Marshall County Obituaries and Death Notices

Jennie Wilmina Neal

December 15, 1881

In Whitefield, Dec. 10, of diphtheria croup, Jennie Wilmina, 3 years, 5 months and 15 days, daughter of Mrs. John W. Neal, granddaughter of Richard Tremain, Sr., and great grandchild of William Monier.

John Willie Neal

July 5, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Whitefield, June 30, of congestion of the brain, John Willie, aged 7 months and 5 days, son of John W. and J. A. Neal.

E. B. Neville

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois

August 31, 1882

Judge E.B. Neville of Varna died on Monday. He was a brother-in-law of Hon. Thomas Shaw and a highly esteemed citizen. His disease was consumption.

Mrs. Mary Newburn

April 8, 1880

Died in this city, April 2, of typhoid fever, Mary, 61, wife of Mahlon Newburn

The funeral of Mrs. Mahlon Newburn took place at the head of Main street on Sunday, Rev. J. S. Glendenning officiating. Quite a large number were present from Putnam county, where Mr. and Mrs. Newburn formerly lived. The daughter from Peoria and three sons from Putnam county were also present. A singular coincidence is the death of two aged women within two weeks of each other, in adjoining houses, the two aged husbands being left widowers. Mr. and Mrs. Newburn were old settlers of Putnam county, locating there in 1842. They came to Henry to reside permanently about a year or so ago. Mr. N. had procured the material and contracted for the building of a back addition to his residence. He will probably go on with it, though death leaves him alone and yet undecided what to do. Mrs. Newburn was an excellent woman and neighbor, and a large concourse of our citizens attended the obsequies and expressed their sympathy with Mr. Newburn in his irreparable loss, of her who had shared in his life's work upward of 42 years. The remains were interred in the new cemetery.


Henry Republican, March 25 1915

Adelbert Lewis Newell was born in Sparland, Ill., Jan. 18, 1889, and departed this life March 16, 1915, at Wenona, Ill., aged 26 years, 1 month and 26 days. He was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Newell and received his education in the Sparland school and when old enough to do for himself he became a miner and was employed in the mines here as long as they afforded work. He was married about three years ago to Miss Kate Smith of Lacon, and for a while they resided in Lacon, late moving to Wenona, where he was employed in the mines as driver. On March 16 he came home in the morning as usual as he worked nights, and told his wife he was going down to draw his pay and would be back in a little while. He had to cross the tracks and in some mysterious way was thrown by a passing train. When picked up he said, "Take me home to my wife and baby." He was unconscious when they got him home and doctors did all that was possible, but he only lived a short time. He leaves a young wife, a little son, his parents, three brothers, Ianthus, Lester and Orley and one sister, Mrs. Tena Ridenour, besides many friends. The body was brought to Sparland on Wednesday and taken to the home of his parents, where the funeral services were held on Thursday at 2:30 pm, conducted by Rev. D. McLeish. The burial was in Lacon beside members of his wife's family.

Mrs. Phebe Newell

February 1, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died In LaPrairie township, Jan. 19, of consumption Mrs. Phebe Newell, aged 74 years, mother of Mrs. Henry Gilfelton, with whom she lived.

Mrs. Ney

August 17, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Local correspondence - Lacon

There is an unusual amount of sickness in Lacon at present. On last Saturday, Mrs. Ney, a German lady died in this city having been sick but a few days with what doctors pronounced as a severe case of cholera morbis and I have just heard reported that a Mrs. Dunn has just died in this same neighborhood with the same complaint.

Emma Nicholson

October 13, 1881

Died in this city, Oct. 6, of paralysis of the heart following diphtheria, Emma, 12 years, 5 months, daughter of George and Susan Nicholson.

"Emma is dead!" Such was the brief announcement that soon after half past one o'clock on last Thursday afternoon, issued from the room where a stern battle had been fought with the dread disease, diphtheria. And though the intelligence was not unexpected, it ushered sorrow into many hearts and brought tears to many eyes. .. The obsequies were held at Mr. Nicholson's residence, on Friday afternoon, and were conducted by Rev. Mr. Glendenning. ... She was one of the brightest gems of the family circle, and her loss may well seem an irreparable one to the bereaved family. In Henry cemetery her form reposes beneath the leaves of autumn, but her spirit has been wafted into a higher, nobler, grander life.

George Alfred Nicholson

February 2, 1882

Died in this city, Feb. 21, of lung fever, George Alfred, 1 year 9 months, only son of George and Susan Nicholson.

