Marshall County Obituaries and Death Notices

Mrs. Addie E. Haley Page


October 10, 1902

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Addie E. Haley was born in Pendeleton county, Kentucky, Nov. 23, 1878, and moved with her parents to Memphis, Missouri in 1884. She joined the M.E. church South at the early age of fourteen. She was married to J.W. Page, Feb. 3, 1893. To this union three children were born, one of whom preceded her, by just one month, to the better land. She moved with her husband to Toluca, Ill., where she lived till her death Oct. 4, 1902, aged 23 years, 10 months and 14 days. Besides her husband and two children she leaves to mourn her loss, a mother and father, two brothers and two sisters, besides other relatives and hosts of friends. Her funeral services were conducted by Rev. Dudman, at the M.E. church, Monday, Oct. 6th, after which she was la d to rest in the Ball cemetery.

Mrs. Sophia (Peterson) Palm

August 17, 1933

Life Sketch of the Late Mrs. Charles Palm

Mrs. Sophia Palm passed away on Thursday afternoon of last week. Funeral services were held at her late home in Wenona at 2 p.m. and in the First Lutheran church at Varna at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. The Rev. Nilsson conducted the Swedish services and the Rev. Hultberg of Wenona, officiated in English.

Sophia Peterson Palm was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peterson and was born in September 1867 and next month would have been 66 years old. She was married to Charles Palm on February 27, 1887. Six children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Palm - George, Bert and Clifford, and Mrs. Nettie Johnson; two children having died in infancy.

Mr. and Mrs. Palm moved from the farm to Varna in 1914, where they lived until two years ago when they moved to Wenona. Mrs. Palm was a devoted mother and a kind neighbor. She was also a devout church member. Interment was made in Salem cemetery.

Mrs. Martha Palmer


March 14, 1872

(Died at Lacon) Also Feb. 29, Mrs. Martha Palmer, aged 82.

March 21, 1872

Mrs. Henry D. Palmer died in Lacon on the 1st, aged 83. She was born in North Carolina. At the age of 15 she married Henry D. Palmer, to whom she bore 14 children, 12 of whom survive her. He was in youth a wild character and a great friend of Jackson's. He afterward reformed and for 50 years preached the gospel with success, dying at Eureka 10 years ago.

William Palmer


May 6. 1869

Died in Bennington township, William Palmer, aged 70 years.

Mrs. Imogene S. Parker

January 6, 1881

Died at Glen Haven, N. Y., Dec. 12, of consumption, Mrs. Imogene S. Parker, 34 years, 7 days, wife of Thomas C. Parker. Mrs. P. was a strong spiritualist and most intimate friend of Mrs. Royal Olmsted.

Isaac Parker

October 21, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in this city, Oct. 21, of consumption, Isaac Parker, aged 60 years.

Mrs. Lucy J. Parker

July 25, 1878

Died in Wenona, June 27, Lucy J., wife of C. D. Parker, in teh 33d year of her age. A loving mother, a dear wife, she filled the sphere in which she moved so completely that her loss can never be repaired to her mourning friends. She died as she had lived, a christian in deeds rather than in words, meeting death without fear or regret, except for the loved ones left behind - Index.

Alonzo Parmerter


January 1, 1880

At Peoria, Dec. 25, after a brief illness, Alonzo Parmerter, about 38, formerly of Henry.

Ellis L. Parrett

August 10, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Wenona, July 19, Ellis L., aged 4 months, only child of William and Ella Parrett

William Ellis Parrett

February 9, 1882

At Wenona, Jan. 30, Judge William Ellis Parrett, 65.

Judge W. E. Parrett died at Wenona on Monday of last week. He was once elected to the office of associate justice while living in Putnam county, and once was a candidate for congress against Dr. R. Boal, being beat by only a few votes. He was a shrewd democratic politician of his time. The past five years he has been fighting against King Alcohol, to which he had been a slave for many years.

Phillip Parsons

April 3, 1873

At Chillicothe, March 18, of old age, Phillip Parsons, aged 75 years, father of Mrs. Edward Wood of this city.

George B. Paskell

October 7, 1880

At Paw Paw, Morgan county, W. Va., of old age, George B. Paskell, 80, father of Geo. F. Paskell, Esq., of the Paskell House.

Mrs. Mary Ellen Paskell


August 19, 1870

Died in this city on Tuesday morning, August 16, of congestion of all the vital organs, Mrs. Mary Ellen Paskell, wife of J. M. Paskell of this place.

