The History of Wenona Illinois Schools

Taken From The Wenona High School Alumni Book, 1885-1992
Printed November 1995

The early history of educational facilities in Wenona consisted of various small schools.  The first recorded school in Evans Township was held in Fort Darnell in 1832 and contained five pupils.  Brush College, also known as French's School or Lower Brush, was a one room rural school in Evans Township located near Sandy Creek.  In 1858 an "academy" was built in the east part of Wenona, in LaSalle County.  This facility was shared by Marshall County citizens and was a  non-sectarian seminary at the high school level.  The seminary was later to include a grade school.  It burned down around 1896 and a one room school, Phoenix, rose from the ashes.  The building was later expanded to a two story building.  In 1863, a two story school building was built in the northwest end of Wenona. A wing was added to this building in 1866.  In 1881 this building was used for seventh and eighth grades and for high school.  Another wing was added to it at that time for the lower grades.

In 1891, a three story brick building was built where the Wenona City Park shelter presently stands.  The first floor was used for the grammer school, the second floor was used for the high school and the attic provided room for the playing of basketball.  The grammar school floor consisted of four rooms, two grades sharing one room.  The high school had one large assembly room and three class rooms.  In 1918, the high school was moved to a large frame house, the Hall Homestead, on the property now occupied by Fieldcrest East Middle School.  In 1921 a proposition was passed to establish Wenona Community High School District #410. A new brick building was built and dedicated on March 9, 1927.  In 1949, Wenona Community District #1 was established and the first class to graduate from this district was 1950.  Two wings were added to the high school building to accommodate the grammar school.  The remodeled building was opened in 1956.  All town and rural schools were united in the enlarged building.  In 1968 St. Mary's Catholic School was closed, leaving one school building in Wenona.

In 1992 Wenona Community District #1 consolidated with Toluca School District #2 and Minonk, Dana, Rutland School District #108 to create Fieldcrest Consolidated Unit School District #6.  The grade school portion of the Wenona School is now Fieldcres Elementary, East.  The high school portion is now Fieldcrest East Middle School.

A 1920's Teacher's Contract
The Good? Old Days

Taken From The Wenona High School Alumni Book, 1885-1992
Printed November 1995

The following is a copy of a reputed teacher's contract of the 1920's era submitted anonymously and definitely NOT indicative of teacher's contracts at WHS?

Miss ___________________________agrees:

1.  Not to get married.  This contract becomes null and void immediately if the teacher marries.
2.  Not to have company with men.
3.  To be home between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless in attendance at a school function.
4.  not to loiter downtown in ice cream stores.
5.  Not to leave town at any time without permission.
6.  Not to smoke cigarettes.  This contract becomes null and void immediately if the teacher is found smoking.
7.  Not to drink beer, wine or whiskey.  This contract becomes null and void immediately if the teacher is found drinking beer, wine or whiskey.
8.  Not to ride in a carriage or automobile with any men except her brother or father.
9.  Not to dress in bright colors.
10.  Not to dye her hair.
11.  To wear at least two petticoats.
12.  Not to wear dresses more than two inches above the ankles.
13.  To keep the school room clean:

  1. To sweep the classroom floor at least once daily.

  2. To scrub the classroom floor at least once weekly with soap and hot water.

  3. To clean the blackboard at least once daily.

  4. To start the fire at 7 a.m. so that the room be war at 8 a.m. when the children arrive.

14.  Not to wear face powder, mascara or to paint the lips.

Graduates of Wenona Illinois High School
1885 To 1920

1905 All School Picture

1885:  Inez Wingate

1886:  John W. H. Hodge, Ed McAdam, Arthur Dunham, Ed Kemp, Will Monser, Orville Verner, Corrine Morse, Alice Smith, Anna Hoge

1887:  Ben Brown, Cora Vaughn, Cora Barrett, Laura Wilsn, Eva Dale, Mary Stateler, Florence Jackson, Josephine Kyser, Edna Downey, Nettie Kahn, Hattie Wasmuth

1888:  Will Downey, Harriet Work, Cornelia Baldwin, Estell Haskins

1889:  Will Van Sant, John Dixon, Charles Bayne, Alice Vaughn, Myra Hallam, Minnie Bridge, Lulu Rithmiller, Dora Allen, Amelia Doede, Erma Hoge, Ida Wright, Charity Moulton

1890:  Bert Stateler, Paul Moulton, Thomas J. Hopkins, Ona E. Dixon, Alicia Lawless, Maggie O'Mara, Elizabeth Monser, Grace Allen

1891:  Frank Morse, Will McAdam, Abe Fulks, Mark Grable, Will Riedt, Marguerite Beecher, Pearl Jones, Pearl Grable, Minta Lamb

1892:  No Graduates

1893:  Delbert Butcher, Milton Robinson, Adolph Riedt, Martha Marland, Harden Carter, Maude Decker, Lizzie O'Mara, Parepa Wood, Mary Allen

