The Little County School
Memories of Marshall County Illinois' Rural Schools

In the early part of Marshall County history, rural schools provided the education for most of its settlers' families.  By the mid 1950's, most rural school districts had consolidated with the larger urban schools and the children were bused into town to receive their education.  Many people still have fond memories of their little county school.  In this section we'll try to share those memories with pictures, history and stories of "how it was".  We'll also have photos of the school buildings now - if they still exist.

If you have a photo, a little school history or just a school memory to share, please email me and share your memories.

Bennington Township Rural Schools

Science Hall, Bennington Center, Palmer, Pleasant Valley, Greenbush, Antioch, Sherman

Science Hall

Science Hall was located southwest of Toluca in the west edge of Bennington Township in section 18. After closing, the school was sold, remodeled and is currently the home of Ken Miller.

Early 1940's Science Hall school picture
Front Row:  Jim Gallenette, Lee Winkel, Jo Ann Jones, Nilda Gallenette
2nd Row:  Katheryn Macck (Harms), D. Jones, Gordon Spangler
Back Row:  Maurine Christ (Nonbits), Genie KMack, Cora KMack

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