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The Early History of Marshall County and its Settlers  

"Earliest Historical Facts of Marshall-Putnam Counties" (Also Bureau and Stark Counties Embracing an Account of the Settlement and Early Progress - Compiled and Published by Mr. Henry A. Ford in 1860 ) 

History of Ft. Darnell - Transcribed by James A. Cavanaugh 

Marshall County History by Virgil E. Tipton - Donated by Jean Davis

Reeves The Outlaw  (Taken From the Henry Republican, March 27, 1873: Exciting Account of His Near Murder and His Expulsion from Marshall County  in the early 1840's (From the Lacon Home Journal) Written by Dr. Robert Boal)

 Old Putnam In Ye Olden Time (An article written about the a meeting in February 1868 of the settlers of Old Putnam county which included Putnam, Bureau, Marshall and La Salle counties.  Lists the names of those present at the meeting and when/where they settled.

  • Old Settlers Meeting (The second meeting of the settlers of Old Putnam county (November 24, 1868))

Sketches of Marshall County Illinois from Dr. Samuel S. Wood (Marshall County Republican 1868)

Marshall County Incorporated Towns  (Taken from the Toluca Star, April 4, 1902)

Chronology of Events

The Completion of the Lock and Dam at Henry, Illinois (Taken from the Henry Republican, January 18, 1872.)

Second Report of the Soldiers Orphan Home - Marshall and Putnam County Children  (Taken from the Henry Republican 1874: lists the children's names, their parents,  what village they were from, and what company and where their father was killed.)

1898 Photo of Marshall County - Donated by Tamie (she would like to find the family to give the photo to)

Sketches of Marshall County Residences From the 1873 Marshall County Atlas

Old Settlers Association of Marshall County, Illinois
These articles are full of history.  Most include speeches given by the early pioneers describing the early days of Marshall county.

  • Old Settlers Meeting (Article suggesting Marshall County have an old settlers reunion - Jan. 1868)

  • First Meeting, Oct. 6, 1869 (Taken From the Henry Republican)

  • The 1871 Old Settlers Picnic and Reunion  - Oration by Silas Ramsey and brief speeches by Robert Barnes, William Atwood, Ed S. Jones, Mrs. Ann Bullman (Taken From the Henry Republican)

  • The 1872 Old Settlers Picnic and Reunion - Oration by Mr. Henry A. Ford,  and brief speeches by Col. G. L. Fort, Livingston Roberts, Robert Barnes, Richard Hunt, Silas Ramsey, George O. Barnes, Esq., Mrs. Ann Bullman (Taken From the Henry Republican)

  • The 1875 Old Settlers Picnics and Reunions - Oration by Hon. Mark Bangs, and brief Speeches by Dr. Boal, Wm. Maxwell, Wm. Atwood, Samuel Henthorn, F. S. Potter , Rev. H. G. Pendleton and others (There were two picnics this year because of the weather - Taken From the Henry Republican)

  • The 1876 Old Settlers Picnic and Reunion - Oration by Robert Boal, and brief Speeches by Samuel Lewis, A. M. Pool, John Williams, Jeriah Bonham, E. L. Monser, Joshua Myers and a letter from Eli Strawn, who could not attend (Taken From the Henry Republican)

  • The 1878 Old Settlers Picnic and Reunion - Oration by Dr. Robert Boal and brief speeches by Rev. Lemuel Russell, John O. Dent, Judge Burns, William Gallaher, Mrs. Ann Bullman, and Col. Fort (Taken From the Henry Republican)

  • The 1879 Old Settlers Picnic and Reunion - Oration by Perry Armstrong (Mr. Perry gives a wonderful history of early life in Marshall county) and speeches by Eli Strawn, C. W. Barnes, William Strawn, John S. Armstrong, Senator S. R. Lewis, Mrs. Anne Bullman and Hon. G. L. Fort.  Includes a mortality list of all old settlers who had died since the last reunion.

  • The 1880 Old Settlers Picnic and Reunion - Oration by Rev. J. G. Evans and speeches by Livingston Roberts, C. W. Barnes, John Williams, James Martin, E. S. Jones and Squire Laughlin.

  • The 1881 Old Settlers Picnic and Reunion - President's Address by Chauncey W. Barnes / Oration by Hon. G. O. Barnes / A Mammoth Chicken Pot Pie and Fish Chowder served for Dinner / Speeches by J. Newton Reeder, Wm. Barnes, Judge W. E. Parrett, Dr. Boal and other speaker mentioned / The Spinning Wheel, Flax Wheel and Reel of Ye Olden Time on Exhibition and Yarn and Linen thread spun by some of the Pioneer Women / List of all settlers who died from Aug. 1880 to Aug. 1881

  • The 1882 Old Settlers Picnic and Reunion

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The Marshall-Putnam County Fair - Contributed by Norman Horack

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