(Courtesy Kandi Anderson McLaney)

Kandi has provided numerous news items from the local gossip columns of the Henry Republican and Henry News Republican.  

Some names mentioned are HARNEY, ANDERSON, BOYCE, DWYER, FOLEY, HENNESEY, REAL.  Communities mentioned:  Henry, Saratoga, Wheatland, Whitefield, Lacon, Varna, Wenona (MARSHALL CO.); Hennepin, Snachwine, Putnam, Oxbow (PUTNAM CO.); Mineral, Milo, Lone Tree (BUREAU CO.); and Lostant, Ottawa (LASALLE CO.)

Marshall County News Items

8/3/1871 Letters uncalled for: Theodore Harney. LOCAL A son of Michael Harney was kicked by a horse in the cheek, in town on Tuesday. He was knocked over but no injury done beyond a flesh bruise

9/7/1871 Letters uncalled for: Erick J. Anderson Foreign: Anderson AG3

9/21/1871 Andrew Anderson is postmaster and town clerk of Wheatland...vacation in West Virginia

11/23/1871 Letters uncalled for foreigh: Anderson CF & AP

1/25/1872 uncalled for letters: Ed Harney

2/29/1872 uncalled for letters Mrs James Boyce

6/20/1872 LOCAL A child of Mr. Dwyer, 15 months old was submitted to a surgical operation on Saturday at Dr. JC Kalb removing from each little finger a second one, a freak of nature giving it five fingers and a thumb on each hand. The removal was skillfully done and the doctor has carefully preserved the fingers taken off in alchohol

9/18/1873 LOCAL Vandalism at the farm of Daniel Harney

9/25/1873 letters uncalled for GA Anderson

1/1/1874 Vice President Putnam County Farmers Club John Foley, Secretary JB Foley

3/26/1874 round trip traintickets Henry to Peoria $2.30 on sale for $1.85

4/23/1874 directors elected in Henry Township: Daniel Harney. SENACHWINE John Anderson elected school director

5/28/1874 uncalled for letters Mrs. M. Madden

(6/11/1874) Daniel Harney has added another 80 acres to his place, now swelling it to 320 acres making it one of the largest and most elegant places in this township. This last purchase if from Danile Harland of the old Hiram Mallory farm.

The farmer's meeting held at John Foley's May 28...establishing a cheese factory.

(6/18/1874) Daniel Harney compliments a brother in Arkansas with a subscription to the Henry News Republican.

(9/17/1874) The Serick Fox place in Whitefield has been sold to John Harney for $8250.

(7/8/1875) Thomas Harney, Henry, Wagoneer, mustered out October 11, 1864 Company D 47th Regiment, Civil War

December 12, 1878

Names of pupils in the higher intermediate school, Miss Mary Boice teacher...Claudia Anderson

April 24, 1879

Delinquent taxes...Thomas Dwyer lot 262 $9.53...D.H. Anderson lots 51,52,53 $4.28

August 28, 1879

Thomas Harney, a young man about 17 years of age and son of Edmond  Harney of Saratoga township, met with a distressing accident on Thursday of last week. He was riding in a wagon with James Hennessy, leading his team from behind with a halter strap in his hand. The breaking of the spring seat when near James Newman's and the pulling of his horses threw him out of the wagon. In falling, he struck upon his abdomen and shoulder with such violence as to injure him severely internally. He has had the care of Drs. Reader of Whitefield and CM Baker of Henry each day since and his symptoms have been rather for the better though from the latest reports he was not considered out of danger. Everything has been done for his comfort though his friends are still greatly apprehensive of his condition.

September 4, 1879
The son of Mr. Edmond Harney is recovering from his injuries. For a long time he lay in a precarious condition. Dr. CM Baker if the attending physician to whom much is due for the hospital condition of the patient.

September 18, 1879
Teachers...WH Harney...WC Foley...Mattie H. Foley

October 9, 1879
Abraham Anderson and wife went to Springfield and visited...and a few days in Virginia, Cass County.

December 18, 1879
Richard Anderson went to West Virginia to visit relatives

March 25, 1880
Robert Harney teaches spring term of school at Snyder school house in Henry township.

