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Roy Southwell McAlister

October 10, 1878

In Wenona, September 27, of cholera infantum, Roy Southwell, aged 1 year, 9 months, 17 days, son of William J. and Flora S. McAlister

Charles R. McAtee

March 21, 1878

In Saratoga township, March 19, of consumption, Charles R., aged 10 months and 22 days, infant son of Robert McAtee. Funeral at Whitefield Center church 10 am today.

Mrs. Garfilia McAtee

November 29, 1877

In Saratoga township, November 24th of consumption, Garfilia, age 37 years, 15 days, wife of Robert McAtee

Maggie McAtee

March 24, 1881 - Sparland

Died in Whitefield, March 18, of typhoid fever, Maggie, 18 years, 17 days, daughter of Robert McAtee

Miss Maggie, daughter of Robert McAtee died at her home in Whitefield last Friday of typhoid fever complicated with brain disease. She suffered some four weeks and then her young life went out. We deeply sympathize with the bereaved father in his affliction.

William W. McCana


April 22, 1869

Died in this city, April 26, after a lingering illness, Mr. W. W. McCann, in the 43rd year of his age. The funeral will take place at the Presbyterian church at 2 o'clock P.M. today. The friends of the deceased are invited to attend.

April 29, 1869

In Memoriam

Again the still small voice has spoken. Once more the winged angel has passed and bid one whom we have known long and well to go. To go into that great darkness - mysterious, unfathomable, not to be escaped. On the morning of the 30th inst., William W. McCana died at his residence. An event long expected to all that knew him.

Some 12 years since Mr. McCana came here from Indiana and for sometime kept the "old Henry house", which stood on what is now the "Bee Hive" corner. As a landlord, by suavity of manner and attention to the comfort of his guests, he had the foundation for that closer, more intimate and kindlier relation which he has since borne to a large circle of friends. Since leaving the hotel, he has been engages in different kinds of business, in each of which he has always been esteemed honest, truthful and liberal. In every department of public and private life in which he was called to act, he did his part with cheerfulness and alacrity, that springs only from a conscientious performance of duty.

During the last five years of his life he suffered many deaths. His health has been a constant source of solicitude on the part of his friends. So long as strength and a strong will supported him, he did his part to himself and his. His friends and his family have done the last that is to be, can be done for him. For themselves they will revere his memory, imitate his virtues and seek consolation in Him who says: Come unto me, all ye who droop in sadness, Come unto me, and I will give your rest!

Mrs. Tersa J. McCann

October 2, 1873

AT Roberts, Ford county, Sept. 25, Tersa J., aged about 40, wife of the late W. W. McCann.

Mrs. Rev. R. G. McCarthy (and infant)


April 8, 1869 - Local Items

The estimable lady and babe of Rev. R. G. McCarthy of Wenona died last week. The bodies were taken to Wayne Michigan for interment.

Mrs. Margaret McClay (nee Dent)


April 25, 1872

Died at Redwood, Cal., April 4, of consumption, Margaret, aged 41 years, wife of James McClay of Chicago, and daughter of Enoch Dent of Wenona.

Mrs. James McClay, sister of John O. Dent, Esq. Of Wenona, died in California recently of consumption. She has been in delicate health for several years, and in company with her husband had gone over the principal parts of Europe, Sandwich Islands, etc., in hopes of obtaining relief. Reaching California recently, she yielded her spirit up at the residence of R. E. Dent. The body was embalmed, and brought to Wenona, where the funeral obsequies were solemnized on Sunday wee, amid the tears and affection of a multitude of relatives and friends.

Infant of John McClusky
Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 31, 1883
Died April 7, in Roberts Township, an infant child of John McClusky, 14 days, reported by Dr. J. W. Evans.

Jennie McCollen


March 7, 1872

Died at Wenona, Feb. 23, of scarlet fever, Jennie McCollen, aged 10

Charles Anthony McConnell

February 27, 1873

Died in this city, Feb. 18, of cerebra spinal meningitis, Charles Anthony, aged 2 years, 4 months, son of Joseph K. and Mary A. McConnell.

Edward McConnell

March 11, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Crawfordsville, Ind., March 6, of lung fever, James Edward McConnell, aged 28, brother of Mrs. Theodore Smith of this city.

