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 Lewis Lahman

September 23, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in this city, Sept. 29, of old age, Lewis Lahman, aged 88 years.

Samuel Laible


May 1900

On Sunday morning early, May 6, father Samuel Laible fell asleep in Jesus, at his home, after an illness of two weeks, during which time he received the loving care of all the members of his family. The deceased was born near Ulm in the kingdom of Wertemberg, Germany and received Christian baptism in his infancy in the Evangelical church of his native state, and as he had grown up became a member of the same by confirmation. He came to this country in the year 1854 and settled at first in Canton, Ohio, from that place he went to Ottawa, Ill., and soon after to Lacon, Ill., where he engaged in mechanical work. In 1857 he was married to Miss Catherine Hartlieband in 1865 he moved on the farm. Their union being blessed with two sons and five daughters, all of whom survive him while their mother died in 1870. In the year 1871 he was married again to Mary Fry, who with his step-daughter survives him.

On Friday April 20, 1900, at his home, he suddenly took sick, which in the divine Providence led to his departure from this life at the age of 68 years, 3 months and 28 days. This departed fellow brother and citizen was a faithful husband, a kind and indulgent father, a pious and active member of the German Evangelical Reformed church of Washburn, a helpful and esteemed neighbor, whom we shall miss from among us.

On Tuesday morning May 8, at 8:30 a large concourse of friends and neighbors gathered with the mourning family at the house where brief consolatory services were conducted by his pastor, Rev. C. Wisner in German, and by Rev. C. M. Lawrence of the U.P. church in English, after which the remains were taken to Lacon to the Congregational church where further burial services were held by the above mentioned ministers; the choir of the Reformed church rendering appropriate sacred songs. Then the earthly form was laid to its final resting place in the Lacon cemetery in the hope of a resurrection unto life eternal through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Mrs. Margaret Landers

November 24, 1881

Died in Whitefield Township, Nov. 23, of old age, at the residence of her son, Margaret, 72 years, 10 months, mother of Thomas Landers. Funeral on Friday. Procession will leave the house of Thomas Landers at Whitefield at 10 o'clock. Services at St. Joseph's Catholic Church at 11:00 a. m. in this city.

December 1, 1881

Mrs. Margaret Landers, mother of Thomas Landers of Whitefield, with whom she has lived several years, was buried from St. Joseph's church on Sunday forenoon. In the absence of Rev. Father Quigley, the pastor, Rev. Father Shamoni officiated, saying mass for the venerable dead. The body was interred in the Catholic cemetery in the lower part of the township. The attendance of friends of the deceased was quite large.

Cornelius Lane

January 9, 1873

AT Lacon, Jan. 2, of congestion of the brain, Cornelius Lane, aged 23 years.

Mrs. Roxey Ann Larkins

February 27, 1873

In this city, Feb. 24, of congestive chill, Roxey Ann, aged 55 years, wife of the late Avander P. Larkins.

David L. Law


March 12, 1868

In this city, March 8, after a protracted illness, David L. Law, age 62 years.

Martha Lillian Laws

October 16, 1873

At Lacon, Sept. 27, Martha Lillian, aged 8 months, daughter of N M. Laws, Esq.

Leon Layton


March 21, 1872

At Wenona, March 9, of scarlet fever, Leon, aged 3, son of Thomas Layton;

Mrs. Mary Leary

October 29, 1874

At Chicago, October 16, Mary, aged 26 years, wife of Jerry Leary, and sister of Mrs. Edwin Hoyt of this city.

Lebart Infant

October 29, 1874

At Varna, oct. 21, infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Lebart.

Joseph W. Lee

August 27, 1874

At Edwardsburg, Mich., August 24, Joseph W. Lee, aged 69, father of Mrs. B. Edmiston of this city.

Mrs. Maria Lee

February 4, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Edwardsburg, Mich., Feb. 2, of typhoid pneumonia, Mrs. Maria Lee, aged 74, mother of Mrs. B. Edmiston of this city.

