware of her condition during her entire sickness. She departed in full faith of a happy future. She leaves two children of her own and an adopted girl, the oldest 20 years, the youngest nine in October, the adopted girl 14.

Her aged mother was by her bedside from the 3d of April until within 48 hours of her death, when she was poisoned from dressing the sores caused by the erysipelas, which spread repidly and with some difficulty was checked, before it reached her body. She is now recovering slowly, but has a bad hand and arm. We all hope for a speedy recovery for the old lady.

J. H. King.

Roxanna F. King

October 21, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

At West Hartford, Ct., Oct 22d, of neuralgia, Roxanna F. King, aged 63 years, sister of Mrs. George Burt, Sr., Horace and John Spencer of Whitefield township.

Lena Kingsley

November 15, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in Lacon, November 7 of croup, Lena, aged 3 years, 5 months, a daughter of Jonathan C. and Mary A. Kingsley. Interment at Center Church cemetery, Whitefield township on Thursday.

Local department - Mr. J. C. Kingsley, our county clerk, buried another of his children on Thursday last, the remains being taken to the family lot at the Center church cemetery in Whitefield. Croup was the death messenger. In May last he buried his baby, and this the next youngest. In the midst of his joy and gratification of the election, he mingles the tears of a sad bereavement.

Mrs. Mary Agnes (Bell) Kingsley

September 8, 1881

At Sparland, Sept. 3 of consumption, Mary Agnes, 41 years 4 months, 14 days, wife of Jonathan C. Kingsley, Esq., county clerk of Marshall county and daughter of the late Sefanium Bell of Henry.

Mrs. Kingsley, wife of our county clerk, died Saturday night, just after 12 p.m. She had lingered long at the border of this life and suffered much pain. The funeral took place from the residence of J. C. Kingsley. The remains were taken to Whitefield, the former home of the deceased.

Mary C. Kingsley

June 7, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Lacon, May 26, of consumption, Mary C., aged 10 months and 24 days, infant daughter of Jonathan C. and M. A. Kingsley.

Mrs. Kathrina Kirchgessner

January 25, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in this city, Jan. 23, of consumption, Kathrina, aged 45 years, wife of Gabriel Kirchgessner.

The death of Mrs. Gabriel Kirchgessner, took place night before last. She has been an invalid for some time. Her former name was Simmons. The funeral takes place to-day at 10 o'clock.

Charles M. and Infant Kirk


January 4, 1872

At Davenport Iowa of Scarlet fever, in November, an infant 3 months old, and December 23, Charles M., aged 2 years and 3 months, children of J. Madison and Alice E. Kirk and grandchildren of Henry Kirk of Whitefield.

George H. Kirk

May 27, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Davenport, May 13, of consumption, George H., aged 10 months, son of J. Madison and Alice E. Kirk, and grandson of Mr. Henry Kirk of Whitefield.

John Kissinger

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

March 6, 1866

Died in Wenona, February 28, after a short illness, John Kissenger, age 41 years.

Rosina Klaiber

March 9, 1876

In Lacon, March 4, Mrs. Rosina Klaiber, aged 56 years.

Mrs. Gertrude Klein

January 24, 1878

Died in Henry township, Jan. 17, Gertrude, aged 56, wife of William Klein. -- Mrs. William Klein, living two miles below this city on the formerly "Munger" farm, passed into the other life on Thursday last. She had been ill but a few days. She was the mother of quite a large family, all of whom were reared to respectable and useful citizens, and was a devoted wife to the aged husband now bereft. She was also esteemed by a large circle of acquaintances and neighbors. The funeral was held at the German Catholic church on Saturday, Father Shamoni, the pastor, offering a requium mass in honor of the departed. The attendance of sympathizing friends was large, and the procession to the cemetery was over a half a mile in length. Thus has gone to peaceful rest her who had fulfilled life's mission well, and whose memory will be tenderly cherished by all her friends.

Gertrude Ernest Klein

Taken From the Henry Republican

June 8 1882

Died in Whitefield township, June 8, of typhoid fever, Gertrude Ernest, 22, daughter of Peter Klein.