(9/23/1880) WH Harney is teaching in the Snyder District. He has an enrollment of 31 scholars and has a first rate school

(11/18/1880) Old lady Real has gone to reside with her son Thomas Real Jr. since the death of her husband, the change proving very beneficial and she is improving rapidly.

(4/21/1881) DELINQUENT TAX LIST: John Mooney-Evans township, M. Harney lot nwh 82 $0.94, 83, 84 $0.50 Holmes

(6/9/1881) Teachers...Mary L. Boice $42.50 per month

(6/16/1881) Circuit Court proceedings: New common law cases Philip McGrath vs Wm J. Fort, Appeal continued

(6/7/1888) Daniel Harney's will mentions wife Bridget, son Charles J., George n., daughter Mary Ann, son Robert F., son Edmond, sons William, James, Thomas, Daniel, John M., daughters Kate and Margaret

7/28/1881 Thomas Real started a visit to Europe las Monday...a leading Fenian

LOCAL Will Harney is one of the conductors of the Madison Street horse cars in Chicago. The position agrees with him as he has regained his health impaired by school teaching. He attends strictly to business and is a courteous and faithful officer.

Dan Harney met with a severe accident on Tuesday las week. He was in the hay field and a load of hay was just leaving the field with a jug of water on it. He called for tose on top to throw it down which they did carelessly, the jug striking on Mr. Harney's foot, cutting a hole through his boot and chrushing his great toe badly...

Market prices: lard 14 cents/lb, eggs 10 @ 12 1/2 cents, turkey 7cents/lb  Timothy hay $6-$8/ton green apples 60-80 cents/bussel, cheese 12 cents/lb honey 20 cents/lb

9/15/1881 Suit of James Gavin vs John Dwyer: account of $36.65 settled amiccably

9/29/1881 REAL ESTATE house and 153 acres $4590, vacant lot on North Street $60

10/20/1881 LOCAL A son of Patrick Dwyer, a member of the section gang on the railroad was struck by a splinter of steel in the eye yesterday afternoon... ...

11/10/1881 LOCAL The accident to Patrick Dwyer, Jr. a section hand, given in our column two weeks ago has lost him his left eye. He and a Mr. Tooney were cutting off an iron rail near Sparland. Toomey doing the cutting and Dwyer holding it, when an iron splinter flew up in the eye...8 physicians...none discovered an iron splinter...nearly the size of the half of the lage blade of a jackknife...the sharp prong protruding from the ball...11/16" by 5/16" 2/16" thick

11/17/1881 PERSONAL William German has a brother visiting him who he has not seen for nearly 40 years. He is from Iowa

11/24/1881 Will. Harney has returned from Chicago and yesterday morning entered Moritz's new grocery store as clerk. Will is a noble fellow and just the one to sell goods to the millions. Mortiz...

1/19/1882 LOCAL Wm Harney goes to Chicago to engage i grocery business

2/23/1882 LOCAL John Dwyer...public sale Friday...horses, hogs, and cattle to sell

4/6/1882 LOCAL Will H. Harney of Whitefield returned home from Peoria after two weeks with relatives and friends. Expects to return to Peoria...work...clerk


7/10/1873 uncalled for letters...Thos Murnane

7/17/1873 LOCAL the Boice property on the public square

July 1889 -Maggie Harney graduates from Chicago Catholic school.

(9/4/1890) Thomas Harney, of the firm of Harney Brothers importers and wholesalers of teas, coffes, spices, soaps, etc. at No 5 and 7 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, is here the guest of his mother, Mrs. Daniel Harney. He came down from Chicago Tuesday evening and will remain some days.

(10/2/1890) Nellie Dwyer and Tom McDonnell were married at the St. Joseph's church in Henry Tuesday September 16...Returning from Henry the wedding party repaired to the residence of the bride's aunt Mrs. James Brower on fifth street where a bountiful... Chilicothe Bulletin William Harrington, wife and four children came from Wenona last week after a visit amoung relatives....Mr. Harrington is farming within a mile of Wenona.

