Marshall County Illinois Real Estate Transfers From the Past

Taken From the Henry Republican

October 1, 1874

Conveyances filed in Recorder Hattan’s office at Lacon, for the two weeks ending September 26.

Judson Jay and wife to Charles W. McVicker, e 1/2 of n w 1/4, sec 15, Saratoga

John Y. Cotton to Samuel B. Wallard, e 27 feet of lot 10, bock 6, Cotton’s addition, Sparland

Lyman P. Bates and wife to Samuel B. Wallard, lot 36, Assessor’s addition, Sparland

Thomas L. Davis and wife to John Harney, n e 1/4 sec 17, Whitefield

Samuel B. Wallard and wife to Frederick Hopka, e 27 feet of 1st 10, block 6, Cotton’s addition, Sparland

Gerald Dornbush and wife to Philip Zimmerman, s w 1/4 of a s w 1/4, sec 26, and s w 1/4 of s w 1/4, sec 25, Bennington

Philip Zimmerman to Mary Dornbush, same

Robert A. Cowen and wife to George R. Palmer, n e 1/4 of s w 1/4 of n w 1/4 and 11 acres, part s e 1/4 of nw 1/4, sec 24, Evans

George R. Palmer and wife to Francis H. Bond, same.

George Straut and wife to John Wallace, lots 1 and 2, block 9, Varna

Rawley E. Dent to Hutchinson Croft, 5 acres in s w 1/4 of s e 1/4, sec 1, Roberts

Mary F. Winslow to Robert F. Winslow, lots 5, 6, 7 and 8, block 70, Lacon

January 14, 1875

Conveyances filed during the two weeks ending January 2:

C. A. Stone and wife to Zephaniah Bell, lots 284, 285, 286, Railroad addition, Henry.

Joanna N. Kyser and husband to Samuel Scott, lot 6, block 6, Wenona.

James Monier to John Malone, 66 acres, pt sw 1/4, 29, Saratoga.

Samuel Malone and wife to Wm J. Cain, ne 1/4, 20, Saratoga.

Alex Brown and wife to Benj Shipley, s 1/4 of se 1/4, 11, Evans.

Calvin Shields et al to Amanda Forrest, lot 4, in w 1/2 of nw 1/4, 4, Roberts.

Amanda Forrest and husband to Joseph McCabe, Same.

Joshua Bullman and wife to Hiram and Clementine Smith, n1/2 of ne1/4 of sw1/4, 19, Hopewell.

Margaret Coles to Frank D. Shafer, 4, 65-100 acres, pt e1/2 of ne1/4, 24 Lacon.

Julia A. Harris et al to Margaret Coles, same.

Mary Milan et al George Brenneke, lat 8, block 59, Lacon.

May 29, 1879

Real Estate Transfers

Recorded for the month of April in the recorder's office at Lacon, James Wescott recorder:

September 15, 1881

January 18, 1883

Court House Matters - Real Estate Transfers

Jan 2, Matthias Simon to August Doelzer, wy, lot 12, Holmes and Heacock’s addition to Henry.

Jan 5, Chas H Fowler and wife to Jeremiah Cain, wy, sublot 8 lot 11 block 11, Wenona

Jan 5, Samuel H. Thompson, trustee to John S. Thompson, trustee’s deed, n 1/2 sw 1/4 and n 1/2 se /12 34, Lacon

Jan 5, A. H. Stateler and wife to Chas Peterson, wy se 1/4 and w1/2 ne1/4 sec 24, Roberts.

Jan. 5, Sarah E. Dean to Henry C. Palmer, qe und1/2s pt lot 7 block 6, Lacon

Jan 6, Chas H. Fowler and wife to Robt E. Erwin, qe, s25 ft lot 9 block 6, Wenona

Jan 6, Roger Row and wife to Wm A. Rowe, wy, ne1/4 sw1/4 20 Henry, and n1/2 sw1/2 13 and n1/2 se1/2 14 and pt s1/2 sw1/4 13 and pt ne1/4 sec 14, Whitefield.

Jan 8, Anton Nagel and wife to Louis A. Meier, qc, 80 x 110 feet of lot 190, Henry.

Jan 8, Henry C. Palmer to Harriet J. Strawn, wy, lot 7 block B., Master in Chancery’s addition to Lacon.

Jan 8, Sarah A. Murray and husband to Catherine S. Fisher, wy, ne1/4 se1/4 nw1/4 sw1/4 se1/4 18, Hopewell.

Jan 8, John Fisher and wife to Sarah A. Murray, wy, s1/2 lots 1 and 2 block 30, Smith’s addition to Lacon.

Jan 8, Margaret Fibbs and husband et al to Wm Harrington, wy, 54 1/4a se1/4 18, Whitefield.

Jan 8, Peter Tommes and wife to Henry City Bridge Co, wy, pt lot 2 ne1/4 4, Hopewell

Jan 8, Chas B. Root and wife to Erastus C. Root, qc, w1/2 se1/4 33, La Prairie.

Jan 8, Erastus C. Root to Chas B. Root, qc, w1/2 se1/4 33, La Prairie.

Jan 8, Lewis Linebarger and wife to trustees Swedish church, Varna, 1a in ne1/4 28, Roberts

Jan 9, James B. Williamson to Sarah E. Spargrove, wy, lot No 8, Evans Station.