Daniel McCormick


October 5, 1871

At Lacon, Sept. 30, Daniel McCormick

Mrs. Jas. McCormick

October 12, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Local Correspondence-= Lacon

A number of deaths have occurred during the past weeks. Mrs. Catherine Wier, mother of D. B. and Henry Wier died on Monday and about the same time Also Mrs. Jas. McCormick.

Ella McCoy


December 24, 1874

In LaPrairie township, Dec. 17, Ella, aged 16, daughter of the late Phebe McCoy.

Lizzie Jane McCoy

February 24, 1881 - LaPrairie

The news of the death of Miss Lizzie Jane McCoy, formerly of this town, but more recently of Lawrence, Kan., fell sadly on many hearts. The remains were brought and interred in the family burying ground at the U. P. church. Funeral services conducted by Rev. Houston.

Sparland - Miss McCoy, niece of Samuel McCoy, and formerly a resident of LaPrairie, but late of Kansas, was brought here on the train for burial near her old home, on Thursday of last week.

Mrs. William McCoy


April 4, 1902

Mrs. William McCoy: Born in Morgantown W. Va., Jan. 26, 1821. Died March 26, 1902 at Varna, Ill., leaving a husband and four children - W. Shields of Grand Ridge, Mrs. Amanda Hailey of Centralia, Kan., Mrs. Alice McCoy of Varna, and Frank McCoy of Toluca. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. A.K. Tullis of Henry, a former pastor and friend of the family. Deceased is spoken of as a loving mother, a kind neighbor and an exemplary Christian.

Adam McCuen

Taken From the Henry News Republican

January 14, 1915

Adam McCuen was born in Glasgow, Scotland, about the year 1844, and died at the home of his youngest son William in Saratoga township, Thursday, Jan. 7, 1915. At the time of his death he was about 71 years of age. He was left an orphan at a very early age and had no recollection of ever seeing his parents, but has a slight remembrance of a brother and sister.

At the age of about 21, in 1865, he immigrated to America and after landing at New York, came to Kendall county, Illinois where he labored for three years and then came to Marshall county, where ever since he has made his home. He was united in marriage Feb. 19, 1874 to Miss Jane Hastings of La Prairie. To this union six children were born, three girls and three boys, three of whom, with their mother, have been called to their eternal home. There is left to mourn his loss two sons, James of Camp Grove, and William of Saratoga, and one daughter, Mrs. Mary Baylor of Worthington, Minn., and 12 grandchildren.

By the death of his wife, April 22, 1888, he was left with four small children to care for, which he did till they grew to womanhood and manhood. They showed their gratitude toward him by giving him a comfortable home in his old age. Shortly after coming to La Prairie, he felt the need of a living Savior and showed his desire by making a public confession of his faith in Christ and uniting with the U. P. church of La Prairie, and was a faithful member until the time of his death. The funeral services were held at the U. P. church Sabbath morning at 11:30, conducted by REv. Tussey of Pawnee, Neb. Interment was made in the U. P. cemetery. The pall bearers were John Williamson, Andrew Mahiman, Jake Kissel, Scott Aitchison, Ellsworth Weekley and James Monier.

Mrs. Elizabeth McCullough


August 6, 1868

Died at Wenona, July 28, Elizabeth McCullough, wife of R. B. Work, aged 26 years.

Tenyke McCullom

August 25, 1881

At Wenona, Aug. 10, of cholera infantum, Tenyke, 17 months, 12 days, son of James and Frances McCullom

Jennie McDonough

August 25, 1881

Died in this city, Aug. 19, Jennie, 18 years, 9 months, only daughter of Robert and Mary D. McDonough.


Henry Republican, Henry IL, March 18, 1915

The friends here will be distressed by the news of the sudden death of Mrs. William G. McDougal at Chicago last Thursday afternoon, March 11, at 3:30 o'clock. Mrs. McDougal had been in the retail district of the city shopping with her sister-in-law, Mrs. Alfred McDougal. She was seized with a sudden sickness and before anything could be done for her she succumbed. Mrs. McDougal had not been in the best of health for some time but no fear of the end had been entertained by her or any of her friends.