The grim messenger of death has again entered the neighborhood, this time knocking at the house of Peter Klein, and calling his much loved daughter, Effie to the undiscovered realm. The funeral ceremony was held amidst a vast concourse of friends last Monday in Henry. The breezes of June waft Aeolian strains over her sepulcher, while her pure soul is resting in the home of omniscience. The house, which was not long ago the house of feasting, is now the home of pale faced grief, and we sincerely regret the loss that the parents and the community has sustained.

Katherine Klein

November 17, 1881

Died in Henry Township, Nov. 9, of consumption, Katherine, 23 years, 3 months, daughter of William Klein.

Lenora Susanna Klein
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, June 14, 1883
Died Nov. 5th, 1882 in Whitefield township, Lenora Susanna Klein, 1 year, 21 days, reported by Dr. H. Reader.

Michael Klein

October 20, 1881

Died in Henry township, Oct. 14, of consumption, Michael, 21 years 2 months, son of William Klein.

William Klein

May 21, 1874

Died in Saratoga, May 17, 1874 of heart disease, William, son of Adolph Klein, aged 16 years, 6 months.

Henry Kleinhenz

Henry News Republican, July 6, 1882

Died in this city, July 3, Henry, 4 years 11 months son of Mr. Frank Kleinhenz.

Henry News: A young son of Mr. Frank Kleinhenz died on Monday in something like an epileptic fit. He was a very unfortunate child, being rendered a cripple by paralysis, breaking an arm, twice within a year, by falling to the floor because unable to manage itself. The funereal was held yesterday morning at 10 o'clock at St. Mary's church, a large number of sympathizing friends of the family being present.

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Kleinhens

July 25, 1878

Died in this city, this (Thursday) morning, at 7:15, Mary Elizabeth, aged 32 years, wife of Mr. Frank Kleinhens. Funeral at St. Mary's church on Saturday at 10 a.m.

(Aug. 1, 1878)

The funeral of Mrs. Frank Kleinhenz was held at St. Mary's church on Saturday last at 10 o'clock. The altar of the church had been draped in black in honor of the dead, and the scapilary of the officiating priest, and the scarfs over the surplices of the acolytes were also of black. The remains were placed in a rich walnut casket, on which a silver cross bore the usual inscription. Messrs. F. W. Siewers, Joseph Schick, Adam Peterman, Julius Watercott, William Kuss and Emil Manski, were pall bearer, ................ The remarks of Father Quigley were listened to with close attention and were well received, and at the close, after the ceremony of sprinkling the coffin, the audience took their final look of the deceased. The procession was very long, embracing some 75 carriages and wagons, which repaired to the German cemetery, where the casket was interred in the family lot. .... The loss in an irrepairable one to Mr. Kleinhenz and his interesting family, and to the friends and the community. We mourn with the bereft in their extreme sorrow.

Michael Kleinhenz

November 3, 1881

Died in this city, Oct. 29 of neuralgia of the heart, Michael Kleinhenz, 68 years, 8 months, 1 day.

Elizabeth Kline

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois

August 31, 1882

Died at the hospital at Chicago, Aug. 30, Elizabeth, 29, daughter of the late Adolph Kline of Saratoga township.

The remains of Miss Elizabeth Kline, a daughter of the late Adolph Kline arrived from Chicago on Monday morning and the funeral held at the German Church at 8 o'clock, Rev. Father Hout officiating. Miss Kline submitted to a surgical operation in a hospital in that city for the removal of a tumor, the results proving her death. Her case was a severe one and though warned that an operation would be dangerous, she decided to take the risk. She was highly respected here and her death is sadly mourned by all her friends. Her age was 29.

Edith Kline

December 6, 1877

Died in this city, Nov. 29, of heart disease, Edith, aged 15 years 9 months, youngest daughter of John and Laura Kline.