August 25, 1870

Mrs. Paskell, who died so suddenly last week, came among us but two short years ago from Virginia; a stranger among strangers - and with the cares and labors which fell to her lot, she had few opportunities for social intercourse - but in that short time she had come to be known a a genuine, good woman, and loves as such, and such is the tribute gladly paid to her memory and he vitrues by all who knew her. What her religion was, whether it was an "unorthodox mush of charity, and love, and pity." or made up of the sterner stuff, which our preachers delight to call evangelical - we don't know and don't care, because it doesn't matter - it made a loving, charitable, true woman of her, such as we are all the better for having known and honored, and that is all that really concerns her or us.

David Patter (Platter?)

July 20, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican


Friday another little boy, David, aged nearly six years, son of E. N. Patter of Whitefield, was called to join the heavenly choir.

Elnathan Patter's infant daughter

September 23, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Whitefield, Sept. 18, infant daughter of Elnathan and Maria Patter, aged 6 months.

Mrs. Ella May Patterson

February 19, 1880

Died in Saratoga, Feb. 12, of quick consumption, Ella May, 23, wife of Robert Patterson, Jr., and daughter of Charles McLaughlin.--Robert Patterson, Jr., buried his young wife Saturday, in Saratoga township. This is the second death in that town within a week, where a young wife is taken, leaving the husband the ward of a young babe.

Milo - The wife of Robert Patterson, Jr., of Saratoga was buried at the Center church cemetery Saturday.

Whitefield Corners - On Saturday, 14th, the last sad rite was paid to the remains of Mrs. Robert Patterson, Jr., of Saratoga, also a young mother, who died on consumption, third or fourth of the family by the same cause. She was sister to Mrs. Spencer Conkling and daughter of Chas. McLaughlin, late of Henry.

Robert Patterson's child

June 3, 1880


The last sad rites was paid to the deceased child of Robert Patterson. Funeral preached at Center church on Sunday, 30th, by Rev. Hitchcock, and laid in the tomb beside its mother that preceded it but a few months since.

Thomas Payne

March 24, 1881

In Whitefield, March 19, at the residence of his son, Edward, of old age, Thomas Payne, 96 years, 2 months, 17 days.

Mr. Thomas Payne, a resident of Marshall county since 1850 and the oldest person in this section, while the elements were raging in all their fury on Saturday, was translated "to the evergreen shore". He was in his 97th year. The family were remarkably long lived, and his children, eight in number, who survive him, are well along in years, the youngest being upwards of 50 already.

Mr. Payne was a native of England, of Oswestry, county of Salop. There he married and there were all his children born. His six sons, like himself, were brought up to the vocation of brickmaking. In 1848, after taking passage of ship for this country, the ship was wrecked off the coast of Ireland, and though no lives were lost, Mr. Payne and others of the company, 20 in all, lost their freight. Mr. P.s loss amounting to about $1500.

They appeared in this region in the year 1850, and opened a brickyard on the Lombard place west of town, and subsequently located at the bluff, three miles west of town, where the deceased spent the residue of his days. The sons have since scattered. Edward has remained here, with whom his father has lived many years. John was a minister, and a speaker of force and power. He is in Kansas. Thomas resides at the great lumber city of Oshkosh, Wis. Richard is at Galva, George near Geneseo, and William in Iowa. A daughter resides in England and another at Wataga, Knox county.

Father Payne was an exceedingly modest, devout man; a Methodist in faith and life, and a warm, zealous Christian, a good neighbor, a friend of many virtues and highly esteemed. The funeral was held yesterday at noon, Rev. W. J. Minium officiating, the body being interred beside the wife who died 25 years ago, in Sugar Grove cemetery.

Herbert B. Pechin

October 27, 1881

Died in this city, Oct. 23, of diphtheria croup, Herbert B., 4 years 1 months 23 days, youngest child of Duff and Jennie Pechin.

John Peck


June 29, 1871

Died at Woodbury, NJ, June 23, Mr. John Peck, of this city, aged 43 years

Mrs. Kate Peck

May 13, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Dickinson county, Kansas, April 29th, Kate, aged 23 years, wife of Ben. W. Peck

Mrs. Phebe Peck

April 4, 1878

In Whitefield, March 19 of heart disease, Phebe, aged 53 years, wife of Wilson Peck

Willson Peck

April 11, 1878

Died in Whitefield, April 7, of diabetis, Willson Peck, aged 64 years.

Alice Pelton

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

August 23, 1866

Died in this city, August 20, after a short illness, Alice, daughter of Frederick and Hanna Pelton, age 4 years.

Mrs. Dorah Penkun


November 9, 1871

Died in this city, Nov. 2, after 10 months illness, Dorah, consort of Frederick C. Penkun, aged 58 years, 3 months and 20 days.

