Township Election Results For Marshall, and Bureau Counties As Printed in the Henry Republican, Henry, Illinois

1872 Township Elections For Marshall County

Taken From the Henry Republican, April 4, 1872

Henry township

Henry township elected the following officers for the ensuring year, polling 260 votes.

Supervisor – D. W. Danley
Clerk – E. T. Disosway
Assessor – R. K. Warner
Collector – Samuel Hoover
Commissioner of highways – Mark Gregory
School trustee – Josiah McCoy

Appropriated $2020 for bonds and town expenses, for roads $250. Roadmasters:

District 1 – N. B. Whitney
District 2 – R. E. Heacock
District 3 – Benj. Loomis
District 4 – G. W. Kline
District 5 – Wm. Kline
Distirct 6 – Peter Mattorn

Saratoga township

Supervisor – Royal Olmsted
Clerk – J. T. Jones
Assessor – C. K. Lombard
Collector – M. G. Cotney
Commissioner of highways – Henry Marshall
Constable – Samuel Hall
School trustee – R. McDonough

Voted for road purposes $300; and to build a town hall not to exceed $1500. John Noyes, R. Olmsted, W. Rickey, John Monier nad R. McDonough being selected as building committee.

Whitefield township

Supervisor – J. S. Brasfield
Clerk – J. N. Barrett
Assessor – J. C. Kingsley
Collector – E. Perry Green
Commissioner of highways – John Gregory
School trustee – Serick Fox

Steuben township

Supervisor – J. G. Mills
Clerk – W. E. Gehr
Assessor – S. B. Tuttle
Collector – C. Sargent
Commissioner of highways - *Henry Hoskins
Constable - *H. Gallop
School trustee - *Noah Welch

Democrats are (*)

Hopewell township

Supervisor – Enoch Sawyer
Clerk – W. E. Hancock
Assessor – S. M. Glenn
Collector – Hartley Miller
Commissioners of highways – tie between Daniel Winters and Scott Miller
Constable – John McNeal
School trustees – A. W. Jones, Irvin Broaddus

1874 Township Elections For Marshall , Bureau Counties

Taken From the Henry Republican, April 16,1874

Marshall Bureau Putnam

Marshall County

Saratoga Township

Supervisor - M. G. Cotney
Clerk - William Scholes
Assessor - C. K. Lombard
Collector - John M. Divilbiss
Road Commissioner - James T. Hammond
Constable - John M. Divlbiss
Trustee - Moses Hartley

Lacon Township

Supervisor - James Wescott
Clerk - N. G. Henthorn  
Assessor - John Stinger  
Collector - Daniel McGill

Hopewell Township

Supervisor - S. M. Glenn  
Clerk - Scott Miller  
Assessor - Irving Broaddus  
Collector - Frank Bobbitt  
Justice - Enoch Sawyer

Roberts Township

Supervisor - John Norton
Clerk - O. Parrett
Assessor - Andrew Kelly
Collector - Alex. Wright
Justice - Andrew Gallup

Richland Township

Supervisor - Phineas Stevens
Clerk - R. B. Coutlett
Assessor - A. Reedy
Collector - Morona Owens
Road commissioners - Peter Owens, James Sharp

Bennington Township

Supervisor - John Litchfield
Clerk - Patrick Lister
Assessor - Thos. J. Thompson
Collector - Samuel W. Hall
Road Commissioner - Alanson Brooks
School trustee - Richard Vincore
Justice - James A. Myers
Constable - Ezekiel Phelps

Bureau County

Wheatland Township

Supervisor - Andrew Anderson
Clerk - Abram Anderson
Assessor - Hon. Robert Hunter
Collector - Thomas A. Runnells
Road Commissioner - Sewell Townsend
Constables - George Shurts, August Adrain

Milo Township

Supervisor - L. J. Bates
Clerk - C. W. Sutherland
Assessor - Jacob Bowman
Collector - Samuel Gallaher
Road Commissioner - Edward Hunter
Justices - Charles Mason, George W. Bennet
Trustees - Robert Hay, J. Bowman
Constable - J. Vinson
Poundmaster - H. Stever

1876 Township Elections For Marshall County

Taken From the Henry Republican, April 1, 1876

Marshall County

Henry Township

Supervisor, D. W. Danley 171
Clerk, E. T. Disosway 173
Collector, John T. Russell 173
Commissioner of highways, Peter Mattern 147, James H. King 26
School trustee, I. A. Green 173.

