Important Events in Marshall County, IL for 1882

Brief Resume of the Important Events in Marshall County for the Past Year
A Compilation from the Files of The Republican

[Source: Henry Republican, Thursday January 11, 1883 - Transcribed by Nancy Piper]

January 1 1882 Ed. Hoyd commenced as night watchman at Hanna Wagon Works.
John H. Franklin, the Wenona post office forger, sentenced to Cester penitentiary for three years.
John Stouffer commenced his milk route in Henry.
Coan Bros. Enter the restaurant business.
Jennie Holman theatrical troupe spent the week in Henry.
January 5 1882 Visit of Bishop Burgess with accompanying services at Episcopal church.
January 7 1882 Installation of P.W. Wikoff as Commander of Lookout Mountain Post No. 94.
Ranson murder trial consumes three weeks, with verdict of acquittal for P. C. Ransom for the murder of Walter Bullock.
A small pox scare throughout the country and the vaccination scourge is rampant, with a harvest for the doctors.
Receipts of Henry bridge for 1881 aggregated $4842.78
List of buildings erected in Henry in 1880 and 1881 published, estimated cost $50,000.
January 9 1882 Lecture by Bishop Spalding at Bickerman’s Hall on Self Culture.
Henry Titus, deputy station agent, grain buyer and school treasurer at Sparland “skipped” the country and creditors are left in the lurch o the tune of $25,000.
Aggregate amount of taxes of Marshall county for 1881 $5,065,580.
January 10 1882 Installation of Prof. W. H. Kister as W.M. of Henry lodge No. 119, AF&AM.
January 11 1882 Installation of William Duke as NG of Marshall lodge No. 68, IOOF.
January 13 1882 Uncle Tom’s Cabin played at Bickerman’s Hall to an immense house.
January 18 1882 Benefit of St. Joseph’s church. A gold headed can awarded to G. G. Guyer who held the lucky number.
January 19 1882 Thomas Cahill found dead near Geo. Scholes, falling while asleep as supposed on his head from the wagon, causing fatal results.
Williamson Durley of Hennepin falls down the cellar, breaking his hip bone.
January 20 1882 Burning of the Bureau Valley Mills near Bureau Junction: loss $10,000
January 21 1882 Stores and residences at Lawn Ridge burglarized, the thieves having fire and sleeping in the Congregational church.
January 23 1882 Swedish singers and reader Emily Gaven at Bickerman’s Hall
January 24 1882 Death of Mrs. R. L. Stephens, aged 81.
Death of Joseph Thompson of Sparland by consumption.
Surveyors of three I road passing westward, survey road from Streator to Keithsburg.
Marriage of Daniel C. Wright and Minnie, daughter of Reuben Broaddus, the most imposing wedding of the season.
January 25 1882 Death of Rev. Shamoni, pastor of St. Mary’s church, aged 49. Cause, neuralgia of the heart.
Samuel Chance stricken with a paralytic stroke.
January 26 1882 Commencement of the skating rink under the auspices of Messrs Meredith & Lord. It proved a mania among the young folks and a bonanza to the management.
S. S. township convention at M.E. church. Addresses by Miss Lucy Gaston, J. H. Jones, Rev. Mitchell and others.
The net earnings of the Lacon Woolen Mill for 1881 reports $18,000 and a dividend of 10 percent declared for the stockholders.
A New axle lathe put in by the Hanna Wagon Co.
Peter Raily of Wenona, draws $937 from the bank, and placed it in a drawer of his desk; returning for it in an hour, he found it had disappeared.
Marriage of J J. Foreliger and Miss Anna Zierline at Hennepin.
January 29 1882 Rev. James Suggs, colored, presents the claims of the colored refugees in Kansas at the Congregational church.
January 30 1882 Death of Harry Abbott, aged 14.
Incorporation of the Koehler Carriage Co., shares $50 each.
February 5 1882 Steamboat went from Hennepin to Peoria with a cargo of oats. Rather remarkable.
February 8 1882 Marriage of G. W. Brooks and Miss Augusta Sleator.
Able Hatfield and family move to Missouri
J. C. Moodey opens a harness shop on East Park Row.
February 11 1882 Death of Mott Stephens, aged 42 of paralysis of the nerves.
February 13 1882 Lecture at Christian church by the Andersonville hero John W. January.
Purchase of the Samuel Camp homestead by Henry Vogelsang.
February 16 1882 Wheat sown on Chauncey Barnes’s farm in Whitefield.