The deceased was born in Henry, Ill. Her maiden name was Minnie Pool. Besides her husband, who is a son of the late John D. McDougal, there is a son, John D. McDougal, a banker in Des Moines, Ia.

The husband was in the state of Washington on business and it was some time before he could be located by wire to be informed of his wife's death. He is now on his way home. No arrangements would be made for the burial until he arrived.

Mrs. McDougal was the daughter of the late A. M. Pool and after her marriage located in Peoria, where her husband was engaged in business for a number of years. For the past 18 years she had resided in Des Moines, Ia., but for two years a resident of Chicago. She was 56 years of age.

Mrs. McEnty
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, March 29 1883
Phillip McEnty's mother, quite a aged lady, was buried last Sabbath, the funeral services taking place at the Catholic church.

John Winn McFadden
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, July 19, 1883
A postal was received by Mr. George F. Paskell on Monday, dated Omaha July 14, from Ed. Joiner, giving the sad news of the death of John Winn McFadden, son of Mrs. Samuel McFadden, who is here staying in Mr. Paskell's family. The young man had been employed as a teamster at Omaha, and for some time had been engaged in hauling lumber. During a storm on Friday, he was struck by lightning, and himself and one of his horses instantly killed. He was a steady upright young man, and would have been 22, had he lived until August. Much sympathy is expressed for the family in their bereavement. The wife of Judge Ong is a sister of deceased.

Josephine McFarland
The Henry Republican, April 19, 1883
Died March 13, in Steuben township, Josephine McFarland, 30, reported by Dr. H. Tesmer

Jane McFadyen

September 19, 1878

In Whitefield, Sept. 18, of typhoid fever, Jane, aged 11 years, daughter of John and Agnes McFadyen.

Child of James McGee

The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, August 24, 1882


A babe, two weeks old, of Mr. and Mrs. James McGee died last Saturday morning leaving their home desolate.

William McGill

April 16, 1874

At Lacon, of bleeding at the lungs, William McGill, aged 18.

George Manning McGinnis


March 7, 1872

In Evans township, Feb. 24, of dropsy of the heart, George Manning, aged 3, son of George J. McGinnis.

Mrs. McGomery

February 20, 1879

Local Correspondence - LaPrairie

Mrs. McGomery, who was a mother to Mrs. J. L. Root and Mrs. Sloan, died at the house of the latter on Sunday last at the advanced age of 87 years. She was also taken to Blue Ridge cemetery for interment. A very rare occurrence for two individuals averaging 90 years of age to be buried in a small country cemetery in two consecutive days.

Philip McGuier


November 25, 1869

At Dowiphan, Mo., Oct. 15, of typhoid fever, Philip McGuier. Mr. McGuier came to Marshall county at an early day, and lived here many years before removing to Missouri.

Mrs. Frances (Heller) McKeel

January 4, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died at Lacon, Dec. 14, Frances, aged 27 years, wife of John McKeel, formerly of this city, and daughter of George Heller of this township. Buried with the mother was an infant about nine days old.

Mary M. McKeel

The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, November 23, 1882


Nov. 5, at Lacon, Mary M. McKeel, 66, reported by Dr. E. H. Gale.

Charley McKenzie


July 18, 1872

Died in this city, July 10, of Cerebra-spinal-meningitis, Charley, aged 8 years, son of Alex McKenzie.

Minerva McKenzie

June 14, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in this city, June 6 of lung fever, Minerva, aged 57 years, wife of Thomas McKenzie

Thomas McKenzie

July 17, 1879

In this city, July 16, Thomas McKenzie, aged 65 years.

Thomas McKenzie, a resident of Illinois since 1853, died yesterday in this city. He was a native of Wheeling, W. Va., a cabinet maker by trade, but most of his life he was engaged in flat boating on the Illinois canal and river. He was the father of 11 children, but three only survive. The wife died two years ago in July, on the same day of the week, and almost at the same moment of the day. The funeral will be held at the residence this afternoon at 2 o'clock, the services to be in charge of Rev. J. S. Glendenning. Internment at Chillicothe, where he formerly resided, and where the wife and several children are buried.

