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 Frank Magahony


June 6, 1902, Front Page

Killed on Track

Frank Magahony, a coal miner, was killed on the T.M. & N. railroad track about four blocks northwest of the depot in Toluca, about half past 9 o'clock, Saturday morning, May 31. Conductor Barton was going out on his regular run. The engine was going backward. Mr. Barton was on top of a freight car several cars back from the engine, and saw some object on the track, but thought first it was a big tumbling weed but when the train got close enough to enable him to see better, he saw it was a man sitting on the track with his head bowed down on his knees. As soon as he discovered it was a man he shouted to the fireman and engineer, but it was too late. The engine ran over him. When the train men went back he gasped once or twice and died. He had been at work in the mines and it is supposed was on his way home when he sat on the track and fell asleep.


Frank Maghey, an account of whose sudden death is published in another column, was buried from St. Ann's church, was buried from St. Ann's church., Monday afternoon. The miners turned out in a body, and made a very large procession. He was laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery. Those who knew him in life speak of him as a man who was good to everybody but himself. He leaves a wife and five children. The family are good honest people and have the sympathy of the community in their trouble.

Mrs. Lucinda Magill

September 25, 1873

At Peru, Sept. 19, suddenly, Lucinda, aged 72, wife of Rev. Matthew Magill, late rector of St. John's Episopal church in this city.

Rev. Matthew Magill

July 12, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died at Selego, Ireland, June 22, Rev. Matthew Magill, aged 77 years, founder of St. John's Episcopal church of this city.

M. S. Mahin
The Bradford Republican, September 17, 1885
M. S. Mahin, a hardware merchant of Henry, Illinois, was taken in a fit while alone in his store and fell upon a lighted lamp, burning himself so severely that he died on the morning of Sept. 12th, 1885.

Timothy Mahoney

Taken From the Henry Republican

May 25, 1882

Timothy Mahoney died at his home near Bradford on Sunday last, after a long illness. He was one of the first settlers in Henry. The farm he died on he purchased of Benjamin Eldridge in 1858. He was a very industrious and successful farmer, and amassed quite an estate. A wife and six children are bereft of a very excellent husband and father. The funeral at Camp Grove cemetery was the largest ever known in Stark county, the procession being over 1 1/4 miles in length. Rev. Father Monohan of Bradford conducted the funeral ceremonies.

Allie Mallory

Taken From the Henry Republican

March 16, 1882

Died in Henry township, March 8, Allie, 10 days, infant of Willard and Mary Mallory. The family are profoundly grateful for the neighborly kindness and generous assistance tendered them in their recent bereavement.

Mary Ellen Mallory

February 10, 1881

Died at Lacon, Feb. 1, of consumption, Mary Ellen, 20 years, 4 months, 28 days, daughter of Rollin C. Mallory.

The eldest daughter of Rollin C. Mallory of Lacon, stricken with consumption, past into the land of the angels on February 1st. She had been confined to hre room about three months. She was a native of Henry, born August 2, 1860, and most of her life was spent here. She was a modest young lady and the idol of her parents, and beloved by a choice circle of acquaintances. The funeral took place on Thursday.

Willard Mallory's Infant Son

December 9, 1880

In Whitefield, Dec. 1, infant son of Willard Mallory, 9 days old.

Willard Judson Mallary

March 4, 1915

Willard Judson Mallary was born near Henry, Ill., Oct. 12, 1853 and died after a brief illness of acute cerebral meningitis, at his home in Henry, Ill., on Feb. 17, 1915, aged 61 years, 4 months and 21 days.

Mr. Mallary was married Feb. 23, 1875 to Miss Mary V. Hankison and they began their married life on a farm in Stark county, Ill., and later moved to the vicinity of Henry. Ten children were born to this union. Mrs. Mallary, one married daughter, Mrs. Gertrude E. Reed, and infant son, have died. Those remaining are Mertle E. Wilson of Hanlantown, Ia.; Mrs. Ethel Medearis of Masonville, Ia.; james H. Mallary of Masonville, Ia.; Mrs. Bessie High of Loanoke, Ark.; Mrs. May Holler of Kewanee, and Fannie H., Jessie and Alfred of home. There are 21 grandchildren, one of them being a little girl born Feb. 22, to Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Medearis of Masonville, Ia. On account of this Mrs. Medearis (Ethel) could not be present. Three nephews, Ed, Lester and Alta Stisser and wife of the latter were present during the last few days of his illness and until after the funeral.