Christopher William Leffingwell

July 24, 1879

Died in this city, July 18, Col. Christopher William Leffingwell, aged 68 years

Col. C. W. Leffingwell passed to the unfathomed shore on Friday morning last, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. C. M. Topping, on Main street. He has been an invalid for some months, and much of a sufferer. The colonel was a native of Albany, N.Y. He was married to Miss Mary A. Hileman at Canoe Creek, Pa., in 1834, by whom he had 12 children, six of whom are still living. The mother died seven years ago. After his marriage Mr. Leffingwell studied law, and for the past 40 years had been a practicing lawyer. When the war broke out he entered the service of his country, serving as quartermaster, with promotions to rank as captain and thence as colonel. He came to Henry in 1877 and has resided here and Peoria since that time up to the time of his death. He was quite an intelligent man - a democrat in sympathy, and a very enthusiastic green backer, writing quite extensively on the subject of paper currency and inflation, most of his articles appearing in Pomeroy's Democrat, a paper he read much and its publisher he held in great respect. His funeral was attended by a large concourse of sympathizing friends, the house having about all it could contain. Dr. C. Davis officiated, reading the New Church burial service. The deceased expressed a wish to be buried beside his wife and children at Grand Rapids, Mich., which request will be complied with at a future time, but for the present the body will lay at rest in the new cemetery. His son Henry was present at the obsequies from Michigan. Mr. Leffingwell had led an active life, raised a large family, and at one time had much property.

Mrs. Caroline Lehman

March 27, 1879

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in this city, March 26, of dropsy of the heart, Mrs. Caroline Lehman, aged 69 years 3 months, widow of the late Lewis Lehman and mother of Mrs. A. L. Gilpin of this city. -- Funeral to-morrow (Friday) at 10 a.m. at the M. E. church.

April 3, 1879

Local department - personal

The remains of Mrs. Caroline Lehman, were interred in the Tom Weir cemetery, some 7 miles east of town. She had been afflicted some time with dropsy and was the mother of Mrs. A. L. Gilpin. The funeral was held at the M. E. church in this city on Friday of last week.

Mrs. Ed Leigh

January 6, 1881, Vicinity News, LaPrairie

Taken From the Henry Republican

We regretfully announce the sudden death of Mrs. Ed. Leigh. In many hearts is left an aching void that can not be filled.

Elisha N. Leigh


March 23, 1871

In La Prairie, Marshall county, Ill., in great peace, March 15th, Elisha N. Leigh, aged 72 years. He was born in New Jersey. When quite young moved to Ohio, and 42 years ago located in Illinois. He was an early settler in La Prairie town locating on the school section, and broke the first furrow to that vicinity for a public highway, etc. He was a man of strong constitution, and did not lact for energy. He had accumulated an abundance of full worlds goods to make him comfortable and happy; was always very liberal to relieve the suffering and to advance the cause of morality and Christianity, being a zealous member of the M. E. church. At an early day he urged the building of a church near the center of the town, the erection of which was soon effected, the subject of this sketch taking about one-third of the burden upon himself, the church costing about $2000. It was common for him, when a certain amount was to be raised for benevolent purposes to individually see that it was all raised by himself bringing up the arrearages. He did not admire the notion which is (....?...) too prevalent now a days of carry (..?..) unsettled business. He quite su(..?..) sold his farm and all of his personal property, to be relieved of temporal anxiety. This effected, he said, he was going to make preparation for the spirit. Said his son, A. F. Leigh, had bought his farm, made his father and (..?..) were to spend their days with him. But the days of his father were few. He was taken suddenly while setting in a rocking chair at B. A. Hill's, his son-in-law, and died in about 15 minutes. When his son Ames came, he said, "Father you seem to be failing: "Yes", he said "I am failing fast." he was perfectly sensible to the last, and said he was fully prepared to go.

Mrs. Isabella Leigh

Taken From the Courier, Henry, IL

December 4, 1857

Died at her residence in La Prairie, November 25, Mrs. Isabella, wife of James B. Leigh, age 22 years.

Mrs. Leigh
The Henry Republican, April 12, 1883
Old Mother Leigh, mother of Amos and Charles Leigh, died at the residence of her son in La Prairie on last Sunday evening. She was born in 1796 and was buried on last Tuesday.