A. McKeon

November 28, 1878

Our Correspondents - Lacon

A. McKeon, who had been engaged in the furniture and undertaking business in Lacon for many years, died at St. Louis, Mo., on the 15th inst., after several weeks sickness. His remains were brought home for interment, and was followed to the grave by one of the largest processions ever witnessed in Lacon. The loss of Mr. McKeon is and will be deeply felt by this community, as he was one of our most honorable and upright businessmen. No man in this place has ever borne a fairer name for honesty and integrity in his business relations, and as a gentleman he was always most courteous, kind and obliging. His wife, in his death, loses the kindest of husbands and his children a loving father, and as an intimate acquaintance of the deceased, your correspondent, with all others who know him, cannot but wish that he might have been long spared to us.

Thomas McLane

Taken From the Henry News Republican

February 18, 1915

Thomas McLane was born in Fayette county, Pa., on June 15, 1825. He was united in marriage with Miss Minerva Galetine in the year 1846. To this union were born 12 children, one girl passing away in infancy and one son, William, giving his life for his country in the Civil war, the remaining ten, nine of whom are alive today, all grew up and were blessed with families. In the year 1856 he came with his family to Illinois and settled in the vicinity of Lone Tree, Bureau county. In 1858 he removed to Boyd's Grove where he spent most of his remaing years. He passed away on Sunday Feb. 7, 1915, at Adel, Ia., at the age of 90 next birthday.

The funeral was conducted in the Boyd's Grove M. E. church on Feb. 11, by the Rev. J. S. Neal, interment taking place in Mound cemetery. Besides his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, he leaves behind him one brother, who was present at the funeral.

He will always be remembered as a man of beneficent qualities and kindly pious life. As a member of Boyd's Grove M. E. church he was always consistent in his obligations to the church, generously contribuing towards the support of the ministry. His charity extended wherever there was a need, many families in this communtiy can look back to the time when his generous hand lifted them out of serious financial difficulties and set them on their feet again to look the world square in the face. Many a man starting out in life found his liberal heart open to him in the hour of need. God blessed him with a bountiful store and he gave back to God and his fellow men bountifully and ungrudgingly. The world is the poorer for his passing from it, yet he leaves behind him a trail of kindly deeds that will brighten the pathway of many poor travelers who come after.

Bennie McLaughlin

June 11, 1874

Died in Whitefield, June 2, Bennie, aged 2 years, son of Dr. J. B. McLaughlin.

Mrs. Charles McLaughlin

March 18, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Whitefield, March 12, of consumption, wife of Charles McLaughlin.

Infant of Michael McMahon


Feb. 20, 1903

The three month old child of Michael McMahon, died Tuesday morning. The remains were buried in the Catholic cemetery, Wednesday.

Patrick McManus

October 5, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in Saratoga township, September 28, of consumption, Patrick McManus, aged 50 years

Peter McManus

March 20, 1879

Died in Henry township, March 14, of erysipelas, Peter McManus, aged 47 years.

Mr. Peter McManus, after a few days illness, has gone the way of all living, leaving bereft a wife and seven children. Mr. McManus was a well-to-do farmer of this township, living about two miles northwest of the city. He had amassed a considerable competence leaving his family in tolerably good circumstances. He had been a resident of this town for many years and was one of the most prominent Irishmen of this section. He was open hearted, conscientious, frank, and honest. He was one of the leading men connected with the building of St. Joseph's Catholic church, was one of its most earnest supporters and contributors, and has always taken a lively interest in everything concerning its welfare and progress. The funeral was held at the church on Sunday last. A larger concourse of friends and citizens, both of Catholics and Protestants, never congregated for any purpose at this sacred edifice since it was erected. .. The prosession from the church numbered 55 carriages. Many more would have followed the remains to the cemetery had not a violent snow storm been raging at the time, which cased them to turn back. Mr. McManus was 47 years of age, dying respected by his church and people, and by all who knew him. Peace to his ashes.

Thomas McManus

December 14, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Saratoga township, Dec. 11, of hemorrhage of the lungs, Thomas McManus, aged 22 years, 7 months, 27 days.

Ralph Herbert McMorris

May 13, 1880

At Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 23, of scarlet fever, Ralph Herbert, 5 years 9 mos., youngest son of Thomas A. McMorris, formerly of this city.

Courtland McMurtrie

September 28, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died at Lacon, Sept. 26, of consumption, Mr. Courtland McMurtrie, aged 64 years.

