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 James Wharton


March 28, 1872

At Annawan, Henry county, March 14, at the residence of Jacob Clark, formerly of Whitefield, James Wharton, of Cambridge, and Miss Emma Clark, sister of Jacob C. and niece of J. B. Mock of Whitefield.

Ann Whelan

September 21, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Wenona, Sept. 11, of typhoid fever, Miss Ann Whelan, aged 19 years, daughter of Malichy Whelan of Garfield, LaSalle county.

Fanny B. Whiffen

July 8, 1880

At Peoria, July 1, of rheumatism of the heart, Fanny B., 19 years, 6 months, 7 days, daughter of William B. and Hattie W. Whiffen, of Lacon.

Miss Fanny Whiffen, only daughter of W. B. Whiffen of the Lacon Democrat, died at Peoria last Thursday, after a week's illness from rheumatism of the heart. She was born in the city of Peoria, and was buried in Springdale cemetery. She was amiable and lovable of her sex, and will be sadly missed at home and in the community. The stricken household have the warmest sympathy of our citizens in this their irreparable loss.

Lacon - In chronicling the death of Miss Fannie Whiffen, only daughter of the editor of the Marshall County Democrat, we feel as if Lacon has lost one of her most amiable and lovable girls just blossoming of womanhood.

Sarah Ella Whiffen

February 23, 1882

Henry Republican - Neighborhood News, Lacon

Miss Ella Whiffen, daughter of W. B. Whiffen, editor of the Marshall County Deocrat, died very suddenly in Peoria Monday morning, after several hours of intense suffering from rheumatism of the stomach. Her friends here knew nothing of her illness unitl the receipt of the dispatch announcing her death. About two years ago, Fannie, a younger daughter, was taken suddenly by the same terrible messenger of death.

(Another writer): Death has again invaded the family of W. B. Whiffen, Esq., of the Lacon Democrat, removing his only remaining daughter, Miss Sarah E. Whiffen, who died at her boarding house at Peoria, on Monday, after only a few hours of serious illness, of rheumatism of the stomach. Mr. Whiffen, the father, was first apprised of the fact of a serious illness by a telegram informing him of her sudden death. She was an only child by a former wife, a native of Indianapolis, born Aug. 16, 1855. She had been making it her home in Peoria for several years, for a long time a clerk in Clark & Co.'s dry goods store and at the time of her death was lady attendant in the reception room of Smith's photographis studio. The funeral was held at the house of her aunt, Mrs. Eliza Thurlow, Tuesday afternoon, and the body interred in Springdale cemetery in that city.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Whitaker

February 6, 1879

At Lacon, January 27, Jesse Whitaker, aged 85, father of J. A. Whitaker, the ex-sheriff of this county.

At Lacon, February 3, Mrs. Jesse Whitaker, aged 76 years, wife of the above.

Two Deaths

Uncle Jesse Whitaker, died at Lacon last week, honored and esteemed by all who knew him. A fitting epitaph for his tomb stone would be: "The world was made better by his living in it." His birthplace was Shelby county, Ky., the year 1792, and had he lived until June 30th, would have been 87 years old. He was married twice, had eight children, four of whom survive. He was engaged in the war of 1812; was a captain in the Mexican contest, and enlisted during the rebellion having the honor of being connected with three wars in this country. He was elected some years ago city treasurer, which office he has held every year since being re-elected. His funeral was attended by a very large concourse of people. In the procession the veterans of the war escorted the body with reversed arms, and at the grave presented arms. He was one of the purest and best men, kind and gentle in disposition, loving all and making friends with all. He was a high type of the good citizen, and a Christian man, signalizing his faith by connection with the Baptist church, in which faith he reared his family, and lived and died. Thus his life of usefulness is transferred to the other shore, where the good will join him in the "Sweet by and by."

Since writing the above, the wife of Mr. Whitaker, who was too ill to attend the funeral of her husband, in just one week from the day he died, followed him to "the unseen land," and on the same day and hour, one week later, her funeral was attended by mourning friends. She has lived with Mr. Whitaker upwards of 40 years, being his second wife. She was a true woman, greatly beloved, and very generally esteemed.