Though living on a rented farm and with a large family to support and educate, he took to his home an aged father and mother and cared for them during their lifetime.

Mr. Mallary, together with his wife, united with the Methodist Episcopal church in their early married life. He was an honest, upright man in his dealings with his fellow-men. He was a trusted employee of the grain companies in this city for many years. A loving father and kind neighbor has gone from our midst and his sudden taking away admonishes us all to be ready for in such an hour as we think not the Son of man may call us away. Mr. Mallary was an honored member and officer of the Modern Woodmen of America.

The funeral services were conducted at 10:30 o'clock am on Monday, March 1, by the pastor, Rev. J. E. Mercer. The Modern Woodmen attended in a body, and conducted the service at the grave. The casket bearers were his neighbors, Fred Raymond, J. R. Robinson, William Siewers, William Kuss, Henry Wombacher and Frank Dwyer.

William B. Mallory

Transcribed by FOFG

"W.B. Mallory, Civil War Veteran, Dead,"

The Elgin Daily News, May 21, 1921, p. 1

William B. Mallory died at 9 o'clock this morning. He was a charter member of the Marengo Harley Wayne post of the G.A.R., but transferred later to Veteran post of Elgin.

He was born March 7, 1836, at Henry Marshall county, Illinois, and enlisted May 24, 1861, in the Fifteenth Illinois infantry, Co. D. He served three years in the Civil war and was discharged June 14, 1864.

Besides his widow he leaves the following children: Roy of Allegar, Mich.; Lucius of Chicago; Willis of Detroit; Harry of Elgin, and Mrs. Alta Stickling of Elgin and 4 grandchildren.

Funeral service will be held at Norris chapel Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Burial will be at Marengo at 3 o'clock.

Willie Edward Mallory

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

October 7, 1865

Died in this city October 4th, of congestion of the liver, Willie Edward, son of R. C. and E. Mallory, aged 3 years, 2 months and 22 days.

Harley Malone

June 10, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Varna, June 7, of consumption, Hartley Malone, aged about 65, post master and an old settler.

Hartley Malone, one of the oldest residents of Roberts township, and a man having somewhat extensive acquaintance in this region, passed away on Monday at Varna. He has been suffering with cancer in the face for years and for the past two years has hardly been able to leave his room, taking his food in liquid form. He had submitted to the knife several times, and as would be expected his sufferings have been most excruciating, and his state a distressful one. He was a prominent man and a useful one in his day; took an ardent interest in county matters, and was something of a local politician. Had held since Varna was a town the office of postmaster of the place, and was a kind, pleasant, and agreeable man. He bore an excellent Christian character, and was always held in high esteem. His death was a mercy to him and to his immediate friends, but it was peaceful, with that strong Christian hope "that looketh beyond the vale." His funeral was largely attended, and a good man has gone to his rest.

Mrs. S. Malone

Taken From the Henry Republican

April 6, 1882

Neighborhood News - Varna

Died March 27, Mrs. S. Malone after a short illness, leaving a husband and five children to mourn the absence of exemplary Christian wife and mother. Rev. Wade conducted the funeral services at the M. E. church Tuesday at 1 o'clock pm.

Mrs. Ann (Harney) Maloney

April 27, 1882

Taken From the Henry Republican (Courtesy Kandi Anderson McLaney)

Died at Sparland, April 23 at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. William O'Leary of consumption, Ann, 46, wife of John Maloney and sister of Daniel and Michael Harney of Henry.

Sparland: Mrs. John Maloney died at the residence of her daughters, Mrs. W. O'Leary in Sparland on Monday night, 23d inst., of consumption.

Son & Daughter Manahan


March 21, 1872

At Wenona, March 9, of scarlet fever a son and daughter of Andrew Manahan

Mrs. Elizabeth Manchester (nee Rowe)

July 2, 1874

At Brush Creek, Fayette county, Iowa, June 17, Elizabeth R., wife of Jabez S. Manchester and youngest daughter of Mrs. William Rowe of Whitefield.