February 18 1882 Death of Mrs. David Muir of Lacon, daughter of James Wescott, aged 26.
February 21 1882 Henry Cornet Band give a soiree at Bickerman’s Hall.
February 22 1882 Lumber yard here sold and transferred to Cone, Brown & Co. by Houghton, Hunter & Houghton.
Samuel Maxwell buys a residence and moved to Henry
G. F. Paskell the possessor of the second pair of twins from the same cow.
William Newhaven accidentally shoots himself in the arm; a bad wound but it might have been worse.
Ash Wednesday and commencement of Lent.
Dissolution of co-partnership of Sivers & Gregory.
Course of lectures by Prof. Grimes, the phrenologist.
LaPrairie township S S Convention held.
February 23 1882 Marriage of Richard Tremain and Ella Torrey at Prescott, Kan.
February 25 1882 Accidental shooting of G. C. DePue of Wenona by himself, while hunting on the river. It was a close call.
Camp fire at Magnolia of Garfield Post, No. 83.
February 26 1882 Commencement of a series of meetings by E. W. Bliss who declared he’d make it “hot for Christ” in Henry.
Death of Sarah E. Whiffen at Peoria, daughter of W. B. Whiffen Esq. of the Lacon Democrat.
March 1 1882 George Ingle started fro Wyoming territory on a mining inspecting tour.
March 2 1882 Dr. Hattan leaves for St. Louis to accept a professorship in the American Medical College.
March 4 1882 Camp fire of Lookout Mountain Post No. 94.
Organization of the new dry goods firm of Jones & Ketchum.
Completion of the C. R. Jones residence at cost of $10,000.
March 6 1882 Commencement of the season’s navigation by the Grey Eagle.
March 9 1882 Death of John Van Horne at Magnolia, 73, one of its pioneer settlers.
T. F. Lash appointed postmaster at Magnolia, vice W. A. West resigned.
Purchase of jack Cook, Jr. by R. D. Bourdette.
Death of Mrs. Zephaniah Bell, 79.
Rev. C. H. Hout succeeds the deceased Schamoni as pastor of St. Mary’s church.
Removal of Hiram Hunter to Peoria to reside.
Farmer’s institute at Wenona; well attended, the discussions being interesting.
Opening of a depot by Parker & Son for the sale of Minneapolis Self Binder.
Removal of the Republican office with its power and job presses, stands, type and paraphernalia to its own building, the Reinhold Becher brick on the public square.
Concert by the Oakes Bros.
March 11 1882 Death of John Koch of dropsy; aged 66.
March 16 1882 Organization of the Henry Light Guard band, L. A. Meter as leader.
March 21 1882 Grey Eagle obliged to remain in port on account of the blizzard.
Some 2000 pound of mail is handled at the Henry post office, weekly.
Anton Gresser completes a new residence on Edwards street.
Widening of University avenue.
F. W. Slewers gives up his market and closes the business.
Death of Ignatius Manski, aged 60.
Burning of a house on Main street belonging to Geo. Harris; insured for $300.
March 31 1882 Lecture by Ell Perkins in Bickerman’s Hall.
Dr. Hamilton of Lebanon locates in Henry for the practice of his profession.
Preaching at the Christian church by the evangelist, Mrs. Jeannie Thompson of Markle, Ind.
April 1 1882 The taxes collected by J. T. Russell for Henry township foot up $13,611.
Dr. J. J. Moreland locates at Putnam
April 3 1882 The residence of A. P. Brown, struck by lightning.
April 4 1882 Fifteenth anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Diehl in Whitefield
The organization of an orchestra with Prof. A. C. Wels as leader.
Town Elections.
April 6 1882 The Marshall County Temperance Union was held at Varna. J. S. Burt was chosen president and Rev. G. W. Burns secretary
Establishment of the Henry Cooler rooms by S. G. Ober & Co.
April 9 1882 Easter
Death of Charles Traver of Lacon, falling from a load of railroad ties, breaking his neck. A coroner’s jury rendered a verdict as above.
April 11 1882 Commencement of Magnolia high school: J. Lee Yolton principal; graduates Nellie Baker, Julia Mitchell, Lucy Baker and Ed Haws.
Resignation of Geo. Wightman as postmaster at Lacon; and the appointment of L. C. McMurtrie as his successor; A. J. Plechereau assistant postmaster.
At school election at Sparland G. W. Zimmerman was chosen his own successor.