Mr. and Mrs. George Nicholson are again brought to mourn the loss of another of their beautiful children by death. Only three months ago, the angel of death removed a beautiful daughter - a terribly sad removal, and now an only son, of many children is called home to be with the spotless angels. We condole with our afflicted friends, as indeed the entire community, who will mourn with them over this dire loss and heart rending misfortune. Funeral this afternoon at the family residence at 2 o'clock, at which Rev. J. S. Glendenning will officiate.

John Griffith Nicholson

May 19, 1881

At Hyde Park, Cook county, May 7, of winter cholera, John Griffith Nicholson, 71 years, 10 months, 10 days, father of Mr. George Nicholson of this city.

Father Nicholson, who has been living here with his son George for the past two years, and in the best of health for one of his advanced age, while on a visit to a daughter, Mrs. John Storms at Hyde Park, was suddenly taken ill on the morning of the 7th, with Chicago cholera, and in less than 20 hours from the time he was attacked, was a corpse. The attack is supposed to have been induced by drinking Chicago lake water, which has been a prolific cause of illness this spring at the metropolis. Mr. Nicholson was made sensible that he would not recover early in the attack, and desiring to see his son, the latter was telegraphed for here in the morning, but receiving the dispatch after the train had gone up, Mr. G. Nicholson drove to Bureau Junction, a distance of 15 miles in hopes to catch the late train east on the main line, but being 15 minutes late when he reached there, he drove back, and took the night train, but arrived too late to see his father alive.

The deceased was a native of Newry, Ireland. At the age of 21 he married, when he emigrated to Canada. Since 1837 he has lived in Illinois, most of the time in Will county. He buried his wife at Lockport. He was for many years connected with the Illinois & Michigan canal, and for 18 years was lock tender, being the oldest and longest employed in that position of any person employed in that capacity. For the past few years he has been living with his children. Six of the 10 born to him survive, five of whom were able to be a his funeral, which was held on the 9th at Hyde Park. The body was taken to Lockport, where with the honored wife, the two lay in sweet repose side by side, in one lot. Mr. N. led a useful life, and was active and nimble up to the day of his death, as he was 20 years ago.

Erastus Niece

March 20, 1879

Near Terre Haute, Ind., on March 16, of injuries received from an accident, Erastus Niece, father of Mr. John W. Niece of this city.

Ira Niece

November 18, 1880

At Lacon, November 14 of consumption, Ira Niece, 41, brother of J. W. Niece of this city and Mrs. G. W. Reddan of Lacon.

We chronicle elsewhere in its proper place, the death of Ira Niece, brother of Mr. J. W. Niece, the druggist. He resided some time with his brother John the past season, being an invalid, receiving such care and attention as his enfeebled condition seemed to require. Recently he has been stopping with a sister at Lacon, where he died Sunday night of that terrible disease consumption, his brother John being with him. His funeral and burial took place at Lacon Tuesday. He was a native of Indiana, a locomotive engineer by profession, and a stalwart in politics. He enlisted at the opening of the civil war at Terre Haute, Ind., in company I 14th reg. Ind. Vols., serving some six years, being engaged in all of the principal battles of the army of the Potomac, some 23 in number. He was wounded twice. The exposures of the service broke down his health, and he went to Texas after the war in hopes to be benefited It undoubtedly prolonged his life, but consumption finally warned him of his fate, and he came north to have the care of his brother John and his sister Mrs. Reddan, who spared nothing to render him comfortable and his dying couch easy.

Edward H. Nock

October 21, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Louisville, Ky., Oct. 18, Dr. Edward H. Nock, formerly of this city, aged 67 years.

October 18, 1875 - Our paper last week contained the death of Dr. E. H. Nock, the dentist who had lived and practiced his profession here for many years. He died at Louisville, Ky., among friends, at the age of 67, leaving here sick, and going there to be taken care of. The doctor located in Henry to be near his brother Charles Nock, who until his death a few years ago, owned and occupied a farm two miles south of town. Dr. Nock was a good dentist, though devoted much time to portrait and landscape painting of which he was found. The past two years he has been engaged in opening a fruit garden below town, though cramped in means and feeble in health were hindrances to the extent of his hopes and plans. The doctor was an educated gentleman, pleasing in address, interesting in conversation, and had the polish of a southerner, of which he was one. He was a great reader, was a spiritualist., in the philosophy of which he took great delight. He had an extensive and revered acquaintance and he leaves behind the works of a good man.

Mrs. Abbie H. Noe

July 22, 1880

Died at Hennepin, July 18, of congestion of the stomach and old age, Abbie H. Noe, 83 years, 7 months, 3 days, formerly of Henry and mother of Mrs. D. W. Danley.