At the town meeting session the report of officers of the town were read and passed upon. Supervisor’s report showed for 1875 receipts $3244.34; expenditure $2342.23; cash on hand $902.11. Voted to raise interest on bridge bonds and town expenses $2895.39 to repair roads and build bridge on road by G. W. Emerick’s $215. The motion to substitute payment of land tax in money instead of labor was voted down by a large vote.

Pathmasters chosen

District 1, D. W. Horrom
District 2, Jacob Kocher
District 3, Henry Powell
District 4, Emanuel Emerick
District 5, William Thomas
6, Anton Ziegler.

Whitefield Township

Supervisor, E. Geo. Green
Clerk, Thomas J. Brassfield
Assessor, Joseph F. Buchanan
Collector, Laban H. Cox
Commissioners of highways, Peter Klein 3 years, David Coan 1 year
Trustee, S. P. Hill
Justice of the peace, Homer Thompson
Constable, Absalom H. Green

Saratoga  Township

Supervisor, M. G. Cotney
Clerk, Walter Scholes
Assessor, C. K. Lombard
Collector, Matthew Conklin
Commissioner of highways, Robert McDonough and George C. Lombard
Trustee, John Monier
Constable, C. B. Campbell and Henry Seelye.

Steuben Township

Supervisor, James S. Brassfield
Clerk, Harrison Gehr
Assessor, Cornelius Tanquary
Collector, Edward Trader
Commissioner of highways, I. N. Cooper
School trustee, John S. Hoskins
Constable, William Webber
Justice of the peace, George Mead and Isaac Hamilton were a tie.

LaPrairie Township

Supervisor, J. W. Hurd
Clerk, R. Turnbull
Assessor, Milton Webber
Collector, Adam Dryden
Commissioner of highways, Norman Hurd
School trustee, J. L. Root.

Voted to raise $1000 for road purposes.

Lacon Township

Supervisor, James Wescott
Clerk, N. G. Henthorn
Assessor, John C. Stinger
Collector, Ephraim Williamson
Commissioner of highways, Absalom Jones
Overseers of highways:  District 1, Ed Murray; 2 Fred. Geede; 3 Wm. Dunn
Constable, John Winters.

Evans  Township

Supervisor, J. A. McCall
Clerk, Albert Evans
Assessor, David Wilson
Collector, Samuel Scott
School trustee, K. E. Rich
Commissioner of highways, H. C. Woolf.

1877 Township Elections for Marshall County

Taken From the Henry News Republican
April 12, 1877

Township Elections - Marshall County


Supervisor, J. A. McCall;
clerk, A. Evans;
assessor, Joseph Vanhorn;
collector, G. G. McAdam;
commissioners of highways, P. Beckwith, Benj. Turner;
justices, C. E. Alvord, A. Evans;
constables, O. Wingate, George Clifford;
trustee, D. Wilson.


Supervisor, John Myers;
clerk, Charles A. Whitney;
assessor, Edwin Gauts;
collector, John McClosky;
commissioner of highways, Jacob Dorff;
justices, J. B. Davis, John Brotherhood;
constables, James Bowers, Wm. Myers.


Supervisor, J. M. Callender,
clerk, Patrick Liston;
assessor, Thomas J. Thompson;
collector, Bartley Gulchen;
commissioner of highways, N. H. Callender;
trustees, W. L. Ball, Wm. Halliday;
justices, L. G. Stout, Ezekiel Phelps;
constables, Addison Doak, P. F. Moore.

Bell Plain

Supervisor, Joseph Stoner;
clerk, Louis Linebarger;
assessor, John W. Bobbitt;
collector, Frank Feazel;
commissioner of highways, Wm. Morrow;
trustee, George Ball;
justices, Louis Linebarger, M. Messenger;
constables, Thomas Kennedy, Daniel Perry.


Supervisor, S. W. McCulloch;
clerk, Benjamin Boon;
assessor, Milton Hull;
collector, John Harper;
commissioner of highways, J. A. Keedy;
trustee W. J. Ramsey;
justices, B. F. Highway, Wm. J. Fort;
constables, Harvy Fisher, Silas Berry.


Supervisor, A. R. Hancock;
clerk, T. W. Stoner;
assessor, S. M. Glenn;
collector, S. S. Freeman;
trustee, S. J. Ramsey;
justices, Enoch Strawn, Scott Miller;
constables, H. H. Judson, Spencer Freeman.