Dr. M. P. Whitaker

January 27, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Terre Haute, Ind., Dec. 27, of paralysis, Dr. M. P. Whitaker, aged 59 years, eldest son of Mr. Jesse Whitaker of Lacon.

Augustus White

July 24, 1873

Died near Henry, July 22, of consumption, Augustus White, aged 31 years.

Burritt White

Taken From the Henry Republican, Henry, IL

February 13, 1868

Died in Whitefield, February 11, of typhoid fever, J. Burritt White, eldest son of Mrs. J. B. White, aged 21 years. Funeral at the residence of Mrs. J. B. White in Whitefield on Friday at 11 o'clock a.m.

Grace White

October 17, 1872

Died in Whitefield, Oct. 4, Grace, wife of A. H. White, aged 57 years.

Peleg Herschel White

May 8, 1873

In Hopewell, May 14, of spinal complaint, after 104 days of sickness, Peleg Herschel White, aged 15, grandson of William White.

William White

January 22, 1880

Taken from the Henry Republican

Old man William White, who settled on Sandy Creek over 35 years ago and who went south some four or five years since, died early this winter at his home in North Carolina. He was over 80 when he left here and sometime after moving to Carolina, he married a wife of 65 years of age. When he died he was within a few days of 85 years of age. He has no relatives hereabouts that we know of, but a large list of acquaintances among the older residents of the county - Lacon Democrat.

Mrs. Martha Whitham

January 30, 1873

At Lacon, Jan. 17, Martha, wife of Alexander Whitham.

Mrs. Elizabeth Whitmer

January 20, 1881

Died in this city, Jan. 15, of paralysis, Elizabeth, 72 years, 6 months 10 days, wife of Abraham Whitmer, and mother of Mrs. F. H. Goodrich.

Samuel Whitmer/ Hattie Gale Whitmer/ Etta Whitmer/

February 16, 1882

Henry Republican

In Richland township, Jan. 15, of diphtheria, Samuel 9; Feb. 2d, Hattie Gale, 7; Feb. 6th, Etta, 11, children of Samuel and Martha Whitmer and nephew and nieces of F. H. Goodrich of this city.

Asa Whitney

January 1, 1880

Died in Chicago, Dec. 30, of typhoid pneumonia, Asa, 28, son of John Whitney of this city. Funeral today at 11 a.m. at the family residence.

Taken From the Henry Republican

January 8, 1880

The subject of this notice was the only son of John Whitney, and was born in Fulton county, in this state, June 10, 1851. The family left the farm and came to henry in the spring of 1859, and after residing in the city several years, removed to their farm adjoining the corporation, where they have since resided. Asa remained at home, working the farm with his father until about the time he was 21, when (March 18, 1872) he secured a situation the store of Pool & Jones, and remained with that firm until January 20, 1875, when being offered a situation in one of the departments of the establishment of Field, Leiter & Co., Chicago, accepted it and remained with that firm until his death which occurred on the 30th ultimo. The sickness which culminated in his death was of about three weeks duration, commencing in a bilious attack, soon merging into typhoid pneumonia; and although he had the attendance of three of Chicago's skillful physicians, and the care which only an anxious mother and sister know how to bestow, besides numerous friends untiring in their attention and anxiety for his recovery; all were baffled, and death secured him ats its victim.

A few hours before his death, realizing that his end was near, he called his mother, sister and brother-in-law (J. L. Saxton) to his bedside, and with a happy smile, brightening up his face, kissed them good bye, and then naming his many relatives in Henry by nema, sent to each one the same message of remembrance and love. Then after bidding the other faithful attendants and friends farewell, and expressing his willingness to die, and his hope of entering a better world, he asked that his favorite hymn be sung: "Nearer My God to Thee, Nearer to Thee." himself joining in the singing. One who was present speaks of it as the most affecting scene he ever witnessed.