John Penn

February 1, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Centralia, Jan. 12, of pneumonia, John Penn, aged 51 years, brother-in-law of James Wilson of Whitefield.

Mrs. Eliza Perley

March 26, 1874

At Polo, Ogle county, March 20, of congestion of the lungs, Eliza, aged 72, wife of Nathaniel Perley and mother of Hon. P. S. Perley of this city.

A son can only speak tenderly and lovingly of his mother, and the initals below stand for the homely name she gave her first son. One grief she never knew, to give a child up to death. Her children all survive to mourn her, though only half of them too were at her funeral. She was a good wife and mother, a Methodist of 40 years probation, not a nominal, but a real one and she loved their prayer meeting to her latest day. What is more, she was an honest, truthful, conscientious woman, striving to carry out in her everyday life teachings of him, who spake as never man spake and inside or outside any church that makes a Christian. In her later and happier and more thoughtful years, the brimstone somehow burned out of her belief and sinners, as some of her children, so dear to her are, we know. She looked to meet us at the glowing portal, when we shall step into the world of light. She looks to greet us with a kiss immortal, amid the angels shall glad our sight.

P.S. P.

Nathaniel Perley

August 15, 1878

At Polo, Ogle county, August 12, Nathaniel Perley, aged 76 years, father of Postmaster P. S. Perley of this city.

Nathaniel Perley, the father of Postmaster P. S. Perley, died at Polo, Ogle county, on Monday morning, after a not very long illness. The excessive heat of the summer, and his advanced age contributed to aggregate the disorder that ended his life on earth. He was originally from Maine. The past few years he has resided at Polo with a daughter, Mrs. Carlos Herrick, who formerly was a resident of this place (Henry). Early in the summer he came to visit his son in Henry, where he remained until within a couple of weeks of his death. Father Perley was one of God's noblemen; while in the world he was devoted to the used and excellencies of life, did his part, in his own humble way, for the good of those about him, and at a ripe old age, was "gathered unto his fathers." Mr. and Mrs. Perley and his daughter Anna, were at the burial on Tuesday at Polo.

Mellisa (Cowen) Perrett


March 31, 1870

Died at Wenona, March 16, Mrs. Mellisa, aged 29 years, wife of George Perrett and daughter of Thomas Cowen of Wenona.

Daniel Perry

The (Minonk) Journal

April 29, 1882

Donated by Dena Whitesell

Died - At his residence in Pattonsburg, on the morning of the 19th, of a complicated disease. Daniel Perry, aged 39 years. Deceased was a native of Marshall county, Ill. He served his country over three years during the rebellion in company C 129 regiment Illinois Infantry, where he gained the name of being a true and brave soldier. He leaves a wife and two children and several brothers and sisters. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. A. B. Wadle, in the presence of a large assembly of people at the Christian church in Pattonsburg. His remains were taken to the Martin cemetery and buried within a short distance of the place where he was born.

Mrs. Jane E. Perry


December 17, 1868

Died at Loton, Michigan, November 28 of erysipelas of the throat, Jane E., wife of Theodore Perry, formerly of Lacon.

Barbara Peterman

November 3, 1881

In this city, Oct. 28 of diphtheria, Barbara, 9 years, 4 months, 11 days, daughter of Adam and Regina Peterman.

Mr. Adam Peterman buried a daughter on Saturday afternoon. The complaint was diphtheria. She was a very sick child, and though everything was done for the child possible, it could not be saves. It is a sad loss to the family, as she was a favorite of the household.

Frederick Peters

Henry Republican, October 26 1882

Died Sept. 13, in Lacon, Frederick Peters, 4 years 4 months, reported by Dr. H. Tesmer.

Mrs. Henry Peters


Augsut 7, 1903

At Rest

Mrs. Henry Peters, who has been sick since the birth of her daughter about six weeks ago, died last Monday night. Her funeral services were conducted by Father O'Brien at St. Ann's church, Wednesday morning, after which her remains were conveyed to Minonk and laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery. She was a woman in the morning of life, about 22 years old, loved and respected by all who knew her. Death under any and all circumstances is sad, but when a mother leaving a little babe is called away it is especially sad. Her funeral was one of the largest ever seen in Toluca. The pallbearers were: Willie O'Brien, John Scuilans, James Liston, Albert Peterson, John McCoil, Chas. Donnelly, Jr., Josph Jacobs, Jr., and Joe Schmillen.

Abram D. Peterson

December 13, 1877

On St. James river, N. B., Oct. 25, by injury, Abram D. Peterson, aged 60, brother of Mr. S. D. Peterson of this city.