April 12 1882 “Surprise” to Mrs. W. J. Minium, the ME pastor’s wife and gifts of a pickle castor and by a Senachwine delegation of a China dinner set.
Large refrigerators, Steven’s patterns, received for both Morgan and by Snyder’s meat markets.
April 15 1882 School election of Henry, selecting J. N. Krenz for a second term and Ken McNeal to succeed A. M. Pool.
April 18 1882 City election, resulting for alderman 1st ward, G. F. Paskell, 2d ward Geo Nicholson, 3d ward Joseph Schick.
April 20 1882 The annual Delinquent Tax List, through the courtesy of mr. J. C. Law, county treasurer, published in The Henry Republican.
April 21 1882 Sale of the Grey Eagle by Messrs Morris & Hyde, and its purchase by Olomon York and Ed H. Humphrey.
April 26 1882 Anniversary exercises at Marshall Lodge No 63, I O O F.
Prof Challoner’s concert at Bickerman’s Hall.
Commencement of Alderman A. M. pool’s new residence corner of Richard and Wirt streets.
April 29 1882 Republican convention held at Lacon, selecting four delegates to attend the judicial convention at Galva, consisting of W. Evans, J. L. Root, F. S. Potter and W. S. Wollard.
April 30 1882 Death of Mrs. A. V. Goltra, 42 of cancer.
May 1 1882 Organization of Post 134 G. A. R. at Lacon by B. F. Baker of Magnolia.
May 8 1882 Nomination of Judge David McCullough by republicans convention at Galva, for the office of supreme judge for the 5th judicial district.
W. P. Lea takes the contract to sprinkle the streets of the city of 1882.
Purchase of the J. A. Warren store building by Mr. Harrison Gregory.
S. C. Brown appointed mail carrier and express agent to and from depot downtown.
A. G. Humphrey succeeds his brother Ed. H. at Nicholson, Gilbert & Co’s grain office.
Commencement of a new residence by John Hutchins, the merchant of Lacon.
Excitement about the Orr homestead in Steuben. It turned out to be only a sensation.
New residence commenced by Ezra Calef at Whitefield Corners.
May 12 1882 Death of Bruce Darby in Saratoga township.
Marshall county had 87 on the pension rolls at Washington.
Purchase of W. A. Matthews residence by Smith P. Hill.
May 14 1882 Death of Mrs. A. H. Evans of catarrhal fever.
Rite of confirmation to six communicants at St. John’s church by Bishop Burgess.
May 16 1882 Marriage of John Knelp of Hennepin and Miss Francis Klein of Whitefield at St. Mary’s church.
Departure of Miss Ida McMurtrie for Leadville.
Death of Mrs. John Mattern, caused by a fall from the loft of the barn to the floor beneath.
Sale by Lawrence Lippert of his English cart horse Chicago, to Cyrus Motter of Indiana for $2500.
May 18 1882 Religious services held at Catholic churches in commemoration of the ascension of the Savior.
May 19 1882 Death of Benjamin Lombard at Chicago, aged 67.
May 23 1882 Close of Lacon high school and graduation exercises for three pupils – Minnie Laws, Mary J. Riley and Fannie Johnson.
May 24 1882 Marriage of Frank A. Yanochoyski and Miss Mary, daughter of George Ball at St. Mary’s church.
Close of the public schools of Henry for the year.
May 27 1882 Marriage of Chas Dille and Josephine Kuss.
May 28 1882 Memorial sermon preached by Rev. W. J. Minium, commemorating the sacrifices of our civil war and in memory of the soldiers who were lost in conflict. Lookout Mountain Post, attended in a body.
May 30 1882 Decoration Day appropriately observed by Posts of Henry, Lacon and Magnolia. Hon. P. S. Perley was the orator of the occasion at Lacon.
June 1 1882 Raise in the price of meats at the butcher shops.
June 5 1882 “Toodles” by Henry Amateurs at Christian Church
Judicial election, Craig being elected. McCulloch carried Marshall county by 93 majority.
I. P. Bush resigns the office of city marshal.
June 10 1882 Death of Mrs. E. P. Green, 97.
Resignation of L. C. McMurtrie as Master in Chancery and Geo. M. Bane appointed his successor.
June 13 1882 Death of Mrs. Ann Bulls, aged 88.
Death of Miss Ada, daughter of S. C. Brown.
Edgar Culver buys the Dr. Motter dwelling on Monroe street for his future residence.
June 17 1882 C. W. Buckley lost a finger on a revolving saw at Hanna Wagon Works.
June 18 1882 “Children’s Day” observed at the M. E. Church.