Rev. Robert W. Manley
The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, July 26, 1883
Rev. Robert W. Manley, D.D., pastor of the M. E. church, Denver, died at his sister's Mrs. B. R. Hood at Wenona, July 15, aged 52. Interment at Chillicothe, Ohio. He was recognized as an able minister, though had poor health some years.

Olive Manock

March 30, 1876

At Lawn Ridge, March 14 of consumption, Olive, aged 20, daughter of Jesse Manock

Timothy Mansell

Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 10, 1883
Died in Whitefield, May 5, by his own hands, Timothy Mansell, 64.

A Suicide in Whitefield
The sensation of the week is the death of Mr. Timothy Mansell, a coal miner, living five miles southwest of Henry in Whitefield Township, caused by his own hand. For some time, though well and hearty apparently, he had spells of melancholy, and had repeatedly told his wife he was tired of life and should some day make way with himself. Mrs. Mansell had been seriously ill recently from erysipelas, and it excited fears that she might be taken from him; he had said he did not want to survive her, he wanted to die first. On Tuesday of last week he returned home under the influence of liquor; some liquor was drank with other male members of the family after they got home, going to bed at midnight. About two o'clock he got up from the couch and going into an adjoining room swallowed a poisonous compound of sugar of lead, and two ounces of laudanum, a potation calculated to kill a "mortal at first sight." After laying down again he informed his wife of the act, and then gave brief directions as to his affairs. He soon relapsed into a stupor, but was sensible most of the time until his death. On Wednesday forenoon he walked nearly across the house, but his limbs failing him he had to be carried back to the couch. On Thursday he answered the questions of Dr. Jones, and opened his mouth and exhibited his tongue as requested. He talked almost incessantly, much of it wandering, for the three days of his terrible illness. As the deathly dose did its work his skin changed to a purple hue, and his body became much bloated. He was a strong man and healthy, and he lived a remarkably long time considering the dose administered. His death took place about 10 o'clock Saturday night.

On Monday forenoon Coroner Wm. Holler empanelled a jury and held an inquest. The jury consisted of H. B. Bonham, foreman, Warford Bonham, Dr. R. T. Allen, Geo. Ingle, Wm. Horrocks and Geo. Kear. Mrs. Mansell, John Mansell, Mrs. J. Kenny and Matthew Sharp gave testimony. The verdict was in accordance with the fact given above. The funeral was held on Monday at 12:30 from the house, Rev. Geo. Crissy, the pastor of the Baptist Church of Whitefield, conducting a short service.

Mr. Mansell was born in the village of Hookagate, Shropshire, England in 1819. He married Miss Mary Leah of the same place, who survives him. He landed in America some 86 years ago, living respectively in Pennsylvania, La Salle, Sparland and Rock Island, and for 16 years in Whitefield. He was much attached to his wife, with whom he has lived happily upwards of 40 years. He was a good neighbor, a hardworking man and was generally respected by those who know him. The widow is the only near of kin bereft, whose estate will be the small house and five acres of ground upon which they have lived for many years.

Ignatius Manski

Taken From the Henry Republican

March 23, 1882

Died in this city, Mary 21, of infirmity of age, Ignatius Manski, 80 years, 5 months and 12 days.

G. W. Marchant Infant daughter

November 19, 1874

Died in this city, Nov. 17, infant daughter of G. W. Marchant of Saratoga.

Louis Mariotti

April 10, 1930

Toluca Man Falls Down Stairs, Killed

Louis Mariotti, a resident of Toluca for the past 30 years, was instantly killed a week ago, when he fell down a flight of stairs in his home, following a sudden stroke of paralysis. His skull was fractured in the fall, entailing the loss of much blood, which the coroner's jury ascribed as the cause of his passing. The accident occurred at 3:30 o'clock. Aside from the widow; Mr. Mariotti leaves two sons, Faustino, of Chicago, and Frank of Toluca, and two daughters, Mrs. James Mouser and Marie Mariotti. Funeral services were conducted form St. Ann's church at Toluca Friday morning at 9 o'clock and interment took place in Toluca. Mr. Mariotti was prominent in the political life of Toluca for many years. He conducted a soft drink parlor in that village since coming from Italy some 30 years ago.

Charles Marks

February 6, 1873

At Gridley, Jan. 30, of brain fever, Charles Marks of this city, aged 18.

Mrs. Maria Anna Marks

August 23, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in this city, August 29, Mrs. Maria Anna Marks, aged 59 years and 9 months.