John Peterson

April 13, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Nashwauk, N. B., March 29, of old age, John Peterson, aged 92, father of Samuel D. Peterson of this city.

Mrs. Doctor Petrie


September 2, 1869

In this city at the Myers house, August 31, Mrs. Doctor Petrie, of Naples, Illinois, age about 70 years.

Frederick Phinius

December 19, 1872

Died at Lacon, Dec. 12, at the residence of sheriff R. A. Wright, of lung fever, Frederick Phinius, aged 68 years, father of Mrs. Wright.

Jaques Pichereau


August 1, 1872

AT Lacon, July 24, Jaques Pichereau, aged 92 years.

Mrs. Louisa Pichereau (nee Strawn)

April 2, 1874

Died at Lacon, Mary 29, Mrs. Louisa, AGed 43 years, wife of Arceno Pichereau, and daughter of the late Col. Strawn.

Clarence Ashley Pierce

October 18, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died at Lacon, September 30, Clarence Ashley, aged 1 month, only child of Nelson and Mary Pierce.

Clide A. Pierce

September 13, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Wenona, Sept. 1, Clide A., aged 2 years, son of Bent and Mary Pierce.

Mrs. John H. Pierce

March 27, 1873

At Omaha, Neb., March 11, of consumption, wife of John H. Pierce, formerly of Whitefield, aged 16 years.

Mrs. Sarah Catherine Pierce


March 28, 1867

Died in Saratoga township, March 21st, of consumption, Mrs. Sarah Catherine Pierce, age 28 years.

Son of Hermon Piper

November 5, 1874

At Varna, October 28, a son, aged 2 years of Hermon Piper.

Varna : Died October 28, a son of Herman Piper's, aged 2 years. It had its skull broken some time ago and was in fair way to recover, but the little fellow took cold and died from the effects.

Mabel Placher

October 8, 1874

At Sparland, October 1, Mabel, aged 3 months, daughter of Henry and Mary Placher.

David Sharpless Platter

July 20, 1876

In Whitefield, July 14, of lung fever, David Sharpless, aged 6 years, 9 months, son of Elanathan and Maria Platter.

Mrs. Hannah Platter

September 21, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Tolonna, Campaign county, Sept. 13, at her daughter's Mrs. John Combs, of old age, Mrs. Hannah, aged 81 years, wife of the late Jacob Platter.

Grandmother Hannah Platter, wife of Father Jacob Platter, was born in Miami county, Ohio, on the 13th day of September 1795, and died in Champaign county, this state, Septembe 13, it being her 81st birthday. She, with her family, emigrated to this state in 1841, and settled in Peoria county, and lived there till 1852, when she moved into Whitefield town, Marshall county, where she lived until September of last year, when she went to her oldest son on a visit in Indiana. She stayed there until sometime during the following winter, when she went to her oldest daughter in Champaign county, where she died of the infirmity of old age. She was the mother of 12 children, nine of whom are living, five boys and four girls, 52 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. She became a member of the church of Christ over 50 years ago, living an exemplary christian and a devoted mother.

Jacob Platter

August 7, 1873

In Wapelo county, Iowa, July 22, of infirmity of age, a Jeremiah Platter's residence, Jacob Platter of Whitefield township, aged 87 years.

William Plummer

January 30, 1873

Died at Lacon, Jan. 11 of lung fever, William Plummer, aged 5 years.

Mrs. Susan Pomeroy

September 24, 1874

At Lacon, Sept. 13, at the residence of Mark Bangs, Esq., Mrs. Susan, aged 71, relict of the late Deacon Samuel Pomeroy. A citizen of Lacon over 30 years.

Bertha I. Pool


May 13, 1869

Died in Henry, May 7, Bertha I., infant daughter of A. M. and Allian G. Pool, aged 5 months.

Mrs. Ellen Gardiner Pool

September 26, 1878

Death of Mrs. A. M. Pool.

Died in this city, Sept. 24, of congestion, Ellen Gardiner, aged 49 years, wife of A. M. Pool.

Death has suddenly entered another of our Christian households. At a quarter past one o'clock, on Tuesday morning, Ellen Gardiner, wife of Mr. A. M. Pool, passed quietly away from earth, leaving a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn her unanticipated loss. She was born June 5th, 1829, at Yellow Springs, Ohio. Most of her life, however, was spent in the city of Columbus, where, at an early age, she professed her faith in Christ, and connected herself with the First Presbyterian church, at that time under the pastoral charge of Rev. James Hoge, D. D. This relation was very pleasantly and profitably continued by her, until the formation of the Westminster church in the same city. … After her married with Mr. Pool, however, she took up her residence in this city, and united with the First Presbyterian church. …… Appropriate funeral services were conducted, on Wednesday at two o'clock, in the First Congregational church, by the pastor, assisted by Rev. E. C. Wayman, while a large concourse of our citizens attested, by their presence and sympathy, the esteem in which she was held by the community.

