Marshall County Illinois Roads and Highway News From the Past

June 21, 1928
Taken From the Henry News Republican

Route 89 Finished To LaRose Saturday

The pouring of concrete on Route 89 coming from the north into LaRose was completed last weekend and with good weather prevailing this week, the slab will be laid to the south end of the main street in that village. Later the outfit will be moved to Varna and the entire stretch into Varna completed. The contractor on the Washburn-Lowpoint sector is moving right along. The slab is completed from Metamora into Lowpoint and the equipment was moved to a point a short distance south of Washburn and the crew is now working southward to close the gap into Lowpoint. The settlement for last piece of remaining right of way needed for the Washburn-LaRose sector has been affected and the letting on this section of road was held at Springfield last week.

February 20, 1930
Taken From the Henry News Republican

Routing of 89-C Announced by Highway Dept.
Collapse of Gas Tax Suits spurs Highway Department to Action

The state highway department has announced the choice of location for State Bond Issue route 89-C - Magnolia to Henry hard road - which, when completed, will give the City of Henry connection with Route 89, running north and south through Putnam county.

According to a communication received Friday by the Henry News Republican from H.H. Cleaveland, director of the Department of Public Works and buildings, Division of Highways, Springfield, the state highway department investigated all of the proposed locations for Route 89-C, between Magnolia and the Dike at Henry, and a description of the preferred route is herewith published.

Beginning at an intersection with State Bond Issue Route 89 at Magnolia, at a point near the northeast corner of Section 34, T, 31 N., R. 1 W. of the 3rd P.M. and extending in a westerly direction, following the existing road along the north line of Section 34, 33, 32 and 31, T. 31 N., R. 1 W. of the 3rd P.M. to a point near the center of the north line of said Section 36; thence southwesterly, following a relocation through Sections 36 and 35, T. 31 N., R.2 W. of the 3rd P.M. to a point near the center of the south line of said  Section 35; thence westerly following a relocation through the south half of Sections 35 and 34, T. 31 N., R. 2 W. of the 3rd P.M., to an intersection with the Dike east of Henry near the southwest corner of said Section 34.

Work on the final survey was started Friday, and providing no difficulties arise in signing up deeds for Right-of-way, it seems very probable that actual construction work will be commenced this year on the Magnolia-Henry hard road.

February 12, 1931
Taken From the Henry News Republican

Route No. 116-A Right of Way Now Sought

According to O.W. Boers, county superintendent of highways, work has been started on securing the right of way for section 102 in that part of the highway in Marshall county. The work of getting the right of way has been turned over to Bennington township to secure, and it is expected that it will all be gotten within a month or six weeks.

Route 116-A continues from the main street out of Toluca to the west as far as the boundary of the city and then turns south continuing this course to join Route 116 near Benson. It is expected that construction work on this road south of Toluca will be started this summer.

Superintendent Boers also reported that the right of way for that section of Route, 89-C which passes through Marshall county has all been secured. This highway will connect up Magnolia with Henry, running from Route 89 at Magnolia to the dike at Henry. As stated in last weeks News Republican, it is expected that the highway department will build this stretch of hard road during 1931, and a ndew bridge to cross over the Illinois river to take the place of the present structure will be constructed in 1932. Work of getting the right of way for Route 89-C in the Putnam conty teritory is still in progress.