Jacob Lenz

April 22, 1915

We learn from our exchanges of the death of Jacob Lenz, one of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of Varna, who died in the hospital in Streator last week. He had only been sick two weeks. Ten days before his death he was in Lacon and took dinner with his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Louis Lenz. That evening when he went home he complained of pains in his abdomen. He rapidly continued to grow worse and was taken to Streator where an operation was performed but it was of no avail and he died as stated above. The doctors called it strangulation of the intestines and gall stones. Mr. Lenz was 79 years old and leaves a wife, four daughters and one son. All live within a few miles of Varna. The daughters are Mrs. Chas. Schwanke, Mrs. Albert Vosberg, Mrs. Fred Arndt and Mrs. Reinhold Kitzman. The son is Edward Lentz. The oldest son was Louis A. Lenz, who was sheriff and county treasurer and who died several years ago. Fed, the other son, died in Texas three years ago. There are thirteen grandchildren.

Jacob Lenz was born in Germany. He came to this country when 17 years old. When the war of the rebellion broke out he enlisted and was under Gen. Rosencranz's command. When he came home from the war he married Miss Augusta Kemnitz and they settled on a farm in Bennington township, where he accumulated considerable property and leaves his family well provided for. A few years ago he retired from active work and moved to Varna to enjoy the fruits of his thrift and industry. Mr. Lenz was a good man and a good neighbor and many a silent tear was dropped when it was said that he was dead. The funereal took place from the German Lutheran church in Varna and was largely attended.

Henry Linse

August 28, 1873

Died in this city, Aug. 22, of cholera infantum, Henry, aged 9 months, son of Florian and Henrietta Linse.

Franz Lippert

April 15, 1880

Died in this city, April 8, of heart disease, Franz Lippert 79 years 10 months 28 days.

Father Franz Lippert, the oldest citizen of Henry, fell from his chair a corpse about nine o'clock on Thursday evening of last week. The cause is attributed to heart disease or apoplexy. He had been wet all day, and ate a hearty supper. He also went to bed without complaining, but about nine got up and went into the kitchen, feeling pain in his limbs, and soon after taking a chair, fell over, and was dead. Had he lived until the 10th of May he would have been 80 years of age. Father Lippert was born in Bavaria, at Esdohl on the Rhine. In 1851 he left Germany with his wife and the five survivors of 11 children and located in Illinois. His children have grown up around him. Lawrence and Adam being well-to-do farmers in Putnam county, one daughter Mrs. Adam Peterman, residing in Henry and another daughter in Henry county, Nicholas, a son, died a few years ago. His wife died in 1871; that year their golden wedding was celebrated, an event the old people enjoyed very much with their many German friends. Mr. Lippert was a fine musician, and though of an age "to hang up the fiddle and bow," he plied the resin with greater zeal than ever, and was always present among the musicians in most of the dances in the place. This was truly remarkable for a man of his age. Father Lippert was highly esteemed, his funeral which took place at the German church Sunday afternoon, being one of the largest ever held in our city. The procession embraced a long line of carriages and buggies.

Mother M. Liquori

March 10, 1881 - Vicinity News, Lacon

On Friday evening of last week, Mother M. Liquori, mayor of the order of mercy at Lacon died of typhoid fever, caused by great degree by grief for her sister, Agnes who died a short time ago. She had been a member of the order for 30 years. She was a convert from the Episcopal church. She came to Lacon about 2 1/2 years ago from Kentucky.

Samuel Litle


August 6, 1868

Died in Saratoga, Marshall county, July 21, Samuel Litle, aged 68 years.

Mr. Litle was born in Bedford county, Pennsylvania in the year 1800. Here he learned his trade as a blacksmith; was married at the age of 25, and emigrated to Peoria, Ill., in 1850. In 1856 he moved to Saratoga, Marshall county, where he lived a moral and quiet life, working most of the time at blacksmithing. He was a man much esteemed by all who knew him; was a great lover of truth and honesty, and was a kind husband and affectionate father. He leaves a wife and nine children to mourn his loss. He seemed to have been a man of rough exterior, but behind this was the finest of feeling. He was a good drummer and excelled in execution on other instruments. After a lingering illness of many weeks, on July 24th, surrounded by his wife and eight of his children, with a smile on his countenance, he went quietly to sleep. The wife of his youth still lives, who soothed his suffering, and comforted him as he went down slowly but sweetly to the tomb. Although in the midst of harvest, the remains were followed to the grave by a large concourse of relatives and friends. His religiious views were but little known, but when he came to the cold waters of death, he expressed himself ready and willing to go; that death had not come to him as a thief in the night, but that his house was in order, and he ready to go into the hands of a just God, "who doeth all things well." O for a happy and peaceful death.