Guy G. Pool

November 12, 1874

At Star City, Utah, October 29th, of diphtheria, aged 1 year and 10 months, Guy G., only son of W. P. and Isabella Pool.

Hattie Porter

Taken From the Henry Republican, May 18, 1882

Died At Toulon, May 10, at the residence of her aunt, Mrs. C. D. Ward of consumption, Miss Hattie Porter, 17 of Lacon

Mrs. Sarah L. Porter

September 26, 1872

At Wenona, Sept 10, of consumption, Sarah L., aged 37, wife of Samuel Porter

Dr. Jacob Post


August 27, 1868

Died at Wenona, August 16, Dr. Jacob Post, aged 51 years.

Freddy G. Potter


April 1, 1869

Died in this city March 29, Freddy G., son of Frederick S. and Louisa V. Potter, aged 11 years and 19 days. The funeral service will take place at the Congregational church this (Thursday) afternoon at 2 o'clock. (For more information see Chapter of Accidents - A Bad Catastrophe )

Mrs. Louisa V. Potter (nee Dawson)


Thursday, July 27, 1871

Died in this city, July 19, of paralysis, Louisa V. Dawson, aged 36 years, wife of F. S. Potter

Mary A. Potts

October 21, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Wenona, Oct. 17, of diphtheria, Mary A., aged 6 years, daughter of Dr. Potts.

Mrs. Elizabeth Powell

May 30, 1878

Died in Rockfield, Indiana, May 25, Mrs. Elizabeth Powell, wife of Dr. J. W. Powell and daughter-in-law to Dr. J. E. Powell of this city

James T. Powell

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

Ocotber 11, 1866

James T. Powell, father of A. H. Powell of the firm Powell, McVicker & Wyckoff, died very suddenly and unexpectedly Tuesday morning. He has been living with his son for some time past, and though in declining health, nothing unusual was noticed that morning when he arose to excite concern in the family. He was noticed to go out at the back door, and being gone some time, one went out to call him, when he was found in a shed stone dead. It is supposed that he died in a sudden fit of apoplexy. He was a kind man, sedate in manner, and had reached the age of 66 years. His funeral took place yesterday from his son's residence on the avenue.

Mrs. Nancy (Baker) Powell

March 13, 1879

At Baltimore, Michigan, March 11, Mrs. Nancy, aged 40 years, wife of the late George Powell, and sister of Rev. E. H. Baker of this city.

James Powers

January 23, 1879

Taken From the Henry Republican

Saratoga - James Powers, son of Thomas Powers, died in Colorado Jan. 9; was brought home and buried at Camp Grove on the 16th. This is the fourth death in their family in less than three years of consumption, three daughters and one son. Last summer James went to Colorado, in hopes the change of climate would effect a cure, but alas it was only to die.

Michael Powers

February 18, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

Also February 16 in Steuben, Michael Powers, aged about 70.

Mrs. Robert Pringle

September 11, 1873

Died in LaPrairie, Aug. 30, Mrs. Robert Pringle, aged 43 years.

Lena Proctor

October 18, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Whitefield township, October 15, of bowel complaint, Lena, aged 11 months, 11 days, daughter of Willard and Elizabeth Proctor and granddaughter of Mr. William Fountain of W.

Mrs. Clarissa Pufer

September 26, 1872

At Waverly, Pike county, Ohio, Sept 22, of bilious fever, Mrs. Clarissa Puffer, in her 77th year, and mother of Mrs. W. W. Heath of this city.

Robert Purcell


May 16, 1872

Died in Hopewell township, May 2, of typhoid fever, Robert Purcell, aged 29.

Ida Purple

August 1, 1878

Local Department

The community will learn with sorrow of the death at Barre, Mass., of Miss Ida Purple, the only remaining child of John N. Purple with consumption recently. She was the most estimable young lady possessing many accomplishments enhanced by beauty of person and culture of mind. Her age was 22. Mr. and Mrs. Purple have now buried the last of several children, drinking the bitter cup to the dredges, we console with them in their irreparable loss and desolation.

Mr. Pushman's infant

August 5, 1880 - Wenona

Died, an infant child of Mr. Pushman's on Saturday last.

Carrie (Troyer) Puterbaugh


March 17, 1870

At Peoria, March 8, Carrie Troyer, wife of George Puterbaugh, niece and adopted daughter of Dr. and Mrs. M. Troyer, aged 24 years.

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