On Sunday evening the remains of Mrs. Abbey H. Noe were brought to this city, and taken to the residence of Mrs. J. Hyndmarsh for the night. On Monday at 10 a.m., the funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church, Rev. Homer McVay officiating, assisted by Rev. J. J. Bunnell. Messrs. Townsend, Hills, Gallaher, Wright, Newburn and Roberts, all old neighbors of the deceased, were selected as pall bearers, and the church was filled with a large circle of the deceased friends who came to pay homage to the venerable friend they had long loved and respected.

Mrs. Noe was a native of New Jersey, moving to Henry in 1851, burying her husband Mr. Benjamin Noe, here within a year after their arrival. Two daughters and a son constituted the family - Mrs. Josiah McCoy (now deceased), Mrs. D. W. Danley and A. E. Noe of Ohio. She had been a member of the Presbyterian church for many years, and was one of the original founders of the church in Henry. She now rests beside her husband in the cemetery here, having completed life's work, and to reap that fruition of a useful, well spent life, hearing the applaudits, "well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." Mr. D. W. Danley and family, Jacob Robinson and family, and C. L. Loomis and family were the relatives present, Mrs. Leech and son, P. B. Durley and Miss Durley, all of Hennepin, were also present at the obsequies.

Mrs. Margaret H. Noe

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

March 17, 1866

In this city, March 16 of consumption, Margaret H., wife of H. E. Noe, age 35 years, 6 months and 16 days. Funeral services at the Presbyterian church tomorrow Sunday at 2 p.m. All the friends are invited to attend.

William Wesley Noll

March 4, 1915

William Wesley Noll, son of Solomon and Elizabeth Noll, was born in Henry, Ill., Sept. 27, 1871, and died at Hot Springs, Ark., Feb. 27, 1915, aged 43 years and 5 months. His parents came to Henry in the 50's and were members of the Methodist church here for many years. The father was a soldier in the War of the Rebellion. He lost his health in consequence and was an invalid for more than 30 years. His death occurred in 1896. The mother passed away in 1906. A brother and sister have also deceased; a brother John F. Noll of Chicago and a sister, Lottie, of Henry, remain.

The funeral services were held at the M. E. church, Tuesday at 3:20 o'clock pm, conducted by the pastor, Rev. J. E. Mercer. Interment was in the Henry cemetery.

Mrs. Katherine Norris

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

December 23, 1865

Died in Whitefield, December 16, after a few weeks illness, Katherine, wife of James Norris, age 48 years.

Mrs. Mary Norton (nee Boys)

February 6, 1873

In Roberts township, Feb. 4, Mary, wife of John Norton, and daughter of William Boys.

The wife of Mr. John Norton of Roberts, died Tuesday, probably from pneumonia or consumption. She was a most excellent woman and daughter of William Boys.

John Noyes

December 26, 1878

Died in Saratoga township, Dec. 18, of Bright's disease of the kidneys, John Noyes, aged 50 years, 8 months, 15 days.

Mr. John Noyes of Saratoga township died on Wednesday last. His illness was Bright's disease of the kidneys, of which he has been a sufferer two years and upwards. He has occupied the farm where he died over 20 years, and might be reckoned with the first settlers of that township. He was a gentleman in its true sense, and dealt justly with every man. It might truthfully be said of him that he hardly had an enemy in the world. He was a hospitable, obliging, kindly in all his ways, a good neighbor, and an upright man. He was a Protestant Methodist in faith and a worthy, sincere christian. He leaves a wife and two children, who are bereft by his death.

January 9, 1879

Our Correspondence - Saratoga

In the death of Mr. John Noyes, we are called to mourn the loss of one of our best citizens, his life being one of a true Christian, not only in words but in acts. He died as he lived rejoicing in the true faith.

George Nurce

March 21, 1878

Vicinity Affairs, LaPrairie

George Nurce, an old and highly respected citizen, of Hallock township, died Saturday evening and was buried on Thursday at Blue Ridge cemetery. Deceased was 64 years of age and for 40 years a resident of Blue Ridge (Peoria county). He was one of the charter members of Blue Ridge Division number 286 Sons of Temperance, which was organized in 1851 and is still in a flourishing condition. He maintained his attendance until last and his attendance upon their stated meetings as long as his health would permit. He died of some urinary disorder and was a great sufferer during his sickness.

John M. Nye

Taken From the Henry Republican

June 1, 1882

Died at Lacon, May 29, of consumption, John M. Nye, 36.

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