His body was incased in a beautiful casket and brought home to the family residence, from whence, on January 1st, it was taken to our cemetery, and laid beside his little sister Nellie, who had preceded him some eight years to the "Home of pure delight, Where saints immortal reign." The remains were accompanied home by a former roommate (Mr. Smith), himself also a cerk in the employ of Field, Leiter & Co., and the esteem in which the deceased was held by his employers is shown by their paying the expenses of this representative of their house, whilst on the sad errand of burying his friend and their faithful clerk. .......... His funeral was largely attended and a very appropriate discourse was preached by the Rev. J. J. Bunnell, pastor of the Presbyterian church of this city.

Nellie Whitney


February 2, 1871

Died in Henry, Jan. 27, inf. croup, Nellie, aged 2 years and 4 months, daughter of John and Eliza J. Whitney

Dr. Lyman Whiton

Taken from "The Courier", Henry, IL

May 30, 1857

Died, in the city, at the Lombard House, on the morning of May 27th, Dr. LYMAN WHITON, in the 56th year of his age. The deceased was a native of Lee, Berkshire Co., Mass., for many years a resident of New York, and for six years past of Michigan and Illinois.

For five weeks he has been prostated by Pneumonia, yet a cheerful, conscious sufferer. During this time he has directed his own prescriptions, with a clear mind detected each change in his disease, and noted its rapid progress. In the midst of usefulness, even as he has lived, he has died; surrounded by Patients who lingered for the restoration of his strength, that they might hear the counsel which should restore them to health and hope, and amid the blessing of those who have experienced the skill of this ardent friend of Science and Humanity. We would assure his aged Mother and the children so suddenly bereaved, that Mrs. W., while watching beside him, has had what sympathy and aid the hearts and hands of friends who revered and loved the departed, could afford her. But God had called, and mortal hopes and efforts might not stay the spirit.

Mrs. Ann Whittington
Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 10, 1883
Died at Princeville, May 8, of old age, Mrs. Ann Whittington, grandmother to Mrs. J. Spencer Burt of this city.

Mrs. Wilder

March 21, 1878

Vicinity Affairs - Saratoga

Mrs. Wilder, grandmother of Mrs. Henry Bennett, while going about her usual health on Thursday the 14th, and coming downstairs with Mr. Bennett's little child in her arms, and having reached the bottom, suddenly fell unconscious in what was supposed to be an apoplectic fit, in which she died in a few minutes. She was a native a New York and was 74 years old. She was buried in Bradford.

John Wiegand

July 8, 1880

Died in this city, June 5 of summer complaint, John Wiegand, son of Michael Wiegand

Mrs. Caherine Wier/Henry Wier's child

October 12, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Local Correspondence-= Lacon

A number of deaths have occurred during the past weeks. Mrs. Catherine Wier, mother of D. B. and Henry Wier died on Monday and about the same time Mr. Henry Wier lost a child.

D. B. Wier's child

April 5, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Local Correspondence - Lacon

D. B. Wier buried a child on Friday of last week. It is but a few months since the death of an older child of Mr. Wier's and his family had the sympathy of this community in their bereavement.

George Wier

November 14, 1878

George Wier, for many years an esteemed citizen of Lacon, died at his residence in Uniontown, Kansas, on Sunday, the 27th of October, of inflammation of the bowels. he was about 60 years of age, and came to Lacon in 1841, where he resided until about 1868 or 1870, when he went to Kansas, where he had accumulated a handsome property. He possessed many estimable qualities, was well informed, and was a man of more than average ability - Journal.

James Wier

October 5, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Local Department

The past was a week of death no less than three where sometimes four persons lying in their coffins. Among them being James Wier or Uncle Jimmy and he was familiarly called. He was a native of Maine and brother of John Wier deceased and also father to George Wier of Kansas, James, John and Thomas Wier. His age we do not know but he was a genial, chatty and companionable and everyone who knew him was friend. - Journal

John Wier

November 14, 1872

Died in Hopewell, Oct. 31 of heart disease, Mr. John Wier, aged 74 years, 5 months.