1878 Township Elections for Marshall

Taken From the Henry Republican
April 4 and 12, 1878

Township Elections - Marshall County

April 11, 1878

The supervisors elect of Marshall county stand 6 republicans and 6 democrats. The list as follows, the first six being republicans: LaPrairie, J. W. Hurd, re-elected; Richland, Robert Coutlett; Whitefield, J. N. Barrett, re-elected; Saratoga, M. G. Cotney, re-elected; Steuben, J. W. McClanahan; Lacon, L. C. McMurtrie; Evans, A. H. Stateler; Belle Plain, Joseph Stonier, re-elected; Henry, J. L. Jones; Bennington, J. M. Callender, re-elected; Roberts, John Myers, re-elected; Hopewell, A. R. Hancock, re-elected. Seven of the 12 were re-elected.

Henry Township

Quiet election, caucus nominees endorsed by the people except the supervisor, Poll 349 votes,

  • Supervisor J. L. Jones 207 votes, Mark Gregory 135;
  • clerk, E. T. Disosway 336;
  • assessor F. A. Raymond 334;
  • collector, John T. Russell 342;
  • commissioner of highways, Oscar A. Green;
  • school trusteee, H. C. Wright 342, George Nicholson 2.

The supervisor's report was read, who, with $882.10 in his hands, also recommended an additional tax of $2305.46 for interest on bridge bonds and town expenses, which was granted. The commissioner of highway's report was read asking for $200 for road purposes, which was voted, with $200 additional. The following, in connection with the bridge bonds, introduced by Mr. A. M. Pool, was adopted as follows:

Whereas, in 1868 the town of Henry voted to subscribe $20,000 to the stock of the Henry City bridge company and bonds to that amount, bearing 10 per cent interest and due in 10 years, were issued, and whereas the said bonds will soon become due; and whereas it is not advisable to levy a tax sufficient to pay this debt at the present time; therefore

Resolve, That our authorities having the matter in charge, be and are hereby instructed to take the necessary steps to fund the debt, through the operation of the state law, by issuing new bonds due in 15 years, redeemable at the pleasure of the town after three years, the rate of interest not to exceed 7 per cent.

  • Supervisor, L. C. McMurtrie, republican, was elected over James Hoyt, (democrat) by 30 majority.
  • Clerk, Wm. T. Shaw;
  • Assessor, Henry Fisher;
  • collector, James O'Hara;
  • commissioner of highways, Frank D. Shafer.

This is the 2d or 3d republican elected as supervisor in Lacon for 25 years or more, showing the popularity and esteem in which Mr. McMurtrie is held by all parties.

  • Supervisor, J. N. Barrett;
  • clerk, T. J. Brasfield;
  • assessor, S. P. Hill;
  • collector, Dennis Spellman;
  • commissioner of highways, James Wilson 3 years, James Harrington 2 years;
  • school trustee, Cyrus Brown;
  • justice, Goerge Holler;
  • constable, Nathaniel Marshall.

Supervisor, M. G. Cotney; clerk, Walter Scholes; assessor, C. K. Lombard, for the eighth year; collector, R. P. Faris; commissioner of highways, C. K. Lombard long term, Joel G. Carson short term; school trustee, Joseph Greenlea; constable, George Bovinger.


Supervisor, J. W. McClannhan; clerk, H. Gehr; assessor, J. S. Brasfield; collector, Zalmon Johnson; commissioner of highways, Thomas Buffington; school trustee, M. Kline long term, Amasa Garrett short term; constable, William Webster.

Evans - Supervisor, A. H. Stateler; clerk, M. A. Gallaher; assessor, Joseph Van Horn; collector, Johnson Brown; commissioner of highways, Benjamin Turner; trustee, Wm. M. Springer; constable, Thomas Dixon. Hopewell - Supervisor, A. R. Hancock; clerk, T. Wilson Stoner; assessor, Samuel Glenn; collector,Scott Hutchinson; trustees, Charles Casey, A. W. Jones; commissioner of highways, Stephen Ramsey; justice, Enoch Sawyer: constables, John Kennedy, Dennis Currant.
Belle Plain - Supervisor, J. Stonier; clerk, Mr. Linebarger; assessor, J. F. Burt; collector, Adolph Schumacher; commissioner of highways, Robert Whittan; school trustee, Thomas Whittan; justice, Aaron Hull; constable, J. N. McNeff. Bennington - Supervisor, J. M. Callender; clerk, Patrick Liston; assessor, T. J. Thompson; collector, L. G. Stout; commissioner of highways, Peter Peters; school trustees, L. G. Stout, N. H. Callender, J. F. Ball.
Richland - Supervisor, R. B. Coutlett; clerk, R. A. Barnes; assessor, Samuel Ramp; collector, John Fort; commissioner of highways, W. G. Carrithers; school trustee, Wm. H. Gray; justice, Samuel Buck.
LaPrairie - Supervisor, J. W. Hurd; clerk, Adam Dryden; assessor, J. L. Root; collector, A. L. Leigh; commissioner of highways, A. F. Leigh; school trustee, A. F. Leigh Roberts - Supervisor, John Myers; clerk, C. G. Lightheart; assessor, Reuben Broaddus; collector, John Roberts; commissioner of highways, Wm. Spires; justice, E. B. Neville; constable, G. W. Willey.