The second daughter of Mr. John Kline passed from earth on Thanksgiving morning, turning a day which is one of joy to the people of the land to one of mourning in this family. But Edith had been sick some months, most of the time being prostrated on her couch. She was a beautiful young lady, endeared to all by her amiability of disposition and many graces of personal worth. Her loss is a sore and severe one, to the family especially, with whom she was an especial favorite, and to a wide acquaintance which admired and loved her. Her funeral was attended on Sunday at St. John Episcopal church, which was very full, besides a large throng which was not able to gain admission. The remains were encased in a rich casket borne by six youthful pallbearers of her age, who conveyed it into the church, and also to the grave. Rev. Dr. Lefflingwell of St. Mary's school, Knox county, conducted the services, which were unusually solemn. In that church had the young lady been baptized and confirmed, and it was fitting that from it she should be borne to that silent rest that knows no waking. The procession was very long. Visitors at the funeral from abroad, Mrs. John Hepperly of Lincoln, Robert Green of Peoria, and Mrs. Henry Griffin of Castleton, mother, brother and sister of Mrs. Kline.

Edward Kline Infant

March 30, 1876

Died in this city, March 28, infant daughter of Edward Kline, aged 29 days

George Kline


September 16, 1869

Died in this city, September 2, George Kline, aged 82 years.

Old Settlers Gone

Old Father Kline, one of the old settlers of Marshall county and Henry township died last week at the advanced age of 82 years. He has seen long services in the battle of life, and died respected and beloved by a large circle of connections and friends. He was a soldier, and had the honor to serve under Napoleon Bonaparte during the entire campaign against the Spanish. He moved to Henry from the old country in 1841 and has lived upon the place he bough then from that time until his death, fulfilling a life of industry, faithfulness, and that of a good citizen. He was buried by his Catholic friends, who will ever revere the memory and example of the good Christian brother.

George W. Kline

August 14, 1879

Died in Henry, Aug. 8, George W. Kline, aged 55 years, 11 months, 14 days, senior member of the lumber firm of Kline & Law of this city.

Death of Mr. G. W. Kline

"In the midst of life we are in death" was never more strikingly felt than in the death of Mr. G. W. Kline which took place on Friday afternoon of last week. He was attacked on Wednesday afternoon, was assisted to bed, where in an unconscious condition, he lay until Friday morning. At this time he rallied recognized the various members of the family and friends in the room, but gradually sank into a stupor, and into that sleep that knows no waken, dying about four in the afternoon.

Mr. Kline was born August 23, 1823, at Welsh Run, Maryland, near the boundary line of Pennsylvania, but spent more of his early life in the latter state, where he married Miss Catherine Elliott, by whom he had eight children, two in Pennsylvania, and six in Illinois since his arrival to this state some 21 years ago. Seven children survive their father and mother. A subsequent marriage took place in October, 1876, the bride being Miss Tillie E. Hawker, who is left a widow.

Mr. Kline formerly lived at Canton, where he carried on a nursery. Subsequently he bought a farm near Bradford which he carried on for several years. Later he entered the lumber business here with E. G. Green, as Green & Kline, but shortly after bought out the interest of his partner and conducted the business alone, until he sold the yard to A. M. Pool two years ago, when he formed a partnership with J. C. Law, which relationship he held at the time of his death. Mr. Kline formerly owned several farms west of Henry, but the stately residence with 10 acres on Western avenue, and the 80 acres adjoining is now all the real estate.

The funeral took place Sunday afternoon from the residence, being one of the largest concourse of sympathizing citizens that have gathered on such an occasion in this section. Rev. W. Tracy of Lacon conducted the religious services, assisted by Rev. Mr. Moore. The remains were encased in a rich casket, the pall bearers being J. H. Jones, J. L. Jones, J. D. Culton, C. Gould, W. W. Stetson, J. C. Law. Eighty-five carriages made up the long procession as it filed away to the "city of the dead." Among the relatives present were his mother Elizabeth Kline, 83 years of age, and brother Andrew, both of whom live near Canton; Jacob Klein, another brother of Saratoga township; and sisters Mrs. David Duffield of Whitefield, Mrs. Robert Harrison of Saratoga, and Mrs. Joseph D. Higgs of Trivoli, Peoria county. Mrs. George Miller of Piat county and Mrs. Thomas D. Higgs of Storm Lake, Iowa, two other sisters, were unable to be present. A married son John, and daughter, a Mrs. Denman, both of Kansas, were present, and will remain here until next week.

The estate is quite large, approximating $20,000 in value. The administrators will probably be the widow Mrs. Tillie E. Kline and son, Benjamin A. Kline.