Mrs. Ellen (McCarty) Marnane

FROM THE HENRY NEWS REPUBLICAN 3/24/1910 - Courtesy Kandi Anderson McLaney

Mrs Ellen Marnane died at son-in-law David Dwyer's residence on School Street at 74. Born Ellen McCarty in County Clare, Ireland. In 1850 in Buffalo, NY she married Michael Marnane and they had 7 children, five children and a husband dying before her. Still living is son Daniel, a prosperous farmer of Winside, Wayne Co., Neb.... Minnie, w/ David Dwyer where she's lived since their marriage...five grandchildren. A resident of Henry for more than 50 years.

Elizabeth Marnane

November 20, 1885

Taken From the Henry Republican (Courtesy Kandi Anderson McLaney)


Elizabeth Marnane, beautiful 18 year old daughter of the late Michael Marnane, of consumption.

James Marron

August 18, 1881 - Lacon

James Marron died at his home in this city of consumption on last Friday. Funeral services took place at the Catholic church Sunday at 11 o'clock.

Benjamin A. Marshall's child

March 24, 1881

Benjamin A. Marshall buried his only child yesterday afternoon, an infant only a few weeks old. Rev. W. J. Minium had charge of the funeral, making a few appropriate remarks at the house. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall are cast down with their loss and have the sympathy of the community in the desolation and sorrow of their home.

Frank Marshall

Taken From the Henry Republican

April 27 1882

Died in Whitefield, April 18, of consumption, Frank Marshall, 23

Frank Marshall, who has long been a sufferer of consumption, died at his home at Whitefield on the 18th inst., and was buried in the Baptist burying ground near Soloman Nighswonger's. He leaves a wife and child to mourn his loss.

Lucinda Marshall

March 24, 1881

Died in this city, March 22, of measles, Lucinda, 6 weeks, infant daughter of Benjamin A. Marshall.

Mrs. Sarah A. Marshall

February 15, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Chillicothe, Jan. 25, of cancer, Sarah A., aged 50 years, wife of Thomas Marshall. The body was brought to Henry for interment.

Thomas Marshall

May 5, 1881

At Chillicothe, May 1 of heart disease, Thomas Marshall, 68.

The remains of Thomas Marshall were brought here Tuesday by rail and consigned to mother earth beside his wife in the new cemetery. He died on Sunday of heart disease. Found dead in the yard by his son at the family residence 5 miles from Chillicothe. A hearse, carriages, former acquaintances and neighbors and Rev. W. J. Minium met the friends at the arrival of the train at the depot and brief services were held at the tomb. Mr. Marshall formerly resided here and owned his homestead. The past seven years he has resided in and near C. A good citizen, a companionable husband and friend and a very kind father and christian gentleman has ended life's work. Peace to his ashes.

Ellen Jane Martin (nee Francis)

May 13, 1915

Taken From the Henry News Republican

Ellen Jane Francis was born in Boston Mass., Jan. 14, 1842. She came, at the age of 14, with her widowed mother and brother Joseph and sister Anna to Illinois in about the year 1856. They settled in Hopewell township, Marshall county, Illinois. Here she grew to womanhood and was married to Benajah Martin in 1857. Eleven children were born to this union, eight of whom survive, Mattie Coos of Columbus O.; Charles W. of Varna; Benajah of Hopewell; VanBuren, Emmetsburg, IA; Frank L., deceased, Pueblo, Col.; Mrs. Marie Jenkins, Medford, Oregon; Lucius D., Canton, OH; Mrs. Nellie, Sparlin, Putnam; Grover C., Hopewell. Two children, Ethelene H. and Josiah W. died in infancy. Mr. Martin died Feb. 9, 1890. The cares of her large family kept Mrs. Martin closely at home, but for some years she was an attendant of the Caledonia church. Mrs. Martin has been in failing health for a number of years, and was confined to he bed since last November.

She leaves besides her children mentioned 14 grandchildren, and a large circle of acquaintances to mourn her loss. The funeral was held at the home of her son on Sabbath afternoon, May 9, at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. J. E. Mercer, and the interment was in the Forbes cemetery. The casket bearers were her five sons and son-in-law, A. B. Smith, mortician.

George Martin

February 7, 1878

At Fort Worth, Texas, Jan. 27, of typhoid fever, George Martin, aged 10 years, son of the late John Martin, formerly of this city.

