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The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, July 19, 1883
Court House Matters
Probate Court
Term begins third Monday in each month - J. E. Ong Esq., Judge
June 18, estate of Geo. T. Bell; claim of Jas. Hall on note for $707 48, allowed as 7th class.
June 29, estate of Cyrus Wilson; probate of will. Ordered that petitioner give notice to application for dismissal by posting, at least 10 days prior to its issue.
July 2, petition of Mary J. Rediger for appointment of guardian of minors. Ordered that letters issue to Jacob Rediger in bond of $3000.
July 5, estate of Henry Meyer, appointment of administrator, letters issued to Mary Meyer in bons of $2000, bond approved and filed.
July 6, estate of Forsythe Hattan. Application of Wm. M. Hattan and John Cox for release as sureties. Ordered that John F. Hattan, administrator, settle and adjust his accounts as such administrator, and pay over balance on or before July 23, and file new bond for $2000.
July 9, John W. Foster and Ruth Ann Foster, minors, final report and resignation of guardian accepted and sureties discharged; letters of guardianship issued to Joshua Foster in bond of $4000.

July 1883 Probate Court-Foster, Black, Hochstrasser, Camery
The Henry Republican, Henry, IL, July 26, 1883
Probate Court
July 10, bond of Joshua Foster as guardian of John W. and Ruth Ann Foster, minors, filed and approved. Inventory approved.
July 10, estate of Lewis Black, inventory presented and approved.
July 11, estate of Jacob Hochstrasser. John Kamp administrator. Ordered that administrator give notice by publication for three weeks of intention to ask for discharge on August 19th.
July 17, Estate of Christopher Camery, proof of notice of adjustment.
July 17, Estate of Nancy Camery, proof of notice approved. Claims allowed as follows: J. C. Kalb $21 as 5th class, A. Fiedler $10 as 7th class, Hanna Wagon Co $27.35 as 7th class, V. Becker, $33 as 1st class.
July 16, estate of Valentine Weis, inventory submitted and approved.

The Henry Republican, Henry IL, August 2, 1883
Court House Matters - Probate Court

Term begins third Monday each month - J. E. Ong, Esq., Judge
July 24, estate of Joseph A. Thompson. Ordered that the claims of Carrie Thompson and Jennie E. Thompson's claim on note, and Mary P. Thompson's claim on account be certified to the circuit court.
July 28, estate of Geo. T. Bell. Final report: report approved and Administratrix discharged of further trust.
July 18, estate of Edward Clifford. Petition for citation for answer; dismissed at petitioner's cost.
July 18, estate of Judith Dent. Final report; ordered that publication and notice be made to heirs of intention of distribution and petition for discharge.
July 23, estate of Geo. T. Bell. Claim of Webber Bros. & Miller, Marty A. Carson and Robert Bell dismissed for want of prosecution.
July 24, McClellan Elliott Kline and Geo. V. Kline, minors. Current report approved.
July 24, estate of Henry Meyer. Appraisement bill and widow's award approved.

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