Mrs. Barbara Lippert


October 13, 1871

Died in this city, Oct. 11, Barbara, wife of Frank Lippert, aged 71 years.

Son of George Locke

July 30, 1874

Died in this city, July 26, infant son of George N. and Samantha Locke.

John Locke

Taken From the Henry Republican

September 5, 1878

Died at his residence, in this city, Sept. 2, John Locke, in the 76th year of his age.

Death of Three "Old Settlers"

The ranks of the old settlers are being thinned fast. One by one they are being gathered to their rest. We give below the names of three whom the inexorable reaper has called away. Coming here at the early settlement of the country, their lies were full of trials and privations, but nobly pushing on through them all, they attained to an honored old age, universally respected and esteemed.

The deceased was born in Barrington, N. H., December 11, 1802. He was married to Catharine Tucker, March 2, 1832, with whom he lived 16 years, leaving a family of seven children at her death. Of this number three are living. In October 1850, Mr. Locke was married to Mrs. Hannah Locke, who survives him. Since 1850 the deceased has lived in Henry and vicinity with the exception of five years sojourn in Minnesota. He was rigidly honest in business, always paying and exacting to the last penny; upright in character, sociable in private life. To be conscious of duty with him was to act; not write out faults, "no man is perfect, no not one." Always reverential and devout; yet not a member of any church, until listening to the "story of the cross: and the goodness of God, as the life giving and healing words fell from the lips of his beloved pastor, the Rev. J. S. Glendenning, his heart softened, Christ entered in, and he became an active Christian man. His virtues were known best to his family and intimate friends, who will ever cherish them with fond memories. Thus has passed away a life filled with sunshine and shadow; the sunshine growing brighter as the sands of life slowly ran out. Funeral obsequies will take place this morning at the Congregational church, Rev. John S. Glendenning will officiate, assisted by Rev. E. C. Wayman.

Leonard S. Locke

November 7, 1872

In Princeton, Oct. 31, of consumption of the bowels, Leonard S., aged 19 months, son of George Monroe and Samantha E. Locke of this city.

Silas Locke

May 26, 1881

Died at ST. James Minn., May 23, Silas Locke, 37, brother of Mrs. E. Hutchins of this city.

Silas H. Locke of St. James, Minn., had been very sick for some time, and a few days ago was thought to be at death's door. His venerable mother, Mrs. John Locke was sent for, who arrived safe, and who writes that Mr. Locke's condition has improved though she thinks he is not entirely out of danger. Later intelligence is to the effect that he died on Monday last. He leaves a family which will sadly miss a husband and father. His age was about 37.

Benjamin Lombard

Taken From the Henry Republican

May 25, 1882

The Chicago papers of Saturday chronicled the death of Mr. Benjamin Lombard in that city, which took place last Friday morning at 188 Eugenie street. Mr. Lombard had been ailing for some time, but the immediate cause of his death was paralysis of the brain. He was a native of Truro, Mass., born in 1815. While yet a lad, of an adventuresome disposition, he came westward to Pike county, engaged in merchandising and pork packing. Selling out his interest there in 1840 or '42 he came to Henry, where he embarked in the real estate business, and with such business sagacity and success, that he soon was numbered among the wealthiest of the land owners here. He owned land in all parts of the county, dealt extensively in land patents and tax titles, and transacted a very large business. He took a lively interest in the organization of Henry into a township and a city, and was one of its leading influential men, though would never accept a public office. The C.R.I.&P.R.R. depot was built on land donated by him to the railroad company, and two additions to the city bear his name. The leading hotel here also bore his name, and flourished grandly until a fire destroyed it, but was not rebuilt. The Durham mansion and grounds, one mile west of the city, were formerly known as the Lombard place, being the finest country seat at the time (1850) in this part of the state.