(For more information, on John Wier, see Marshall County pioneers)

Edward Wies

September 13, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in this city, Sept. 10, of cholera infantum, Edward, aged 5 months, son of August C. and Mary T. Wies.

Mrs. Annie R. Wikoff


January 21, 1869

In this city, Jan. 16, of scarlet fever, Annie R., wife of Peter W. Wikoff, age 23 years. Both parents with 3 brothers and 3 sisters survive the deceased. She was a native of New Jersey and was educated at Trenton. The second anniversary of her marriage was near at hand and was to have been celebrated by having her friends to supper. But she has been called we trust to banquet with her Lord. In less than 5 days from vigourous health, she was reduced to a corpse. Many fall as sudden, few is safe. Almost three years in connection with the Presbyterian church, she was much loved by its members and by the community. The sorrowing crowd at her funeral and at her grave testified to the general grief and the prescious fragrance of her name and memory.

Mrs. Elizabeth Wikoff

September 6, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

In this city, Sept 2, of old age, Elizabeth, aged 80 years, wife of Mr. William B. Wikoff.

Passed from earth Sunday evening, calmly and sweetly, one of the good mothers of Israel, Mrs. Elizabeth Wikoff. She had been in her usual health during the day, eating her meals and conversing with the friends as they came in. Towards 9 o'clock she felt the sinking coming on, spoke that she was dying to the friends, and in the short space of half an hour her spirit had taken its flight to the heavenly world.

Mrs. Wikoff was a native of New Jersey, in which state she was educated and where she was married to William B. Wikoff, with whom she has lived affectionately nearly 60 years, and who survives at the great age of 83 years. Their home circle embraced eight children, four of whom died within three months and all buried at Fairview, Fulton county, in this state, their former place of residence. The other four consist of Mrs. Richard Garretson, who resides in Arkansas, Mrs. A. H. Powell who resides in Missouri, and the sons Garrett and Peter, who reside in this county. Mr. and Mrs. Wikoff have lived in Henry and its vicinity since 1850; were formerly farmers, owning the Holcomb farm four miles west of town, but for several years, with the infirmity of age upon them, have resided in their pleasant home in Henry, waiting patiently for the summons to "come up higher". Both have been very highly esteemed by a wide and devoted acquaintance. The funeral was held in the Presbyterian church on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, and it was noticeable how large a number of her aged acquaintances and friends were present to pay their last respects to the revered dead, they too, blessed hereafter. The services were conducted by Rev. J. L. Martin, the pastor, assisted by Rev. H. McVay. The church was well filled and a large procession of carriages followed the remains to the cemetery.

Mrs. Mary (Vanderveer) Wikoff

June 13, 1878

Died in this city June 9, of neuralgia of the heart, Mary Vanderveer, aged 26, wife of Mr. Peter W. Wikoff.

The deceased was born at Camden N. J. in December, 1852. Was raised and educated at Philadelphia. Moved with her father to Henry in April, 1871. Here she made the acquaintance of Mr. Wikoff, who were married October 31, 1872. The result of the marriage was three children, a girl of four years of age, a son of two, and a babe a week old, all left motherless. The death of Mrs. Wikoff was a surprise - and less than half an hour elapsed from the time the danger was apparent, ere she was a corpse. She had been a member of the First Presbyterian church of Henry for five years, and was a sincere, earnest Christian woman. She was a devoted wife and mother, an excellent neighbor, and held by a large circle of acquaintances in high and affectionate esteem. The attendance at the funeral, which was large, attests the friendship and esteem in which the deceased was held, and the husband and family, thus stricken and desolated, have the sympathy of the entire community. The funeral was held at the Presbyterian church Tuesday forenoon, the services being conducted by Rev. E. H. Baker the pastor of the church.

William Brewer Wikoff

October 9, 1879

At Pleasant Plains, Independence county, Arkansas, September 26, of paralysis, at the residence of Mr. Richard Garretson, his son-in-law, William Brewer Wikoff, 85, late of this city.