1879 Marshall County Illinois Township Elections

April 3, 1879
Henry Republican - Town Elections


Held its annual town meeting on Tuesday at the engine house. A. M. Pool was chosen moderator, and E. T. Disosway town clerk, officiated as usual. The vote of the day was very small, there being no opposition, the smallest vote known for years. The poll was 102, and the following were chosen as town officers for another year:

Supervisor, J. L. Jones; Clerk, E. T. Disosway; assessor, F. A. Raymond; collector, John T. Russell; commissioner of highways, Peter Mattern; school trustee, I. A. Green. A tax sufficient to pay off $5000 of the bridge bonds was also passed after a long discussion. It was also

"Resolved, That $15000 in bonds of the township be refunded at par, at a rate of interest not to exceed 8 per cent, as follows: $5000 payable in four years, $5000 payable in six years, and $5000 payable in 10 years, the interest being paid semi-annually at Henry or New York at the option of the purchaser."

A committee consisting of F. S. Potter, J. L. Jones and G. W. Emerick was appointed to select a committee of five to negotiate the bonds, which committee reported the following persons for mush duty, who were chosen: J. H. Jones, W. T. Law, Robert Clark, W. P. Williams, J. C. Townsend.

Whitefield -

Supervisor, J. N. Barrett; clerk, (?) Brasfield; assessor, J. R. Newman; collector, L. Cox; commissioner of highways, P. Kline, constables Willard Proctor, H. Marshall. Whitefield instructed its supervisor to vote for reducing salaries of county officers and their employees, to be prepared to vote on the proposition to build town hall next spring, and declared the town prepared to vote for the proposition for each town to take care of its own poor.

Steuben -

Supervisor, Amasa Garrett; clerk, Henry Titus; assessor, J. S. Brasfield; collector, Michael Rogers; commissioner of highways, Wm. Monier; school trustee, James O. Garrett.

Saratoga -

Supervisor, Royal Olmsted; clerk, Robert Patterson; assessor, C. K. Lombard; collector, R. P. Faris; commissioner of highways, H. R. Trim; constable, R. P. Faris, school trustee, Moses Hartley. Voted for paying road tax in labor.

Hopewell -

Supervisor, A. R. Hancock; clerk, Wm. C. Ramsey; assessor, S. M. Glenn; collector, Daniel Fowler; commissioners of highways, B. A. Bigelow, Benedict Wasmer; trustee, S. J. Ramsey; justice, S. M. Glenn; constable, J. A. Whitaker. Polled 56 votes.

Lacon -

A citizen's ticket against a democratic ticket. Supervisor, L. C. Murtrie citizen, majority over James Hoyt democrat, 73; town clerk, B. R. McClary citizen, 26 majority over G. A. Moatz Dem.; Henry Fisher was elected being on both tickets; Wm. T. Shaw democrat, 80 majority over R. C. Newell citizen, for collector, and Wm. Riel 58 majority over W. P. Wilkes, for commissioner of highways.

Roberts -

Supervisor, John Norton; clerk, C. G. Lightheart; assessor, Reuben Broaddus; collector, John Roberts; commissioner of highways, Columbus Kays.

La Prairie -

Supervisor, J. W. Hurd; clerk J. L. Root; assessor, Robert Turner; collector, John Scoon; commissioner of highways, N. P. Green; school trustee, Calvin Stowell.

1880 Marshall County Illinois Township Elections

April 8, 1880

Henry Republican - Town Elections


Supervisor, J. L. Jones; clerk, E. T. Disosway; assessor, F. A. Raymond; collector, J. T. Russell; school trustee, F. S. Becker; commissioner of highways, Mary Gregory. Total vote cast 90.