June 22 1882 Suicide of Col. N. W. Orr, at his residence at one o’clock.
June 23 1882 Meeting of correspondents of The Republican at Editor Burt’s.
June 24 1882 Republican county convention at Lacon and state, congressional and representative delegates appointed.
A terrible storm of rain and destruction to crops, etc. A vast washout for the C.R.I. & P.R.R. between Tiskilwa and Rock Island.
June 25 1882 Dedication of LaPrairie Center M.E. Church, in charge of Rev. Millsap; $200 raised to pay off indebtedness.
Purchase of the H. P. Ward residence by the merchant, R. C. Moodey.
Sparland deluged by a heavy rain. Gimlet Hollow creet was rampant.
Smoke stack of the Hanna Wagon Works struck by lightning.
Grey Eagle with 200 Peruvians, made a Sunday excursion to Peoria.
June 28 1882 Marriage of R. L. Stephens and Miss Mary L. Disosway.
July 1 1882 Hon. G. L. Fort orated at Washburn; Phebe Cozzins at Lacon under the WCTU, Mrs. M.E. Kline presiding. J. J. Sands read the Declaration of Independence at Camp Grove.
F. S. Potter moves his law office into the new fitted up rooms over The Republican office, giving him about the finest country law office in the state.
J. E. Powell moves into his new residence on Main Street. Cost of structure $2000.
July 3 1882 The Shurts house in Whitefield struck by lightning.
J. W. Turner of Cochranville, Pa., engaged as miller at Granite Mills.
Reunion of teachers, scholars and patrons of Magnolia school of 40 years ago at Magnolia; address of welcome by Hon. J. J. Thornton; oration by J. E. Ong, Esq; poem by Henry Whitcomb of Bloomington; addresses by Rev. G. W. Minier and Rev. Springer.
July 4 1882 Henry Cornet Band engaged at Matamora and the Light Guard Band at Senachwine Lake.
Marriage of John Otto and Miss Maggie Henderson at Lacon.
July 10 1882 Opening of the teachers institute at Lacon for two weeks session. Teachers C. C. Edwards and C. R. Vandervort.
Total assessment of Marshall county for year 1882 aggregated $4,914,210.
July 12 1882 Wilson Abrams sustains a broken leg by a misstep in jumping on to a moving train at Sparland.
John Miller suspended for 90 days from his locomotive on accommodation train but reinstated and promoted to locomotive on regular passenger train.
No. of school children under 21 years of age in Henry school district 726.
July 17 1882 Lawrence Lippert arrives with five imported horses.
 School street graded, graveled and guttered, one of the finest improved streets in the city.
July 24 1882 Henry Cornet Band give excursion on Grey Eagle to Peru and return.
July 29 1882 Reopening services at Sparland M. E. Church, preaching by Rev. Summers; reminiscences by Rev. A. L. Price and others.
July 31 1882 The Hancock and English ple cut down. Thomas Jacobs did it with his little hatchet, as it had become dangerous.
Fred Werner erected a building on East Park Row, where he opened a shoe shop.
August 1, 1882 Dr. A. H. Hattan located in Peru for the practice of his profession.
Jones & Ketchum close their dry goods store and move to Atlantic, Iowa.
August 3 1882 Meeting of local liquor dealers at Henry and Frank Baer and Daniel Heinrich appointed delegates to attend state convention at Rock Island.
August 11 1882 New church sociable at Henry Vogelsang’s and readings by Mrs. Belle Vogelsang.
August 12 1882 Horsewhipping in the streets of Wenona of Frank L. Bonty by Miss Adda Morgan. Cause, too free use of the young man’s tongue.
Increase of salaries of postmasters of Henry to $1800, Lacon to $1400 and Wenona to $1200 - $100 each.
August 13 1882 Light Guard Band Sunday excursion.
August 16 1882 Death of James Harrison, 73.
Albert Nay, druggist, succeeding Dr. J. C. Kalb.
August 18 1882 Presbyterian and M. E. S.S. hold picnic at Senachwine lake and bar and the Congregational SS at Walnut Grove at same lake.
August 19 1882 Ascension of St. Mary.
S. W. Orr purchases the grocery stock owned by his lamented father and continues the business at the old stand.
August 21 1882 Resignation of J.L. Jones as supervisor of Henry township and appointment of his brother Joseph H. Jones.
R. H. Hester nominated as representative to the legislature by the republicans at Washington, Tazewell county.
August 23 1882 Mrs. Belle Vogelsang, the elocutionist, reads at Congregational church.