Death of Father Wikoff

On Sunday last the funeral sermon of the late William B. Wikoff was preached at the Presbyterian church, by Rev. Mr. Pryse. The death occurred at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. Richard Garretson, at Pleasant Plains, Arkansas, Sept. 16, and because of the rule reventing the removal of bodies from what is denominated as the yellow fever district, at this season, the remains had to be interred in Arkansas, and the removeal left until another time.

Father Wikoff was a native on Monmouth county, N.J., born in February 1795, wehre he was raised; he married Elizabeth Bainbridge in Somerset county, in December 1817, where their married life was spent until they moved west; locating in Fairview, Fulton county, in this state, in June, 1837; 12 years later he moved to Henry, where he has lived since, an upright life, to a venerable old age, respected and revered by all. What is remarkable in his career is the fact that his married life extended over 60 years, his wife having preceeded him to the other world only about two years. The golden wedding, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of their marriage, was celebrated, with great eclat, a few years ago, in this city.

Last may, Father Wikoff left Henry to visit his daughter in Arkansas. A month later he was stricken with paralysis of the left side, losing , in part, his speech; from this he partially recovered, but a second stroke in September came with deadly effect, and he passed away in about 10 days. Mr. Wikoff was undoubtedly the oldest of any one in this county, being in the 85th year of his age at the time of his death. He attended the Presbyterian church here for many years, but was never a communicant. He had been a farmer all his life, and leaves a record of industry, probity, and quiet, useful citizenship. His end is peace.

William Marion Wikoff

May 15, 1879

Died in this city, May 12, of congestion of the brain, William Marion, aged 11 months, infant child of Mr. Peter W. Wikoff.

Mrs. Wiley

November 28, 1878

Our Correspondents - Lacon

Old Mrs. Wiley whose husband died a couple of months since, died in Lacon on last Friday.

Mrs. Frances Wilkinson


March 12, 1868

Died in this city, March 5, of chronic ovaritis, Frances, wife of Joseph Wilkinson. in the 36th year of her age.

Jennie Wilkinson

September 20, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in La Prairie, Sept. 9, of inflammation of the bowels, Jennie, aged 16, only daughter of Neal Wilkinson.

October 4, 1877


The death of Jennie Wilkinson noticed in your columns recently, has saddened the hearts of a large circle of relatives and friends. A bright and interesting girl just budding into womanhood, snatched from the tender embrace of fond and doting parents before they hardly realized that she was seriously ill. & Jennie Wilkinson was a member of the U. P. church and Sabbath school, and far in advance of her years in Christian knowledge and experience. She met the messenger of death with Christian calmness, as becometh one prepared to go to their Savior and be at rest. The funeral services, conducted by Rev. Johns Martin, assisted by Rev. H. H. Houston, were very impressive. The stricken parents have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community in this sad bereavement.

Robert Will

February 17, 1876, Taken From the Henry Republican

Died at Lawn Ridge, Feb. 14, of pneumonia, Robert Will, aged 52 years, 11 months. One of the prominent citizens.

Mrs. Susan Will

The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, December 14, 1882

Neighborhood News - Lacon

Mrs. Susan Will, who has been suffering some time with a cancer, died Tuesday night of this week.

Charles Edward Willey

Warren sheaf. (Warren, Marshall County, Minn.), February 10, 1915



Charles Edward Willey, a highly respected citizen and farmer, who moved here from Illinois about three years ago, died at his home seven miles southwest of Warren on Sun day, Feb. 1, 1915, 9:00 o'clock a m., after a lingering illness from Bright's disease, aged 52 years.

Deceased was born near Varna, Marshall County, Illinois, Feb. 19, 1863. On Dec. 20, 1888, he was united in marriage to Miss Rebecca Harris, at Princeton, Ill. To this union nine children were born, three of them (boys) having died some years ago. The wife also preceded her husband to the better land, having passed away July 20, 1905 The six surviving children are as follows George Edwin, Laura Forest, Gilbert Stewart, and Bernadine Harris, of Warren, and Perry Homer, Olive Lucile of Magnolia, Ill. Besides the children, deceased is also mourned by five living sisters and many other relatives and friends.

