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The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, June 15, 1849
A new Democratic paper, called the Lacon Democrat, is about being commenced at Lacon, Marshall County, Ill., by S. H. Baker, editor and proprietor. That county is fully able to support a democratic paper. We wish Mr. B. success.

Mr. Lynch Starts Paper in Lacon
The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, August 17, 1849
Mr. Lynch of the Princeton Herald, formally announces, in his last paper, his determination to remove his establishment to Lacon, where the Lacon Herald, a democratic paper, will henceforth appear instead of his present paper. Mr. L. is a persevering, industrious fellow, and a vigorous writer, and will make the Lacon Herald a valuable democratic journal.

Richard Lloyd Estate
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, July 19, 1883
Messers Caselus F. Lee and Dr. G. Wythe Cook of Virginia, sons-in-law of the late Richard Lloyd, and administrators of the estate, arrived in Henry last Friday. On Saturday, in company with F. S. Potter, Esq., there were shown the Lloyd estate, including a 10 acre lot in the head of the city and sundry lots, buildings, etc., in various part so town. They were reticent as to what could be done with the property, stating they would reach a decision after their return home to Virginia. It is expected however, that the estate will be for sale, which, when laid off, will give many desirable building lots. On Tuesday Messrs L. and C. departed for Nebraska and Dakota, where there are large tracts of land belonging to said estate. As we gather, the administrators are at present willing to entertain proposals from persons desiring to purchase on easy terms.

The Bradford Independent July 2, 1885
The new postmaster at Henry, Mr. John Hartley, will take charge of the office about the first of July.

The Henry Republican, Henry IL, June 28, 1883
Mrs. G. W. Emerick, who has been out of health for some time, and recently exhibited symptoms of intentions to self destruction, having made several attempts, was examined at Lacon on Saturday last before County Judge Ong and a jury and papers granted her being taken to Jacksonville for treatment at one of our state institutions. Mr. Emerick was to accompany her to Jacksonville today.


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