New grocery firm of Bristol & Osbon, buying out H. W. Mateer.
B. A. Kline opens a hardware store and stocks up heavily in stoves and general hardware.
August 24 1882 IOOF basket picnic at Sparland.
Cadet Taylor receives appointment as chief clerk in the government printing office.
August 29 & 30 1882 Soldiers reunion at Henry under the auspices of the G.A. R.
August 30 1882 Marriage of C. G. Fulford and Miss Ada Wanser, one of our teachers.
Camp Meeting at Mineral Springs lasting one week, in charge of Elder Russell.
September 4 1882 Opening of the public schools at Lacon and Henry for the fall terms.
Appointment of John Tomasson city marshal by city council.
Harrison Gregory and Mrs. John A. Spencer leave for a winter’s visit in California.
September 5 1882 Democratic convention at Lacon, nominating candidates for county offices.
September 6 1882 Wool growers association
September 7 1882 Old Settler’s picnic; G. M. Bane the orator.
September 9 1882 Yearly Friends meeting at Clear Creek.
September 11 1882 Republican county convention and nominations made for the county office.
September 13 1882 Occupancy of the new Pool residence by himself and the family of T. F. McCoy
September 14 1882 Departure of Mrs. W. A. Hanna and Miss Emma for Europe.
September 18 1882 Wenona fair for one week. A fine exhibit.
Marshall county commences suit against Woodford county for clerk and jury fees in Bullock-Ransom trial.
Joseph Kapraun moved his store to east Park Row.
Rev. W. J. Minium returns from conference to Henry for a third quarter.
October 2 1882 Death of Mrs. John Ford, one of the old settlers of Henry.
October 13 1882 Grand Circus Royal
Rev. W. H. Sparling engaged as rector for a second year.
October 18 1882 Benefit to St. Joseph’s church at Bickerman’s hall.
October 19 1882 B. Yaeger and Anton Gresser attend the national liquor dealers convention at Milwaukee.
October 22 1882 Rev. John Lindsey of Eureka delivered a Sunday evening temperance discourse at Christian church.
Four boat load of stone thrown into the river to prevent washout of dam in center of river.
A 40 hour devotional service held at St. Mary’s church.
Louis Weber receives back pay from the government of $1200.
Death of Harrison Gregory at Los Angeles, Cal., aged 69; burial at Henry on the 30th.
John Schurr moves his gunsmith shop to his own new building on East Second street.
October 29 1882 Mrs. Margaret Jones stricken with paralysis.
October 30 1882 D. W. Horrem’s barn struck by lightning and consumed.
November 1 1882 All Saints Day and observed by our Catholic brethren.
November 7 1882 Fall election and J. E. Ong elected county judge, W. S. Wollard county clerk, A. R. Hancock, sheriff, W. B. Holler coroner, Henry Fisher treasurer, W. H. Kister superintendent, all democrats except Wollard.
Survey of the lands affected by the overflow of the Copperas Creek dam, by surveyors under pay of the state.
November 12 1882 The first cold snap of the season; thermometer 29 above zero.
November 16 1882 Magnolia Grange at Clear Creek hold a public fair and literary meeting.
November 22 1882 A runaway Elmer Hoyt sustaining the breaking of an arm.
November 30 1882 Thanksgiving day, Service at Congregational church, sermon by pastor.
Light Guard Band have a grand soiree at Bickerman’s Hall.
L. M. Culver accompanies a car load of butter and eggs to New Orleans where he finds a market.
December 2 1882 Grey Eagle goes into winter quarters at Peoria.
A Loan and Building Association formed at Henry.
Lookout Mountain Post elect officers, the Post Commander being Sir Walter Scott
December 4 1882 Death of Mrs. Robert Davis, 57.
Telephone poles planted and wire stretched by the Central Telephone Co.
A roller skating rink at Lacon.
December 7 1882 Thermometer 7 below zero.
Completion of the addition to the court house at Lacon.
Christmas festivals at all the churchs.
December 21 1882 The completion and dedication of the new hotel “Undercliff” at Senachwine Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Challoner host and hostess.
 F. G. Moritz skips from Henry and his stock of groceries attached by numerous creditors.
December 27 1882 The falling of the venerable George Burt, Sr. and the breaking of the large bone of his left arm.
 Uncle Tom’s Cabin at Bickerman’s Hall.
 Marriage of L. M. Culver and Miss Mariah Maddox at Toulon.

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