Taken From "The Courier" Newspaper, Henry, IL
October 16, 1857


Pursuant to a call of the County Central Committee, the Republican County Convention convened at Lacon on last Tuesday, to nominate candidates for the county offices to be elected in November next.

Convention was organized by calling WM. MAXWELL, of Lacon, to the chair appointing W.F. HOYT, of Henry, Secretary. Upon calling over the roll of Delegates, it was found that all the townships were represented but two.

Convention then proceeded to take an informal ballot for a candidate for County judges, which resulted in the unanimous choice of G.L. FORT, of Lacon. On motion, G.L. FORT was then declared the nominee by acclamation.

Convention next proceeded to ballot for a candidate for County Clerk. MR. MAXWELL nominated S.P. HENTHORN of Lacon, and Mr. JOS. HOLMES nominated A.M. POOL, of Henry, as candidates before the convention. Before proceeding to ballot, the following motion was offered by HENRY MILLER, ESQ., and adopted unanimously:

"Resolved, That candidates submitting their claims to this convention be required to pledge themselves that they will submit their claims to its decision, and abide by its action."

One of the delegates from Henry made the required pledge on behalf of MR. POOL. MR. HENTHORN, being present, was asked to respond to the resoluction, when he rose and said - that he wished to know what was implied by the term "abide" - he was opposed, for his part to making any pledges - he had always been opposed to pledges of any kind - he required no pledges of the convention, and he thought they should require no pledge of him - he had allowed his name to be used in the convention, at the solicitation of his friends, but he should neither require or give any pledge.

MR. SHAW, of Lacon, said he had come into the convention with the detemination of voting for MR. HENTHORN, but if he declined to submit his claims to its action, and abide by the result, he should vote for some other candidate. MR. HENTHORN then replied that he should adhere to his previously expressed determination, and declined making any pledges.

MR. BARNES, of Lacon, then said he considered there was but one candidate before the convention, and upon preceeding to ballot, MR. A.M. POOL, of Henry, was declared the unanimous choice of the convention.

Next proceeded to nominate a candidate for County Treasurer, resulting in the unanimous choice of D.W. DANLEY of Whitefield.

Proceeded to nominate a for School Commissioner. F.W. SHAW and S.M. ETTER, of Lacon, and JAMES MILLER of Evans, were nominated. A ballot being taken resulted in the election of MR. MILLER, who was afterwards declared the nominee by acclamation.

M.M. STIMSON of Lacon, was nominated, and unanimously elected as candidate for County Supervisor.

On motion, JOHN A. WARREN, of Henry, was elected to fill the vacancy in the County Central Committee, occasioned by the removal of J.C. TOZIER. Convention adjourned.