1894:  Mabel harter, Daisy Weston, Lura Kemp, Mabel Jackson, Myrtle Wood, Mary Poschman

1895:  Clarence Grosscup, Lawrence Grosscup, Vida Foster, Winifred Foster

1896:  No Graduates

1897:  Mark Gants, Mabel Griffin, Betha Kahn, Della Wells, Dora Grosscup

1898:  Gerald Reidt, F. M. Moulton, Arthur Hge, Edna Fosbender, Alma Fogg

1899:  Harry Oliver, Randolph Harter, Don Wingate, Leslie Dunham, Belle McEarchern-Erine, Margret Stanton-Burgess

1900:  No Graduates

1901:  Sadie McCullom, Edna Whiting, Lura Whiting, Viola Gants, Emma Lynch, Agnes Henthorne

1902:  Clark Jordan, Charlette Heflin, Edna Gants, Netti Hall-Frankinburger

1903:  Jay Dunne, Mary J. Ewalt, Winifred Brown, May Roberts, Mabel Favre, Gail Gants

1905:  Walter McAllister, John Hoge,  Gertrude Moulton, Lucy Burgess, Tracy Houston, Birdie Allen, Genevieve Houston, Mollie Judd, Emma Huwald, Hannah Holmstrom

1906:  Jennie Gunning, Litta Hinman, Mae Heflin, Corrine Hoge, Edith Gants, Bessie Laughlin, Verna Mullin, Wynn Holton, Pearl Robinson, Oscar Nelson, Emery Turner, Jay Gants, Ernest Turner, Ralph Wells, Harold Everly

1907:  Guy Calhoun, Lura Gants, Vera Harter, Jessie Houston, Harold Ong, Lynn Turner, Bernard Wright, Henry Parrett

1908:  Lottie Judd, mary Lillian Favre, Gertrude Judd, Joseph Foster, Clark Harter, James Stanton, Glenn Calhoun, John Calhoun, Elmr Steen

1909:  Edward Axline, Lucy Hoge, Ora Marie Hoge, Oril Hoge, Malina Marland, Gail Hannum, Alden Fogg, Arthur Marland, Verne Calhoun, Kathryn Sennett, Julian Wolf, Francis Muffett, Louis Huwald, Lola Hall, Margaret Hannon, Stuart Knowles

1910:  Mervyn Whiting, Harry Swartz, Minnie Huwald, Stella Turner, Mildred Van Horn, Bessie Esterdahl, Eunice Walkup, Lottie Dixon, Kathryn Monser, Pearl Williams, Edith Campbell, Cecile Haws

1911:  Florence Extrom, Milroy Erwin, Elwyn Gants, Margreta Gardner, Nettie Krantz, Eula Walkup, Hester Montgomery, Ferne Haws, Burton Hinman, Owen Young, Arthur Zimmerman

1912:  Eva Brown, Marguerite Christ, Inez Flesburg, Wahneta Grimm, Kenneth Braymen, Reuben Moffett, Elizabeth Monser, Floris Nichols, Irene Robinson, Sarah Jordan, Iva Krantz, Eva Hopkins

1913:  Marin Appleton, Oral Axline, Alphonse Barrett, Amy Burgess, Clay Foster, Ethel Laughlin, Edward Monser, Ethel Morgan, George Renz, Branche Turner, Guy Whitney, Garnet Wright, Kathleen Young, Ruby Griffin, Glen Carrithers

1914:  Horace Kemp, Helen Coppin, Floyd Lundgren, Maxon Whitney, Claire Dunahm, Helen Grimm, Helen Kemp, Mona Clifford, Florence Dixon, Zita Sennett, Esther Zimmerman, Edith Shipley

1915:  Christina Brown, Louise Christ, Faye Haws, Hiram Reynolds, Louise Shoop

1916:  Lucille Carrithers, Ed Harrington, Clarence Lindgren, America Morgan, Myrtle Pierce, Floyd Winter, Dewitt Wright, Mary Gray, Peter Zimmerman

1917:  Lynn Fitzpatrick, Mable Grimm, Evadell Kemp, Jessie Kuhl, Cloyd McAdam, Anna Renz, Martha Strauch, Charlien Wolf, Wanda Robinson

1918:  Gladys Robinson, Pearl Peterson, Edith Henderson, Hattie Holmstom, Emiliz Hempfing, Max Hannum

1919:  Petra Lindholm, Wayne Kemp, Aloysius Yarc, Jesse Reynolds, Louisa Cussac, Ebba Swanson, Frank Berlinski, Anna Carrithers, Florence Waters, Rachel Fosbender

1920:  Mae McGrath, Loretta Kane, Signe Swanson, Dorothy Steen, Carl Renz, Edward Scott, Royal Turner

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