Before moving to Warren, deceased had lived his whole life in Marshall and Putnam counties, Illinois, and had followed the occupation of farming. During his short residence here he has become known as an honest and upright man and a useful -citizen. He was a member of the M. W. A. and W. W. lodges. During his last sickness he confessed faith in his Savior and passed away with the assurance that he was going home to be with his Savior in heaven. A funeral service was held at the M. E. church in Warren on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock and was conducted by Rev. L. W. Bartholow, the pastor, who preached an impressive sermon. The remains were then shipped to Magnolia, Ill., the old home of deceased, where another service will held on Thursday, Feb. 11, by Rev. Lackland and the remains consigned to mother earth The four children living at home with the father accompanied his remains to Illinois, starting from Warren Monday evening on the flyer. In the death of Charles Edward Willey, a good and useful citizen has gone to his reward.

Son of David Williams

The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, May 7, 1874

In this city, May 5, a young son, aged 1 year of David Williams

Joseph Vance Williams

October 14, 1869


At Fort Lincoln, Kansas, Oct. 2, of congenstive fever, Joseph Vance Williams, late of Whitefield township, aged 32 years.

Ashael Wilmot

January 26, 1882

Lawn Ridge

Ashael Wilmot of Valley township, died last week with quick consumption. He is the brother of our worthy townsman, X. C. Wilmot and a worthy respected citizen. He leaves a wife and five children to mourn his untimely death. The funeral was from the M. E. LaPrairie Church and was largely attended. Rev. Seaman officiating.

Mrs. Betsey Wilmot

October 6, 1881

Died at Camp Grove, Oct. 3, of old age, Betsey, 82 years 6 mos., wife of the late Stephen B. Wilmot of La Prairie, and mother of Mrs. George Scholes of Saratoga township. Has lived in this county 36 years.

L. D. Wilmot


May 23, 1872

Died in Lacon, May 15, infant son of ex-sheriff, L. D. Wilmot.

Stephen B. Wilmot

March 22, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died in La Prairie, March 14, 1877, Stephen B. Wilmot, aged 79 years. (For more information, see Marshall County pioneers.)

David E. Wilson

June 7, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

In Evans township, May 23 of typhoid fever, David E., aged 18, son of David and Eliza P. Wilson

Helen F. Wilson


Feb. 1, 1872

Died in Evans township, Jan. 24, of brain fever, Helen F., aged 4 years, daughter of Thomas and Mary B. Wilson.

Isaac Wilson


May 2, 1872

Died In Steuben at the poor house of consumption, Isaac Wilson, aged 94.

Isaac Wilson

May 25, 1876

Taken From the Henry Republican

Local Correspondence - Sparland

Isaac Wilson of Chillicothe, formerly of this place was run over by the 7 o'clock freight which he was endeavoring to climb upon as it was leaving, but lost his hold and fell beneath the wheels. One leg was taken off below the knee, the other one crushed nearly to the body. He was carried to his mother's Mrs. Bosley's and attended by Drs. Reader, Gail and Tesmer. He has a wife and two children, which will in all probability be left to face the storms of life alone. Yes, they are alone. He died this (Wednesday) morning at 3 o'clock. God comfort them all in this their hour of deep affliction.

Isaac Wilson

February 24, 1876

Local Correspondance - Snachwine

Isaac Wilson, Snachwine, one of its oldest and wealthiest citizens died of pneumonia on Tuesday. He has been very sick for about 2 weeks having the very best of medical skill but all to no affect. Mr. Wilson has lived where he died upwards of 30 or more years and has amassed a princely estate so to speak. He was a great sportsman and hunting was a great amusement with him. He has several grown sons and was living with his second wife at the time of his death. We learn no further particulars at this writing.

March 9, 1876

Local Correspondence - Snachwine

In your notice of another of our old settlers, Mr. Isaac Wilson in your last issue, I think you must have been misinformed as to his living at the time of his death with his second wife, he having buried his third wife several years since.

Isaiah Wilson's child

March 25, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

Died at Sparland, March 23, a young child of Isaiah Wilson.