Mrs. Katherine Kline


December 22, 1870

In Henry, Dec. 2nd, Katherine, aged 19 years, 7 months and 6 days, wife of George W. Kline

May Kline

October 27, 1881

Died in Henry, Oct. 22, of diphtheria, Lizzie May, 15 years 2 days, youngest daughter of the late George W. Kline

John Koch

Taken From the Henry Republican

March 16, 1882

Died in this city, March 11, of dropsy, John Koch, 66.

The mortal remains of Mr. John Koch, to grocer, were consigned to mother earth on Monday at the German Catholic cemetery. Mr. Koch has been a long sufferer from dropsy, yielding his life thereto on Saturday night. Mr. Koch was a native of Grossostheim, Bavaria, born march 14, 1815. He emigrated to the United States in 1845, locating on a farm near Buffalo, N.Y. Afterward he moved into Buffalo, and embarked in the dry goods and grocery business, in which he continued for 13 years. While living there he was prosperous in business and was a man of influence and position. He held the office of poll inspector for three years. He was also elected commissioner of excise, and in a sharp contest won by the handsome majority of 900 votes. He also was influential in the church, being president of the St. Louis society and cashier of the church. He was also a member of Concordia Lodge No. 183 of A.F.&A.M., and held the high positions of Junior Warden and secretary in the lodge. He moved to Henry in 1859, where he has since resided. For some years he was engaged in the grocery business, but a few years ago relinquished it on account of bodily infirmity, which has finally ended his life. He had a life insurance policy of $2000 on the Phoenix Life of Hartford, which goes to the family, a wife and four children. The funeral was held at the German church, Rev Father Hout celebrating mass for the dead, and making a few appropriate remarks. The family are very grateful and request us to return our sincere thanks to all who have so feelingly tendered sympathy and aid during Mr. Koch's illness. A sister, Mrs. Geo. Heiler, resided here, and a brother, Ignatius, still resides at Buffalo.

Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Kocher (nee Rowe)

Taken From the Henry News Republican

January 14, 1915

Anna Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sampson Rowe, was born on the farm homestead of the family in Whitefield township, this county, Feb. 17, 1877. Her early life was spent with her parents on the farm. On March 6, 1901, she was united in marriage with Jacob W. Kocher. One child, a son, Forest, was born ot this union, who with her heart-broken husband and father now mourn the death of the loved wife and mother. For sevearl years Mrs. Kocher has been in failing health and the great white plague fastened itself upon her. The end of all things in this life came to her at their hom west of Henry on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 1915. She being at that time 37 years, 10 months and 18 days of ago.

Mrs. Kocher espoused the Christian life in her girlhood, uniting with the M. E. church, of which she remained a faithful member to the day of her death. A husband, son, father and mother and five brothers and hosts of friends and neighbors mourn the untimely dath of a patient, devoted wife, a loving indulgent mother, a considerate self-sacrificing daughter and sister and a kind, charitable neighbor and friend. The funeral services conducted by her pastor, Rev. J. E. Mereer, were from the M. E. church on Friday, Jan. 8. Interment in the Henry cemetery, conducted by A. B. Smith, mortician, with her five brothers and a cousin, William Rowe, acting as casket bearers.

Mrs. Israel Koehler

April 29, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Bethlehem, Pa., April 22, of chronic diarrhea, Mrs. Salome Smith, aged 66, mother of Mrs. Israel Koehler of this city.

Frank Kohl


December 5, 1902


Frank Kohl, better known as "Big Frank", died rather suddenly Monday night. He had been sick since Tuesday with some kind of stomach troubles. He was buried at the Lutheran cemetery Wednesday afternoon and not withstanding that day was stormy and disagreeable, he had a large funeral. Deceased was a native of Germany but came to this country when quite young. He tended bar for Dick Dunne for several years, but at the time of his death was working for Ed Fitzpatrick in a like capacity. Frank was an honest, big hearted, good natured fellow, who was his own worst enemy. He was good to everybody but himself, and although he worked all the time, when he died he didn't leave a dollar. His friends took up a collection to pay the funeral expenses.