Afterwards he moved to Chicago, where he engaged in real estate speculations, and become very wealthy. In the days of his prosperity he devoted land and money to found a Universalist College at Galesburg, and it was named Lombard University in honor of its founder. In 1859 he became president of the Union Insurance and Trust Co., which had an office in his own building, the Lombard block on Monroe street. In February, 1864, Mr. Lombard helped to organize the Fourth national bank, and was elected its first president. In 1870 he was president of the Real Estate, Loan & Trust Co., afterwards the Franklin bank. The fire of 1874 was a severe blow to Mr. Lombard, sweeping away the accumulations of years, and he never afterwards recovered a tithe of what he lost. He speculated again, however, and was connected with the national Life Insurance Co., as president and manager until its failure - the assets at the time of its wind-up being almost nil. Some years later Mr. Lombard went to Texas for his health, being completely broken down. He returned from Texas and loved for awhile at Shenandoah. The at Galesburg, where he took charge of a hotel. Six months ago he returned to Chicago in broken health, settling his house in order, and finally yielding up his life at the home of one of his children.

Mr. Lombard was married the third time, and his last wife and six children - four sons and two daughters survive him. One of the sons is a cadet midshipman in the navy. The remains were taken to Boston, Mass., for interment.

Ann Jennette Loomis


June 20, 1872

Died in Henry, June 17, of cerebro-spinal meningitis, Ann Jennette, aged 7 years, daughter of Benjamin and Felena Loomis.

Mrs. Anna S. Loomis


August 19, 1870

Mrs. Anna S. Loomis, Formerly of this city; died at the residence of Mr. Wm. Blood, in Stanta Barbar, California; August 5th, at the age of 32 years, 9 months and 9 days. Mrs. Loomis was born in Rahway, New Jersey; october 27th, 1837; when she was 14 years of age her parents moved to henry township; where she was married, and resided till last spring; her health failing, her husband sought change of climate as the only hope for her recovery, nor could that avail, from the first of her illness she seemed impressed that her sickness was unto death; and setting her house in order, waited patiently for the summons, then trusting in Jesus passed calmy and happily to the throne on high. Whe was an affectionate wife, a devoted mother, and a faithful friend.

Mrs. Julia A. Lombard

Taken From the Courier, Henry, IL

November 15, 1857

Died as suddenly on Thursday evening, the 5th, inst. at her residence in Cambridge, Mass., Julia A., wife of Benjamin Lombard.

Mrs. Lucinda Lombard

August 26, 1880

Died in Saratoga township, Aug. 18, of internal cancer in the breast, Lucinda, 52, wife of Charles K. Lombard

Saratoga - We are sorry to say that Charles Lombard's wife died of cancer last Friday.

Mrs. C. K. Lombard of Saratoga township was buried last Friday. An excellent woman, devoted wife and tender mother has gone to rest. It was the largest funeral ever held in the township and so highly was she esteemed by her neighbors, and so deeply did they sympathize with the bereft family, that they turned out en masse for miles around. Rev. S. H. Brown of Whitefield conducted the services.

Mrs. Lombard was born in Ware, Me., and where she was married to Mr. Lombard in 1851. For many years they have lived in the state, and in the township where she died. Their domestic life has been a sad one, because death has robbed it of five of their eight children. Four of them, in 10 days, were taken away by diphtheria. This was very crushing to Mrs. Lombard, and her grief could hardly be assuaged in all the years after. This state of feeling was also greatly intensified by death of a son, 16 years old, a year or so after, a beautiful young man, and the pride and idol of his parents. ... Later a cancer made its appearance, doing its fell work. Last week Wednesday "this mortal put on immortality" - she departed to see her children. It is a sad blow to Mr. L. even though he realized the inexorable necessity, and in this desolation, disappointments, sorrow and bereavement he has the heartfelt sympathy of a circle of friends wide as his acquaintance extends. Mrs. Lombard was lady of much culture, and was an uncommonly interesting woman. She had mental gifts and accomplishments above the average, and excellencies of character and taste that won a place and will be long cherished in the hearts and respect of all who knew her.