11/18/1896 Amputation of the right leg below the knee of John Wier-scrofulous diseased bone...Decatur Hospital

1/31/1901 Queen Victoria of England Dies January 22

7/24/1902 Mrs Philip Real is visiting her parents Mr & Mrs JJ Herry and inspecting the new and elegant home into which the latter have just moved into on East Richard Street.

7/24/1902MA Anderson and wife drove across country from Bloomington yesterday to visit Jesse Anderson and Mrs. JR Robinson, his cousins. Mr Anderson is a capable job printer at the Bloomington Pantagraph

7/6/1903 Fred Harney umpire at opening day for Pavillion Park....40 foot by 100 foot by 26 feet high...regular Thursday night dances...sight of Lincoln-Douglas speaches and Daniel Webster speach

(3/23/1916) Estate of Michael J. Harney, insane. Petition for letters of conservatorship presented. Hearing and written order appointing Frank Baer upon entering bond in the sum of $400.

(3/30/1916) Frank Dwyer, the section foreman who lives near the depot is going to and returning from his work operates a motor driven hand car. Coming home on Friday evening when near the William Wheeler homestead north of Putnam his car struck some obstruction and he was knocked off and bruised severely. He was, however, back on his job again yesterday.

(3/28/1916) EP Harney of East Bradford came over to visit the weekend with his mother, Mrs. William Harney and his brother "Will". It is 18 miles from his home over to Henry but to reach here he drove several miles to the railway then took a railway ride of something like 80 miles coming and returning.

(4/13/1916) FRONT PAGE Miss Johanna Wallace is having a neat vestibule built on her residence on School Street...including cement sidewalks.

(4/20/1916) In re Michael J. Harney, insane, deceased. Proof of death. Hearing and proof of death of ward made. Order that Frank Baer, administrator upon estate of deceased...fixes upon June term for adjustment of claims

Whitefield News Items

(7/8/1880) Whitefield-John Harney met with an accident last Friday night going home from Henry. He was thrown from his wagon under his horses, one horse falling on him. He seemed considerably hurt when he was helped up by Messrs Niblock and sons. We don't think he was very seriously hurt as we saw him on the road Monday

(2/17/1881) WHITEFIELD Will Wallace and Will Harney are visiting relatives in Dwight, Livingston County, IL. Whitefiled is completely snowbound.

(4/14/1881) WHITEFIELD Robert Harney is moving his farming implements from Milo this week to the farm of A. Norton which Robert and his counsin Will H. Harney have leased.

12/1/1881 WHITEFIELD William Harney of this town talk sof attending the normal school at Valparaiso, Indiana

2/23/1882 WHITEFIELD John Harney is suffering from some ailment of the eyes.

Saratoga News Items

9/1/1881 SARATOGA One of Mr. Hennessey's teams came near getting away with a load of corn coming down the hill by Irwins. The team seemed to know that the track was best to run in, had they missed it three feet, the wagon would have upset sure.

9/8/1881 SARATOGA Joseph Hennessey, wife and sister Margaret go to Chicago and will stop off at Joliet to visit relatives for a few days

9/29/1881 SARATOGA Jos. Hennessey and wife visit Joliet Prison.

April 6, 1916
SARATOGA Charles Anderson is on the sick list.

Sparland News Items

4/30/1874 SPARLAND Saloon of William O'Leary closed today

8/11/1881 SPARLAND Shocking and threshing is the order of the day. Rye is an average crop in this section but oats are far below average mostly account of the army worms. The dutchman has his oats cut and is shocking.

9/1/1881 SPARLAND Miss Harney of Henry was visiting the past week with her cousin, Mrs. William O'Leary. William O'Leary is going to build an ice house

9/15/1881 SPARLAND William O'Leary and daughter Jennie went to Chicago last week. They went via Bloomington and witnessed the grand reunion of the old veterans.

2/23/1882 SPARLAND Patrick dwyer of Henry, section boss on the CRI & P railroad was in town last Saturday

3/9/1882 SPARLAND David Anderson...moved from here East three years ago...returned

(3/30/1916) SPARLAND Howard Anderson is the news clerk in the TE Gapen drug store and..