James Elbridge Wilson

February 6, 1879

Died in Saratoga township, January 31, of inflamatory croup, James Elbridge, aged 6 months, 20 days, youngest son of J. Bruce and Ann Elizabeth Wilson.

Mrs. James Wilson

December 22, 1881 - Whitefield

Death has entered our quiet solitude again and this time the monster calls from our midst, Mrs. James Wilson, one who has been upon her bed of pain for a long time, wrestling with the terrible disease, consumption and at last had to yield to its bidding. She was a loving mother and will be greatly missed by her family. He spirit departed from this world of pain and sorrow on last Saturday, December 17 and on Monday the body was carried to Sugar Grove cemetery and their laid to its final resting place.

John Wilson

February 1, 1877

Taken From the Henry Republican

At Centralia, Jan. 21, of kidney complaint, John Wilson, aged 73 years and 7 months, father of James Wilson of Whitefield.

Mrs. Mary Amanda Ireland Wilson

December 29, 1881

Died in Whitefield township, Dec. 17, on consumption, Mary Amanda Ireland, 50 years 6 months 24 days, wife of James Wilson.

Mrs. Wilson's infant

May 8, 1879


Mrs. Wilson is lying very low. Their babe died last Saturday.

Mrs. Mary C. Winn

January 30, 1873

At Bedrock, Iowa, Jan. 24, at the residence of her son, Mrs. Mary C. wife of Rev. John Winn of Dunlap, Peoria county and daughter of the late Mrs. P. H. Brown, author of the popular hymn, "I Love to Steal a While Away."

From a letter received from the family we are informed of the sad news of the death of Mrs. Mary Winn, the estimable wife of Rev. John Winn, formerly of this city. She had been visiting her son Mr. George Winn in Iowa, and was expected home at Dunlap, Peoria county, on Friday last, but instead, a telegram was received of her sudden death, and that the remains would be sent by the train of Saturday. No other particulars were received by the heart stricken family, but as Mrs. W. was subject to heart disease, it is supposed to have been the cause of her death. She was a superior woman, whose death is a severe blow to the family, church and community in which she always stood at the head, and of which she was such an exemplary and useful member. Our community indeed sympathize at this sudden and terrible affliction of our esteemed friends.

Ann Winters

April 1, 1875

Taken From the Henry Republican

The young woman who committed suicide in Saratoga township last week, was an intelligent Irish girl, and had formerly taught school. Her name was Ann Winters. The funeral was largely attended by the neighbors and friends. It was a sad tragedy, and the relatives are much cast down by its occurrence. She had the name of being an excellent girl, and the cause of her self destruction is supposed to originate in a fit of temporary insanity.

Roes Winters


October 24, 1867

City and County

Roes Winters, an old resident of this county, age 61, died in West Virginia, October 8th of apolexy. The statesmen said he had gone there to attend an important landsuit and was taken with a fit and died without a struggle. He leaves a large family of sons and daughters, mostly grown up and married to mourn his loss. He has been a resident of this county for 13 years.

George Wise, Sr.

October 17, 1872

At Wenona, Oct. 9, George Wise, Sr., aged 80 years.

Ham Wise

March 24, 1881

At Little Rock, Ark., March 11, of consumption, L. Ham Wise, 31; general traveling freight agent Iron Mountain railroad for the state of Arkansas, and a popular officer. Interment at Wenona.

Abraham Witmer

The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, November 30, 1882

Died in this city, Nov. 25, of old age, Abraham Witmer, 84 years, 4 months, 20 days, father of Mrs. F. H. Goodrich.

The funeral of Mr. Abraham Witmer was held on Monday at 10 o'clock at the M. E. church, Rev. W. J. Minium officiating. The deceased was an aged man, father of Mrs. F. H. Goodrich of this city, with whom he has lived upwards of 12 years. He was a native of Lancaster Pa., but has lived in Illinois since 1850. He was a brickmaker by trade and was the inventor of a brick machine, that proved of value and remuneration. His wife died some time ago. Their children numbered 11, eight of whom survive their parents.


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