Ray Kohler

August 25, 1881

In Evans township, Aug. 19, Ray, 9 months, 18 days, only child of Myers and Ida Kohler.

August 18, 1881

Varna: Again the death angel has been in our midst. This time calling away little Ray, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Myers Kohler, aged 9 months. The funeral services took place at their home Wednesday, August 10, conducted by the Rev. Wotring of Wenona.

William Korkill


October 5, 1871

In this city, Oct. 3, from an accident by cars, William Korkill, aged 34, recently from the Isle of Mann.

Infant Daughter of Professor J. Kost


May 28, 1868

Died in this city, May 17, Ida, infant daughter of Professer J. Kost, age 9 months.

Samuel Kreider

(Courtesy Dianne Croak <kec@cowtown.net>)

Tonica Newspaper, June 30, 1899

"Death of Samuel Kreider"

Funeral services were held at the house at 1 o'clock last Friday afternoon, largely attended by neighbors and also by friends from a distance. Elder Downey spoke of the deceased as one of nature's noble men. He had known him intimately for more than forty years and always found him the same honest, straight-forward citizen in all his relations with his fellow men. The Elder remarked that the world too little appreciates the real worth of such a man. We are too apt to look to the great and distinguished for examples of noble living, while the ones in humble life, doing their part equally well, escape our notice. Deceased had grandly filled his mission as one of the pioneers who did hard work in preparing this state for early settlement.

Elder Downey talked of the future life in a way that won the attentione of his hearers and comforted all sad hearts. He said it was twenty years ago in May that he performed a similiar service for the wife of the deceased, it being his first funeral sermon. After this service, in which was included the singing of appropriate hymns, the remains were taken to the Cumberland cemetery on Sandy for burial.

Samuel Kreider was born Oct. 15, 1816 in Washington county Penn. (PA.) Moved to Fulton county, Illinois, in 1835. Was married to Katharine Reed, Jan. 25, 1844. Of this union were born six children: Sabina J., John R., George W, William H., James W. and Wilson E. Of these, George, James and Wilson survive, and were all present at the funeral, as was also the widow of John Kreider from Chenoa, Ill. George lives in Quincy, ILL, James in Forest City, Mo., Wilson in Tonica. Deceased moved to Putnam County in 1849 and located near Caledonia, and later lived in Marshall county, moving into Tonica in 1892. He died of pneumonia, June 22, 1899, after a sickness of about two weeks.

The subject of this notice was raised in the Old School Presbyterian faith and was a firm believer in that doctrine. His wife being a Primitive Baptist, he readily fell in with them, and for many years joined in with them in their worship. Mr. Kreider was a man of sterling integrity, living an honest and industrious life and thus setting a good example to his family and all around him. "An honest man is the noblest work of God."

Walter Kreider

Taken From the Henry Republican

March 16, 1882

Died in Evans township, Feb. 28, of dropsy, Walter, 5 years, 8 months 18 days, son of John R. Kreider

Mr. Lancaster's child

November 3, 1881 - Sparland

The funeral of Mr. Lancaster's child was preached at the M. E. church Sunday night and the funeral of Mr. Stafford's children will be preached at the same place next Sunday evening.

Joseph Krenz

May 29, 1879

Died in this city, May 24, Joseph Krenz, aged 71 years.

Death of Father Krenz

Another of the old veterans was laid to rest on Sunday, amid the tears of a wide community of friends and citizens. Joseph Krenz, the subject of this article, was born in the province of Posen, Prussia. He married in the old country, where all the children, 11 in number, were born, except Frank, who is a native of this city. Father Krenz was a harness maker by trade, and followed it up to the time of his death, having a shop on Second street, opposite the public square. All of his sons were learned in the business, except one, and they all follow it for a livelihood. Mr. Krenz's father was also a harness maker, and for three generations back the ancestry followed this business. The estate consists of the homestead, two business buildings, and a lot on Second street, and the store building occupied by J. D. Stubbles in this city; a business stand in Peoria, and a city lot in Tolona.