Halas Martin

November 24, 1881 - Whitefield

We learn that Halas Martin, died on the 27th of October at his home in Iowa. He was Mrs. Underwood's youngest son of her first family. He was adopted by Lot Bullman when he was 5 years old and remained with him 30 years. He leaves a wife but no children I believe.

James Martin

December 29, 1881

At inquest was held by James Brasfield on the body of James Martin of Bennington township, an old resident of this county. He was found dead on the public highway on the 19th inst. The inquest was held on the 20th. Verdict of the jury - came to his death from the effects of heart disease. He is said to be the father of the first white child born in Marshall county. His age was 84 years.

John Martin

January 31, 1878

At Fort Worth, Texas, Jan. 18, of typhoid fever, John Martin, aged 50 years, formerly of this city.

We are compelled to add the name of Mr. John Martin to the list of those who have departed this life and "gone the way of all living". Mr. martin and his family moved from here last spring to Fort Worth, Texas, where he opened up a prosperous business. Health favored the family until October, when first one and then another were taken down, and all but Mrs. Martin, have been sick, the lamp not having been blown out of a night since the early part of October. Some of the family have had the ague, others other disorders of that country, the diseases induced they think by the change of water, climate, mode of living, etc. Recently the son was taken down with typhoid fever, but careful nursing enabled him to recover. Scarcely had he shown signs of amendment, when his father was taken down with the same disease, and with fatal results. Mr. Martin lived in Henry many years, and a portion of that time done a prosperous business in carriage, wagon and plow making. Like other men, he got discontented, and was fearfully affected with the "Texas fever." He sold out last year and removed to the paradise he sought, and in nine months from the time of removal is cut down to an untimely grave. Their large circle of friends here will sympathize deeply with the widow and family in their dire distress.

Mrs. John Martin

May 6, 1880

Died in LaPrairie, April 22, of congestion of the lungs, Mrs. John Martin, 68.

LaPrairie, April 29, 1880 - The death of Mrs. John Martin, which occurred on Thursday night, was quite unexpected to many of her friends. The progress of the disease for a few days prior to her death had been rapid, and but few outside of the family were aware of approaching dissolution, although she had been for a long time in poor health. She was a worthy wife and mother, a kind and obliging neighbor. For 26 years she has been a member of the Fairfield U. P. church. This bereavement leaves Mr. Martin entirely alone, his children all having married and left the paternal roof. His sons, Samuel and Rev. Thomas Martin, were both at home at the time of her death; also her daughter Mrs. Anderson of Gilman. Samuel came from his home in Iowa in response to a telegram arrived home a few hours only before her death.

Josiah W. Martin

August 2, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Josiah W. Martin, until latterly a resident of Henry, died on Sunday last with consumption, following a number of his children who died of the same disease. He was a Connecticut Yankee, born in the Nutmeg State April 3, 1808. He came to Illinois the year after the Blackhawk war, over 40 years ago, and has resided here ever since, being one of the very earliest settlers of our state. Until with two or three years he lived in Henry, corner of Second and Wirt streets. A large funeral attested the esteem in which he was held by friends and neighbors. C. W. Barnes of Whitefield, was a brother-in-law, the late Mrs. Barnes being a sister of Mr. Martin. Mrs. Martin survives her husband, and will live with her son-in-law, Dennis Kerns in Hopewell township, with whom the aged couple had been residing for some time past. Mr. Martin leaves considerable landed estate to his children both of town and farming lands.

Lucius Martin

October 30, 1879

Died at Marengo, Iowa, Oct. 18, Lucius Martin, aged 57, brother-in-law to C. W. Barnes, Esq., and a pioneer settler of Whitefield township. Wenona Index please copy.

Sara F. Martin


April 15, 1869

Died in this city, April 10 of consumption, Miss Sara F., daughter of J. W. and Courtney Martin, aged 23 years and 5 months

Mrs. Cavelleto Matotto


March 14, 1902, Front Page - Brief Locals

Mrs. Cavelleto Matotto, an Italian lady living in one of the Anschicks' houses on Olive street, died last Monday in childbirth. The child was still-born. It is only a couple of months since the family came here from Italy. The mother was buried by the county.

