Local Events of the Year 1881 as reported in the Henry Republican

Henry Business Changes of 1881 (Taken From the Henry Republican, January 5, 1882)

Local Events from 1881 (Marriages, Deaths, Anniversaries, Births, Moves, etc.)

Taken From the Henry Republican, January 5, 1882

January 1881
1st Ladies "receive" and the gentlemen make New Year's calls.

Election of directors of Henry City Bridge Co. -- Messrs Potter, Snyder, Kline, Yaeger, Gould, Orr, Townsend, Jones and Burts.  Receipts $5222.

3rd Benj. Kline elected president of the reform club and J. S. Bur its secretary.

Congregational church holds its annual meeting. Officers elected and Rev. Glendenning chosen pastor for the sixth year.

J. L. Jones at Hot Springs.  Improving on Saleratus biscuit and axle grease butter.

5th Golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Green
10th Death of Frank Skinkle in Chicago, 32.  Interment at Henry
11th Appointment of Mr. Duncan Campbell by the canal commissioners as lock collector at Henry

Removal of Dr. L. B. Martin to Senachwine.

14th Discovery of J. A. Harrison's house to be on fire; floor burned through into the cellar; extinguished with slight damage.
15th Death of Mrs. Abraham Whitmaar, 72, mother of Mrs. F. C. Goodrich.

Death of Amos Wilson, 87, of Clear Creek.

16th Birthday of B. Yaeger, 49. A "surprise" by a host of freinds; all had a good time.
17th Fire at D. H. Anderson's residence, small damage.
19th Marriage of G. G. Guyer, of the Boston Clothing Store and Miss Maria, daughter of the late Robert Davis.
20th Death of Mrs. Jacob Herder, 55.
21st Death of Dr. G. C. Koehler at Mt. Palatine, 70.

February 1881
1st Death of Mary E., 20, daughter of R. C. Mallory of Lacon

Willy Gould off for New Orleans

2nd Marriage of John Roth and Annie Cook at James Giltner's in Senachwine township.
3rd The remains of Col. Leffingwell sent to Grand Rapids, Mich.

D. H Johnson, the purchaser of the P. H. Green farm over the river, of 225 acres for $5000

Purchase of the Elnathan Platter farm in Whitefield by John T. Smith for $8000

6th Death of Mrs. P. O. Shurts at Whitefield Corners, 75.
9th The German reunion ball a success. The Lacon band supplied the music for dancing.

Miss Lucy Dennis gone to Nebraska.

Marriage of C. C. Jones and Miss Carrie Hodge at Chicago.

Purchase of the Col. Stone property by C. W. Carroll, $1500.

Removal from Loca, Iroquois county, of the remains of Nellie, daughter of Joseph Holmes, and their interment in Henry cemetery.

Marriage os S. H. Taggart and Miss Lizzie Burns at Lacon on St. Valentine's day. The largest wedding of the season. Judge Burns performed the ceremony. Very large and costly array of presents.

Marriage of George Heider and Regina Koch, Leon D. Ruggles and Effie Alberson, Edgar Smith and Katie Kemple.

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