Mr. Krenz's death was caused by invagination of the bowels, and was ill but three days. His aged wife being helpless from a recent fall, in which both arms were badly broken, made the death of Father Krenz seem keener and more painful to all the family. His age was 71, leaving a legacy of industry, frugality, economy, integrity, and a Christian life and example to his children and the community, worthy of pattern. He reared a large family, now all married, respectable and respected citizens, and all well to do in the world, and all members of the church. The funeral was held at the German Catholic church, at three o'clock Sunday afternoon. The altar was draped in black in honor of the occasion. The sacred edifice was very full of sympathizing friends of all nationalities. Father Shamoni conducted the services in German, and at the close of the mass for the dead, pronounced a short eulogy upon the deceased. The procession to the cemetery was very long. At the grave as the funeral rite of the church was concluded, clods of earth and the badges of morning worn by the sons of the deceased, were dropped upon the coffin by the mourning family, and a solemn requiem sang by the Mannerchor closed the exercises.

Katharine Reed Krider

(Kreider was spelled Krider in the paper) (Courtesy Dianne Croak <kec@cowtown.net>)

May 29, 1879, Wenona Index

"An Old Resident Gone"

On Sunday, May 25th, Katharine, wife of Mr. Samuel Krider, died at the family residence, in Bennington township, of consumption, aged 57 years and 4 days. Mrs. Krider was born in Park Co., Indiana, in 1826. Her maiden name was Katharine Reed. In 1836, her parents removed to Knox county, where they resided for many years. In 1844, she was married to Mr. Samuel Krider, and in 1857, they took up their residence in Marshall county, where they have since resided. She leaves four sons, two of whom are married. On Tuesday last, the remains were conveyed to their last resting place, at the Cumberland cemetery, on Sandy, followed by a large number of friends. Mr. John Downey conducted the funeral services, (in the absence of the minister who was expected, but did not arrive in time,) and made some very appropriate remarks. Mr. and Mrs. Krider have always been loked upon as among our best people and were greatly respected by all who knew them.

Katharine Reed Krider

(Kreider was spelled Krider in the paper) (Courtesy Dianne Croak <kec@cowtown.net>)

May 29, 1879, Wenona Index

"An Old Resident Gone"

On Sunday, May 25th, Katharine, wife of Mr. Samuel Krider, died at the family residence, in Bennington township, of consumption, aged 57 years and 4 days. Mrs. Krider was born in Park Co., Indiana, in 1826. Her maiden name was Katharine Reed. In 1836, her parents removed to Knox county, where they resided for many years. In 1844, she was married to Mr. Samuel Krider, and in 1857, they took up their residence in Marshall county, where they have since resided. She leaves four sons, two of whom are married. On Tuesday last, the remains were conveyed to their last resting place, at the Cumberland cemetery, on Sandy, followed by a large number of friends. Mr. John Downey conducted the funeral services, (in the absence of the minister who was expected, but did not arrive in time,) and made some very appropriate remarks. Mr. and Mrs. Krider have always been loked upon as among our best people and were greatly respected by all who knew them.

Mrs. Angie Kroodsma


July 1, 1869

At Danver Station, Iraquois County, June 20, Angie, wife of John Kroodsma, formerly of Henry.

Our obituary column chronicles the death of the beloved wife of John Kroodsma in Iraquois county, who died suddenly on the 20th alt., who is well known to many of our citizens, having lived about Henry for the last 15 years. A girl born on the 11th inst., survives the deceased. The death was almost fully unexpected. The friends supposed she was past danger. The loss is almost irreparable to the devoted husband.

Henry Kroper
The Henry Republican, Henry IL, October 9, 1879
In Saratoga township, October 6, Henry, nine months, infant son of Valentine Kroper.

Sophia Ksyki
The Henry Republican, Henry IL, October 31, 1872
Died in this city, Oct. 24, of typhoid fever, Sophia, aged 22 years, daughter of S. Ksyki

Floyd Kunkle
The Henry Republican, Henry IL, August 2, 1883
Died July 27, 1883 in Richland Township, Floyd Kunkle, 5 years 10 months, reported by Dr. I. H. Reeder.

Catherine Kuss
The Henry Republican, Henry IL, October 3, 1872
In this city, Sept 29, of cholera infantum, Catherine, aged 2 years, daughter of Mathias and Martha Kuss.


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