John Mateer

February 4, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died at Monmouth, Jan. 29, John Mateer, aged 67 years.

The remains of Mr. John Mateer were brought from Monmouth Saturday and interred in the cemetery here on Sunday. The family accompanied the remains as also Rev. Dr. Matthews, the pastor of the Presbyterian church at Monmouth, who preached the funeral discourse at the Presbyterian church on Sunday afternoon. Mr. M. had been feeble for a number of years and his body has finally yielded. Mr. Mateer was a brother of Colonel W. H. Mateer and was an upright, excellent Christian gentleman. Mrs. Mateer intends moving to her native home of Pennsylvania after disposing of the estate and property in the west. There is a fine residence here belonging to the estate.

George Mattern

Taken From the Henry Republican

June 8 1882

Died at Brazile Mills, Knox county, Neb., on May 25, of membranous croup, George, 4, son of Stephen and Mary Mattern, and grandson of Mr. Peter Mattern of this city.

Mrs. John Mattern

Taken From the Henry Republican

May 25, 1882

Mrs. John Mattern was fatally hurt the other day. While descending a ladder from the hay loft at the barn on the premises, that treacherous implement fell, causing her to fall, producing injuries of a serious nature, which coupled with bodily ailments proved fatal on Monday. She leaves several children bereft, and her husband, a cripple and aged man, almost alone. The funereal took place yesterday, and the body interred in the cemetery south of town.

Mrs. Susan M. Matthews

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

February 24, 1866

Died in Henry, February 23, after a protracted illness, Susan M., wife of J. B. Matthews. Funeral service will be held at the M. E. church by Rev. A. C. Higgins at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

March 6, 1866 -Obituary

In Henry, February 22, 1866, of fever, Mrs. Susan M., wife of J. B. Matthews, age 24 years and 2 months. The deceased was born in Ohio. Removed to this vicinity when but a little girl. She was made the happy subject of saving grace and united with the old school Presbyterian church in the fall of 1858. In the fall of 1859, she united with the M. E. Church. She was married to her now bereaved husband, December 20, 1860. She leaves a husband, a little boy 3 years of age and many relatives and friends to mourn her early death. ........ Her painful illness of six weeks duration was born with surprising patience. For a time she was much depressed prior to her death. God gave her songs in the night and she awoke one morning fully realizing Jesus breaks the power of cancelled sin......... For this time she enjoyed a heavenly calm till she sweetly fell asleep in hope of a blissful immortality.

Willie Mathias

July 20, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican


The home and hearts of Mr. and Mrs. David Mathias are shrouded in gloom. Last Thursday a number of little boys went down to the river to fish, among them was Willie Mathias, scarce 12 years old, who, seeing a large one, waded in all unmindful of a treacherous ditch into which he stepped where the water was too deep for him. Those with him were all too small to save him, and before the ferryman could get to him he had gone down for the last time. His body was recovered after a two hours search, and taken to his almost distracted parents and friends. Thus in three hours from the time he left home with all the buoyancy of happy, merry childhood, he was returned a lifeless corpse. The loss to the afflicted parents cannot be estimated.

Joseph Maubach

February 26, 1874

Died In Hopewell Township, Feb. 24, of lung fever, Joseph Maubach, aged 44.

Mrs. Mary Maud

February 7, 1878

Died at Elgin, Feb. 1, of quick consumption, Mrs. Mary Maud, aged 51 years, mother of Mr. E. S. Maud of this city.

Charles Henry Mawbey Jr.


May 19, 1870

Died in city city, May 17, by drowning, Charles Henry, Jr., aged 10 years, son of Charles Henry and Rachel Mawbey.

Mrs. Rachel Mawbey

November 21, 1872

Died in this city, Nov. 19, of typhoid fever, Rachel, aged 40 years, wife of Charles Mawbey

Local items - The wife of Charles Mawbey died Tuesday morning of typhoid fever. She had been sick but a few days of this disorder, but its malignant form baffled the skill of our physicians and death claimed another victim. She was the mother of 11 children and a hard-working industrious woman. Her death is distressing indeed to the family as she was one of its main supports. A large number of sympathizing citizens were present at the funeral. Elder Goff conducted the funeral exercises.

Mrs. Alletha Maxwell

January 4, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Lacon, Dec. 28, Alletha, aged 70 years 11 months, wife of William Maxwell, Esq., and mother-in-law to Mrs. Richard H. Maxwell of this city.