Mr. Courtland McMurtrie died at Lacon on Tuesday, after a long illness. He had been a resident of Lacon for many years and was generally esteemed. He was a plasterer by avocation, and several years ago fell from a building breaking an arm. Some malpractice was charged in the setting of the disabled limb, and a lawsuit was involved, which afterwards was settled by the surgeon having charge of the case. The arm was afterwards re-broken and reset. It is supposed that from this accident sprang the disease that has cut his life short. His death bereaves a very fine family of a very upright father and husband, and the community expressed their sympathy yesterday afternoon by a very large attendance at the funeral and the grave.

Robert W. McMurtrie

December 26, 1878

At Lacon, Nov. 30, Robert W. McMurtrie, aged 59 years, uncle of L. C. McMurtrie, Esq., of Lacon.

Mrs. Ellen McNamara

August 29, 1878

Near Wenona, Aug. 13, Mrs. Ellen McNamara, aged 67 years, mother of Mrs. Patrick McGrath.

Ann Carrie McNeal

September 12, 1872

Died in this city, Sept 6, of cholera infantum, Anna Carrie, aged 14 months, daughter of McKendree and Anna Maria McNeal.

Jennie Love McNeal

February 11, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in the city, FEb. 7, Jennie Love, aged 5 months, infant child of Ken. and Anna Maria McNeal.

Local Items - Mr. and Mrs. McNeil on Tuesday laid under the sod their tender rosebud of the family. This is the 3rd child of this family that has gone to be with the angels. The remains were incased in a beautiful rosewood casket and the beautiful and instructive burial service of the New Church, read at the funeral, Tuesday, forenoon. How hard to part with tender ones. Burial place, Sugar Grove cemetery in Whitefield.

Sherman McNeff

April 2, 1874

In Belle Plain township, March 16, of typhoid pneumonia, Sherman McNeff, aged 8 years.

Frederick Flinly McNeil


October 17, 1867

Died in this city October 13th of chlolera infantum, Frederick Flinly, son of McKendree and Anna Maria McNeil, age 1 year and 2 months.

Arthur McVicker


August 17, 1871

In Saratoga, Aug. 12, Archibald McVicker, aged 69 years

Uncle Archie McVicker, another old settler, is numbered with the dead. He died on Saturday. His illness had been protracted and painless and at times, almost unendurable. His disease was dropsy. He had lived in the county for 20 years and was one of its good citizens. An aged wife and 10 children, 6 sons and 4 daughters, all married survive him. A very large concourse of friends and neighbors followed the remains to the grave. Rev. W. J. Beck preached the sermon.

Mrs. Evaline McVicker

January 16, 1879

In Lawn Ridge, Dec. 29th, 1878 Mrs. Evaline, aged 62, wife of Hugh McVicker, after two years of a severe and painful illness.

She was born Jan. 6, 1816, in Berkley county, Virginia. January 1833 emigrated with her parents to Champaign county, Ohio, and thence to Illinois in 1841. On the 28th of April 1842, was married to Mr. McVicker, by whom she had 10 children, only two of whom (Fletcher and Fanny) have lived to mourn the loss of a kind and indulgent mother, the others having died in their infancy, none living to be over six years old. At the age of 16, Mrs.McVicker embraced religion and joined the M. E. church, of which she was a consistent and exemplary member up to the time of her death. The funeral obsequies were held in the Methodist church, where the friends and neighbors took their farewell look at the remains of the departed. The bereaved husband and children who have survived her have the condolence and sympathy of friends and neighbors.

Gracie May McVicker


October 15, 1868

Died in this city, Oct. 5, Gracie May, infant child of G. D. and Ellen L. McVicker, age 4 weeks and 5 days.

John Wesley McVicker


March 17, 1870

At Loda, Iraquois county, March 6, of inflamation of the kidney, John Wesley McVicker, formerly of Saratoga township.

Joseph McVicker


July 4, 1872

Died in Saratoga township, June 26, of cerebra-spinal meningitis, Joseph McVicker, aged 30 years.

Mrs. Susan McVicker

August 22, 1878

Died in this city, August 20, at the residence of her son-in-law Serick Fox, Mrs. Susan, aged 72 years, wife of the late Archibald McVicker.


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