Etta C. Lord


December 10, 1868

Died near Wenona, Nov. 25, Etta C., infant daughter of James B. and Serina Lord, age 3 months.

Mrs. Senena Lord

December 3, 1874

Died in Richland township, Nov. 2, of typhoid fever, Senena, aged 42 years, wife of James B. Lord.

Chris Lornzoni


Toluca, Marshall Co. IL, September 27, 1901

Chris Lornzoni was down town as usual Wednesday and died Thursday noon. Ulceration of the stomach was the cause of death. Funeral at 10 a.m. tomorrow from St. Ann's church.

Toluca, Marshall Co. Illinois, Friday, October 4, 1901


Christopher Lorenzoni, a short notice of whose death we gave last week, was born in Tyrol 42 years ago. He came to this country about thirteen years ago. Ulceration of the stomach was the cause of his death. Deceased served as justice of the peace, town clerk of Bennington township, and at the time of his death was a member of the Toluca Board of Education. He was a member of the Stella'd Italis and of the Independent Order of Foresters. His funeral services were conducted by Rev. Father O'Brian and was largely attended. Deceased was a man of more than ordinary intelligence and could converse well in Italian, German, Polish and English. He was a good citizen. He leaves a widow and three children to mourn his loss.

Barbary Louis


April 21, 1870

Died in this city, March 28, of measles and lung fever, Barbary, aged 3 years and 4 months, daughter of Michael and Mary J. Louis

Peter Louis

December 2, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

One of our old settlers, Peter Louis, died suddenly Sunday, at his residence opposite the school house on Wirt street. He was sick but a few hours, and expired while sitting up, so short was the summons. Mr. Louis has lived in Henry 24 years, owns the place where he lived, and was a quiet good citizen. A wife and two small children are bereft of a faithful husband and tender father. His brothers Mathias and Michael reside here, but his only sister lived in Germany. His wife is a sister to Mrs. Mathias Louis and Mrs. Peter Tommes. A large concourse of sympathizing friends attended his funeral Tuesday. Being a shoemaker, at which he worked for a considerable time while residing here, his fellow cordwainers, Messrs. Andrew Fiedler, Henry Watercott, Joseph Duke, Fred. Werner, Alex. Hilb and John Smith, were selected as pallbearers. The funeral procession first went to the German Catholic church, where Father Albrecht paid the last sad honors of his priestly office, thence to the new cemetery, where was is earthly of Mr. L. now reposes.

Michael Louis

March 22, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in this city March 17, after a long illness, Michael Louis, aged 48 years.

Tuesday morning, Michael Louis was born to that country from whence there is no return. He has been an invalid for some seven years, and incapacitated for labor some three years. He was Prussian by birth, but had lived in this country about 27 years. A wife, a daughter of the late John Ford, and five children survive him. Mr. Louis's long sickness had worn him much sympathy, and many kindly offices were tendered him and his family. His wife has been a very efficient assistant in his long suffering, having provided for her family and taken care of her husband, and she has the hearty sympathy of the community in her bereavement and sore trials. The funeral service was largely attended and held at the German Catholic church, ere the body was consigned to the cold "clods of the valley." Rev. Father Von Swedler officiated at the obsequies.

Horace Loveland


September 10, 1868

Died at Sparland, Aug. 23, of heart disease while at the table, Horace Loveland formerly of Hartford, Connecticut, age 68

Mrs. Nancy Lowden


May 25, 1871

In Steuben township, May 16, Mrs. Nancy Lowden, aged 80 years, relect of a deceased revolutionary soldier.

William Davis Lowden

January 23, 1873

Died in this city, Jan. 19, of dropsy of the heart, William Davis Lowden, aged 54 years.