Mrs. Jane Maxwell

July 14, 1881

Died in this city, July 11 of infirmities of age, Jane Maxwell, 81 years 11 months 6 days.

Death of Mrs. Jane Maxwell

We chronicle in this issue the demise of another good old mother in Israel, Mrs. Jane Maxwell, who died on Monday night, about 11 o'clock, at her residence, on corner of Edwards and Thomas streets. Four score years are allotted only to one now and then, but she had reached that venerable epoch, and in less than a month, had she survived, would have been 82 years of age. She was naturally a robust person, but In January, 1878, she was stricken with paralysis, from which she but partially recovered, and which, with a rose cancer on her right limb below the knee, and creeping old age, made her somewhat an invalid form some time past, and hastened the monster that translates us from the natural to the spiritual arena of life.

Mrs. Maxwell was a native of Chester County, Pa. At five years of age she emigrated with her parents to Virginia, where she married John Maxwell, by whom eight children were born to them, five of whom are now living, James, in Wheeling, W. Va., a wholesale grocer; Mary C. Patterson, a resident of Washington county Iowa; Mrs. Moses Hartley of Saratoga Township, and Emily and Ephraim, the unmarried son and daughter, residents of this city. Mr. Maxwell having died and she left a widow, moved to Henry, and built the house in 1851 in which she has lived since and in which she died, Richard Garretson doing the carpenter work.

Mrs. Maxwell's long residence here makes her name and acquaintance familiar to a very large and numerous circle of friends. She was highly respected for her high character, and womanly virtues. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at the house, E. T. Disosway, Esq., by request, read selections, and conducted a brief service at 3 o'clock.

Samuel Maxwell

September 17, 1874

At Orange Mission, Kan., August 13, Samuel Maxwell, aged 54 years.

Samuel Maxwell, formerly of this county, died recently in Kansas. He was sheriff of Marshall county some years and held places of trust after his removal to Missouri. His brother William still resides at Lacon.

Mrs. Rosa Maynard (nee Kocher)

April 23, 1874

In Prebble county, Ohio, April 7, at the residence of Emmanuel Kocher, a brother, of cancer of the face, Mrs. Rosa Maynard, aged 68 years.

April 30, 1874 - The death of Mrs. Rosa Maynard was chronicled in our issue last week. She was an old resident of Henry and was held in high esteem. Her brother here, Jacob Kocher is administrator of her property in this state, and a brother in Ohio, for that in that state. The past year she had lived in Ohio with a brother and died there.

Charles May


May 8, 1903

Charles May, one of the old and well known settlers of Roberts township, died at his home north of Toluca, Friday, May 1. He lacked but a few weeks of being sixty-six years old. His funeral services were conducted by Rev. Beiderman, at the Lutheran church, Sunday in the presence of a large concourse of friends and neighbors, after which his remains were laid to rest in the Lutheran cemetery. There was fifty-three carriages at the funeral. It was one of the largest seen in Toluca in a long time. Deceased was a good citizen and a good man and was esteemed and respected by all who knew him. He leaves a wife and four children, one son and three daughters to mourn his loss.

George Mays

February 3, 1876

Local Correspondence - Magnolia

Brother George Mays, died at his residence 3 miles west of Washburn last Saturday the 29th. His remains were brought to Magnolia Monday and deposited by the side of his first wife. He was buried by the Order of Free Masons to which he belonged. The Washburn, Varna and Magnolia lodges were represented. The deceased brother lay in a beautiful rosewood coffin beautifully trimmed with costly emblems. There were three handles on each side with silver plated square and compass at each corner and a large figure of the same at the top of the lid. The burial ritual was aptly conducted by past master Jones and depositing of the evergreen, the earth to earth, and the grand Masonic honors were very impressive.

February 10, 1876

We learn that G. W. Mays, an old and well known citizen of Roberts township was buried by the Masonic Fraternity at Magnolia, Monday of this week.

Magnolia - Too Late for last week

Monday the body of Georg Mays, Washburn, formely of Marshall county was buried in Magnolia graveyard. It was a Mason's burial and a large number of friends and Masons came from Washburn and Varna. Rev. Denning conducted the services of the church and S. V. Jones of Varna lodge, the Masonic ceremony.


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