Supervisor Jones made the following report:

On hand Jane. 1, 1879..........	$  667.78
Preceding year's tax levy .....	  5702.70
Delinquent tax ................	   569.58
From sale of bonds ............	 15390.00
Paid Out
F. A. Raymond, assessing ......	$   168.00
G. A. Green ...................	     47.25
Interest on bridge bonds ......	   1002.50
Canceled bonds ................	  15000.00
Express........................	       .25
Henry Nat Bank ................	     10.00
Eli Albertson .................	      3.00
P. S. Perley, attorney.........	     20.00
J. L. Jones ...................	     10.00
E. T. Disosway ................	     16.67
R. H. Waterfall ...............	      1.50
Geo Burt, Jr ..................	     26.00
A. M. Pool ....................	      1.50
John T. Russell ...............	      3.00
Chas. C. Jones, attorney ......	     15.00
Interest on bridge bonds ......	    525.00
Interest on bridge bonds ......	    225.00
Exchange ......................	      1.25
Town bonds Nos 7 and 8 ........	   1000.00
Express on coupons ............	       .25
Town bond 9 and int. ..........	    501.75
Town bond 10,11,12,13,14,15 ...	   3000.00
Int on above bonds ............	     37.50
Commissions ...................	    132.32
On hand .......................	    581.82

Statement of the amount and kind of all outstanding indebtedness:

1 bond $500 by Nat bank Henry
10 bonds $5000 payable August 2, 1883
10 bonds $5000 payable August 2, 1885
10 bonds $5000 payable August 2, 1887
Above draw 7 per cent and held by Plymouth Nat bank, Plymouth, N. H.

Supervisor asked for $1575 to pay interest and pay off one bond and $425 for town expenses for ensuing year, which were voted.

Pathmasters, District 1, H. J. Smith; 2, W. C. Guyer; 3, Jacob Robertson; 4, Robert McDonough; 5, Conrad Apfel; 6, Wm. Newhalfen.

Other Townships

Whitefield - Supervisor, Jno. N. Barrett; clerk, J. J. Brasfield; assessor, Jas. R. Newman; collector, Labon H. Cox; commissioner of highways, James Harrington; school trustee, Homer R. Thompson; justice of the peace, F. M. Johnson. Vote cast 95. Appropriated for roads and bridges $800. Pathmasters, dist. 1, E. G. Green; 2, J. N. Barrett; 3, D. Spellman; 4, P. Bender; 5, Abe Nighswonger.

Saratoga - Supervisor, M. G. Cotney; clerk, J. Hallcock; assessor, C. K. Lombard; collector, J. W. Dibilbiss; commissioner of highways, Henry Seelye; school trusteee, Joel Carson; constables, James Patterson, Wm. Brings.

Lacon - Supervisor, L. C. McMurtrie, clerk, B. R. McClary; assessor, H. Fisher; collector, Wm. Shaw; commissioner of highways, Henry Baker. Votes cast 363, McMurtrie over Muir for supervisor 39.

Steuben - Supervisor, A. Garrett; clerk, H. W. Gehr; assessor, J. S. Brasfield; collector, W. M. Bonham; commissioner of highways, G. T. Thompson, L. D. Williams, tie vote; trustee W. A. Gallup.

Hopewell - Supervisor, Irving Broaddus; clerk, John Evans; assessor and constable, S. M. Glenn; collector, M. Milier; commissioners of highways, B. Wasmer 3 yrs, J. Stoddel 2 yrs; trustee, I. M. Forbes.

Roberts - Supervisor, J. Norton; cler, Wm. Scarborough; assessor, John McCusky; collector, Chas. Mahlem; commissioner of highways, John Shields; trustee, Wm. Cook.

Richland - Supervisor, R. B. Coutlett; clerk, Chas. Scott; assessor, John F. Fort; collector, W. H. Hull; commissioner of highways, David Rediger; trustee, J. C. McCullough.

Bennington - Supervisor, Wm. B. Ball; clerk, Ed. Litchfield; assessor, Thos J. Thompson; collector, Henry Wink; commissioner of highways, John H. Kelley; trustee, Geo. Conrad; constable, John Thompson.

Evans - Supervisor, Milo A. Gallaher; clerk, C. M. Downey; assessor, A. Evans; collector, G. G. McAdam.