Death of W. D. Lowden

Mr. William D. Lowden of this city fell quietly at rest on Sunday last, at the age of 54 years. He had been sick nearly two years with dropsy of the heart. He was born in Huntingden county, Pa., in March, 1818; married Miss Nancy H. Brasfield in Peoria county, in the state in November 1858, by whom he leaves two children, one a girl of about 14, the other a boy about 10. He was an energetic business man, and at the time of his death owned two quarter sections on Saratoga township, a 96 acre farm in the south part of henry township, and 37 acres at the homestead on Western avenue. The funeral took place at the house Tuesday afternoon, where congregated a large concourse of sympathizing friends, the interment being in charge of the Masonic fraternity of which he was a useful member, member of lodges being present from Whitefield, Sparland, Lacon and Magnolia. He had also been an Odd Fellow for about 20 years. Mr. Lowden had lived in Illinois about 30 years, having made a large acquaintance, and was very generally respected.

Fannie Augusta Lowe

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

July 12, 1866

Died in this city, July 10, of dysentary, Fannie Augusta, daughter of Joseph F. and Emily Lowe, age 1 year and 3 months.

Joseph Lowe


August 5, 1869

Died at Kansas City, Missouri, July 28, Joseph Lowe, age 41 years.

Joseph Lowe's infant

October 6, 1881

Joseph Lowe buried at infant on Tuesday. Its death was from summer complaint, a disease of which thousands of little ones fall victim at this season. Rev. Mr. Glendenning conducted the funeral services at which many friends gathered out of sympathy to the family thus bereft and saddened.

Mrs. Harriet (Dorr) Lowrey

Taken From the Courier, Henry, IL

March 6, 1857

In Hopewell township, La Salle Co. IL, Harriet Lowrey, wife of W. H. Lowrey, formerly resident of this vicinity, a daughter of M. Dorr, Providence.

Samuel Ludington

February 1, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Chicago, Jan. 27, Samuel Ludington of Wenona, aged 46 years. Remains taken to Wenona for burial.

William Frederick Lowe

October 13, 1881

Died in this city, Oct. 3, of summer complaint, William Frederick, 9 months, son of Joseph B. and Alice M. Lowe.

Alice Lundy

October 31, 1872

At Lacon, Oct. 25, Miss Alice Lundy, aged 18.

Herman Lusier


February 22, 1872

Died at Lacon, Feb. 19, of lung fever, Herman Lusier, aged 15.

Patrick Lynch

The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, October 26, 1882

Died in Saratoga township, October 12, of old age, Patrick Lynch, 87, an old resident.

Abijah Lyon

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

March 6, 1866

Died in Whitefield, February 26, after a few days illness, Abijah Lyon, age 76 years. Mr. Lyon was one of the oldest settlers of the township.

Mrs. Sylvia Ann (Wilson)Lyons

May 13, 1915


The lady whose decease is given below was an aunt of J. Howard Williams in this place, and for some years, nearly a half a century ago, was a respected and successful teacher in the schools in the vicinity of Putnam:

Mrs. Sylvia A. Lyons, for 48 years a resident of Buck township, was stricken with apoplexy at her home south of town about 11:30 Monday morning, and died at 1 o'clock without regaining consciousness. The news of her death, could scarcely be credited in Alden as many people had visited with her on the streets and in the stores Saturday afternoon when she was apparently in her usual health and spirits and was planning for her garden and flowers of which she was very fond.

Sylvia Ann Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilson, was born in Mansfield, Ohio, July 19, 1835, and died in Alden, April 12, 1915, at the age of 79 years, 8 months and 23 days. When 4 years old she removed with her parents to Illinois where she remained until her marriage and where upon the completion of her education she taught school for eight years prior to that event. She became a member of the Christian church at Princeton, Ill., in 1852.

In 1867, she was united in marriage with James A. Lyon and came immediately to the farm south of town, where she resided until her death. Four sons were born to this union as follows: J. Arthur; Charlie M.; Edgar M. of Alden, and Willie O., who died Nov. 9, 1889. Mr. Lyon passed away in December , 1898.

Mrs. Lyon was a remarkably bright and active woman for one of her years, very fond of reading and interested in all the affairs of life. She was a faithful wife, a kind and loving mother and a true friend and neighbor, always willing and helpful in times of sickness and need.

Deceased is survived by one sister, Mrs. H. M. Mason of Alden, three sons, seven grandchildren and numerous other relatives. She will also be mourned by many friends and neighbors.

The funeral services were held in the Congregational church in Alden Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. W. G. Muhleman, and interment made in Alden cemetery - Alden (Iowa) Times


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