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Hearing On C. & A. Abandonment At Granville Friday

February 12, 1925
Henry News Republican

Success of Protest Depends on Size and Strength of Opposers

A public hearing before the Illinois Commerce Commission on the plea of the Chicago & Alton railroad to abondon its line from Rutland to Granville, has been set for Friday in the Hopkins township high school at Granville, starting at 10:00 a.m. Newman, Poppenhousen, Stern * Johnston of Chicago will appear for the Alton with Stevens & Herndon of Springfield, representing the interests of the people. They are supported by the Illinois Agricultural Association and the Marshall-Putnam Farm Bureau.

Because of the bad roads a special train on that line has been arranged for and will leave Toluca at 8:30 and will return in time for farmers to do their chores. The branch line is twenty-seven miles long and was originally known as the Toluca & Northern, and was built by Charles E. Devlin, a wealthy mine operator at Toluca, as an outlet for his coal. The road was taken over by the Chicago & Alton about fifteen years ago. They maintain that the road has been operate at a loss for some time, and have asked the right to abandon it.

A valiant effort is being made by the villages along the line to save the branch, and persuade the commission to refuse the plea of the Company. Posters have been scattered, signed by the Granville Merchants’ Association, the Greater Toluca Club, and the Magnolia Commercial Club, in which they urge everyone to attend the hearing. It is expected that most of the people of the eastern part of Putnam county will appear enmasse.

Magnolia especially is much exercised concerning the proposed action, as the Alton branch is the only railroad through the village. The discontinuance of the line would also materially affect Granville, as it is the best freight terminal for that place.

Much interest is being shown in the meeting and it is not expected that the Illinois Commerce Commission will grant the request of the road, in which case the Chicago & Alton has planned to substitute a motor car for the present train.

December 31, 1925
Taken From the Henry News Republican

C.&A. Looses in Fight With Toluca Coal Company

The damage suit of the Chicago and Alton Railroad against the Toluca Coal Company for the loss sustained by the breaking of the damm at Porterfield Coal Washer back in 1920, which washed away the abuttment of the C.& A. bridge above Sandy creek at that place was decided in favor of the coal company at Kansas City. A.J. Maute and Otto Tjelle of Granville attended as witnesses.

September 29, 1927
Taken From the Henry News Republican

Santa Fe Building Viaduct on Route 2.

The Sante Fe Railroad is making some progress on the new viaduct which they are building under the main line of their road on Route 2 of the state hard road, two miles north of Rutland. The piles have all been driven and a sort of trussel work built over the old viaduct arch which is heavily propped in the center so that a person can barely walk through the place where hundreds of vehicles were passing a few weeks ago. Dirt is being removed with scrapers and as soon as this task, which is no little one is completed, work will be started on the two outside concrete piers afterwhich a center pier will be built which will keep passing cars separated. The tracks will be held up by huge steel I-beams. When the proper time comes, the old concrete arch will be blown out with dynamite and then the 18 foot concrete slab laid to hook up the ends on either side left by the state. It is said that six months time will be required to complete the job. In the meantime traffic is detoured a mile west of the old Toluca road, a mile south of the viaduct, thus north a mile and back east to the hard road just north of the viaduct.

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