Lacon New Items

10/6/1881 LACON 30 cases of diptheria in town

Varna News Items

8/4/1881 New grocery store in Varna...Oleson and Anderson

11/10/1881 VARNA Miss Ross Anderson and Miss Hattie Myers have fitted rooms above Mrs Allen's Millenery store and will devote their attentions to fdressmaking. These young ladies are well known: we bespeak for them a liberal patronage.

Bureau County News Items

(9/25/1879) Abraham Anderson (Lone Tree) shipped 95 hogs...Andrew Anderson ...sold part of their hogs...

(12/2/1880) LONE TREE; Richard Anderson and his wife have gone to Iowa on a visit.

(2/3/1881) SUPPLEMENT. LONE TREE: Daniel Anderson has gone to Appanoose Co., IA, where they grow republicans.

(2/24/1881) MILO John Anderson is moving from Thomas Fate's home farm to Bradford.

7/28/1881 LONE TREE Andrew Anderson and wife...Abe Anderson and wife...Pleasant Anderson

A five mile footrace between James Harney and Frank Bean of Lacon...$50 on the side...29 laps...Harney passed Bean on the 27th lap as if he had been fired from a cannon leaving his opponent far behind...time 33 minutes

9/22/1881 LONE TREE Mrs Sarah Anderson has gone to Iowa to visit her daughter.  Andrew Anderson and Tehu Dawson have returned from Bloomington and they say it paid them for thewir trip. Bureau County co-op meeting at the Anderson schoolhouse in Wheatland. ***this issue also gives pulse , temperature and respirations of President Garfield from when he was shot

2/16/1888 ...Joseph Hennessey of Lone Tree leaves for Grafton Nebraska where he will make his home...Grafton County...brothers James and John and Thomas Finnegan fo too

7/24/1902  John Harney of Mineral, Bureau County is here visiting his mother and brother

7/24/1903 LONE TREE Mrs. Longman who has been visiting her daughter Mrs. John Anderson is now visiting another daughter Mrs. Harry Bullyment of Milo, also Mrs Albert ...Mrs Mary Anderson and daughter Era went to Henry Street

(4/6/1916) LONE TREE Daniel Anderson spent Sunday at Lindsey Anderson's

LaSalle County News Items

(10/28/1880) Ed H. Harney has under advisement the acceptance of an offer in the Ottawa High School.  If the directors of the Snyder district will let him off, he will probably accept. He is a good teacher and his aim is onward and upward.

(3/17/1881) PERSONALS Wm. H. Harney closed his school near Ottawa and returned  home last week. He has had a pleasant and successful winter's campaign. He goes to Chicago this week and may remain there.

(3/30/1916) LOSTANT: Thomas Foley and his wife recently received visits from their daughters living in Cullom and Gardner.

Putnam County News Items

12/7/1871 Putnam County news...Mr. John Anderson...the express agent of the town

8/7/1873 Putnam County News Mrs Jacob Anderson of Iowa, formerly of Lone Tree is visiting her sick mother (Mrs. Pettit). Mrs McFann's boys returned with her for a visit.

(7/21/1881) Putnam. The Anderson family had a reunion at their mother's house in this village. There was a little million of them all seemed well fed. If there was an Anderson there that did not weigh over 200 pounds, we did not see him.

10/27/1881 PUTNAM Thomas Real has returned from Ireland...visiting the home of his childhood

1/15/1882 PUTNAM Mr & Mrs Jacob Anderson of Keota, Iowa...guests and relatives of John Anderson...Mrs. George Kerr (nee Anderson) of Milburn...spent her childhood days here...met husband when they were being educated at the institute for the deaf and dumb at Jacksonville

1/26/1882 PUTNAM Mrs. John Anderson has gone to visit friends in Iowa. EH Dawson home in Green Co. Iowa

2/23/1882 PUTNAM (school news ) not absent during the month Mary and Jessie Anderson

2/23/1882 OXBOW Mr. Wm Harney purchased the farm of James Gudgel Sr in Milo Township Bureau County...140 acres...$8000 possession March 1.

(9/18/1890) PUTNAM Mrs. Dave Haines and family are visiting relatives in Iowa this week.

(3/30/1916) QUAKER LANE: Hazel Anderson visited in Hennepin last Wednesday and Thursday